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Matt Olivari (Northeast Promotion & Apparel

Sep 13, 2017|

Matt Olivari (Northeast Promotion & Apparel by The Financial Exchange

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Every Wednesday we invite these business over into the studio for conversations. About being a business owners what is it like to run your own company. If you'd like to join us in that capacity. Please go to our website financial exchange showed dot com reach out to my producer on the contacts section seems talker he's on his honeymoon but you'll be back. And we'll put you on we'll put you on the spot and we'll talk to you about the company that you're running. Today is no different we're joined by Matt all of our he's from northeast promotion and apparel. And Matt thank you join us regret being sent me Matt did talk about northeast promotion and apparel and what it is that you do sure we're Maria where manufacturer of silk screen and embroidery and promotional products and apparel. Based in mr. Massachusetts. And so pretty much everybody position remained too as the need for. Apparel social. You've seen overture it's her order printed shirts that type of thing. It's it's a Great Recession proof business and what when did you wild wind the business start. We've actually this is our tenth year ten years in business aka smog. And it was this company that you started did you come in after the started to happen actually started I was I was thirty years in corporate America to come in and when you skating I did. I did. And after thirty years and watch my kids are not watching my it is often leave my son when in the Marines I was helping Obama waves of a single Payer government. Cut my last year business. Working corporate hundred and who 130 some place that you really and said that's enough is enough for him. I had a friend that was in apparel business and he used to do while our shirts for us and went to business and I would go down on weekends and sent him a beer with them and looking when he was one just fell in love with the business and industry and it's so different and so diversified. Want to compliment you because it's very rare you'll see somebody. Nazi and old is your body but it your stage of life. Do something this entrepreneurial most guys you go to the corporate world it's tough delete you know we we'll complain about it on the next corporate guy too and you know unity be your benefits yeah health insurance your pension and you get your 401K and kind of get used to regular paycheck and then all of a sudden you said honey I'm gonna roll the dice and become an entrepreneur give. You that's exactly happened in net that first Thursday without action April got really what did I do oh my god my to a great thing and in their their you know with ten years later. Some people surprised you made yours I'm not because some round myself with fantastic people. Competitive business. It is it is there's a lot of people who do we do not so much of the scale that we are now we were a lot bigger than most compares to effect a big businesses line product for. What's that tell us about that whole web thing that you guys to the web services. That was sticky that's Phat fascinating especially for non profit organizations and and companies alike. Yeah we we live in lake or not we live and Hamza society. And people use to purchasing and we still have a brick and mortars or mean and I love that because people like to come in and see what line sort samples and things. We do what percentage of your gross revenue does that person not as much as it should. Had gotten as much a code that that the cost them anything if it got to run it but. So we decided that we would do this web fundraiser. It started out really small yet and it's now we've got a 146. Web store across the country. And it started as a fund raiser and solicit you and he. Community organization. Youth sports group or you know. And you can raise your Boston University via if you want to raise funds. You know on other days. The days of silent yup yup you know you have these groups that are opted these big national groups it. He sells like anybody and if you fifteen cents for when you sell it presently and pay a whole lot of can't do that. So we set up these stores where that really cool thing about this is that the person who wants to run you picked apart you want. And you pick the price if you want us open then so can we do was we knew let's say you want in this picture Fisher cost and you whistled for twenty you make ten bucks richer. So you've set the price we deal. Looking at your overall business at this point you mentioned one of the things that gives you advantages your size how big are you. We do about him about a million and a half and sales now with twelve employees he got twelve employees right now and you do all of the work in New England yet everything action is done in house and our facility and mr. told on in lemons as. And say all New England employees yes that facility how big is it. We actually just purchased in about a year ago opened up the than we release in and we want them buying this building came on the market and it's a little bit under 30000 square feet and so you've got all of the I'm guessing you know silk screening machine embroidery and all that that's all in that facility there we've got 27 embroidery hence we have and automatics or scream machine that depending on the job they're doing and run up to 500 church and our. Yup and this as you mentioned this is a very competitive business Sino what do you think gives you the edge to be able to succeed and. I think it's it's more customer service and anything else and our people are really in tune to what our customers need. A big part of our business is first responders. We do we do a tremendous job with the fire department yup. And in the other thing is that we're very Philanthropic company we give back to the communities when you know after thirty years in and corporate America. One of the things I said is if I ever do this on my own I'm gonna come and do things right then and it's not going to be so much a bow. Me. It's going to be more about the people who support us. Looking at that that that Philanthropic mission that you have. What kinds of causes you donated to in the past several holes if there's a pretty long list but I get a couple good examples. Good for an in my game Muncie approached me about five years ago. To work with the latest good playmakers foundation him truthfully look up as good a short. The playmakers foundation is a group that gives money back to kids and it's really kind of near and dear to my heart to tell kids need help. And go over the past five years with judging his wife penny running golf tournament that we've been fortunate enough to be very involved in. We've raised over a 100000 dollars and five years for the latest good playmakers on the field. With with how you run your company do you have any limits on either the the smallest order that you take the biggest is there is is their suites bodily take any order out there. And give you mine mine give you quick stories Oka and it really sums up our business so. We about ten years ago we first started gentlemen came into the war and he incher one watcher. In most of the companies that do we do. Would have said no and quite frankly just what we wouldn't do in. It and no doing so sort of went. So my idea our eyes dry tasks that. He took this person's logo and went to embroidered and and he went through when he read it didn't change when you just cleaned it right. Make official the customer came back and again we don't know we just sort street. He loved it so much he sent us this is the best. I've ever seen slow. This turns though he was on board directors what is now. Expects to cut back there. Although you never know who that person Indonesia and yet adolescent that's what everybody in our business it doesn't matter who walks you don't know who that person is with Amber's. Represent treat everybody's. Career diplomat thank you very much for the time we appreciate you joining us here today glad to be here thank you that is Matt all of Ari from what he's been managing partner from on north east promotion and apparel. Our taxes going up in Connecticut well you know they have a budget vote that is looming there's a large contingent. People in Connecticut that would like to see your tax increase goes through we'll talk about taxes in Connecticut next from the financial exchange radio. You've got Barry Armstrong. Financial exchange a look I mean she'll exchange radio network.