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Lydia Ramsey (Business Insider, Amazon & Healthcare)

Nov 10, 2017|

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If you're on the go you can still keep up with the financial exchange on the eyes are radio. Available on both your phone and tablet just search the financial exchange you can hear individual segments. Four polls shows if you can't listen live we've got it covered on the I heart radio. Joining us on the line is Lydia Ramsey from business insider here and talk a little bit about Amazon's ambitions in health care Lydia thank you for joining us. What are you looking at what but it was a trying to do here in will be into that a little bit. It obviously has health care companies a little bit spooked and so I wonder peaking going to be of some of the things that companies are starting to do and that's based. To prepare for Amazon possibly entering. Sorry that it into intact we didn't they add no might about. It again Amazon meat meat packing it up and so I am may be a couple of months or around and that coupled stated them. There in the pac. Six months out from companies and from our part there I intend not just the drug maker oracle Palin wrecked everything Garrick the embassies. It and and here on the and it and it acted commented. Issue is out there are description drag. They've bombing at about how they might. React if it Emmitt somewhere in the bracket exit and everything I am. The logic error report that the the big. Reported deal between India and then what happened there it is probably coming at heart I am done. Barack they're trying to find ways did that make them out. As I thought and it hit it and all and get stinky and abducted and market and had to take our electric. Let's let's go through some of these different pieces here let's start first with drug makers what specifically if they've been doing to try to prepare for this entrance. Sure I think out of the group I'm with in the Arctic and can make your partner. Do you might have made it sound like they're they're pretty added to eke out. If I am not that amnesty and again we are now whether or not. On. That I gave it to get that they probably had a parking lot with Amazon and every attempt to. Create an attic and distribution channel that it act from what I've been eating. Not not yet excited about it about exactly how. Arm and a and a common mistake. Back Alley and other he can't write it and write it and and there at that but the in pretty. He added. If Amazon does pursue this this avenue. Would you think this requires some acquisitions. I don't pharmacies clinics some combination of both. But actually an African art aspect you can add a lot of that Jack see it are. Only their both their male harder and most. Insurance companies are what the Mallard and that they need that and it kind of a martyr a patient they might need to acquire what I expect is. A group of typical of our architecture and that should be. It organization. They talked pirate that would try to be able to talk with army he's in the doctor about that. Can it. In those app section and. If they are I wonder something like a right hater comparable that has already owns like a pharmacy benefit manager Ian has bricks and mortar. If you know some company like that. Might be an interstate acquisition for them. Yes that's possible I yet is an example of an organization at that RE and edit the manager. There are under their Angela and it and it is yeah I really depend on our attack and I am not out yet. Pat at the act cashed it met me at the UN Egypt incher and it diet prescription for an add on I am yeah. In terms of any timing for Amazon getting into these businesses have they given any losers it's still somewhat up in the air as far as their actual execution here. Sure I think attacked India is according match in my you know buying and giving again any time you backed him about that you're not wearing it or not day. We did the entire income. Blank bit added that they are or subtract. Mr. reached the bank and it did not make that there I think that the I out and that the need. You match is it is and it each and that that there are there radar at that Italy and hopefully we'll know in narrative that. A secret at a much. Yes CBS and assess the NBC has reported that the decision will come down. By Thanksgiving which they were the place getter for CVS Walgreens but that's a whole separate issue that looked at. Erica we'll video we appreciate it join us today thank you very much of the time. And that is Lydia Ramsey from business insider talking about Amazon getting into. The healthcare sector and really what it means for the companies in the different parts of that sector. And John there's no doubt it's. Amazon is always a disruptive pressed Amazon doesn't enter industry. Unless they feel that they can transform. And so it's it's going to have an impact one way or another the only question really is how do you prevent Euro company from getting you know not out ending up in the wreckage. That's the problem and there are a lot of complicating. Factors that health care that Amazon needs to be considered that's why they've been very slow in coming up with a decision on this because gavel pharmacy benefit manager issue. The issues to what extent to be bricks and mortar and yet you you'd love to be able to everything that's like an online pharmacy but the fact of the matter is you duty to have interaction with human beings in many cases. And what about the extent to which you know eighty to leverage a clinic you wanna give him the clinic does this edit in sort of pseudo primary care. These are all being peak issues and it'll be fascinating to see what they decided in what direction they go we're gonna know the next couple weeks absolutely certain we will.