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Wilson Rothman (WSJ)

Sep 13, 2017|

Wilson Rothman (WSJ) by The Financial Exchange

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This segment of the financial exchanges brought you buys you read your land or take advantage of Z rent a fully automatic online rent collection tool that is free for landlords with an account at any participating bank in always free for Tenet's. Sign up I have written checks deposited directly into your account. Call 8776917900. Today. We're visits he rent dot net for more information I spied on my kids I think you should too trucks gonna talk to Wilson Rothman about how to do it. Now Wilson thank you very much for joining us. To me. Was my first question so we're talking about kids it used to be okay had a family computer and it was easy enough to check up on them. Now all of a sudden everyone's got their own phone everyone's got their own iPad how early are kids getting these devices personable. Well I mean they're getting their hands on them you know in the day that as toddlers. You know you. Yea I mean iPad or shared. Very commonly among among the smallest kid especially when he you know they talk about road trips are fairly vacations or something where you. You need that extra fifteen minute depart decay in the corner with the screen you know that's what you do so. And so what kind of technology is available to parents in terms of being able to monitor or block their kids from accessing content on those devices. Cheered Derek Derek couple different ways to go about it one of the things that kind of think the first wave with these child they've browsers where you'd know that I appear iPhone or whatever to. Or iPad two to block the regular browser. So they can get had to go on line with with a child they've browser and that is yet something like you'd like the recession and the OP he did like a net nanny thing where it. It's looking at all the the sight they're there they're asking for it's not giving them anything that would be any kind of a red flag and it's really just delivering up very child safe contents. But the newer technology to candidate bit the new wave is using its. The tools that that apple released four at a product from for managing businesses. Devices. Where you actually can create. You you configure your child device so that it can run all traffic. Through a virtual private network much like it a corporation to network. And that does the same thing what went all the apps that all league you know it it's. These kids are going to the browser promote stuff anymore they're going to Amsterdam they're gonna snapped at Purdue and FaceBook do well they're not different protection but. You know I mean. What what kind of process due to people recommend for actually putting this in place how how you actually go about doing it with your kids do you explain it to them or do you just let it run in the background without them no. Yet it it's really a bad idea to put spyware on your kid devices. And then come at them later that day I cut you do in this or that time. I can say spyware course either visit legitimate software but but but that's what it would be to the kid you know they'd be like well there's by enemy. What. I I talked a few expert on this topic and they recommend that you sit down and have. A really Smart conversation with them where you treat them as at a party to this negotiation. Now mind you you don't have to negotiate as if you're equal partners in this deal but you used to negotiate because the good we have to. Of getting getting what you want as close. Making the kids think they get what they want. You know you say would help me out and I want to give you this device but I in time they're playing I don't want you doing not that. What to we work out here or kind of deal coworker. Looking at the software that's available do you typically recommend. What is stocked with would you know that what comes with an operating system on a phone or their other pieces other apps that should be added on to do its. Well I can I mean if I would say absolutely dark with the restrictions on android has them you know iPhone hasn't it. App apple called the restrictions and when you go and maybe don't know about it you should really familiarize yourself with it I'm going to the child device. App on their restrictions set up a pin and it is not this payment dependent on mocked the device. It's something only you know if they find that pin and it's all over I'm and then you can really like filter a lot of what's going on on the device. But if you want to monitor which is different this is just blocking when if you want a monitor. Then you would look to a company like the studio with respect Q key UST ODJO. Or circle. An award Norton family premier and these are services that I let that. When I wrote about this and and I think they're all. Good options. For getting that extra monitor you get a little report card every day saying how long the kid was on the device and and what they were doing. Do actually offers free but it tonne and on more recent device that it's only if you have the very recent versions of android. Good Wilson thank you very much of the time we appreciated today. I. That is Wilson Rothman from the Wall Street Journal all kidding aside. You know we need talked about raising kids today. It's different you know the year a lot of perverts out there that the you know that are stocking kids and they they poses if they're thirteen years old and up and their. They're trying to do things to our young people that should be happening in. You know TE UEU that is as a parent have a responsibility. To know what they're doing and they spent. 23 sometimes four hours today gambling on their phones always it is its atomic time and you know it it is something that just about every caters grown up in the last twenty years is that some kind of restrictions about what he can or can't do know when it comes to. Use of the Internet it it doesn't. Do you stick around forever it's not like you're watching kids once legal way to college and stuff. When the first picking up devices when they're 91011 years old and used them so young now UC. You know my Knight in in two granddaughters. I eat I used video to keep them entertained period yeah I downloaded some Fisher Price videos. And if they're cranky year from trying to get him it's taken now. I can watch that for a few minutes calms them down I mean they're the kids are on EU grew up on line in in it was like the mid ninety's when. It really took off of we don't really have full access until we are probably twelve or thirteen yeah that's different now now they they have full access chuck when the two years old them futile. Wanna thank you all for tuning into the financial exchange today. Dow's up six points S and p.s down a point oil's trading at 4883. Per barrel. It struck a very from the financial exchange.