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State Sen. Scott Brown

Feb 13, 2007|

Tom Finneran and State Sen. Scott Brown on Brown's problems at King Phillip Reg. H.S.

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Welcome back welcome back they have succeeded that you like KO Boston's talk station the suspenders -- -- in the studio by holly -- struck. We've also been joined by senator Scott -- we're going to take some calls in a moment Scott but. On behalf of all listens I just wanted to tee up the question in this way. Scott tell -- myself. What it was that. A block from where you felt obliged to use the specific words that the students themselves had uttered. Or had written where clearly there was a choice that you could have made you could news resorted to some less offensive euphemism some less direct words something more politically correct -- chose to sort of go with the the lion's den in feed them the red meat. Well that's one way to look at -- -- I can continue to I've already done speaker you know as being honest and straightforward and speak plain English to. Can kids -- age appropriate certain non nation that was whether -- speak about it able to edit and sensor others words should be able to read. Without any -- precautions words are spoken and printed about me in my without any of retribution quite frankly. I was more -- than met -- actually. As there is saying and I said the I'm deeply saddened a lot of UN families nationals holding back tears ranting and raving came from. A teacher in the background and I have to read my voice to respond to earth in response and so it was lesson they wrote that they ought. They don't yet know well again I don't disagree here I'm -- here is 6172666868 and I email address is T Finneran. At WR KO dot com Scott we're going to go right to the collars we have John in Waltham China are on the line on parents farm with -- Polly rubber stress and other Scott brown atop Finneran. -- great thanks so you. I'm particularly not a problem Judy I didn't think I was not a realistic about I have to tell them. Another conference that Thailand up. Thanks very much John. I have I have a comment distraught and I I I really think it made a very big mistake and I think -- Aren't simple a lot of time as a father evident that the that the -- why do we want the right to use the words that he did I'm quoting others it was not right it was very base. In fact I believe bat he put himself on our level and let the children themselves who wrote those words he's a rare about it and unfortunately I think -- of the statement about currency was auto market collapsed. And that he's not a -- and it. We put that they're actually quite the plot in an appropriate manner and he was dead wrong and if you haven't apologized these craft that didn't wrong. Hey Joe. Let's let's let's go to holly in the let's go to Scott profile or quick response on this giant I don't think that the Senate needs her as apologies and I don't think it's any reflection on his character you know he I I -- not use those words I -- repeated them back he -- he's not the one that owes anybody an apology it's -- school system it's a -- it's of children at all the apology. You know when it. Those words -- the most inappropriate where he didn't I have to do. The titans are wrong I don't know the Senate he should be ashamed of himself. Scott you've got -- you get the last word. -- -- got an opinion I looked at those young kids as role models I felt that their language directed towards. In my family was inappropriate and the -- quite look at how you can literally in Atlanta are. Yeah those kids that were there -- tribal leaders as the captain of the and he had probably -- we had a big -- and you have a big there was. We aren't they are issued these two if these young kids don't know any better than to send that type of language to let the to a senator. There's that can't separate it seems can separate issues not right. So he -- the -- wrong. -- -- don't do you think they should apologize. I absolutely think should apologize don't you think as parents held accountable cadets at the language in the teacher. Absolutely but I think this direct as a robot and the -- -- -- this -- have been disbanded you don't -- Arabs. Neither Jerry Byrd -- be able to get the message to properly it's. That's the premise that's eliminate ignition -- an event. Agreements on thank -- okay. Let's go to -- David -- what did your money around parents forum with holly -- us -- Scott brown Tom -- welcome. -- I'm and its RTS they keynote good friend of -- The veto the house all the -- slid wonderful guy right actually he did target dog up from meat wagon if you wanted to. Tell tell me what you think of Scott brown setup performance we happened to -- holly and I happened to be on the same point on this. While -- -- different idea of slight deviation holly said she would have may -- chosen something euphemistically I do little twist on the we're helping all the time for their candidacy can't use -- and nine years -- but he and I am I can understand at the same time -- -- so well what say you -- I I say he did the right thing because I don't know what people evident that this the world but I'm out you're all the time and I hear kids. With this or later playing -- Got a language gutter language is horrible. I give them moderate in the mall as they walked back and forth between shops -- -- the moderate. In front of people who have 707580 years old it's it's it it makes me cringe and again I'm probably showing my age my old fashioned as. But it makes me get it makes me cringe W -- I'm absolutely the -- with Scott. And you know I understand the political advice and perspective that holly brings in likened John scholar a moment ago shows that this a body of opinion that says no way does the second wrong compare come to -- at some point political people the you have to let them have a little a little. Angry response rather than having touch rim every emotion every doubt opinion they've got to trim it. So what then nipped at this way in order so that they don't offend anyone has a collection of knit wits out there that the should be offended. And Tom Allen and I didn't just servers clarification by the respondent and actually quite flattened in in. Disheartened more than angry you know I had been attacked wait wait worked -- it would that was on the point -- I don't think it. And class to specifically -- about these things. I was invited and it's to a group. I think that in fact had been affected by the ransom this teacher per that the request of of some parents -- so -- -- security you know. Or supplements like a march down there and let him. You know there's a -- -- was allowed to question -- Scott may be another day UN holly and I can explore it and that is the inappropriate advocacy an aggressiveness. Of a teacher who really had a props this type of behavior from the students that's not that's not a good thing under any set of circumstances in any school -- So many teachers have their own agenda these days and that's clearly what they prompted too damn job. Now let's go to David Walpole -- you're on the -- on veterans forum welcome. Thanks very much I do agree with the first -- I'm not going to called Anadarko. Scott completely -- our respect or not that what that far out. What what was appropriate and I didn't I didn't even but it didn't. I agree with them. But to go to a school used that language what you ought to be set an example before you -- I ought. It would it -- where -- when you walk into school and you legitimized what you what they shouldn't be saying by saying it. Where is the -- now. Explain that to -- I think irrationality that what -- merely repeating what was written -- names and their tractors -- that was directed at you and -- family. If you saw what the what was that happened that there I would. And -- -- he might disagree I appreciate your comments. I think that you have every right to be upset I think it's completely inappropriate what he did they should be held accountable. But you more salt should be held accountable to hold -- -- added. Be able go to a school and job and that this is not how you react I think you went looking for -- You said that you went to talk about legislative process but in the other and that you like to talk about hot topic issue. I think it bill that would blow that would the issue I don't know it occurred at Parsons regarding -- -- -- -- -- Efforts go up by a -- -- -- engaged at and you made you're supposed to setting an example in Jerry I think -- -- -- two wrongs don't make it right you stand by that there people up they they don't quit the young people -- that happened and it. And a -- people -- -- -- people when it talking out of line. To watch in my. Don't make like little -- like it outbid at 16 years -- in the -- -- this not in my child. -- sit through your outrage at. I would take -- school because I don't use that language you shouldn't use it in front of my child because what odd one -- tidbit. Good call thankless going to evolve -- -- -- telescopic shock is that sort of one -- -- -- 90 kids -- member of -- -- Which -- them participate in this conversation. And this is the topic there weren't we discussing so -- -- well I certainly understand his frustration without knowing all the facts to respect. Let's go guys let's is let's go to John an handover of we can't just been -- John you're on the Iraq -- forum. -- slot time I. It couldn't have I -- exceptionally accurate lot of anger last night that there is no set of circumstances or fax. Delighted we're going to do you use that language did you get that anti all of a little -- -- -- -- bankrupt yet equipment for opera -- that emotion. The equipment needed just take that word out of the conversation it just doesn't block. Did an upside is just no excuse I don't care who wrote an integral part of out of foul language. It's sexual language would have been okay to meet -- just good solid bright company doesn't mean it's okay to give it back at taking a big mistake and I don't think about it now which you don't wear it again if you bought into the school today effect I would do for military in the same because I'm not into censoring. What other people were Everett is not my position and I cannot get up at it's like to finish not censoring the the tape that face short on rape and sodomy. In that school of the not answering the tape. But -- -- dining -- at -- school. The editing the catcher in the riot and unfortunately or any of the other literature. Those words use so because -- a political figure within our management name she's going to censor things you're right they ordered it was a very frank and open discussion that's why I was invited. We I've spoken to almost 800 class and very. No more sensitive issues and that in and they've -- been very very exciting to be. Scott I founded -- agenda finance Scott I find it interesting is I think John has made a good point knowing what you know two day having seen the reaction. In -- period be very clearly that I had to stand and probably would have done exactly what you did. I found myself sitting here in his studio at this minute saying knowing what I know now I probably would have gone in and modified the language and an aunt and yet pointed out that the aware more explicit words that were chosen because I think that's a great argument that John has just met in an event let's go to villa while they have. Bill while in Europe via. I think I think there's argument all along party lines with Republicans -- it must -- -- believe -- -- personal responsibility and accountability for ones actions I think that's the point facilities liberal Democrat -- let's say that. I should have the right to go there and in -- boat. The vulgarity of the statements that he got from the people and regarding the Democrats they're more concerned about the ceilings. And then you know -- that -- I would say that -- them -- and Democrat don't know how to back a problem ought to discover the sports. They don't know -- -- -- that the over the course they also don't know how to look forward to see the ramifications of any decision whether -- have been like this. Call anything up politically deep philosophical differences that are actually play out in my opinion and the. It's not to mention Tom I don't look at it in the Democrat or Republican -- in the larger point which is cyber bullying is that happening in. Sure -- -- emissions -- mySpace faced but in -- safe and numerous calls there's certain. Taking 5% of them have very positive that that spoke to each it's going on our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Commons gotten Ali like like to -- reading in in -- chronicle -- Arctic front page of the old KP to ground apologized I do think this was motivated I'm retired teacher in the public schools system the district years there is a -- note on -- that this -- topic going to when no other. Or but one in no. What about the teacher or teachers. Who presented this issue in a biased way I know when I was teaching. Which -- -- social studies in civics one we could present issues but we keep our. Personal by first book out of we we we could act as moderator and we listened to arguments on on. I think this teach -- at least a rep from. That's -- today but -- in the rent -- school committee let the teacher get away without a single word I'm just gonna -- I. At a Natalie amazing that apparently Scott's being called on the topic -- expected to apologize. And yet I have yet to read like he word which anybody is saying that the teacher has responsibility Xiamen these parents in by the way the students are going to be he has suspended for three days a week -- some type of punishment I have enough if that is happened then -- fine I'm I'm dead in the water here in terms of my argument. But I have the sneaking suspicion that although the -- the hue and cry is being heaped on Scott brown shows and that. That in and of itself is unacceptable. Absolutely I agree with 200% on. And you know it even goes. You know I I do some gardening walking around here and -- residence at a and he goes back if you use this huge article on walking on at the Senate did you group openings in one case agriculture vividly. Girls walking in front of me. -- where it indiscriminately how loud and -- sign of the times the -- icing to. Winning -- stands up to the PC police. Is that that there -- the ones that accord and up being castigated when he but I but we need to stand in the that we we need to make of we've heard. In which is about -- Great Kent thanks reconnaissance go to -- Milton Bobby -- -- -- forum. Hello hello Bob how -- you. I mean I don't Ali -- high -- equipment is called I think both -- put administered a patent direct court to white he can -- beaten school. He -- indoors talking about it that we take great history teacher. And keep it professional brief speech in incorporate their classroom we -- ballot that's the problem. Absolutely any go to the -- that happened. Did you know anything about I -- tell -- they had no idea but happening I didn't think it was all nonsense source said. I can commit to that classroom as a substitute teacher spew my ideology all over the place on the ballot and that's okay what you what doesn't happen here. Currently pay what do you think would've happened -- the senator went to the school committee without speaking to that class in reading back and said here's some more you know here's what I've gotten through emails. Do you think it would have taken any action man I don't think so not a. Where they've they've people don't they take their ideology we -- school is that grown children so we get those. Those people again that -- those signs that you know in the city of Boston is where you recorded prompt. So they have this administrative. Yes it didn't deny that the professional free speech would impact the classroom that they want that didn't happen on campus. I -- -- you're insane. And -- I think there's a whole series of mixed in missteps EM in any event let's thanks for the call let's go to Lauren west Marin you're on the air on 680 RKO. Hi a couple port I think that one might have been made on that beach -- trying to -- It's sound like engaged the students and some political awareness and somebody teenagers don't have any -- -- -- politically so. Yeah like there may have been an honest attempt on the part of the teacher Ching is the student in the political process. It's not regular rock but I think that senator -- was completely misguided. And it attempts to rectify that and and bringing himself down to that level he -- and -- -- politics here at its complex black speech character ability -- politics with a the summit in attacking you colored stand up to -- We just 16 year old first funerals to bring him to hear it I think that really speaks to. The lack of moral turpitude the lack of fiber backbone -- in the in his. Situation Scott might sound a little self that's -- thank you for you know assuming you know well my character. I like that I was almost coming to tears it was because of the fact a lot of these young people like -- grownup and this camp but I was saddened by smoke that made -- That's in terms of the BT -- aspect but I certainly did not go to yours I suddenly strike. -- with regards to the teacher just promoting competition I think you're trying to you know -- this thing -- little bits that we received some very. From the teacher indicating that he was going to do everything in his power to. I get rid of me in many other reps that we vicious -- and miserable. Etcetera etcetera and I received calls from parents indicating that he was and he has often certain imports that he was renting he and others this and other issues so. Let me make one comment Scott on your character just to back the -- before we take the next call and that's this -- Whatever emotion the senator may have brought to those -- to the room I can certainly understand it if you see 1617 year old to going down. In using such gratuitously offensive offensive language is god he had breaks when you say it happened to. Ask Scott brown served in the national got for number years he's a leader I mean he's led men and. We don't let you let him in combat and Harold. Demonstrate some leadership and don't bring your self doubt it -- -- funeral calling names I mean I'd I'd I'd give it aren't you. Italian look at -- value is coming out what that is treat them as equals. As as army unit or name can't I was about to stick your however it is never name calling volume mr. presenting opera never the cloud utterly pathetic Serb ground can't -- -- nearly 90 years. Start wearing an imaginary -- really here really. I didn't even got. Listen we're going to go to a break Scott very happy that you were able to join us this period it's Apple are all thanks for your calls on this we'll go back problem confederates 4 months and AM 680 WR KO