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Alex Williams (NY Times, Robots Workforce)

Dec 13, 2017|

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If you're looking for that perfect Christmas present called leader bank because they sell gold and silver coins right out of the break. 8776917900. Good leader bank dot com to learn more about their precious metals program. You know when you think about artificial intelligence and you think about robotics. You worry that she. You know is my kid going to be able to work I give you drive for living pretty good chance your job's going to be eliminated if you were gonna warehouse there's a pretty good chance your job's going to be eliminated. Alex Williams though from the New York Times wrote an article explaining that. A lot of medical jobs such as doctors insurgent jobs could be eliminated as well Alex walked into the show thanks for joining. Did being carried out. You know I read your article and I can tell Europe concerned parent. And you know. When I think of job elimination I always worry about the you know the more basic jobs but you go to great lengths to point out that. You know some high end jobs that pay for 500000 dollars a year. Art being eliminated. Due to. Yeah older if Britain today. Yeah I mean it's it's it's a big he changed because you know that we've obviously been dealing with automation of the economy and effort. 3040 years and to the Berkman you know auto workers assembly line work back and the thing and that's you know there's a serious consequences for the people expect and those jobs. But now we're looking at artificial intelligence being combined with robotics. And up to hold a thing amend all of that and you are you know you're talking about. The possibility of you know certainly radiologists to machine you've got computers popular programs they can read scanned in second swears that. Ticket it would 45 minute you know created if there there there has researcher anyway. Bender under way to develop. Pretty sophisticated. You know surgical applications and a lot of again that they. You know you used to get in the management that kind of thing I mean any job that requires. Looking back at a lot of data sort of crafting strategy here allocating resources. Aren't there that's the computer to do better. Yeah well you point out to the legal profession there's a system called cure a systems. And they cut the time that lawyers need to review contracts but anywhere from twenty to 60% so those are high in lawyer jobs globally. Lou if they get a good friend of mine went to topple out of school and work and a great severed the scope urban remember him describing his his work has been good reading your car warranty for twelve hours today. Not a fame at the computer probably do better. Well the University of Oxford in and the department of engineering and science did a study. That estimates a large percentage of current jobs including insurance underwriter sportswear for re loan officers. Are at risk of falling prey to dictate to automation they're seeing a 47%. Of current jobs could go by the wayside. That's pretty crazy within two decades and it's. I mean tepid at that very sobering figure also the week but I was reading this story McKinsey Global Institute came out with a report that says that a third of American workers Baptist which shot next. Dozen or so years. So you know it's it's a big issue for my kids are seven and four because I genuinely don't know what the cut and it'll look like at all and nor how to prepare them. But you know even for people get over forty it's like you know in both Taylor 52 he might have to be thinking about the test so. You have an interest in apocalyptic but it definitely something to to dress up and about. But Alex we've gone through this type of transformation in the past you you point out in your article you know the automobile. You know transformed. It there's a lot of different things industries that have changed over the years due to automation. Don't we just simply channel changer or skills and end up doing harder jobs that a computer can't do. Well that's that epithet that happy they know that the setting deal I mean serve the people always went okayed that got out of a bill that for the rest got a real. Automobile went but the buggy whip industry out of business development that you read everything from fast food workers to rear drive in movie theaters. Server and homebuilders that are better SW are typically speaking new technology that created far more jobs that were blue and that's the process of creative destruction but the thing about ai is that it really it. It is it can be applied in any industry and it really replaces what is best about. Humanity I mean you know that we're not we're not built for our broad revoked or you know it's our brain that is the dominant species. At all that if you guys a machine can think you know at least in certain ways. As well as weekend. Some bets that the complete games into the is that technology if followed every industry and it could replace that. Even that you know much character economic lieutenant. So of the University of Oxford is right in 47%. Of current jobs are eliminated woody do all these people. That's a great question I mean you know we used you get on this rabbit hole and one of one of they would be inevitable conclusion people yeah people on the left the rest of the political spectrum of start talking about things like universal basic income the ideas that. Don't for one thing it's everything's automated you'll have. A lot of abundance of many good debate for him much better prices that sort of thing you bet you know you're basically going to have to have. Sort of universal income for everybody you know especially a form of welfare and it just. It felt like science fiction now and obviously our political system down not at all set up for it but it. In Silicon Valley for instance where you know these guys know more about ai in the future than it thing. Been anybody who bet their visit to big topic people elect has said people across the political spectrum would certainly think about that. I've noted that happened that. Well we'll see if I live long enough to watch it you're you probably have a better shot than I do I'll. Well both Padilla and David. I tend to think doubled up we're about this theater and I mean it had just I mean it as I was saying in my article that there's even stopped burnout which reading out. Journalism story is my Minor League Baseball Wall Street earnings reports that sort of thing from to be AP's so GAAP it. You keep doing a good job ballots in the times and take care has. Thanks Alex. Alex Williams New York Times talking about robotics you buy in dollar the which sparked. I just 47% of jobs in like we just we joke about it yes but like driver jobs I just think of driver judge yesterday you're talking about mechanic jobs or 750000. People talker that worked in automobile repair. You know how many of those jobs would be limited due to robotics. If you get the most common jobs in America which I just pulled this list updates from. Want to know where it's from. You'll be that it I have I have no idea where it is from Internet the computer it's on the Internet it's got to be true. No this is from it's from Rinker dot com but that's not who reportedly get does that give us the jobs they'll think about these jobs and and tell me which ones you think can be automated retail sales person. Automated RD as in as a four million people. Cashier's. Automated three million people. Office clerks. Mum does not necessarily ought to mean probably reduced like you've continue to see. They said that about bank teller and that it didn't happen two point seven million. Food preparation and service workers absolutely automated two point six million people. I don't like camp all talked even if it if it's a nice food place yes Tucker you should see you to do and an MIT Witten waiters and waitresses. Yeah I think and I guy not done that reduced I write I don't I would be OK with that 2.2 million people. Customer service representatives yep generally are two point one million people janitors. No. And so freight Stockton handed material move label laborers you've reduced to million people. Stock clerks in order pillars. In probably increased. One point eight million people. Bookkeeping accounting and auditing Clarksville I think we're going to be largely. One point six million people. Elementary school teachers probably not no one point five health care workers on the Evian tractor trailer truck drivers one point formally to go to on this list how we like you can on me almost all things.