Nick Cafardo

Oct 25, 2007|

The Boston Globe baseball writer talks with Tom about the Sox big Game 1 win and what to expect for the rest of the Series.

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Hey nick of bottles on the line nick thanks for German embassy at Tom Finneran. On one side of the studio while Wendy Murphy on on the other side -- you. -- common when you -- into. Moret thank you -- what I again I I know what I want to stop with because you've covered baseball all season long. Including keeping a good peak on the national league in these guys Iraqis. Tell us what you us assessment is of lay off. Well you know I mean we all thought that in a court and we we saw what happened I think tool that would -- hikers last year where. They'll lay off wasn't quite as long as it was six days the 18 acted just stumbled and fumbled against the -- it was cardinals over the it is on the all over the place and you know what that we expected them and certainly in this game in the ways and music is that the rock. He's what it was raining in the you know do away from Colorado there's there's great. Own a team of course you'll. In you know the way it's alright yeah I think only -- was that we have factor in this game. -- let me ask you something if it's so well known to you guys which I didn't know until I read a story about it fits so well known to you guys that does that too much time between games is really bad. Hello they have some kind of process in place where they'd play games in between Whitewater I know they played why in the pick up games some kind of whole lot of nothing game but why if it's so important why don't they have a plan to keep that momentum. Yes great point -- -- one of the things that was there was the possibility of that going back to their spring training facility so they played you know there instructional league team but even that. It's it's just so different that you really can't replicate a real game especially. -- World Series game. You know somewhere else that's better than -- all the people all the normal things you know -- -- -- -- practice in the and then maybe even play a simulated game worsened and we game. It's just not the same. I you know if it's right there isn't just impossible to replicate the tension the dynamic the atmosphere like this is better than not sit well that if it probably does but they try to do better than nothing among and between themselves that have an intra squad game what are they -- -- -- I can't help I read your radical today in the and here -- the names and this is literally like walking in Cooperstown here the names that I'm reading. One marriage shell warrants spot Bob Gibson who was just sewed dominant sandy -- facts in a league of his own all of them being mentioned about. -- guy Josh Beckett whose policies of performance this year has been absolutely astounding. So that's not won this young kid being mentioned in the same breath as those legends. -- you make reference to the fact that Schilling. His had an effect on this case you've got to help me when the united civilians the other pro yet the professor we wanted to we want the lesson. What has -- down with him for this kid to get him to show the command that he's begun to show. Yeah I mean he's he's very good in terms of what he calls that all male and he's very big on the that these you. Vehicle we did your fastball over the inside of the outside part of the late consistently strikes. If you do that that everything else will fall in the place where you especially if you. You know great -- he -- we expect it also. And I think last year -- subject it used cut up all over the place who has or you really couldn't. A harness he has a lot of movement on you know he's just one is is lust with. Great ability -- throw the ball of the ball move in various directions in this year. He seems to focus Sunday every single pitch you know these as I think -- Martinez said the game -- almost slow motion for -- just people aegis assimilate everything in the this -- where it actually doesn't and and that's -- -- and you know that's why. Those names were mentioned that all the what has been competitive spirit. Nick what does -- so. What is it about Schilling's that you think changed him -- a -- that that's shillings style to note to. Really got this style and then and then these the only issue is constantly talking to him about those things that's in a very simple thing but. Actually doing -- of the matter the -- is constantly hounding them it's almost like seven seconds pitching coach the on the scene in. He's done the same thing strategy of the Senate that would Matsuzaka in I think that it is possible that the masses as well start. You know -- I'm I'm I'm just fascinated by this whole thing because it sounds as if as I read your column listen to you would yet and yet you -- the encyclopedia of knowledge an observation on this. It sounds as if it's technical almost like the senior electrician. Teaching the apprentice electrician but we both know I mean. At the four other electricians who imagined America a spot gives a -- fact it's the ultimate at all times so it's going to be -- Lee. I guess training in technical stuff and partly just instinctive ability doesn't. Well you know the other thing is just pure and nastiness I don't know why kill the opponent that is just that. Being in your rise that you can't explain and that's when he hasn't he you know he's been nasty guy yet in -- -- -- -- go right after the editor of knock them down so. You know do anything and that to intimidate it here and that of course but it's in the courts did so well. I mean there was no way you can -- you know at the played against them because -- not to write down and you're -- -- intimidate their freedom I think that's the waiters react are expected that's seen in north. It literally has Beckett. In fact hit a player is that -- -- noticed it. I -- -- I -- he's thrown above their heads. He whipped an inside fastball last night -- -- not al halladay but removed very well inside I think it was the first to second pitch of Helen. -- is -- -- Their hands in the end and try to break their bats and you know in the -- the immediate all of those things. Look maybe on the dummy in government sheringham but it. Going close to the body to scare him as wanting against the rules to actually wax and with the pollen are you saying that that's our that's our. Both have long argued that video hitters do purposely did players you know I think the it's so legal obviously tried it -- -- at of them in them. But but certainly hitting them on the back side or the other -- exert so -- that. -- not that serious -- is completely appropriate intent solid whack somebody with a highly. We don't get a lot but obviously it if you can throw up to go to -- music but you heard team. Hey let's -- they had -- If we can't let's look ahead to the next a couple of things we -- -- a little bit about chilling and so you have this young kid who -- although I hope I'm pronouncing -- correctly Ubaldo Jimenez -- for the Rockies tonight what should we expect what do we look for a guy here -- described as maybe young not yet polished Pedro the guy can throw a ball through the wall that said. Yeah he throws he's been clocked that they could miles an hour and you know that has emphasis it was part of expected in so he could you'd challenge for the the threats such figures don't seem to be our party. Really hard hard throwers you know you know -- did they know what's coming in this he would use you must know what's -- you know -- catch up to it but but he has studied all of formidable -- you know he's very young and and that's who -- -- -- -- We what he's doing out there but. Much expect it would he was younger in these imposing committee has already wrote. -- and the picturing -- minutes in the paper he really looks like he's of one of the bat boys -- mean he just looks so young -- it's scary to middle aged guys like me tell us what we should expect when this series gets out to Denver you know. All the you know the DH the non DH we are going to lose a bet I don't know which -- -- be done that in. What bad do you think we'll lose and will it change from game to game might it be. But you know part of Big Papi one game and youkilis another what do what do you expect to see at a Terry on -- on those decisions. Well I don't think you'll lose Big Papi you know he's seen her best hitter so I think he's going to be playing first base CO for those three -- -- -- -- and the other the other thing will be will be a platoon was built with all of you was at third base and and don't base that on you know the pitching matchup of the right so what does. You know what -- -- which hundreds could could it -- -- the picture of the best of -- -- the mystical world background there to prove their point of that but you know I -- -- you'll get. Ol start one game and then you're most welcome back certain next game in the -- -- way in the way they've. You know if they'd be into the -- that's years. And can ask you one final question nick I'm just completely. Interested in this whole deal with the flags in the stands you know means to me. The notion that when we're out there the affect of how the fans treat the Red Sox -- of these -- of those things and whatever it is that -- what are the Red Sox fans. At planning anything to produce some kind of visual support in the stands I know are really good sand -- folks going to travel out there you know what what's good for the Red Sox in terms of how to going to feel when they're no longer in Fenway in dealing with this team. Well I think most professional athletes who argued that they they're in they're able to block -- those things out of their mind that they don't. Cia you know that the receive the field in the you know really. -- this the end of that destruction. You know that's that to me is morbid distractions like basketball or something or you know the guys -- should've read different policy not Julia known -- flags waving everywhere I hope that really effects of these. I saw an interview with players that -- the day before they said it really -- -- the flags really poet yeah. Which player was slicing it says it is now. Yes -- nick I agree with you they tell me where hot up against the break I -- telecheck love the column today lobbed at this column well done nick a final Boston Globe. The extraordinary baseball right it's so good to join minister of finance firm will be back in a moment when Wendy American Tom Finneran on AM succeed WRKO