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Chrysler and Unions

Apr 29, 2009|

Tom and Todd discuss Chrysler and the union deals...

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I'm Obama model now Chrysler 300 to good count. I just wonder -- your daughter Jennifer absolutely I noticed a dinosaur go ahead Jeff but. M that was drawn an identity and into the ground and that the new poster girl of the company and respect. And number that majority stuck on. Don't know could be and yet there was something about that holly did tell resuscitation. Thank you Jeff he had there was something about that -- god I wish I could recall there was something unique that they -- whether it was. When they went into bankruptcy court and -- debt relief for some -- some other kind of special recognition how Lee is back how is back in a great way. Very profitable American company but they were there were big big union problems I'm 6172666. Seats received. You're on W are you good morning hello -- taught you what so completely wrong about this you're assuming that that cap companies have any choice. The union is the last one we weren't going to make a deal with these guys. Okay the Chinese won't even buy this. Let's say they're not the unions not. The union it notices about what they what the US government is saying the divisions are gonna be so they could say the uni -- 35% ownership they happen to be giving the union controlling interest in the car companies why is that better. Necessary because attack companies is so desperate. Somebody at least why can't thought that they are willing to make this deal with the U. -- understand the spirit of are you saying bill but I think your getting your analysis rock and -- -- to transfer Amy goes back to my point I I don't think his analysis is wrong at all yet to transfer the risk. The risk of this thing there is no risk for the unions because they know they have the great one on their side where now 617266. Succeeds -- can you see your screen anymore mine went 90 you got that took episodes that's nuts. -- break isn't sorry did the unions are getting controlling interest in the car companies do you think this is the kind of car you'll want to be buying the one that the health care trust fund. All of the UAW is going to be controlling. Contracts -- new highest fourteenth to sixteen dollars and -- -- not to sixty dollars in -- to -- its unsustainable costs that's one. To review and I with the union leadership. And we go into management we say hey we think our guys should get sixty dollars an hour and all the rest of this kind of nonsense and management on the other side of the table -- is so stupid. Has to agree to our demand you and I would go out have a three martini lunch and say can you believe those fools now -- You and I -- union guys we're on the other side of the table we have a responsibility. To the company. And that responsibility flows down to our members if I was a union leader I'd be kicking ass and take no prisoners and I've been running at the way company has to be around. That's why -- have content though there's a conflict of interest if you represent the workers the workers are looking for things so that you can't be running the company by kicking ass over the workers. When you're representing the workers who think they should be get more pay who want bigger benefit you're going to want everything done a collective bargaining go and tell them hey guys there's no more water in the well. -- shot up so they actually go out and get somebody who -- what they -- -- and then -- -- and then guess what our white house calls and says what's wrong -- given them a hard time here's what the pay is going to be Obama -- day I've -- Obama will probably want to Sasha coming out this year the size is gonna get 35 miles a gallon of anonymity for -- -- the -- is going to be the -- ha -- it's gotta be dictated by the White House because -- vote Democratic Party is in partnership with the unions that's why they're -- years controlling interest in -- right. Floorboards seats they have to have two things in mind to -- a couple of slogans this to -- members shot up. They'd show up stub beef and show up for words a fan show story -- -- -- so it's not affinity that video you sure you what I had a right at the com right now we wanted to make sure that our pay was going to be he a legitimate paid for the job that we do will be kicking ass and take you know exactly and rookie Jason and were. Yeah and we in no way resemble. A union. Not in any. Way we -- your examples of our winter without with regard to our own self -- VP of course we do -- the self interest lies not with the company if you're union you realize stick with the union. Because Barack is with the unions the Democrats are with the unions in the Democrats controlled country -- he'll straighten you out he's Italian. -- NE RW RKO. But good morning guy is okay you're out talking to the customer a -- and loyal. Cheap Chrysler. Customer there we go let's take notes as far back as 96. Reggie Garrett Cherokee -- to energy credit Cherokee a couple of rank list for the kids and so but what I mean I there is great loyalty. Like the fashion Democrats so loyal to the Democrat party. I am loyal to Chrysler. But because of this alliance. -- another fascist that from the White House. Barack Hussein Obama I am going to reevaluate my brand loyalty I'd make crossover support. I'll take any color as long as it's black -- to cross over to port in my next portal purchased a worse which is the remaining a American. -- many of back. That's right Ford will be the only choice if you want an American car that's why alienate our may have made by UAW members matter reminding you -- yes and -- -- -- -- that UAW -- if people either choice to buy a -- not made from UAW members. They would love to do it how do you do it on. The -- -- a red America with the UAW and you're golden and people swim by the quality of the hot the other tell you most damaging is that I'm powerful enough to overwhelm the destructive forces of the union -- -- would you stop the Japanese are not powerful enough. Tom good morning and -- -- mail you off Ford that you rave about was made by UAW. Members you have to keep raising the same arguments but what you can. -- -- and head up I did answer our top. I said before -- was yeah. -- it hasn't yet -- you want -- -- it's marijuana they should make a movie about the executives at Ford who clot related build a decent car what the union speech on the I'd study hero Michael Moore made that -- we -- -- Tom good morning your NWR yeah. I got my vote is -- -- -- Eight and is coming up a Taylor really -- quite -- and it. Any public book -- like try either the road to serve the more animal farm. That this is -- you know the bottom line is this in the jacket it become a jukebox yes screwed. And though there are the workers that I understand why would work is under Stalin understood put -- a mile understood that and so the president I'm here to help do. Is the person that you are now. You know actually responsible so. You are in trial. Tom I think you came up with a good name for the new company they'll call the mile the from the who will be the chairman had shipments -- up and eventually -- in the autism in older the little red book because I can't. I thought I love it thank you very much shovel Allen Steven Jackson WR -- atomic Todd. They guys got the Democrats now owns yeah I don't and I think Ted Kennedy. As their spokesman and he will be a huge thing for -- -- -- water boarding their employees. -- I don't. As good as the day. -- that's Chrysler will be Barack Obama's Vietnam but not what do you think John your -- and WRKO. Exactly what -- is a great job. Thought I think I'm so little a little bit in the into the bush bashing and Democrats at that. Those changes are made and there are Republican congress of course you know it's it's out there. There was a -- are you -- right I did I did get caught up a little didn't get in. Aha I will give you my earlier this that there is this is companies. The auto market to tout this series -- state of finding out very quick so when you make a deal with the battle on the case. But you'll pay and that they're not getting (%expletive) it's not -- different organizers. Despite the you'll pay and and that they always just -- out it's just what -- for work we won't go collected old. But Johnny and that is in that case and this is why I have a different not different take Jonathan Todd in that case. The union is putting itself in its members completely out of work. And completely out of business this forces them to be rational. If not for the first time ever they might have to be rational tell us where they learn the hard -- sound so good for us here. Outside and every time I bring up you say -- -- hedging the capped a digit in the cabinet union understands capitalism better than you on you about pets that Cabrera unions had nothing there was ample they do rarely. It's not price. But in my life you're not answering the question only question was a question where has the UAW gotten a great lesson of cause and effect that the marketplace dictates their best interest. They're getting. Rewarded for having destroyed the car companies owe it to reward for them to give up half of what they don't five billion -- just wrote off. They're getting a promissory note the 2000 they're getting ownership review and every column and -- getting worse is that I've run on now they're getting -- What is worth less just getting controlling all of its not worthless because even as well as companies go under the federal government world. All of shout outs -- -- -- -- -- said they -- Barack Carty said he would bail them out while the Iraq's are going to be at the bell about without the without -- the support of congress gimme a break congress is more radical and more Communist -- and the president I think -- inspectors going to stand up that 6172661660. Billion accent WRKO. I want but that there was -- -- -- but that it look at it all of any blood -- gore beat till late why don't think it. Our top Obama worked out Joe bombing can make it what it got caught you know an adult but Jarrett -- -- -- about what are but -- Put it at that it did not. -- -- -- But that's not the fault of the workers and I don't even think the disaster of the Big -- is the fault of the workers I think it's -- fault of the they -- them bigger decisions that were made in how things were run would you agree with that bill. Absolutely and it got a picture but it did cause paperwork that they don't want it better break with a -- yeah. You know basically guerrillas out there really take a look at thank you know at that edit belt bet that most people carrier book. Hello everybody and -- -- country where he got your output report about dollar billion debt with credit got a -- not -- -- all the don't mortgage payment everything else and got it not debatable. I saw there are coming -- if coming union leader and I have a fight do share responsibility demand members and now on this health and welfare trust fund. I'm a fight do Sherry to thousands of people in families yeah it helps and every time out this al-Qaeda or more know what -- -- all the time it means I have an obligation. To be responsible. With the money and not to be so reckless -- the decisions that I make that I'm going to ruin the company to promissory note I take becomes as ruthless as it. It's purely toilet paper I can't worry less I can't wait -- Chrysler comes out with the Michelle the first series was automobile. -- your IWRQ good morning. I think guys. Morning good morning -- target want to help -- -- a little on the holly Davis and -- real quick yeah thank you Joe. Yeah what you expect about was back in like 1968. When not AM map -- seven no one else even bit on the company. They were eventually able to get the government to allow them to what Arabs. On the on visit the import all the important ones that's -- -- yup got it. 888 squeeze them so that -- some time but eventually what happened was they have -- Realized the only way to make money to ramp up production so they speeded up the assembly line. And they EI union guys couldn't handle little wooden handle it eventually MF bail. Now it wasn't that the workers who bought the company. It was about some top executives including one of the sons of grandson of the founder. LI RA Joe that that's enough history force I think on on Harley the suggest you want -- Carly have had a similar union situation that's we're looking to find out thank you for the call do you think that Michelle will be a muscle car. -- -- Maybe he'll be the selling hot hot here on W argue and actually get more and -- more than -- David -- like -- the burger flipping McDonald's. I'm Tonya literally utopian pipe three. That that we know no one squawking about is okay the unions are -- own pot of -- -- what is how old are going to be divided if you're union worker. How much that you're gonna get. How much is it UAW. Member based on his seniority and -- stared down -- wait to going to get. And is it going to be marketed UAW members say you don't put that little bit stronger I'm gonna do without much better my job -- I've been sort it had all these years. I I don't think the workers -- necessarily I think -- have is a system where the union as an entity is fighting against the company that is providing you with its income on a regular basis so you have this -- conflict of interest when there's a union. That has as much power is the UAW has had been noted that that does not just not even close to the truth your -- could not be -- great -- you rave about if it was such a scene of battle and conflict that and -- -- -- -- -- that doesn't tell -- you're -- -- -- -- -- -- years behind the other manufacturers -- coming exaggerate coming -- -- twenty minutes the governor of the state of Massachusetts will be -- that's right and he will face -- grilling from Tom -- like you have never seen before stay tuned for that -- six -- --