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Chump Line 07/07/09

Jul 7, 2009|

The Chump Line for Tuesday July 7, 2009.

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Five for the job lined the jump wind is the recorded voice -- message service of our cars show you can call -- leave a message of any hour -- -- day or night including weekends. The jump like number if you like believe such a message is. 61777934696177793469. Today's top -- has brought you buy lumber liquidators lumber liquidators has an incredible selection and the best prices on the hardwood flooring anywhere from 99 cents a square foot. Call 1800 hardware today for all your home and contractor need to logon to lumber liquidators dot com. I didn't -- any kind of where we're pretend to witness. What was it like in my book. You think. Do you think I should bring in some books assigned for people it's the self I should be I should be able. And have money your bedside table -- you -- as -- -- could take the books will you will later on your morphine drip. I don't know maybe I should wait to like get out. We will have a book citing what about those two weeks they think you'll. You know. Not immediately not gonna be -- Roland around during those two weeks you're gonna beyond. Pain killers you know what I am gonna be doing -- on Thursday before I go into the hospitals in the big. John the guy who was to sell the books in the hospital Brigham and another two cases for me aside at the radio dot letting up -- -- -- nimble it would go it would make me cry if I wouldn't that be if I wouldn't that Mass. General store there were none of my books. Because. This see this is our food issue -- do these. There is so wrong. Is -- -- you get this staph infection because you're. Boy. Can news you won't. Well it's been crippled flew through it's very. Don't worry. Be that it's being moved through vote oh. Oh help I'm Rhonda if that's what happened it's. OB VI will be able to drive my little who scooped up. We do in formula -- Britain man. These material was not clear whether an automatic. Pistols. There is no -- -- as an automatic pistols and automatic for the federal machine gun heating your. Is that right officer Marcus -- Semi automatic -- so. If I corrected the news guy for every time he makes a mistake -- wouldn't have time to do anything else in my life. -- scoreboard we're. Welcome very forward Gordon stroke as a relief for homeowners. Hold on for a good morning who's who called them improbable more. Thank you senator -- I would like I would like an update from the mayor of Los Angeles how many -- Michael Jackson fans have talked about the website it donated money through PayPal to finally Fed -- the LA I guess I'm -- say it's gonna finish the day -- high to figures. Let's look at the get together Nicholson an -- might like the governor sent them for the actually officer mark says the Buick as many people contributing his decided to contribute to terrorize contribute extra money. Under the voluntary income tax plan. Here in the states. 120 of 1% case you missed my call. Fifteenth. With the ball says last week you don't want people won't that would like to pay higher taxes. We -- So I called up what I heard him say that I expect. -- we will pay higher taxes this year of a solitary -- three point one million filers. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 1500 paid at the higher rate. They came up with about 500 box which means that -- I don't think -- -- working too hard to begin with. How -- know what Erica Hillary for your shirt. Who's gonna -- shirt that woman who just stereo view from the -- -- it was a -- gonna raise your shirt I knew she wasn't. OfficeMax disease control to Giuliani's that is covering his daughters audiences. I'm sorry thought I had. How we should go but I hope classics on dvds. Saturn green. Starring Kirk Douglas young copy happy Keitel and Farah -- the way you always -- remember. News. Really he'd never seen seventh grade though I never have very -- movie but apparently there -- phone. Think -- make some people wants it I distorted so movies go for by rehab. From Turner Classic Movies they order we'll have to add that -- I've got ready at I ordered beast of the city. -- -- T 32 starring Walter Houston and Jean Harlow at the age of twenty. How -- how -- -- -- in the -- order mark markers were rude. From 1959. Which I was wanted to see from Miami -- would never -- we see it she said it was too violent. Let -- jumbled -- -- on your list. Not look at her -- still lives up you'll probably get some -- what they'll movies about. Yeah how we YouTube fake account I was out this -- -- -- again I was -- taps picked up by the public. Now when you update your living -- -- in the republic Airways. Yes the big problem went public officials get something enough I think you could put your money we amounted to take your own mail. Put your money we have not I'm not sure you got enough of it. Why do you think would someone always suggests that I run for office -- immediately brushed them aside and that's that's. Because like I couldn't eat out -- somebody else's -- c'mon what are my -- We are the great statement calling the British royals welfare recipient. How to win friends and influence people if that's what. I've always says that about the British royal family -- what that this what not only to handle scheduled for an interview beyond me why I don't. I don't hear bout them she never did -- thing and cheat now would now -- Queen Elizabeth once they want to hire welfare pavement. She says she she can't get that you can't he -- half the damn country she's really she can't live on the rants. They get to mortars at Buckingham Palace. Not one operators. This is -- field for a full -- -- editorials. Almost went to -- -- the gate. As best -- cars outside and a lot apparel. You must then help certainly it helped now. It's too late by the time -- called 911 of the Williams escaped -- devoured them. By the time the cops arrive -- should be higher than the evidence also will have bitten. Destroyed that dairy farmer and I went once called the party in here in the entry -- number -- networking yelling at me. That's a good question. Yeah Michael's -- what -- horrified they do that most Torre live. Hopefully we'll -- view it -- infinite -- -- major levee early. All these guys have been. Very. Well. Yup hope okay -- -- we have other guys Vermont voted the other 589. -- -- 589 guy. Give be given some by giving the there was some stuff. Because that's that's that's who didn't want him how the batters of the magnets wraps and perhaps a coffee -- pick -- -- Mike what do what do you a lot of the bug. They go. Thanks. 08 and national day of mourning facilities and if you saw it prepared to -- the chances I don't think so. I think this should be a national day -- -- Anytime out of a job that I guess you can accept. Bureaucracy. That so I'm national days. I don't know about a national they but it would be a daily day of mourning in New York City that's where Al Sharpton lives every every day you grow look at the up budgets for the any any news organization in New York he's always out there somewhere. He's like Chuck Schumer seven days a week not just sun -- everything. When I'm sure there's a big -- and yeah and -- But nothing if not that was that was the representatives. Peter King call again with this latest contribution to YouTube. It's now the young long -- I was amazed. He just do your job well not anymore. But she's so hot I guess -- that's that's close to Alaska now that it's actually idea floating around like -- -- feel that this school they've. Give it to -- that took everybody out on the boat right. The only the Obama loudly to go to -- o'clock at night I thought it was stirred it up how to catch how to catch the imminent that sockeye salmon. I'm getting hungry even thinking about smoked -- YYLC human. -- -- and Soviet president. I don't know what qualities that you got mated with a great candidate he's so that we don't because what -- you gotta -- -- -- It's -- twelve. Is otherwise -- them -- supposed to what disagree with that. Do you think I -- Michael Jackson go platinum. Yeah he was getting beat up by elvis' -- for messing with his daughter. -- that make you -- come flying method thank you for calling have a car you out. Does anyone think he ever touched elvis' daughter I don't think so. Not the way any -- human -- could take Michael Jackson now -- -- couldn't because there's no doubt about it but. You know the the thing is I thought that. We were gonna see a lot more of Lisa Marie after she printed put that big on not MySpace you know how to how loved each other about old notion put him on about how he was. Crying one night that he was giving it up like her father I thought to myself wow this is pretty good in the the second and I've always. While this is pretty shameless she's trying to our resurrect your hungrier by telling your story that nobody could contradict. I guess leave the latter -- -- but the latter interpretation prevails because they didn't see -- at cedar anywhere -- the very. Cheating -- to be a memorial service but it did put another entry undermines faith that says. She knows that he loved her as much as he can love anybody to care very much about it but she couldn't get rid of me. Sharks that were around him and it was too much for -- of the place left. Everybody's got an excuse Irwin got an -- -- got an excuse. Everybody's a victim we're not jolly compare Curtis -- really ugly -- leading counselors -- thinks she can hurt anybody. But she did help -- killing -- either. -- Okay that's it for the jump point today -- -- -- is the recorded voicemail message service about how we are show you can call -- leave a message within the hour that day or night including weekends the jump like number feel like that -- such a message. Is 61777934696177793469. We may have enough clear messages this time each weekday. Today's jump when was brought to buy lumber liquidators lumber liquidators has an incredible selection and the best prices of hardwood flooring anywhere from 99 cents a square foot. Call 1800 hard -- today. For all your home and contractor need to log on to lumber liquidators dot com. --