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$200 Welfare Giveouts

Aug 12, 2009|

A $200 back-to-school giveaway for needy kids sparked a mad rush for money on the streets of New York on Tuesday. "It's free money!" said Alecia Rumph, 26, who waited in a Morris Park, Bronx, line 300 people deep for the cash to buy uniforms and book bags for her two kids."Thank God for Obama. He's looking out for us." Are you getting a $200 welfare check?

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Would you market you know. And. Broncos during the from the new balanced world headquarters building. -- spears saw how it -- show. My question is for you and I know in the White House the sandwich Iran has often been referred to bully pulpit. Why have you not use the bully pulpit to chastised. Congress for having two systems of health care one for all of us and one for them and. A situation the blue pill works better than the red pill and the terms of the blue pills. Half as expensive as the red pill then we wanna make sure that doctors and patients have that information of use. Another myth. Bad we've been hearing about is this notion that somehow we're gonna be cutting your Medicare benefits. We are not. -- -- it was undermining Medicare. How worried are you -- -- sign that said the tree of liberty has to be water which they. Glut of tyrants and your -- and god damn gun out of presidential events I. I think those things nice no wonder what your mouth and write the sign didn't say anything about blind what they say and indeed it's time to water -- -- -- of -- Hamas powered card W arterial. Radio networks. -- blood -- combined you know of Europe moon batter gets a tingle up his leg every time Barack Obama's speech in the it's supposed to have to keep your facts straight well. You know the full Jefferson quote it's time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of yeah but he tyrants and patriots he didn't say at the OC and the it's not on the sign apparently so you know whats up with that and of course it would was Chris complaining about the fact that. The American association of retired persons -- has not officially endorsed the the nationalized rationing he was not preaching about that. No it was not of course it was not that's because you know wait that's the way goes on MSNBC. Well as -- am told that goes on MSNBC. I don't I don't really watch it. We get some people lost their MSNBC like jay from Chelsea for instance in -- he's seen every every night their every day when we play cuts from what that one of Chris Matthews who see sends -- -- -- and says some. I'm so happy that my cable system has as do leave it. MSNBC or put it in some kind of higher class like it like you really won't pay extra dough. Extra always for HBO or show time for something it's not for a being heck third by a moon bats moon bats in BC MS NB say. All right 1877469432218774694322. That is the toll free number of the Howie -- show. If you like to join us this hour about how we our show was brought to you by conservative towards -- gravel all right. Okay. And you can also if you would like to listen to the if you -- coolest new show on the Internet you don't go to our web address. Which is how we cart dot com how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming. Also what how we cart dot com you can take part in our daily Internet poll question. But how we poll is brought to you by Jeff Carbone insurance contact the commissioner Jeff Carbone insurance dot com to save money on your auto and home insurance. Jeff Carbone insurance dot com to save money on your auto and home insurance Cindy what does today's poll question and one of the results thus far. President Obama has compared his national health care plane planned to be Postal Service. Does this make you more -- less likely to support national health care less likely. What do you think its second and a 100%. Time 97 they now have a. Percent okay. 187. And that's -- doesn't knock on my local. Post manned by the way. Who was nice and I guy ordered a book from Amazon today and they came -- And he took he brought in all the mail -- -- -- in the -- left and in the garage rather than leaving my in my book in a box by the side of the road I appreciated that. My complaining about him. A lightweight in those lying sometimes how much mail you get at. I don't get them I get an average amount of mail I think I -- I get they get a couple of catalogs. And various fuel hybrid and orange. We didn't bring it to the -- she brought it to -- to the boot to the garage she put it in the the garage was open that I actually brought it he brought it into the right we left it in the garage. By the way -- -- earlier yesterday San -- a phony bill. I got a a fines and as in phony baloney don't phony baloney bill yet they told me that I had that there are they they they actually told my wife the misspelled her name and they said that does she she owed 266. Bucks to some company. In Missouri that she never heard of it if they had if you had any questions call this 1800 number which was disconnect that. So I you know those that is scam that was it and you checked they're seeing it right critter inning as well yeah I think they -- did settle for a checked -- I think that what they would really prefer is they had these they had these phony phony baloney he. Logos for all the credit card they won a credit I think they -- -- again they'll sell for don't settle for cash a check they couldn't they can catch. But that prefer to get your credit card number than they can really run -- did you report this to the attorney general's office I think it's a job for the postal inspectors said the idea I think the way I have a feeling it'll come it'll come again I I actually -- up I was so -- about a problem that the -- -- When it when it comes again I will take down the postal inspectors. I don't know what they'll go I have a few I have a feeling they're really not in Missouri yes thank you -- as they claimed to be. But if they are you know maybe they -- Rome bound. Okay 18774694322. Before get to health -- again I just have to tell you. They started giving it they started giving us the money in New York with the 175. Million dollar. It -- 140 million was from the stimulus package this is what your taxpayer dollars are going to. And 35 billion by a moon bat billionaire George Soros. I guess that was the catalyst to get a 521 match for. So every welfare recipient or in food stamp recipient in New York every kid that gets it. Their parents got 200 boxes so obviously some of these some of these welfare lay -- got. Over got 600 bucks yesterday. A 200 dollar back this is from the New York -- windows not a right wing ring. Right wing rag. Senate and time towel it's owned by Mort Zuckerman we've seen on many TV shows. A 200 dollar back to school giveaway for needy kids sparked a mad rush for money on the streets of New York on Tuesday. I ask you you work for a living did you get any free money yesterday. If you're on welfare in New York you got free money yesterday who now what flags that that's the guy that's your government and action. It's free money settle leisure -- as she waited in a more us. Park blocks line 300 people deep for the cash to buy uniforms and book bags for two kids you are right. Thank god for Obama. He's looking out for us. So quote I hope we've got this I hope we've got the link to this story it's that they splash with an on the daily news today. Thank god for Obama he's looking out fresh -- look at California I guess a bureau welfare recipient. Thousands of people lined up -- banks and check cashing shops to withdraw the cash that magically appeared on their electronic benefit card to that magic away. It was magic. No it was it your money and my money our our grandchildren will be paying off the the -- up free. The order and quote free money for welfare. Recipients. Some rush out because of rumors the money would vanish by the end of the day I assume that are already has vanished most of it. Rumors there's always rumors said Teresa Medina who waited for hours at a pale manic in Clinton hill Brooklyn to get 600 bucks for her three teenagers. The no strings attached money went the families receiving food stamps -- welfare. Every child between three and seventeen was eligible for two wondered box which worked out. To 813. 1845. Kids across the state including 500000 in the city of New York. It's -- help said Tonya Gomez of Chelsea who withdrew 600 dollars for kids. Every penny counts nowadays it's something that was really unexpected. Again did you get 200 -- just today per kid. Oh that's right you're not on welfare. You don't need the money. -- not on foreign steps why would they give you money. Thank god for Obama. He's looking out for us that's what quote hope we got that link on the the web site to go to the story back to school story. In the New York Daily News today. 187746943221801. More thing here before we move -- I just. Do you know how. There were always telling us that. Graffiti vandals aren't really vandals there artists. -- we just really have to get get. Learn to accept. All the all the work and it's really unfair and it's just a bad thing to call to call people who. Put. -- who use spray paint key answer put up posters to call them vandals. Well guess what. There's now a -- DO Obama as the joker. There are some posters being. Put up on there are not wanted him one target in Florida was the US post office. -- you know what they're calling the people who put up the Obama as joker post there. That the post office in Claremont Florida. They're calling a vandals. Hadn't war. There -- us. What they've put up George Bush -- posters there for us. Now you put up when they play Obama poster and you're a you're radio -- -- And by the way they've said that -- a joker posters are racist -- that was something that we're saying last week. Of course when Vanity Fair. Ran a picture a a it a doctored photo shopped. Picture of George Bush last year as the joker in that man. Again that was great art with a capital way. But it's racism can do it to Barack Obama and if you do what you're not an artist Europe -- Of vocal in graphic Internet campaign attacking president Barack Obama. Just hit Central Florida and one of its first targets was a US post office. He looks so mean gruesome and evil and this is not something you want to portray your president very disrespectful. Claremont resident -- fourth told Eyewitness News. The postmaster told Eyewitness News he was deeply offended by what he saw as -- many residents who drop off mail at that location. Again I've never heard any complaints among them out saying I'm for automatic I I don't bully I think it's been I think it's all vandalism but you know again why is it. Not described as vandalism for a some graffiti. And posters but. It is vandalism and racism. Okay 187746943221877. 46943. To do what I wanna talk about we have full we have people here pursuant they wanna talk about -- put put them up if they wanna talk about the the payouts the welfare payouts in New York State. 18774694322. By the way we did have a winner in the death pool. You -- driver issue notion was the last person picked in the most recent death pool. And we're we're not gonna do what though for a up for a few days we're gonna give an arrest over the weekend -- probably do will probably -- a new death pool. Sometime early next week. But that we to a winner at such Katie. From modest Salem and she -- we're gonna -- with the -- -- the Marconi gift pack of olive oil. Our 18774694322. Mark your next with how we -- ahead mark. I always always why can't why can't you just way it'll all of these poor people they need more about it look at the elegant without. I want to help these poor people got. Is it is more do you think Barack's looking out for you like you what about for the welfare recipients. Half Elliott house Obama not a sprint yeah so I bought the I. -- articulate. -- the -- You voted for Barack Obama. Apple is and why did you why did you -- let's not correlate to how would you. That's absolutely he was a knuckle head but you know why. I always vote for the person who's gonna hurt me last you've heard me say that. I don't know what it was that's just. The vote I mean it's -- -- you -- it's very cynical but it's also realistic you know -- I knew I knew we was gonna hurt the southern they opt out is. Do what operation noticed that you say about it and you'll lose our favorite does help but that's -- -- Well -- in the world. I I -- -- yeah I know what is within the union is up pumping people and thanks for the call mark 18774694322. Bridget you're next with Howie -- go ahead Bridgette. I have I had and I just say that island and Maine and my dad is retired in my mom has decided to go to school full time about us. I think that I'm on the island arm now I think I'm gonna go home and tell them that they need to move to New York but -- my little sister turns eighteen and gonna well there's so they can get extra 200 dollars. May object that's -- the New York Daily News said they did the money magically appeared yesterday in the in the now. It's great and guess what you know when the -- bush tax cuts expire at the end of 2000 them. That money is that money is gonna start magically disappear confirm everybody's paychecks. I'm home court didn't actually mind because I work. But. You get your -- it's not enough to move to New York State Bridget your parents have got to not work. Make sure they -- make sure they go out and get on the welfare rolls in men and the money will flow away and they'll get that extra -- That's that's part of the stimulus plan. Are placed -- call Bridget 18774694322. Gary your next with how we cargo ahead Gary. Good afternoon hours. -- that money that was given out to be -- how about I know where I organic pickup truck got. And I'll bet is that obviously everybody base factors. While they -- drug Vietnam and didn't. I'm -- friend I would I'm in favor of that you know what I think they should drug test radio talk show loves ready to give me your cup. I'll take the test and why -- as well. I don't know. Don't there's another big Gary you know you like about your does your other Democrats hate the fact that they wanted that they want people have to show IDs that day at the voting it precincts when they wish they are not registered. You don't wanna ballot. They the Democrats -- Def format but you know what they're doing now what the town hall meeting some of these democratic congressman. There make people show a photo ID. Like a driver's license and if you're not if you're not if -- if you know Arafat. You're you're not from the from a town or city that the congressman covers they don't even legends of hall. Sort of orgy need to produce a photo ID to to attend the town hall meeting as far as Democrats are concerned but not to vote. It -- right. Thanks for all of all thanks for the call Gary 1877469432. To carry your next with how we cargo ahead carry. Hey I've got Maine and my entire life I grew up -- teacher salary yeah. Oh it didn't I work forty -- week during the summer and weekend you know. -- -- college still just stormed the Mac there is 10000 dollars. And is. I don't work enough to be able to pay for that. And they're giving out money in New York to welfare recipients. Kind of irks me that -- you know another financially to help -- pay for college. Kerry how what you eat the fact you work for a job you your pain. Income tax every week right so that is so bad income tax is being sent down to the treasury. And they're using it as part of the stimulus plan and and 80% of this money that the welfare recipients are getting us there as their rougher as they're bonus. Is is comin' out your paycheck. Yeah it's an IKEA pay for college. I do it better think what's wrong with this picture Kerry. Everything he's -- -- And everything or Broadway of the picture there desire you know. Governor Patterson's Republican critics blasted the welfare giveaway saying he should have spent the money to reduce property taxes it is a plan that is right for four -- and abuse. Sydney New York's senate Republican leader dean scale the scale -- This is a totally irresponsible use of federal stimulus money. I'm sure this isn't the only way it's being used irresponsibly I mean this is just the easiest thing to war to understand today. -- I'm sure tomorrow there will be another outrage. Thanks. -- -- -- get to work on your job you know you don't get many magical welfare money. Did take the two words they've got me over time for you this weekend. Get it Jerry he had these will be a bumper sticker that said keep working millions on welfare depending on who. Right place for them. -- -- -- -- 18774694322. George your next with how we cargo ahead George. In god and maybe these people needed baby up by. School supplies and so forth have been in whatever so maybe several benefit but did give a stimulus money was to create. Jobs didn't have just another 130 million dollar -- -- -- -- where the jobs being created here and -- kinetic or -- Beijing. Seventeen million dollars from the stimulus package came to this state that they used to help. People are poor and homeless shelters and not all the shoppers but we're gonna be evicted from their homes to page there are red. Don't think results -- -- -- 130 billion here's another 17000001. Of the paper red -- provide schools supplied Willis Group creating any jobs. Well and rush today I've seen the story on this but rush mentioned other than they spend fifty million dollars on airport upgrades now I thought Barack Obama was going around telling people not to take not to take flights to Las Vegas. That they shouldn't it people should be using planes last month just for the environment but also would just look. You know lead they -- people shouldn't be living it up in a bad recession like this so so why are we fixing up airports with this money. I mean yeah you're right different that time where we need to create jobs were clearly haven't. It just beat the tax -- for tax revenues are way down on the federal side -- Oh well I wish -- site so why do you think California is issuing IOUs to its members. I mean ineptitude that they have 64 -- 5% -- got tacked on. Alcohol I mean my gosh instituted beginning stages. Of having -- paid they act. I mean dog you know on the state level but we really got to pay -- this stimulus which isn't going to create jobs. There's fewer tax dollars then I mean there's some really rough road ahead and it's just starting. Yeah I know and that's why some of these some people are talking about a second stimulus package. What does again it what are we gonna do would do is -- governor Paterson in New York gonna give the welfare recipients another 200 bucks is a Christmas present. Well I'll tell you throw this picture that you that you left collar that is -- they're basically saying you're better off to be dependent on the government. You'll get but how old do better at least you'll have to tape. They needed some more money when you're dependent on the government when you're actually out there working and are excellent color purity match you're just paying for the other. Just stay home where are still at where there. Distribute lifted to go up to work harder and accrue more because the more you make them more the harder you work to more they take drug. What is and Kelly isn't that what cash for clunkers is all about so. Immediately you know you work in you don't have enough money to buy a car but somebody else who has enough money to buy a car the government is gonna pay them 4500 dollars. Of your money. To get a. Do a story a couple of months back to -- somebody's Concord -- they were giving them if you are. But what -- their -- urged do it's in the state of messages. Yes yes they worry yet they were giving the other where they worry and if you -- if you stop looking for a job you didn't have to give the car back. Yes yeah we did I I do I get a column on that we did yeah we did -- numbers that made that -- actually made the Drudge Report. I don't know thanks for the it facial called George 1800. That. 18774694322. Yet given that put the cars too -- welfare recipients and saying well if you need you know if you if you don't live on a bus line -- on the subway -- You don't you don't -- you want to what trolley will we -- we've UAE a car. You gotta be looking for jobs then what happens when they stop looking for jobs move they get to keep the car. Well that's a good deal that's almost as good as money magically appearing in in your run it in your ATM. John you're next with how we -- ahead John. How are you Ali good. You know I wake up every morning and unemployed because I work for myself. Yes so why don't I just not work in drive to New York's. I mean I don't know John why don't you I don't really know cost. PT Obama had the greatest showman on America. Thank god for Obama he's looking out for us again I keep coming back to -- -- quote of the day as far as I'm. Concern no I want a new government agency so what's that I want. All lawyers paid a salary by the government and we all get free legal KF for the rest of our lives. That's -- I want. I was proud that I. Don't wanna I wanna know who who -- the lawyers can assume when the government runs health care yeah. I'm glad you brought up. You know -- I work I don't I don't know how it's gonna work I know they've taken care of the -- you know Barack Obama refuses then all Democrats refused to include tort reform in any kind of -- so called health care reform but again how was it how exactly is gonna work out you know I mean -- you know we'll see and you can't fight City Hall John right. Yeah you what someone outside -- bad it was just throw. Never underestimate the power of the group grad student to not become a doctor and become something else instead. Yeah if they're not gonna make enough money what are they gonna be a -- for. Yeah -- but I know I and I know and and you don't again as is Dick Morris always says -- mean you have 47 million people to what to these insurance programs. Where -- you gonna get the extra doctors described as I mean he even if even if everything but Obama says is true. Where the new doctors comment from. The -- Thanks for the call John 18774694322. Back to school story. Billionaire meeting Soros feds give out -- 175. Million dollars to need neediest students around the state I wonder how much that's gonna lead the neediest students. We error or provide just -- a big party time for their parents 18774694322. On how we -- Wanna get a business checking Jonas. 7469432. To that as a toll free number of how we -- show you like to join us we're talking about this. This fantastic. Use of the federal stimulus money in New York State. Every welfare. Recipient. Every church every theme only that of children that's on welfare or food stamps got 200 bucks per kid. It's free money. So we sure -- for 26 issue waited a Bronx line 300 people deep thank god for Obama he's looking out for us. Did you look at our free no oh no you work -- Here's an email god bless mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver she did some wonderful work on Special Olympics even though Obama made fun of these American citizens. James -- sent a -- letter to the snitch team at the White House. Boy things really got fishy appear in New England while the high school in Portsmouth, New Hampshire the president said he's never been in favor of a single Payer. System yet in his speech in 2003 set I happen. To be a proponent of a single Payer health care plan. That's seems to contradict 47 Portsmouth. Again in 2007. Senator Obama's that I don't think we're going to be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately there's going to be potentially some transition process I can envision a decade out -- fifteen years out -- twenty years out. So things -- Getting fish your by the day there's an old adage that says a fish rots from the head down so something unbelievably fishy like this needs an investigation. 18774694322. Well your next with how we cargo have Willie. LA this -- I'm -- from around on Maine and I'd like to know when we're gonna stop laughing about all this we do something about it. I don't find any of this humor he. How what are my supposed to do Willie I mean there that we did we can't stop -- -- been given this money this stupid congress appropriated all this dough form and passed out to the states. A -- we're just fortunate that does some of the other governors haven't dug come up with this crackpot scheme to as to why give money to welfare recipients. Well I'm I'm just talked about all of it -- -- get -- stopped the last scene and do something here I'm I don't know why everybody lost the last all the time. I mean we're not nobody's -- I. I mean we're not laugh I mean you either come -- you can cry I mean I'm just pointing out the absurdity of the situation I mean we're talking about it every day. Now we -- how are we going to stop this. You know I don't wanna cry I wanna do something about it -- There's an election coming up -- about a year just a little over a year away Willie and that's where that's -- you have to deal with this problem. Okay now this doesn't. The first timeout call in the late special analysis you guys all the time I I do commercial refrigeration up there and I'm in my truck about. Eight hours a day in Iowa -- guys just first time I've talked to EM and I just I've just been getting really. Frustrated that we can't do anything to laugh about this sends you know we've got Susan Collins Olympia snow up here who ought to be. Run out of this state on a rail -- and. Well again -- precisely this I hear this over and over again from people from -- -- I mean do you think any of the Democrats that they brought against over the years would be. More supportive of the interest of the working man. Then than they are. I don't know -- -- Democrat or a Democrat would be selling out even worse probably and well I don't let's that's -- and good. Weak defense but that's the best I can come up with it. Well I understand that I just I'm I'm just frustrated him like a lot of the. We're all frustrated you know I mean you know you don't 47% of us didn't vote for this. You know right N day and 53% of the American people and they it's going up every day. Have have realized house how well are ridiculous this alleged that national health care plan yes. All right well that's another thing that bothers me are just not but. I thank all taxpayers are frustrated and somehow we need to stand up and get together -- like course starting to open and and instead it just laughing. About this stuff we need to get angry talking about it will you. In the election is in November of 2010 and there's there's there's some mode there's a couple of governor ships that are up in the fall but not states where you were idle Bob Virginia and New Jersey. And -- he you have to get out you have to start throwing some of these people -- I think David Paterson the governor of New York probably is going to lose next -- probably don't lose in the democratic primary I mean this is a desperation play on his part. To be giving out all this stimulus money to welfare recipients. Melissa thanks -- keep was not -- thanks for the call and duck call again well. 18774694322. Colonel hunt you're next with how we cargo ahead colonel. I -- the president of bodyguard nation as a couple points that's being made. It where my attention. But it I want to -- purple thing. Where's your manager and what might get back I mean I don't know where do you do you want so you want magic money this is magic money and this is it a pension kernel is running. The president Al -- -- -- them back -- I want money for -- number one. Does -- do I don't know very simple rule about. Welfare how well tenured you're off a bit amend -- bad. I mean ten years we get people in my lifetime at five generations -- -- fairways are grown up so well for how about just. I'm not gonna meet people like ten years -- Tenure at your family whatever numbers you could have welfare but you've got look at that a lot of money. I thought that I thought most states. I thought they had a -- five years colonel -- there -- earlier more liberal than that a little lot of people wouldn't call used to being congress last decade. Not generations so grown up on while. I knew what and what what lesson does this teach the people in the in New York State okay so you go to work every day and you have two kids. You didn't you do it you 400 box. The person. The person in the text apartment over. Is keeping you awake at night because they do is they have their own party all night because they don't have to go to work in the morning aren't they just got 400 bucks for -- -- kids. -- -- A number. Of -- court ordered a a -- and better. I know he really used -- I don't know if these go do this in Massachusetts they used to was they used to give vouchers and for a for back to school closed welfare recipients we -- your calls from teachers that say we always -- what kids -- run now welfare and their class when -- when school started because there were the ones in the new clothes. And they did the parents you know -- the kids who -- compared to work for a living. -- hand me downs. -- but this even more absurd it's not even a voucher UK it's just it's just cash. -- and. I need to look at the minute long statement criminal con job and if I'd known that while getting welfare. I don't think we're run for president I'm in the mean what what what a -- quite great countries. We wanted to have great kind of the agenda at play slow to get the scandal he walked in office what -- -- I had. What is -- I was girl well then he then it turned out he got a girlfriend tour when he was using state money to was -- -- up -- in in some hotels in the city. Yeah MM -- get that that you Ahmad -- meaning it could well that I don't mind helping people of this country. -- -- -- that's a great thing we do but it's going to be a lot of I don't know by the right there's no increase. If you -- the crease and I just give people don't give a shot which get a call wanted to grow. Five generations a fan of damage the welfare should be done. I know I always say kernel you know you get what you was whenever the government subsidizes -- more of so what are we subsidizing here. In New York State we're subsidizing welfare. -- An -- and you need enough to -- within minutes. The amount of debt and not -- started kind of disgusting that guy would try to -- quite got obviously coming into trouble. I guess people -- really be screaming about that I don't like. The way this money this bailout money means that's just a -- it's not the way to do this any other guide already nailed it. We need jobs to countries doing that it's starting to maybe starting to flatten out we have kidnappings often get back. -- -- And -- well somebody -- jobs and some people got jobs wiring money to welfare recipients yesterday in new York stock. I didn't put some people on overtime colonel. The said the got -- stimulus package in New York work. Thanks for the call -- okay -- care thank you got the message on those tickets right. About climate change bill thank you very much. Are on their way thank you well okay thank 18774694322. I take care people you know I think here he's the president you know. Paterson and Obama give money to welfare recipients I give some Red Sox tickets for colonel hunt. I do what I can let's see this is from the New York Post. Pandemonium plague the launch of a state cash giveaway program yesterday as hordes of low income New Yorkers swarmed banks and check cashing offices. After hearing a false rumor they had only one data retrieved the money. Everyone is saying you have to get the money today or you'll lose it said -- -- -- 51 year old Harlem resident waiting for more than an hour to check cashing spot. On a 116 street access 400 dollars. 200 each -- radiate it to wander free -- -- two kids that the state had deposited into her account for public assistance and food stamps. Back to school expenses. The school. Debra your next with how we cargo ahead Debra. KLA. I'm guessing they liquor stores and a big spike in business yesterday. And heartless. And elsewhere to do and number. Yeah I actually am I work per bank and -- orbit did a bit hard to tell you about elsewhere. Debt at stake in Massachusetts -- -- about rape complaint yeah which blew my mind. And I -- thought on how these programs get put in place you know obviously they're not only is there not publicize. Good meeting with the -- furniture store yeah Boehner. And it was then you end up played quite well we are marble -- thing. And apparently there's some sort of big benefit to give people furniture are. Furniture. Yeah. So they can have free cars they get free furniture. And you know I don't feel good look stupid record Beth I mean I've bought furniture is Salvation Army yard that they held they mean I didn't know like to go get -- brand new leather couch. So don't. So and they told me that when they delivered the uninsured yeah through that program. They really try to make sure it gets inside the apartment because otherwise it's on the sidewalk with a force failed by not. I mean how do a better way. -- what what happened -- what. You know that's a real good question -- that's the better question what happened to us what happened to the United States. You know I mean I I don't like over the so I've been through this sort of explain that a million times until 1967. With welfare was the responsibility of the cities and towns meeting the property taxpayers right. I mean you never have a free furniture program if that if five people were really -- you know having their property taxes assessed. But this I mean these these welfare recipients are calling a free money. Any you -- -- in a way it's the you know what's from the federal government so it is free money right nobody thinks that nobody thinks about but somebody's. Somebody has to pay for this stuff all of this stuff and it's just since you -- may Deborah. I I guess we've just been getting away with bad for the past few decades because we've been so wildly prosper as bad album are running out of money we're stopping and looking at and say okay wait -- Manhattan. We really be giving people a -- -- solos would stand unobserved. You know freaked out saying whatever it on and on and on. Don't forget the cellphone -- A regular program for cellphones thanks for the called number 187746943221. Now. By the way it's New York State. -- the welfare payments earlier this year 10%. So you get it have you got a 10% raise this year he do you want you what you have a fury New York welfare recipient most of us serenade pay -- Pay freeze. As chaos -- yesterday Paterson and billionaire governor Paterson and the guy who gave the and whose budget increased welfare payments 10% earlier in the year. And billionaire finding financier George Soros officially announced the joint 175. Million dollar program first reported in the post. At PS. To a weighed in Harlem. We Bobby we've obviously had the -- resources Paterson said -- the welfare recipients apparently but you can't always do it without conscience. Without the most basic service it will services it will be hard for schoolchildren to educate themselves. -- -- -- big property taxes they. It away with the property tax. Rebate programs in New York State. How about the conscience for them. We'll start put about health care what takes more calls on this if you want we come right back from our car. The air force reserve has some of the most experienced pilots have been all the military and fly all over the world do all sorts.