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Cars for Welfare

May 8, 2009|

Giving cars to those on welfare? Finneran says, "no big deal"...

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The best thing the best social program is a job -- to the requirements of timeliness performance. And the like that that had stabilized the rest of your life as well so a job is to -- so you have a welfare recipient. Just collecting money from me and you and every other taxpayer. And now they have a chance for job but they need it cannot get from point a to point B -- is no public transportation. But if they don't do this for people in the city of Boston was public transportation and every damn car on the door for people and Fitch Bergen what -- and remote communities that don't. Have transportation. That Chris -- and 41 out says hey good job fifteen miles down the road but Karrie is donated -- The carries a donated Kyra. It gets fixed up by its parents by church group note though they have members -- it's not that's nuts and no it's not in you know what the state does they do what can -- dollar for dollar reduction in what's already being paid to the recipient so you can -- paid for years and years and he is -- give the Macau. And the job gets them out the dual. You -- make a short term investment. -- long term gain does that sound sensible I know like this is as they say this -- it does sound sensible miss the red. Why not give me it talks -- I don't lose my job -- I'll give everybody -- car. Why would you do that's what they're working towards -- would you do that you're already work and you gush. I showed the -- tobacco. -- show he's got yours during the entire pattern of responsibility we hope and pray that others have these people want to try to mimic you now. Let's tell want to try to mimic dual -- it want to grow up to be like -- who -- you have it backwards you. Only opera awards to people who don't show responsibility that's what it's all about here's the problem with what you're doing. It is it's possible to look at this story actually see cents. If you believe. In you get your -- so far in the system that you think all of this makes sense this whole system of the government taking care -- are right it makes absolutely no sense for the government to. Ever get into the micromanagement. Of people's lives to the extent where there are paved. The government workers who were sitting there are trying to figure out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That there can be productive. So you don't have poor people getting in the way of productivity. As I've said before you can't have you can't do business if you're stepping over dying bodies while you taken your client out to lunch. It ruins the the five new okay so you know he's not yet -- -- -- do you want to be -- -- -- if you -- -- keep crawl on all the -- I am I understand I'm not saying this to be heartless I'm telling the truth about why we have any social programs -- at all it's because we need people out of the way so the functional can function. That's why you have them. The problem comes when you start coaching in terms of compassion and civilized society that's all garbage apparent we only do it sold the the product -- can Purdue's. And it -- I don't worry I don't buy it you need someone that's not that's not the only real trash collectors to come on to get rid of the trash show us so that you have claimed straights all right if they don't you also -- -- in -- ER I don't do this and I have -- this is human trash can but out of sight -- -- -- sealed container. In every every couple weeks we'll Simon checks and again if I -- basically the way you want to know I -- deeply in the power of human potential -- -- I therefore I'm against everything Democrats proposed Democrats want to leaf leech off the people want to create dependent classes of people its target. It's harder to allowing -- not ever Democrats are upset that I got the biggest and I don't want to create anybody I'm sorry Democrats I know. So stop saying that it's just talk about Russia about a of clarity -- And that nobody is the one exception you bring in -- you -- now make -- -- part of our great Democrats are because of clarity and Mets the Democrats destroy lives. With -- horrible horrible schools were about to be married was a -- it's not now when you have to. So uplifting I can extract I confusion with -- no that's what -- don't really know. Here is -- Scott -- has got a good call about a -- looks great call Democrats are in the business of destroying. Opportunity and destroying lives by having horrible school -- can they will not support good schools because that would ruin their deal with the unions I'm glad you brought this up. -- all you need to do that to clear up all of this garbage is. Provide decent education. That's our responsibility government it's constitutionally provided for yes or no yes what what yes Ted Kennedy yeah and John Kerry out all the Democrats restaurant what. Go Democrats except for all clarity apparently in the state house support the remote enormous horror. Our priority schools that's because they are married to the teachers unions which destroys lives and and are hateful towards minorities every day your hero -- of clarity calls it the civil rights issue of this are why does he call it that why is he quite it went. People haven't. Be be insensitive back of the bus and not being allowed to say is that he's not about term diseases into us the other day a lot of a lot a lot of the schoolchildren a black and brown because I had been relegated to -- lousy generals to yeah you know the lives of minorities in the state of Massachusetts and across this country are destroyed. By the marriage between the Democratic Party and the teachers unions and the other -- that's all clarity is possession so that's right calls it does so writes it was Democrats like -- journal Flaherty and clarity and Birmingham and Roosevelt who passed published the Soviet reform bill that started out -- -- -- -- you -- will -- other other people opposed a supporter of charter schools you have to fight for -- -- -- -- have to fight to. The great black hope yet is against charter school he is try to destroy opportunity for minorities. The of their power structure -- you may be able a couple of exceptions but the power structure of this country including Barack Obama is trying to destroy educational opportunity -- our regular basis so you -- just do lip service I mean these are good at that I don't want to get distract but the point is if you want to create economic -- to you don't treat the symptom you don't create thousands of programs to treat symptoms don't -- cars. Two people on welfare -- and Jack Peter -- fixed in their lives by giving them opportunity and how did they see that I would -- their best out of my. The anti ADV premise so those people who have been screwed by the Democrats allegedly because of a crappy educational system. And there are at least to a not for generations of people who probably Vince god like that. Now they -- only hope Todd is not to go back to school at the age of thirty -- -- and get a quality education their only hope is to get a job. A job now it's not going to be a six figure job and aren't going to be as CEO they're gonna scrimp and try to get by it's just a grinding like the web sat right there was welfare started -- -- -- was started back in the 1930s and I was in Lewis. It was -- there's a flaw in your argument which what's the format how long ago as the 1930s. One time and seven year seventy plus okay sure how many generations. Go by in seventy years. The the real problem won't -- welfare gotten smaller over those seven years are bigger now which grounded generational. Dysfunction. Associated with welfare has static -- Israeli explode because. It's because the seventies because the reasoning gets bigger is because once you start these programs -- and then you -- a party like the Democrats who realizes if we pay people not to work. They vote for us off then you get this just goes on forever so now this week it's free cars next week it's free blues is actually it's free. He would have boyish clothes aren't -- -- -- to just educate people somebody on welfare now better off having a job next week are still being on well feel what the cash coming in is the job better than the cash assistance are you say you want to blow up the system what do you do when a guy walks out. On his three kids and his wife just disappears what do you do she's lab shoot -- no object if you are tried shooting at about drug about the -- about a talking about the mother with three little kids at all what you -- -- know. The bread and -- just want us. The law the government should not be involved in the six Jared you should do it help the community should talk I government -- -- and stretched his young daughter which is government involvement government cannot do health and well just government cannot do it well yeah because. It turns into a system of bribery the democrats' turn power today because they bribe people to vote for them all these programs if you want you cropped it. Always dropped it once you'll be ahead inside the way you do you say oh cars make sense because. Then you -- got a -- back to -- It's not like I got my head it's I don't like I'm sympathetic and -- -- welfare for people and ask your democratic cuff ha ha I'm. It got county gimme a break this is the most ridiculous argument I've ever heard -- Having somebody work productively and earned a check is much better than -- new continued to send them our money. And there's not a there's not a column will disagree with that. Get them working as soon I lost my right now -- all limits on what we know that you apparently haven't had any more money you have another shot LA and. Thirty years in the government somehow you -- realize that all these programs do is lead to corruption of the program now tonight we hope you'll lose a job keep the car. Right would you stop. We knew what does that make sense no it does it appropriate insurance -- -- -- it's a triple -- are we given free cellphone GPS took half a race -- -- to turn it over Paula so does this tell you an idea Trevor mania RN WR TL with -- Tom -- go far. Don't today this was an effort that all of which is. And why are overweight bars whereby they cup bomb and without these. Car dealerships GMT what do we do it or break call our at a. That's a good point it will be a stimulus. -- are certainly Travers for politics saving the body now who's not now who the Democrats apparently UN draft I'm just I'm taking a mindset that works perfectly -- my mindset what do you think FBI did set top center NYC idea gimmick free cars -- people to help them get get ahead in life and -- that thing is there's no way and once you start finish the equation can you give an honest presentation to the audience how about this a dollar for dollar reduction for the value of what you're gonna pay the insurance you gonna pay whatever the heck else they're kind of fought. In the cash that we -- into that welfare recipient every two weeks is reduced on a dollar for dollar basis now you've given them not tool to get -- nut job that gets the -- that's system that we -- hate you and I don't get the system I've done something Obama don't -- you -- -- -- -- -- a little bit more -- -- around like Democrats like Federer tries the others did you would trust the system like this would actually work I don't know what it will do -- lead to yet another program -- -- some more employees. Who the Democrats and then make deals with it themselves then I'll do another show went some silly to show south but this is how silly this of course it is actually -- sensible military -- is very -- short term expenditure for real challenge. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's problem is that more giveaways you give these people and well there the more it is an incentive since they aren't out there. Agreed Jim there's no vitamin about that the more honey you've put you pour on the table the more the -- show up. This is a dollar for dollar reduction they have to show that they have a job or commitment per job and then when -- you get the Macau which is donated to the state and the state provides insurance and some AAA benefit. Then they have to show their paychecks from the job the job is absolutely. I huge improvement over -- boy and about. And M and live and I Fuhrman. Well I tell yet I employer and it act right now I am working constantly. And I have people that and then it looking good job. And they out there hey. I can only work their many hours because I worked well then that then don't take me up well. Honestly -- that's -- just -- see they showed they still want them orcas many hours is they want and leave them on welfare and I am a card and given free medical with the GPS with a GP SS. -- -- Got to get to work you gotta I gotta get going in the other thing you forgot. They're going to need the iPod they got to show up I'm gonna show up on the right right right you guys are mocking but how about to estimate how hot and what's the point. What's the point in buying somebody Carson get off welfare and then not giving them the money for the yes. That's what that's what the job's about to provide guests who did generally think they make this my six that you think they make that much of the job you would hope. Hello -- have a free tolls how. It's going to be seven boxer driving Abbas and are going to be able for this once you go down -- it's a lawless justified in its -- is in Boston that morning Russ. -- -- You know what should have been excited at the -- Ask not what you can do the assault and asked what we can help to do it sucked up the production of we do have that sine its called Democratic Party you know they should pick up capital stated. Yeah -- that's an adult is all about I never realized there -- I don't know that we're an odd couple and I'll -- to be perfectly honest that penalties. This is I think you're -- the -- -- I -- because a couple of yes. So so here's my thing. If there's. Any thing Democrats start. Anything Democrats support in terms of social program. Will eventually become for everybody yeah like that health care health care started -- safety net it's healthcare safety net is Medicaid safety net. Well how come a million people on the set and Massachusetts are Medicaid now is that a safety to a million people need to be caught because life is too hard now. Now and well there you. Know his -- -- now they want health care for everybody is Mitt Romney real crap. Yes be the real Democrat ideas we used it well who -- on any given day you could be if that's what his Mitt Romney the type of but you know people don't blame this on -- -- read this article we need a businessman to took Tennessee guard up during his -- -- de -- a guy who understands cost benefit we need a guy who understands our personal understands. Incentives we need all this kind of stuff to do the cost and a and houses -- private sector regular while this decision making nonsense the programs that and and a Mitt Romney why. Because the goal is to get people on to jobs and off the -- say this started -- new Mitt Romney yes and no one at a time when. What -- it's -- that's when you'd you'd describe what -- did it start. 2010. 652. Thousands and thousands according paper today -- trust us okay 2006 was what year earning his governorship. Lashed yeah yeah and indeed even set foot in the state turn things here. You will lead the last two years it was governor -- barely hear you got tough on immigration to. He was in their final three weeks early bird did about he has spivey mail from more area was Larry was from Alice I Mitt Romney had nothing do with this is Democrats this what -- not I was -- the that's a good try that's a good try that reality is rob. His administration that saw eight cost benefit analysis it is so -- it's as obvious as the nose on your face. There at the welfare -- today's welfare recipient to be an employee. Paying cash to -- him pay taxes tomorrow off welfare from today working tomorrow is a good thing now off the car is donated. And the state is making a dollar for dollar reduction who we -- -- cash we gonna give me this cap will provide the insurance from period of time will do AAA which I think it's kind of silly myself but we'll do these couple of things in a dollar for dollar reduction the taxpayers are out a nickel. -- you've put the president on the popped a long term self sufficiency. Not a good idea it's like thank god that I. Everybody's pockets doesn't let go up to improve quality of life. Now there you're gonna be you know two point five billion how can you say no Walter in Wilmington good part. Walter turned down the radio talk to us let's right David and even. They. This is doing great thanks Paula the speaker of -- is what it -- -- that's lasted this state. And I participated in you don't want it should agreed with. Ought to. Cost a lot of bacon act are out so be it from one. We know all these people want that there -- special one. Is going to be -- -- think that they don't get quite right in the beginning we. It is going to need more government workers to market their behavior that's -- That's one of the great things about the program does more government workers is always good don't you think. It will start a whole bunch of people most people -- That's and it becomes the government workers -- -- people are being. You see the beauty of the Democrats scheme. I always -- -- -- a vicious but you didn't like it here at an issue we are. Yeah. Glad that that's what it's all about given that that's why -- talk radio gets more popular all the time title doesn't know placing at the truth on this stuff well. About an hour and a million people are in the Medicaid safety net out of how many Massachusetts six -- for six minutes six million and and let's see. Probably a million of those are over 65. Right what would you say the overseas if I want millions are going to be a no no -- of the six million out of the six million. The six million people in the state or show you probably about a million or 65 and over so there are Medicare that not even eligible for Medicaid. So you're talking about 20% of the population. On Medicaid and that's only one of our medical programs. Right now what this is about is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are a few of us it was a sensible that -- let's -- Walter again I'm well thanks and hi Walter. -- want to welcome. You know Michael I have a question or comment my question with CDC. Eight -- equipped with the same GPS tracking devices they make snowplow drivers -- all working so odd to you state in the wintertime. After cabin -- vehicles why do you ask the these different now. Know why it why would you want to track where they're gonna make sure they're going to work you mean is set to make -- a drug deal. Exactly in -- And I pictured on the program may -- Even with that free hot bullish children she thinks they can go so that each but it days -- All of. While but if she has this. -- -- that was -- it was glad -- -- -- -- gotta admit if she has to show the pay stub from her week's work in order to continue to get the cash assistance. Isn't that the reassurance she'd be Alia. And how how long they have to check the pay -- foreign -- check every week or once every three months and the checks oil parliament -- how many people have to check these -- -- how many new people to get tired check stubs. You know what -- come on does not going to be any come -- hired at the department of when -- -- you have to expand PA -- have to expand that they don't have to you know that probably be -- Deval I'm secretly negotiating raises for all the unions. Knowing you know while secretly -- advocates -- -- republic now has been working on for months just came out and just came out today and the globe 617266. X rays are you it would it would have tried. Over the notion that a job is better than than -- about you know -- all the way to get that nobody is go to school guitar yup and then -- have a job. But I but I bought your premise about -- crappy schools okay at least to a three generations yet so there's a bunch of very poorly educated people out the who have now had children in your gonna have that generational effect that we are talking about it we Arkansas I don't hear any number of hours on all these welfare programs like safe that they -- is out. When he today phase out. Under under what your arguing welfare should phase out -- -- is now -- Bridget used to be permanent we put a cap on and you know that's crazy Democrats that you think just want to build these silly programs week the Democrats meet Finneran and others. Voted for all the troops all the limitations time limitations I think it's a total of the F forty is a five years -- -- -- laughter yeah that's at pebble in out CO NN isn't noble lifetime nonsense no -- is applied all the other progress right no more additional assistance if you go and have another baby while her on public assistance would not in the disco and just sent -- going to subsidize except now. You're that you're the party bigots but they've gotten rid of Ireland on now another -- -- -- -- idiot you do have the key. -- -- of this new program giving cars Fenner claims it makes perfect sense because you're deducting the cost of -- putting the car on the road that's right from the well cash from the cash that would otherwise go I say all these programs should be phased out. -- we treat symptoms on a regular basis original would be -- rather they just actually is college say you know what we're gonna do we're gonna we're gonna take on 5000 families around what I love that he had that big deal and the absence of that what are you going to dwell on the absent that -- -- a couple of generations of churches being forced out of the -- -- of the taking care people business the charity business. Marks in the car next NW RKO atomic Todd. Eight are -- better and I usually agree with you most of but it that this was in the over the well the edge. Net of -- fact that the this statement is. Of people are back -- -- -- why would appear Arctic Arctic more problem wrote in the apartment and -- look at this like. This -- that Democrats opposed. Yeah no I elegant when I first read about it directly yesterday of -- instead it's just that -- -- bristle about the whole thing. And then I read a few bullet details about a more more details and I'm saying to myself hey look if -- if the goal is long term solution to your work and Dahlia Golan a living off the taxpayers. -- far in. I would never before this mark unless they would do that dollar for dollar deduction. I coming up we go Lorraine are joining us for our weekly little -- and I can't believe another week's gone by already. And -- we will return to this topic in the 7 o'clock hour when Brad Jones the minority leader in the the Statehouse -- -- insurance -- -- -- state should atomic -- 680 WRKO. More listeners. A week --