Code Pink

May 20, 2009|

Code Pink talks about the lack of an anti-war movement with Obama in office...

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What is new world headquarters snaps were proud to be doing it -- in joining us now is Medea Benjamin who is the co founder of the women's anti war group called code pink. In the reason we ever coming up I've been searching act actually for into war activists they seem to have forgotten that there are wars going on ever since Barack Obama. Got elected president. Now over the few months that Barack Obama's been president it appears more all the time. To be the case that he is an illegitimate son of George HW bush and we're trying to find out why he -- -- -- called on this at all -- is he out. Prolongs the war in Iraq for -- to pierce and wants to turn the Afghanistan war into the -- Pak war and include Pakistan. And then there are other things like war tribunals and and things -- from that I thought. -- George W. Bush into the evil president and our being embraced by Barack Obama so to help clarify whether they're still is saved an anti war movement and if there is what it's up to. We welcome Medea Benjamin to WRKO thank you for being with us. So what -- has been up to is they're still ahead has all the energy come out of the anti war movement. Right well in it has an -- -- we're movement I. Well myself rebels there is that Washington DC should really keep the pressure on Barack Obama. And we find yourself as acting pretty much alone here. All the secrets of cut it faded away any. At Edward. The day at times interview with Todd and gracious that he came with that -- who a joining the program but here's the deal. What it'll as far as what the other groups are doing why they disappeared we don't know why they faded into the woodwork was it just a political love affair -- Barack Obama. I think it's partially didn't make it into -- into I need that line down in Iraq let's see him do that maybe Afghanistan not that bad maybe we should be here but I think it also. People are just ire after eight years of fighting fighting fighting George Bush. And then on top -- that if the economic situation people used to come here and stay with that of the code -- out and hate their own air light and take time off working out it's all of that just can't afford it -- the combination. -- This is just inexcusable there was such. Moral certitude. On the part of those who believe that George W. Bush was a war criminal and is still who think he deserves to go to trial for decisions he made to protect the country. End -- that were the Obama administration is affirming those decisions this would be the time to rein in Manning get him on the right path. Well I totally agree I feel like we're missing the boat here -- -- allowing any other forces to take control. Is set the agenda and and Obama -- not hearings around the anti war movement in awaited perspective we are we are doing things we are calling it -- call eight tomorrow around Afghanistan we didn't having people in your. Local. Meeting of congress people actually get this week but it is super conservative there aren't any more and more controlled by Democrats and including more important right is that it. Especially around the war issue we only had -- people and Democrat Al last week -- -- Barack Obama like voting against. War war. It Afghanistan. Pakistan and Iraq. But day era the surge that occurred in Iraq under George Bush and Dick Cheney was very controversial particularly during the -- of the presidential campaign in the primaries. But what you ought to take on this surge was it successful in terms of pacify in most of Iraq. I think Iraqi they're going to have to sort out the politics. It is completely whenever that happens. And I. -- that he is we're really just trying to -- to edit it down by paying people on the payroll and how long the -- -- keep these people on the payroll the only reason -- -- not fighting out that this new awakening council is paying them. But again I think at some point is that she is thicker they're going to have to figure out -- our arrangement and it -- be without outside. Medea Benjamin is with us from code -- it's a women's anti war group and my personal -- on having this conversation is to call out liberals because -- look at what's going on in in the Afghanistan Pakistan war. Is that you have. First of all the Afghanistan war being mischaracterized by the president in what I think is a political -- -- manipulation as the right war. Which means that Iraq was the wrong war and now he's expanding that into Pakistan to meet this looks incredibly dangerous it's a tinderbox I don't even know what business we have being there anymore we went in to get the Taliban out of power in Afghanistan fine we did that years ago. Now the Taliban's trying to take power in Pakistan. And it's a tender K this is incredibly dangerous meanwhile the president appears to be more George W. Bush junior all the time. I want to hear liberals and expressing their ire I want to hear all that disdain that they have for the live from previous president. And I'm gonna make irresponsible on the day. Me I am very upset about what I'm. -- outside. The White House yesterday and it or are protesting. Obama policies -- audit congress today we're Hillary Clinton has tested by the states what happens. Well as they as supplemental debate. Are happening right now at 90% military in less than 10% for eight and well it it should at least be the exact revert. Obviously there tomorrow and -- or -- agent. At a Joint Chiefs of Staff is now despite -- it's not what we've heard. But nor did I think your pocket of the wrong people you need to go to the liberal base and say you guys are frauds your phonies. You can't. You can't do this against one president with all that that moral grandstanding. And then head -- when the same policies are pursued by the guy on your side. It's cheap and it -- -- -- work groups on the network group it really is. Anti war and other anti -- group it was a broad Democratic Party anti war group is that the Democrats. To the White House they had. It needed a way. My whole body -- Yeah by by mail me okay I think we got we have the group. Let me ask you the -- that -- reason is that has moved on -- they don't care about war anymore I think that's -- dangerous. There's no reason -- -- -- Trying to stop this supplemental or. -- -- action -- -- I think engaged in any other into war suffer they moved onto other issues. -- gave it lots of great social issues but had not in the at that -- -- So they in other words they're anti war movie was a fraudulent one what they were hiding behind the shroud of being -- a morally. Shocked and disturbed over the behavior the Bush Administration when in fact all I want to do was switch sides. I think they would say it I I feel bad speaking for them but they would probably say that they think they're members want to give Barack Obama it's time to bring the troops counselor. To build -- it. He's already said he that's up part of this plan is that what he's on the schedule all the time they want to amounted volume now. -- -- -- -- -- -- expanded it by but he is still talking about religion and we'll see the end of Q you're supposed to all be out of this city. But he's planning on leaving 50000. Troops in Iraq in till the end of 2011 right. I just I you know you can get -- -- -- I'd argue but I think what they would say is we think the fighting an outline down there and -- plant let's see how it goes and in the case -- Afghanistan we really up. -- -- -- -- I'm trying to sell it are trying to say is that's the schedule that bush was on that's a schedule he signed an agreement with the Iraqi Government on so. It essentially Obama's providing no alternative -- a you don't need to defend but. I I just want to be clear that for anyone who was that vehement against the bush schedule. -- -- -- -- -- -- be accused of hypocrisy yeah we have a very I mean blatant hypocrisy -- curious -- code pink wait a week you go to get Kenny get your energy. India support college campuses college students college faculty anybody out this still while walking the walk -- -- in the dark. Yeah we have some great college students that can't be with us all along I'm not just I way to pick it up it's connecting out we'll go over to tigris and -- they're energized and very smart and we've still got a lot of people locally there in your home offices of the typing letter. Making out about them called. -- only after going to their congressional offices there. -- -- -- Noting that it meant that. -- it'll act. The Democrats are really following Barack Obama and whether it surrounds. Little issues of closing Guantanamo. Or around funding or they're just going with whatever Obama's senate. -- -- -- out -- really a fascinating opportunity talking with Medea Benjamin from code pink 6172666860. I would like to energize where we're conservatives which you may know. And I have no problem what the war in Iraq I think the war in Afghanistan is crazy expanding in into Pakistan is crazier and I'd like to. How -- assist you with motivating and organizing an anti -- Pak war plan DC someway we can do that. Eight ambulance let -- get a lot of ways the -- we. Tiger belt and not being Democrats or Republicans and actually allied with the conservative Republicans against the bail outs so we're happy to. Our allies. Where it made me and and it sounds like you advocate on. -- ought to be looking for room in the code pink hello this is -- -- house we want to get. -- wait wait. If people. -- in the basement trust meant what is that is that like the Ronald McDonald house. So people get to stay that actually you put people who were coming to engage in activism. -- -- -- -- -- it'll be camcorders and you know you're anti you're that he. Now that I'm serious I want to know this might be a resource may leave you come into our broadcast from therein. Hollywood elite -- Great I don't. I want to -- -- I find it very very disturbing. I have a problem in there and maybe you share this problem is I believe liberals. When they talk with all this emotion and conviction. About how their sense of morality is being offended by the behavior -- Republicans. And then when they don't follow through on their issues I get disturbed. Well I I and I only get mr. get lower register which. The liberals is they let -- think it do it like our friends in congress. Who we're so can't order it without all the way and almost Atlantic comes out -- Modi or 98. Billion dollars -- -- China Beckett. Crichton yeah we really need that money for important thing at home stake and it unit to another black hole in Afghanistan are now killing people would -- Pakistan and -- friends. -- in Russian history in years so. I'm with you there I think Akron is terrible. When will you guys declare Barack Obama war criminal. An interesting question because it is not our -- to do it right now is at a very short time. The whole idea. We. Think that he might be finding out the war in Iraq that it should be seen and -- -- and the end of -- we'll see if there that you at a. Excuse me wants second -- -- that he campaigned under the notion. That on day one he would start withdrawing troops with a goal of having the thing over and sixteen months and one to two brigades a month he also supported proposed and supported legislation that would have had everybody out of Iraq this past march. So he pulled a bait and switch on you guys I don't see how giving him more time. When he is already told you what his policies are which is to betray what he said he was gonna do why would you give more time to betray you. Now on on on -- like because sixteen months is that timeline that we weren't going on and it as a bit. Getting -- -- of the -- isn't very very important thing and interact many items that they get -- you battered cities. A lot less fighting going on and will see that very -- And I. Did you know though that that the key to that did work on a military level with the surge was getting troops on the streets in the cities that we have previously kept them in military bases. And once a General Petraeus started and getting them out there in the communities. That's when they that they were able to bring some common Baghdad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --