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Ellen & Gonzo - Oscar Talk with Sean Phillips

Feb 24, 2008|

Sean Phillips is the Executive Producer for Yahoo! Movies, and joined Ellen O'Brien and John Gonzalez to talk about the Oscars.

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They're disappointed. In New York Times piece it's time. I have to respond to any questions you might. I have many friends in March 10 who represent -- attrition -- -- Consider for its -- And a story as -- is insubstantial -- -- -- came out you know the day before the New Hampshire primary -- jihad in December which is one that I think there were originally talking about it coming out better person. Probably would've heard. Hello Brian and jungles -- thank god Alan O'Brien's back to save me from myself. The callers on the line and not we'll would name death in Worcester bureau which on the -- god your great. Your QB Mark -- told her -- don't. You don't have a couple was found temperatures sex comes to about myself I don't have a talent Rangel you people I think so all of you don't have that you live around -- I think you can always just exploded about you can't possibly believe I gotta check it helped push up at about contract and over here but that's -- -- -- -- man who believes his -- -- stand -- for -- -- -- O'Brien thank -- -- so you can we just we -- -- seen to date -- on Boston. Video succeed don't want you. Welcome back -- -- desert Leon -- O'Brien thank god a month. Thanks John Gonzales I am back to fill them last week for three hours alone people and he still recovering. And thanks for listening every week and sending us emails -- EO Brian GOP RI ENNWRKO dot com six on 72666868. It's attack in this hour about the Oscars. -- a rough week it's a great way to escape the problems at your real life -- about Hollywood and what's going on who will win four. Everything from best picture to best actor actress and all those things you don't really think about like achievement the Senate cinema photographer. -- today -- -- costume design hey it is of great great movies out there this year it gonzo hasn't seen I think any of them I've seen all of -- So we'll talk about that and also get to trying bad guy gives its advocates AMC theaters here so you win knows. Call us that the questions comments Oscar Oscar tribute to his closet about the Oscars and movies you saw this year intact to our. Movie experts on Billups sees the exact producer for Yahoo! movies coming off. Thank you so much very busy producers he'll be coming not just a few minutes. And you -- any questions you have for him give us a call on the way you can win one of those gift certificates it and you have to get creative folks so if you're in the card -- in the car you pay with your wife alive this would be good thing for you to it'd do together as a couple. Gonzalez needs some help communicating with the women -- that's true so here's a good thing created you were talking about deemed Oscar parties. And how many people this year. Are asking their guests you have send in an Oscar party in the great room with a big plasma screen TV on and you ask people to come and bring it dance that's associated with the movie for example. For June out you could do baked Alaska. For there will be glad you could bring blood product and I thank you can I do want to -- a case of -- country for old men lot of bullets could you bring shots. A sun -- and every now terrorists octopus he could have I guess I'm -- and gets. I'm meal that's designed for older men I don't know what that would be like us. Well balanced what the fiber and that's tough one of the that passed -- -- -- -- not muscles without his odds but they get kind of creative thinking caps and that tell you wind. But when you -- as you can ask John Phillips executive producer for Yahoo! -- anything you want to know about the -- Academy Awards. And Alan -- judge Gonzales will be -- him about -- favorite shining out there now. I don't -- -- -- -- it well so now are you going to the Academy Awards. You cover that I don't cover them remotely. You know what I have to go to them remotely like it it sort of at home dislike most everyone else I get to a certain is that way. Most of the date movie writers it's of people don't know don't go to the Academy Awards because it's it's impossible to actually cover them while you're there. To people want some from their big TVs so let's -- -- the most obvious best picture I've seen off five of them it's I just want to let people know it -- There will be blood atonement no country for all men and Michael Clayton what what who's favored and it will what do you think should when John. You know it's really really tight -- the kind of interesting little movies this year. And you know two it's a tough call people have their favorites across the board there. I -- -- that the country for old men it just seems to be the one met some of the rest when when you know when different kinds of people talk about dispatch of movies. Yeah I really ice that's the one movie of the five that I have seen on the big big fan of McCormick McCarthy whose school. Who's the author of no country for all -- I thought they stayed really true to the block. Which was to their credit Howard has been pressuring me as has my girlfriend to go see atonement I'm not a big love story guys are anyway can watch this movie not -- yes let him run out of the theaters including wartime -- bonds you'll love that I mean how how is merely for guys who aren't who aren't big big love story guys. Yeah you know what actually act if they did. A disservice to their own movie but I like them promoted as just classic love story with Keira Knightley in that don't look she's so lovely girl that all of our board of this movie I don't just mentioned there's there's solid wartime scheme to written it's it's a really really well craft well. So I ice I hear you I know country -- Altman it was wonderfully dumb but. Don't you think Hollywood's more likely to go for the Daniel day Lewis blockbuster performance and there will be blood. You know what's going to happen two I really think that they Lewis will. -- in this best actor it's it's one of the categories where there's certainly distinguished front runner but I think the academy this -- if you really really well balanced because most of these movies are. Clearly you know niche and it's interesting independent style movies and they're going to share the wealth across all the big categories and I think. So no country will get a couple and and that there will be blood will get a couple and it just think you're going to see a smattering so they get to bring a lot of different kinds of people onstage and all the movies are small. The -- is still very big it's here. What about the my favorite little movie that could you know I just love that movie and I loved Alan page and it. -- -- -- Oh -- no way you know that -- me the great story you know it's much. You know much like the -- it has much like they momentum as in this country I'm from last year several calls that you know really it's it's funny well acted very intelligent movie Alan page. She's you know she's going to have a lot of problem rebels to -- so I think he may be overlooked is the best actress. But the movie itself and I give a lot of credit if -- what we call sort of the big six categories which is a major act. And combat strength and best actor categories you know to know what war nomination. Those categories so there really impressive. 6172666868 Alan branch and -- are talking to Shaun Phillips sees the exact producer for -- Yahoo! movies. And we know your gear and appear Oscar parties we have 225 delegates to the biggest AMC -- sent to me by a anonymous and it may be John brightening at the look in that but apparently they're good to go and actually real. And you today is that any AMC theater outlet at what happens is the way you win -- mister Collison actors about the Oscars and while you're at it. Suggest your favorite dish that you could bring to a movie something you'd have bring to an Oscar party something you'll eat right that's associated with the movie so we try to give examples he -- one was for -- You could bring baked Alaska John Phillips hit by the way and I know you're on to more serious movie topics but have you ever heard of this Oscar party theme. Okay it's it's what it's done all of a Hollywood right she says that I really him for not doing their usual Gaza and -- about it is is this idea as army president she makes it out today. Well -- got today in him in this town and in Los Angeles you know it has been. Superbowl party that. Lara is the party to -- I'm talking about everybody I know about the idea of Oscar parties and talking about that the more people bring food to correspond to the categories. Yeah yeah rhetoric are currently -- -- heavy. So it's and we I give way to easy one to people out there in the car wondering what I'm talking about. For -- -- be pretty obvious you bring a -- practice doing okay six -- 72666868 if you can come up at the right debts for American gangster you might went. Okay let's talk about best actress that you have anybody wants to vote in that category Betsy movies and you. Think that -- Cate Blanchett four Elizabeth in the golden ager Alan page in June -- Julie Christie in a weight from her I didn't see it. Laura Linney in the savages or it's Arab -- on rose -- what's your choice for best actress son. He's going to be two lead Kristi she's a veteran actress. I think this is going to be case in the academy that's what they get a bit of an official lifetime achievement award -- again to open a scheme -- -- for a long time and it and she. That are really great portrayal on this film Cate Blanchett nominated two categories she's really an academy favorite but I think. I think she's gonna get left out this year but she's going to have a lot chances -- pages that mentioned she's. Going to be a brilliant -- they're not worried about -- -- gonna get -- do indeed become an early front runner. The dark horse of the category out was you know cookie shoes -- in the -- articles. And should be. T yet that was a phenomenal performance. Oak -- -- mean people are worried about that. You know its its one of these strange cases -- the movie came out a little bit too early in the year and she may be for that -- You know at this point so and an opinion this the strategy of pushing your your most. Award worthy movies at the end of the year and that the sun but you know -- you know not much earlier in the year so. How -- you know what does it better. -- usual is it four to eight Cate Blanchett to be nominated as best actress and best supporting actress she's nominated for best supporting actress in the Dylan movie I'm not there. And best actress and Elizabeth the -- -- is that. We don't it's its. Refer her apartment she can change awfully good and she's really well liked you know Leonardo DiCaprio last it was nominated for two films so it's. Maybe maybe a little bit the trend maybe yeah it is true that. They the best talent is finding the best projects. -- Allen tops field here on madame O'Brien Jon and solace and Shaun Phillips. From aren't you gotta you -- question for -- -- Julia mentioned that you wanted AF quote categorically it -- well okay format will be -- -- -- but on the restaurants now. I'll put in Columbia -- and mountain because of the oil. That article and it will be -- Now you gonna do character Aaron slight sorry are you doing okay Alan -- -- -- look -- -- -- that 7666868 do you have a fourteen to corresponds with the movie category he decided I'd. -- that's too easy easier as the that's not Hollywood -- a -- could not Hollywood and efforts on ballots that delegate majority Sean give us idea what are you doing for your party what kind of crazy food -- to rev up your party. Well Internet as a political party or not -- -- of -- that it's just it's a designated work night from me supports an area. We get started. -- talk about a movie made in Boston that people the backdrop as a bus and people were really liked it here and of course. I I've gone baby gone today one nomination supporting actress Amy Ryan I'm looking forward -- other nominations how do you think that will -- You know what. You know it's it's kind of it's an interest I thought actually on May be on might get a few more combinations you know that the the Affleck always -- Ben and Casey involvement the great project -- for the brothers to do together. And that's critical here that so well received in in out in the -- that would that it happened. They get that in that that -- now prevalent that a lot of credit. But -- -- I don't think he's going to win but that you know I think the maybe spends on cool new career for himself as a director. Yeah anything can revive this we need to talk about that because around Tierra course. We're very into that the Ben and Matt thing and heat seemed to did he lose his way. He was so good in things like Shakespeare in Love and and a couple of other movies and then we didn't hear much about him you know on except for that J -- disaster so could this be there rather read you know rejuvenation of his career. And I think yeah I think it and yet it totally enemy you -- he's he's a great personality and you know. -- I understand actually two really good guys well I don't see any reason why. He's not in the demonstrated a talent for directing all those things -- I think might feel little revival. Patricia and I was a bunch of my friends and I think much of greater Boston's kind of opening which is -- -- First though I had enough on -- very sad and really have gotten down on math and instead -- it's generational thing that the largest item and the rest of -- as we see him knocked down we want to see him see him get up again. You know what then you know what Matt Damon completely won me over again he eats and he loses me for awhile let -- come backs on but that video he did we not only with us or solaris and Alexander -- everybody 6766868 we edit it keeps on Phillips at the break -- -- going to hold onto your calls thanks for calling an eight dialing -- wit ideas or. For your Oscar theme party was looking for food food that you can. Then identify with the movie for there will be blood -- can have led putting okay one -- gave it a shot he wanted to do olive oil for. There will be glad that I mean that's -- reach that movie is about oil mining. But that's too much of -- reach and what did he get -- creative thinking caps on if you have any questions for Shaun phillips' excellent seven. 2666868 we get back -- effort into what some of the hut. -- categories like best act act or we haven't covered that yet and ash on the for the break at one other question Korea. I'm I'm looking through the list here any kids nominated this year it's always a big favorite with -- -- Yeah well. Yeah yeah is best supporting actress and I'd never ever get her name right mrs. of the young. The top one it's like spelled -- oh. I Aristide so it's it's Celtic may -- sailors Ronan. Yet it's -- it's Roman and and he you actually got a lot of other great TrueCrypt for herbal -- but she's she's next declaring him. Couple other upcoming serious films and so if you got a long career and it and you know that the the only you don't think so take it. -- we'll give it to until this went to -- again I think I think it's going to -- yes I think that's that's the one that Michael Clayton would do which is pretty well regarded movie but it's gonna pick a lot of places and nominated for seven awards this year but I think it's. It's gonna have very few wins unfortunately. Clooney had a really good line about that -- saying that he had a good year and if not -- you know he feels kind of like Hillary Clinton if not for Barack Obama. It would be even an even better -- if you've been -- era it was almost. It was a really -- very yeah it's like everyone else -- I -- say the bad year for him to have that movie coming out what we comebacks on -- exact producer for Yahoo! movies we'll tell me whether I -- brother -- Charlie Wilson's war and you -- call us and asked that any questions you want about the -- Academy Awards if you have ideas. For our hot foods -- is to bring to the movie. That actually to your movie party that actually. Of course find with identify with the movie category we put a new creative thinking capsule about 225 delegates to tickets to AMC theaters. When we get that money and 680 I'm Alan O'Bryant has done -- Dallas this is WRKO. -- gathered around Boston's largest water cooler. Boston's talk station KM succeeding W Mark Kerio. And -- that surround themselves in the engine. He always adolescent to acknowledge that back we -- Bryant if it is a great. You don't like there's no -- not been -- -- implement it tell me you're not -- -- -- and terrific special effects and I'm 7666860 Garrett at the Academy Award Friday to aren't I. It is the Oscars of the -- which on. Phillips executive producer for Yahoo! movies to be -- at with a than a second it's excellent 76668. 68 there hasn't seen any of this here is meanwhile acting up I -- won best picture judo. There will be blood atonement no country Feldman Michael Clayton you only son of country Feldman. I saw in a country for all men because I had read -- McCarthy -- -- -- equipment McCarthy won a Pulitzer for an honest to accurately and really elegant you know what I wanted to record before we get we get back -- -- Phillips is. Will what are you what party you're you are you hosting a party and why haven't I have been I had invited to two different parties come when you have this -- for which we are giving away gift certificate -- now -- -- time -- give away about forgive -- wanted to play it I've got to get certificates MC -- If you can't come up with a creative idea to bring food additives that. That is identified with the movie the most obvious one is ratatouille you bring ratatouille they got creative while would be for -- now. Because of Juneau Alaska eight to bring baked Alaska you'd get it got it that's how it's that current 7666868. I have no idea I know you only bring beer every move every party you've -- yes that's how it pelts have party's current editor and -- clubhouse is the guy who called for in wouldn't want to bring oil for. You're right -- -- problem -- -- don't blow it will be glad because it is a movie about Alex look at best actor Johnny Depp is up with George Clooney. Daniel day Lewis. Ego -- and Tommy Lee Jones and -- I had some terrific performances and -- Phillips is here executive producer for Yahoo! -- sign -- up there and who is your choice for best actor. So you know what I have to go would be. The front runner and and it was lots of people talked about his performance really powerful stuff if not only. The kind of the best actor of this year but he's actually by hard working actor in the in the movie because -- every scene. A movie that nearly two hours forty minutes -- It's a long movie it's shown I'm a little surprised to hear that you know as one of the one of the other films that I did actually get around to -- was Sweeney Todd in I'm I'm actually a little shocked to Johnny Depp does -- get moral appear specially because. He -- anime at the same get there it's a musical at the academy doesn't love musicals but I would think if he gets some credit for that. He would have to see there will be glad to understand it's it it's it's it's -- it's so intense and I had some problems at the end of the movie but it no problems that Daniel day Lewis who was great shot. It was and you know and apple are mixed about they enjoyed the movies or not but I think most people come away pretty. Pretty blown away by and they do lewis' performance but -- -- yen on Johnny Depp. Did a fantastic job and we need. Speaking about his pain you've brought that up and he never so rule before and wasn't totally sure. He'd be able to pull it off. -- he got the script from Tim Burton the director and well let me. -- -- invest here and I guess it'll soul searching Google them singing to himself and that call them back and that it will be all right. And it came up with it yet. 67666868 -- -- and -- -- about the Oscars with Sean Phillips easy -- -- for Yahoo! movies for taking your calls Kathy in situated Europe next with Allen and gonzo and our guests on Phillips. I can't think I had. I don't know or -- -- shrimp cocktail or all black. A camel put its analyst -- Mary took -- crackdown this ethnic I don't make -- -- Now he has got I got honestly I'm not a district -- institute in having an Oscar party. Now now I don't get by. And I probably a good thing and I. Drinking a bloody Mary did not think it's gotten the current another went that there will be glad your back to balloting -- -- -- -- on develops. I'd like to take -- called fantastic movie but he he was just phenomenal and it. Being a day Lewis struck. I removed the reason I call that I was pretty funny why it happened this year. In this political year error. You know that that the move it without giving anything away it's about you know big oil way back when and and the religious right in the fanaticism -- I wondered if anyone else's you have that take -- That that's an excellent point I was fascinated to learn how oil was mine for than what people went through physically just to get it out of the ground it seems obvious the when you're watching the depiction. And and then the stayed behind the scenes dealing in the land owners getting ripped off by the big money guys it's an excellent points on Philip -- -- is a preamble is what about that anybody talking about that movie and a and a current -- contacts. You know what it's something actually had talked about with a lot of in my -- were coal producers but. It's not some reasons now wanted to more elevated the -- I think it's brilliant beam I think it's in arms over billions about a hundred years. In the past and a lot of the same stuff happenings so I think that extremely extremely. Good observation and you know it's it's funny -- times don't change yeah. Excellent call Scott McCarthy thanks excellent 7266. 6868 Alan O'Bryant and dolls which on -- are exact producer for Yahoo! movies -- Newbury -- Europe next. I make -- are American American -- it. All right okay okay. And that act at Warburg Alex collier thunder on bloody Mary there's nobody there on the library I can't we're gonna put you -- it down on the list for American jobs elite by American gangster. It's pretty violent movies. But we'll take American jobs in -- -- -- -- -- -- I was -- -- -- before we continue with these things please. It's not and what we say come up with something original that's not original if you're making a turn on American shops and I am not a checking yanks a bloody Mary and there will be blood we didn't keep her winner June we take baked Alaska the -- -- -- -- as creative outfits I'm thinking caps didian average our next. Are right about chip and old -- in -- and it made it. I love shepherd's pie I really -- -- even Judy lap beginners to just terrible. -- all Jimmy I love. Yesterday I love shepherd's -- -- that I was I was just. -- forgot his -- of the -- -- battles Ed did admit it but nice try 67666868 before we dot about the -- the best next we'll take your calls market here belliard exit owning bonds notes on ballots. A couple of suggestions for. Well market blip that is in the apartment -- a couple of chock full of -- can't we use through his creation -- truck will not call. So I don't really talking about I don't personally like atlas is nondenominational in my -- this but it was even nominated for anything. But all about that our economic Mark thanks to celebrate a booby look at it -- removed accurate that's right before a -- it's not a movie I'd have insider movie out to take Lubbock. Dot Boston when he got. I got several party ideas that the click -- American tanks Serbs frank look at by the by the structure -- Asia -- -- eight intuitive francs. Pernod and -- best -- of people being -- -- is Gerber fruit jars. For a time and I take the locker -- -- put labels on holy water in my lap when there will be blood I'd have every under the name tag would be and they. Hi I think is I'm Ronald island yeah don't -- -- they can't get away. It's gotten busted for now let's someone beats you up between now 1 o'clock all the bottom. -- call screeners going to. Yet get your -- Abu and we do have to get to to -- is that while the calls we get done Boston's of formation it's excellent 7666868. Because turning your bottled. Water at your party into holy water in the name of the town and really does work John Phillips who is exactly it's a piano movies we have lots of people holding to have fun with that kind that's violent attack due out atonement for a minute and try to get on -- -- go to element to great date movie he's afraid it's an epic romantic love story. His own life is an epic romantic love story doesn't blanket -- that I wanna I wanted to ask you about the reaction to Keira Knightley in Hollywood she's not nominated. Rates what how to people think she did overall and in that world. Oh I think I think as well regarded it I don't think that is an interesting one -- -- Quite like them really you know. It's it is just interesting sort of lost moment meant the very end of the year people were really excited about it debuted at the at the Venice film festival which has been up. The beginning of September. And you know people you know people abroad you know they've that was great in -- and it came over here we thought it was great men suddenly other great movies and mountain -- you don't remote and great is that you know who just one of those strange cases. Sean Brooke hook up out atonement in the in the event that I do go to see this I'll give you an idea of my kind of secure nightly movie. DC 2000 movie domino I think she is she showed some skin and that that's my kind of cure and I would -- -- at any chance of seeing any here are nightly skin in -- -- yes. That they're they're actually is of them if there. An assistant sequences -- that. And -- reverently and compelling today it's your eyebrow at him but before we let you go best documentary feature Seko is up there and I -- is it it isn't slam dunk. It's nominated. You know what to I think -- go to another you know another great Michael Moore thing -- another one that debt the get a pretty fired up at the end of it you know anytime. But it's and I as a -- Event and I Iran is so what do you think the love that went. Will it win it it's the most known all of the that the documentaries but. With the pivotal Michael Moore again I guess that's really the big or an aptitude and the others but indeed. You know it's just substitute and the other so -- I think because they choice your your Oscar pools that is that. And. Okay and then one last question -- -- -- and who I've before I went to break is that I have to find out set Agassi Charlie Wilson's war. -- read views have been so -- but I am a big fan of Philip Seymour Hoffman who is nominated for a performance by an actress supporting world what do you say thumbs up or down. I would give it give -- -- thumbs up and a lot of that's. That leverage on the fact -- Phillips -- what brought -- -- -- and he did so great. You'd -- he's always been. I really like you know I saw that movie and I and I really liked the writing in that Aaron Sorkin did the screenplay right. And I thought you know for people who were fans of the west wing like I was I thought that this screenplay the writing and it was really pretty smart and funny I mean there -- a couple of turns they are aware. You know they could've gone the complete opposite lane -- a very heavy serious movie they didn't it would it poked fun at itself and handsome and had some nice turns of phrase I thought. I completely agree and union Aaron Sorkin knows would do when it comes down to -- dot. And -- keeps you sharp and witty. And day keeps him moving along a massive star power there you know on the public lows still look at Julia Phillips Tom Hanks and. Well why are my friends say fell apart happily program so I'm on all of and that's the end of that -- -- yet but it's not a hundred. You know some people didn't -- you -- it -- the pimping and -- the part about that movie but you know he didn't make. It's like -- stars you do let some some dialogue I think part of the problem of the movie is that. Postal -- its its association with the truth united and -- being just a -- -- from the fantastical version of what really happened you know there was but it will have a book. And good source that. And that's where it. He got a little on me. John Phillips you're exactly producer for Yahoo! movies he can look up for his stuff online elsewhere and shall we really appreciate you joining us here. And we will be taken you to -- worry eating ratatouille and I tip and -- Britain oil in I -- -- why -- all that stuff that thanks for -- at -- Absolutely -- my pleasure my IBM and bloody Mary. You do that wire covering the -- -- -- -- six -- 7666868 extra holding tells Kelsey Europe next rebelling gods out. -- -- -- Now we lasted Bobbitt West Roxbury it's on a Bryant on the delicate still there. Yes I am good -- not -- Several being trailed -- backward reasons to help people gone baby gone. Greatest hits tonight I -- I don't want this Elizabeth. -- I -- I I like that you're shiny -- cod national story I just made this pitch we still have one gift certificate to give away. And the next person who calls me. And and does apply on the movie's name gone baby gone and it is exactly and I tells rob that ethic and going to on the Sony by the art when you -- that anybody else -- about bloody marys for referred no. -- for the blood movie I don't want to hear that could be something different he's beloved god just just -- what this it is that the movie is an original but it does -- look into -- -- I am -- I original she was so far. Bottled water she's out labeling it atonement holy water. Four there will be glad she's got band aids around -- -- saffron -- cut to April and you have to serve your dishes and Gerber baby bottle things that much stepped food you against someone apparently not old man's diet she lost tire on the Allen well I forget. Writes it's he's got a lot of good ideas that the ratatouille one might be obvious that we suggested earlier that you know you can bring baked Alaska in honor of Q now and everybody sticks around for us some of the top really the tougher ones for like. Michael Clayton natural -- do with that eastern province's natural right to that the golden age -- not going to have something you know gold. Okay would not work for bonds -- -- dealers happy and here's the deal though we don't know what to do with those but that's not our job our job is to give that gift certificate your job is to come up with something original -- breaks visiting quit your exit balloting -- out on May be part lenient side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And 2666860 day we need to take a break. This is I -- six AD WRK out that's done a valet I'm not a brand