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The Chump Line from 02/02/09

Feb 2, 2009|

The Chump Line from Monday 02/02/09.

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-- has an incredible selection and the best prices on hardwood flooring anywhere from 99 cents a square foot. Call 1800 hardwood today for all your home and contractor needs or logon to lumber liquidators dot com. The American Express. I have to go to Wal-Mart to by their crap beat brute strength. He didn't. And I thank you letter I think you're right I won't say it. This is is Bruce Springsteen it to Google beautiful person or what he cuts. The amazing deal with Wal-Mart just to sell his album at a Wal-Mart and give them what he's called on it. All right but it I'd just like maybe give us their age. I could -- your IQ Steve Bruce Springsteen to -- more like I just died and I got up and left the room when your at halftime. Of course were commercial breaks because I I was afraid to leave the room during the commercial break and I like the ads. Pours another reason I left the left during the Bruce Springsteen is I had the dog on my lap right when it was starting. Head Carol what happened what happens with the dog of the lap dog on my lap. -- -- -- -- She really does she throw up -- -- -- go downstairs and that changed my a at least. BA great party sure which party they were laughing at me when they saw me walking down the stairs with a few good idea. But my shirt we'll lovely mrs. Carr called nasty for the that's number now I know why. None these those that's that there was this a bit of the tees back. -- what is. They have always here in Pennsylvania we take pride in having one of the dumbest events -- they hear. Us. What's right up there. I mean we have some double events -- every every state has some dub -- -- -- but can they get the day off for work down there. Like evacuation day here I was a little about that are born in the worst holiday here is those stupidest thing we have here is bunker hill -- It's say it is GA June 17 it gets the hacks in Suffolk county and Somerville. Through on that hard to what's what five weeks between Memorial Day and the fourth of July. June 17. Bunker -- day. Big fat boy when you hadn't -- on let us who already brought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't want to disappoint my fans any longer I vowed to gain twenty pounds starting tonight. How have big balls of ice cream with a hot fudge on top. That's what I know my fans just like diablo logo. Well allowing weapons and Bobo the drums out of the bullpen he had just what the gender below for little or no. -- -- -- Goodbye. -- Kimberley -- that would go through scene of the that was in me knows Caroline. -- -- Kimberly you let that won't go by. I would. Struggling through the crowd because everybody. Wanted to hit that goal lead but they do I think you may. Wouldn't it hello Gordon. Joe Willie. Joe how old is Joe Willie and Joe Willie got to be about likes and his midst mid to late sixties now what wife -- on. I don't know but is his here. I don't members here being that color when he was in his twenties I thought he had like dark brown or black pitted -- hair. -- doesn't have dark brown and thirty years now is light brown -- while it's like Tony Curtis for some reason has now has orange chair I have not figured how that works -- -- told. Joe nameless here is about the color of a light blogger beer. Which we suspect he was probably into a very big -- last night during the game. And although we don't know because they didn't let him speak. Although that probably indicates that there may be some truth to the fact that he was at the same kind of malt beverages. And these final jeopardy and -- They can't there are people who couldn't resulting in -- game and appeared legitimate but in reality is simply walk. Com or Hillary. They only seven disk if Michael Phelps though not issue of human life. Well actually did. We opened our -- thought you. This happened. This happened enough the US right. And yet somehow -- Baltimore party in Baltimore and yet somebody win all the way to London. -- had a representative. In London and sell this photograph. This allegedly scandalous photographed. To the news of the world over there. I guess it didn't didn't did the national inquired I want to get into a bidding war what I wonder how much they got for the picture. I guess is that Democrats didn't get the memo that -- their patriotic duty to look and attacked the. We wanted to save money and put him back in the pocket of middle class people and -- over 250000. Dollars this campaign you've got this tiny being patriotic. Time to -- -- and trying to be part of the deal it's time to help get America out right. And the way you do that is special and pay less taxes they paid under Reagan. Private Daschle. High kid. Tune. -- -- please stop this thing will be bloated body I had read. Okay listen if you get a good. I'm getting emotional people who are doing the majority of people admitted openly -- already working hours a lot of -- frozen food profit. I wish I had made a couple million box. I'm only saying. It because I -- demand. The same treatment. As all these Liberal Democrats. I don't want to have to pay any penalties or interest and I just want to be able to say. I made I admitted missed. Or it was -- to admit -- -- mistakes were made I only thing is I only got made any mistakes. Just take my word for they're taken -- a special word for it they took -- -- word for it. Why don't they take my word for. I am exactly Booth where outside -- this is -- story -- fear is my back. I -- at this stage. Let the states so. And it's a cabinet votes based. Not even Hillary Clinton and has been tripped up this time by eight. Dubious tax returns. They get all -- move these sleazy. People who have been around for decades and decades. Her. Just getting caught with your hands in the cookie jar and they all they are all in favor of raising taxes on you one may. But they don't want to pay themselves they're all Leona Helmsley's. Leona Helmsley as you -- were calls one who said taxes -- for the little people. And god knows it Daschle and Geithner and the Kennedys. And Charlie Rangel. -- they are they're not little people. They're beautiful back home. Important Barack Obama didn't didn't work so nominees from the government but very urban combat boots from the Arab political -- look -- -- Who's going to be nominated next good time Charlie clarity. He's got a he's got a felony convictions for income tax evasion is perfectly qualified to be in Obama's cabinet. Oilwell up sensitive moment we heard from gave the last two weeks you'd think you'd call them. What cable -- I think about where it was second here -- get this. This is jays facts today my -- dial finger is still sore from Friday's death pool. I don't know what is worse mean not getting in some other bastard taking art linkletter. Or nobody taking new hip hip who -- -- -- -- Rebellious means -- until shrimp sweet tea subject. Tom Ellis and I didn't come here to be made sport of and somebody else did get art linkletter cough -- Flatley here last jump -- message thank you for calling -- our huge. Okay that's a good -- wind today the jump point is the recorded voice mail message service of how we car show you call and leave -- -- and any hour of the day or night including weekends the jump point number if you like to leave such a message is. 6177793469. That's 6177793469. We may or may not play your message at this time each weekday. Today's jump line was brought you buy lumber liquidators lumber liquidators has an incredible selection and the best prices on the hardwood flooring anywhere. From 99 cents a square foot. Call 1800 hardwood today for all your home and contractor need to log on to lumber liquidators dot com. The American Express I had been dubbed the Wal-Mart to buy that crap beat Bruce Springsteen CD. And thank you letter I think you're right I won't say it. The one to these banks.