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Lydia Ramsey (Business Insider, Cancer in U.S.)

Nov 13, 2017|

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Cancer. Accounts for one in four deaths this according to the CDC. We're joined now by Libya Ramsey from business insider talk about the topic of cancer in geographic hi Lydia welcome to the show. We're glad to so great now one in four deaths are attributable to cancer and that's actually been declining. Over the last few decades as an. Jack and over the past the players. But technically speaking a lot of based. Therapies that are and it. People that he. Getting him on coming back. Not to click partner at. In the. Right now because liver pancreatic and endometrial. Cancer have not changed at all the rates of those cancers remain stubbornly high. But talk to us about geographic is designed looked at the map. And I should probably post this on our website later FaceBook page. But it looks like the rates of new cancer cases in the United States are inordinately high. Appear in the northeast particularly. New Hampshire. Connecticut. Maine Rhode Island Massachusetts Vermont not so much but. Yeah I mean the New England states seem to have a lot of cancer reports. Chart yeah and why haven't been bank is he looking hat as a couple copper and am winning now about the Marriott. Marquis and it gets kind of what needs area at those in England they. I get it. And they'd be high population under that area at stake it and it and it are higher. But the benefit Kurd Ian and I expect any better player. Miki prevention effort needs increase our army be many more. Art a complaint is good and bad days as a in this way they can look at that and Andy and add in waiting might not get we can actually every state that same or different campers. Liddy is there any correlation. Between. Refineries. Like oil refineries gas refineries. And cancer 'cause I'm looking at some of the states like Louisiana. Mississippi. Kentucky and West Virginia I think of this coal mining states then you look at New Jersey very high. Rates being reported and you compare it I mean it's it's quite a bit higher than places like California Arizona and Utah. Sure I. About the apartment and how it yet there avid and a lot about now. By a brilliant and it does predict actor and Eric we can't. 88 at saint that he picked things like. Looking link near here like it getting on Kent there can't believe it's possible that there is apparently. I'm living there or. Or other factors expecting big entity it can't Eric I am. I'd been there on the and it basic etiquette that is. That correlation. In mr. buy. It there the topic of interest and Anthony. There's great here. That the rates of cancer deaths in the United States because. You won was the the first chart that I looked that was the number of reported cases in the northeast is a mansion was inordinately high but when you look at people actually die from it. It seems like it's the middle of the country like your Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Tennessee Kentucky. Death for your deaths occur. So why do you have more people dying in the center of the country. From cancer than you do in the northeast when the rates of reported cancer is because we have board shorts up in the northeast. Ali I can be taking under the bed at a map up just yet. Geographically it at the 88 it aberration and and try to I'm currently as you mentioned. And had a Buick going on in their immediate immediate that at our. Nike Tammy could be diet. There are more academic medical. Able. Are you aware whether it be mark rural areas not so badly. But that it cancer. And an and at the app well but he added a lot of active it makes the static. I can get that bad. At at eight. Yes I made Monday. Yeah well look the same that the that last and interpret the that might not I read about it as an intervention. Lydia thank you very much for your time we appreciate it that's Lydia Randy from business insider and you know if you look I I'm looking at state rankings jock. Of all types of cancer I'll walk you through. The first several Kentucky Mississippi. West Virginia Arkansas Louisiana Tennessee Oklahoma Alabama in Indiana. You know you think about your your mineral states your mining states you're refining states. If I I wonder if there's an correlation there. There could be a mean another thing that's a very prevalent and a lot of those states is obesity and we know the a lot of cancers are especially anything related to Reno GI and so forth tend to be related to obesity in a lot of cases and so. You know that's something that probably plays a role there. The I wouldn't be surprised companies and as you said kind of those those mining jobs where you know even if you're wearing masks and so yeah I still inhaling things that you shouldn't be. As well was he knew you do Tennessee obesity problem a lot of those states. I think that those two factors that probably contribute. The only states that are ranked highly in terms of in all types of cancer would be mean in Rhode Island in New England those are the only two Ellen all doing dealt. The did that jump on the list.