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Jul 16, 2008|

The author who spent eleven years as an assistant DA in Boston joins the show to promote his first novel, Eight in the Box.

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You're standing authority to show -- to learn new get tough and our guest is -- -- talked about talked about this book yesterday. I -- we're in we're gonna talk to him right now the -- Our guest is roughly say. And that he is the author of eight in the box. While this is how's this for an endorsement on the -- Robert B Cochran -- Bill O'Reilly endorsed your book when he broke my forward and Wendy of course is the author of injustice was somewhat stricter showbiz up and finishes up the book I might get a back story can read it and when you'll stop harassing me. Yes thank you went all right on that anyway what are rubbing SA and he raid on the cover up Robert B parker there's a guy who doesn't have a bigger. He says about eight in the box a powerful story grace we told by one who knows and let's welcome wrapping his hand. For tomorrow assistant DA in Suffolk County for how many years. A -- I was I was an assistant in April of the alleged I was chief of the gang unit for the last four channel until went went to the I left right at the end of 6 billion or seven posted pretty recently chief of the gang unit that's pretty serious you know our mutual friend David Meyer. I do regular work pretty closely with David do you use any names of anybody that you worked with like even. Partial or slight twist on real names and in the -- a lot of real. People like the mayor and real places to -- and so -- -- that's real real plays and that's that is not the real -- it's everybody's fiction and always there's been out there other notes common you know no time but it -- this is so Boston how did you quote him anyway and I went out misspelling where I realized that I realized -- I literally I. Thousand I think it's good for the psychic so I I took this walk -- I took this book on the Alaska cruise that John and I went on in this is the type of book you can and as I've said this to wrap his economic and up you cannot. Put it down. It is a great story so powerfully tall and so many seeds as you've said Wendy that the consent. I'll I don't know exactly we recycle about hee -- the Ian and the characters that you've come up with. Are absolutely great -- how to add in you know when he's done it so this is kind of a question from BTU on behalf of all the other listeners out there who've never written a book. How does somebody who was an assistant DA pro eleven years with some major responsibilities. Go about really starting the task what was it kind of even use that said I've got a story I want to tell it. And then you have to really come up with a plot characters dialogue outlets not to learn how to how to read it seems it seems overwhelming. I was I guess I was lucky I was I was just in court one day when I was in district court I was young prosecutor. Prosecute a case in -- record I was on homicide response that's right met David -- he was my supervisor -- You know when you go to a crime scene that night when it was a suspicious step and you would report back to David. And I was in court one day with -- -- and caught and we're talking about it another author that they said was the best serial killer book right -- there. And I bought the book and I I was at home read an accident went on I think you can write something like this. And I have the benefit of my wife is a a writer and ask professor. And she's in a writer's group. Wow. What -- -- helpful that's very helpful and so what I did was -- as always the story -- story six idle land it's a beautiful. Especially got you well but acknowledgment page she is mentioned in the acknowledgment and it's dedicated to her it also was -- because she was a -- -- -- mean obviously it was a team -- and actually we first started. We were going to write the book together and all we did was fight and found that the race to pursue. I had not I'll I'll and I'll teach out of idle on the way will -- workshop the book together and that's what we did she. I didn't really know how to write fiction I was able. I think you write a brief item memorandum. I think I was able to write the dialogue that's I was trying to work on the dialogue and realistic -- people on Boston in the way things happen in the system. But she was able to teach me point of view and used as a lot to learn in in writing fiction that she was able so whose voice is the -- again. Is it is an objective narrative art for its not its its third person multiple OK so you've you've basically got the point of who gets among protective -- point of -- but. Mainly you've got a young prosecutor -- target they -- climbing. You've got. We moves -- to detective you've got his point of view scattered here and there. But the two main characters Conrad got an Angel out and you really didn't twist anyone's name from your real world experience that the subject is that's -- is definitely I think. -- -- times when it came from the the new had mass I went to Boston Latin school and who had ambassadors slim Whitman mall. Class of 86 class of these and I can't tell us a latins Jack was she was near the top of the class America -- -- I tell us what I did it may not. She read the book that she was just cracking up at the -- she wrote back -- no -- in society in movies that you know they -- I I was thinking of her when I wrote but I'm sure I mean whose names that are in the that just. Remember what the television shows. And possibly killer is written by a guy who went to -- you last school right one of these. One of the judges in the series was named Zoe Hiller. And clearly guitarist arguing is that about -- I -- irresponsible I didn't do that have been general ordered through out of our returning with excellent it. Is -- critical and Raphael told you that I walked into the borders the other day. And literally you can you walked in the front to a bank this is this was that the he walked right into the big -- -- volume books on a Barnes & Noble as well. -- a lot of money to get. Two gas trying to understand is that publisher and a lot of you don't you don't happened was they. They would. I think the publishers spend money to put it on the new release table right now and I had my first signing the borders in Braintree. And I really I put post I called everybody really put the push up -- everybody know. And we had about 4500 people laughed -- 300 books that -- they said you know what you gonna do when downtown. And we quickly set went up downtown and what do I do the -- all the not a hundred and that and then what they did was they I I signed stock and it put that by the front door right and that's -- -- are all autograph copies and the front door. It was it again and others and everybody just I'm Wendy you know -- -- works and that's -- your book is so good as well people at this time a year even though this decline in reading. You know consumption and reading interest. If people don't way to the -- in the mountains the cabin there looking for read. If you look for one of these what I call page right acute chest capita that you don't have the clocks and I should really go to -- -- really go to -- -- up what what chapter and I -- your chapter some of them are sure to -- which makes it particularly hard to put down did you figure when Chandler and -- and a and a movie it is and -- and I mean really I discounts say. I'm not enough about by the way you know that beautiful ship that is sitting in in that -- very very comfortable -- It's from our friends had -- is leather furniture and Hampton falls New Hampshire every -- we have a special guest -- raffia sane is a special guest. We have -- brought there we go away. Curry is -- -- furniture Brit -- furniture at a true 45 to 60% off every single day there -- Hampton falls New Hampshire so we're grateful precariously that the making our guests. As comfortable and as welcome as possible. It -- he was this your first job out of law school being an assistant DA. Yeah when I first of Ottawa school I was trying to find that Joe -- and I was doing work for a couple of different attorneys and then. I got the opportunity to actually volunteer yup in the DA's office I was volunteering. Two days a week for Ralph -- -- and then that's why did you get started out front and I found I volunteered to them I'm older than you to a volunteered for Newman Flanagan it was a state representative. And I just commanded BC law school and I just didn't want to lose whatever. What legal skill you don't have any skill but you know legal acumen that I may have had coming out -- with so I volunteered. Is from over the 34 days we -- in the BMC. Procession first -- second session off and I do that in the morning and -- run over to these Statehouse for the heat legislative hearings and votes and everything else like that of my -- so he's you learn how to be criminal yes exactly -- just ahead -- -- one dollars a wise guy she's always wise guy. -- you sure that's a story about them GEU listening to and it's another assistant DA in a cop talk about a serial. An author who does that you know serial killer stars you read it in its that your -- she I think I evident in got to tell you this story. You know -- out of the same way I'm not make this up through -- in conversation with a guy on a number of occasions David -- how lot. Saying read a book about the Johnstown flood. And felt. The book that he -- didn't capture. The awesome moment that he thought the Johnstown flood was. And he said I think if I spent time on this I could do this in a better way or another another way. And from that -- -- have to tell it what David McCullough has become minister. -- America's America's right. I figure we're going to let school foundation and and the much cholera. Can -- kind of connection -- -- this could be the beginning of a beautiful thing and I -- just has become a movie -- -- about that in a second actually I worried about when he wants a pot in the movie that you wear -- slinky black dress Jack (%expletive) right how about a matter what you but I but I. I wrote my book and -- I've read a nonfiction. Book in time. This stinks compared to what I I could do I mean just it's you can be inspired just by thinking why haven't ever been a writer but I feel like I'm reading something else to step I think Edmonton to better. I also noticed that -- it was clear by Jerry Germany Italy. Who was my evidence professor mind to -- US and England and went through off so that I actually teacher now yeah I love even more and ideally what a great guy and he quit. Teaching law to become. Mystery writer and he's doing that -- -- right. Mr. well when I was in his class he was he was writing books and and and he probably is and a mystery was how the hell you've got into -- -- I was a -- -- mr. -- I -- Business does. -- It was an incredibly good professor and takes a lot to give up that job just right mystery novels but he was so into -- passionate about it. And we always remember you always remember -- evidence professor -- don't really to me dad did teach you really stop its health care is at the -- if you of the things he wanted to teach you was heavily court. So he would shut the dual class you couldn't commitment to and remember want to -- was reached for the door shut and he is arrogant and it was my team and virulent here's opportunities to -- Acted just that merits of in the story. It's a murder obviously serial merits or a serial -- on the loose in -- And eight and obsessive. Homicide detective. He in the political pressures build and because this is you know I find I find -- -- -- like a Boston strangler type thing this -- immense pressure despite disguised stop this guy this is may have. Now did you did you great stock pick. This idea opt out of real world case -- just put it together from some matters I mean obviously we we know this is you know potentially. A nightly news stories -- part of the country all the guy rapes and the guy kills again so it you can imagine coming up with the idea but is it from your real world experience or did you just think. This would work well freedoms. -- -- from the real world experience -- is is that. The way the investigation proceeds the -- the DA's conduct themselves important things like that that are going on but everything else was made up what what I. What when I AM when a cynic can do this you know when I read that book I knew what I need to do I thought -- I need to do was come up with a killer that was. Scary but interesting someone that you gonna want to understand and and and it's -- try to -- as opposed to steal a couple of things -- I didn't want to I was a prosecutor at the time. And the last thing in the world we wanted to do was create some when that was. Was going to be duplicated in real life something that someone might actually do what you see some of these -- Carolina stuff -- yes it does an idea aren't going to some do and -- thanks that today and and that I didn't want to perpetuate violence against women and children which is seen a lot of these books where. I think what you're seeing is in order to come up with a new killer that is coming up some new horrible thing to do the people are more sex more violence sex and and one of the things I've gotten good feedback is. -- women of the book and said it's there wasn't just gratuitous sex and that it wasn't gratuitous violence. And there was even really -- to a swearing and is that there's very little swearing. Wendy -- because she calls me father Tom I have a right I would never did get but the and to Saddam father taught I got to ask you this she said you had debt crimes c.'s responsibilities as an assistant DA did you -- report upstream to David my. The E characterization of I think it's detective Monique homicide detective kind of like not obsessive compulsive. Is that. Hot of what you are real world experience who has where are so a seasoned homicide detective says to kind of that they young DA showed up on the scene. -- -- Don't ever stepping into a screw up my freak and crime scene are rob Bosch killed an -- is dead. Absolutely really yes absolutely I loved that -- is solid good that's it's a young prosecutor when as I I was chief of the canyon and demonized worked side by side on things but when I was. And on call DA at the homicide response. Davidson blossom last moved I mean they're just another person and think about the OJ case of people -- with a crime scene that they need to be you know the person at least at the end it needs to be in there. And that's it the young prosecutors -- a report back to that the bosses and say this is what we have this is what's going on if you want to send a when he homicide to DA's. To be out here -- you want to -- here. Depending on how serious it is but generally speaking you're just updated you guys to write you my agent is you'll cross that shot and that's been on the force of 3040 years yeah Gannett. -- -- and our toes so what about some of the inside ball I think one of the most fascinating things about these kinds of novels is that it gives you that insight into. What DA's are thinking politically. As they're making decisions about cases. What they're saying publicly verses what they're saying behind closed doors those often are very different things and the public doesn't have access to that -- never seen that on Fox News never see it in and this cried in the news every day. So what what I love about these kind of books is that people can then watch these real world stories about a guy act that read Iraq is not why I liked or LA there aren't enough fights between cops and and and the prosecutor's -- is also something that. Doesn't always. Show its face any every so often attention bubbles up but it's not always that clear do you Expos and that's happened there. I try to try to show the real relationships the one I don't. Analysts also -- the relations between. The detectives in the actual. DA's that are handling the cases it's more than -- prosecuted and get his perspective because young prosecutor as friends of the young detective. So it's not so much about what you did you in real life you do have those big -- is so you know -- we get a let's say you've got a guy that's a suspect and detectives want to -- -- this guy you -- you -- let's -- but what can we don't have enough yes we don't have enough how to get a statement let's try to do that let's try to -- let's try to you know. Let's go to the grand jury try to Carolina border let's try to do all these different things and and is this fights about what. How you want to proceed because once you've arrested that guy he's got a six remember right the council he's an attorney now so you may want to try to get a steam before that before a lot of strategic things that go into it where. The DA's and and please don't always agree but I mean my experience was. -- up the fight but everybody knows that it's you have the same goal in mind you know British professional. Equipment. Lawyers to use it now -- -- are trained and England teaches a lot of cops have their Jake sound the last Al -- god rest his soul was not a lawyer but it was a well known street cop and he was as good -- courtroom is eighty lawyer who's ever stepped -- he would actually be telling. -- again DA voluntary prayer -- Newman Flanagan. His -- how you gonna cross -- that's got a pretty -- that it bull bull -- and he was absolutely -- going to sell the Leo's -- to -- was present as important to -- but sometimes -- the easily on the -- Yeah experience trumps the degree that that's a question about we're talking to wrap PSA and he is the author of one of the best books I have read in a long -- -- -- call -- in the -- yeah Wendy's having he's -- I'll get a win in a minute. It's called it a box. If you are going to take away I'll block now you're gonna take a way to block. Some are reading. Take away the box riveting you won't put it down and -- again set the scene a serial kill is on the loose -- Boston. And the DEA and the cops -- run his tracked. It's a big mystery it is a great great book that's because it's -- that's -- and just like he's gripping my -- -- to extract a sober is up and finishes up the book I'll be able to read it in get up when he's. And my does not have a -- China's nonfiction and includes even fewer swear words I think that's that's. Assist -- something about whether and how this might. Become a film. Eight. I only ask because I know some people literally write books with the film and mines they create these ridiculous endings week at a car flying over the bridge and separate. Did you think about that at all. I mean I -- charged with your first book plan for the movie but -- but has anybody and said hey this may well work is now. One of the things we were talking about my my Asian descent and that -- gonna let the book amounts the other book doesn't am going to start in detaining anyone. You know would be interest in doing that but but I definitely there's certain scenes -- the -- that would be admirable and film oh but the EU's. They're there or -- there are certain things it. It's definitely undermine it was that it was my mind. But that wasn't what I was I was trying to sort of about just called David. I don't -- idea and I don't want to get out ahead of it but the when you thinking of that when you when you -- at that point I actually have some credits that virus from my interest -- -- -- -- my recent colonoscopy and well Leo the man everybody wants to. And I don't like this and this has been my pocket -- to -- I think a lot math facts that I have everybody show up wrapping the book is that the book is great you know when DO which teases me about my experience. As you know not just as an assistant the -- volunteer -- -- other experience is that -- sorry I have attended a chip the 51 had a particular appeal the opening of it it's all about such and -- not a good sign for rent the coffee cups edited front -- and it -- -- even lunchtime -- static target before -- got through the doorway. It KG didn't know this already he said its feet propped up on his desk. You can never trust -- Fed's. I would add ice wrapped me just -- up the whole world. Artists that that it's great it is Wendy got attacked it is a great great book and you know -- before rats he goes. We're going to continue to talk to couple more minutes. And before you run out of out of the studio. 22 probably at fox Riley appearance of some sort. Kicking the crap out of -- gonna have you both autograph this because you both legends India annals of message in -- in La La. So so you continue little you know you continue -- book promotions and signings and and the like. What to what yeah yeah originally they hadn't planned release any kind of events dot com. Because I'm a first time officers Joan really knows me. But then after the success of the first event and in the the second one. At the government I'm trying to just spoke a few of them do somethin' must rocks where there's a snowstorm and -- right you know try to summon a local television news shows are right next to you this I did checkers -- show could feel a few weeks ago and I -- -- yeah I'm trying to do you live you live -- Massachusetts yeah I still living -- -- and city yeah I am Ahmed removed his cat's going to catch up. My cousin married you maybe you can land him I -- I have three grandchildren on Friday. Twins and and justice and yeah I went from one green in -- today -- I'll Friday July 11 we'll never forget that they were. I had any idea I have a cousin by marriage Steve Julio who's an off the road two books the the great -- but the molasses flood. And then the the Italians. The the Italian history and culture it's great east and try to get -- -- -- to get a couple of the -- and he's done a lot of -- what you are doing now I speak to you know book clubs library -- total book -- idea that department I pocketbook. Did you real the -- You know Steve and Leo didn't want this guy didn't mention it means. He and there are a lot of them -- icons nice and college on yeah ignoring myself and the ago -- well let's Iraqi we are coming up against the break and we're going to let you go because you've got a lot to do I'll give it one more law five -- endorsement I read a lot of books and get into Wendy's to. I read a lot of them this woman was unveiled by -- kept saying he would put that down I said not until I finished. You can do well again that yes we when I sent ya what have you autograph this -- -- an autograph this make we have actually we well pest outbreak it has been great haven't -- saying they have -- time and go out and buy this book you will in Julia summer vacation. Kids had more annual allowance he had eight in the box I -- -- and -- in -- -- -- in -- moment -- -- of succeeding -- --