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Jan 15, 2010|

The story of the Amiraults of Massachusetts, and of the prosecution that had turned the lives of this thriving American family to dust is well known to the world now as an example of over zealous prosecutors more interested in headlines than in justice. Howie speaks with Gerry Amirault...

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W -- period. And then. It's. -- -- from a new balanced world headquarters building. It's spears saw how -- car show. If you're Catholic and and you believe for the -- teaches. You -- -- any form of birth control as -- send. Hey you wanna do that that. -- -- we have a separation of church and they get that lets you could -- yeah in the museums and your religious freedom. What happens. There's no -- they said. People out -- what about that but -- -- that you -- you could have religious freedom movement probably shouldn't work at an emergency you have your Lou boom. Respect is not the Kennedy see who's on the Democrats is that people see Tuesday's election is to fill the term my husband didn't have a chance to complete. But it's not that Kennedy's seat it's the people seem to. Always guitar. A lot of people don't even realize there is an election on Tuesday why it's so important. So I mean -- put on your walking shoes again. Not -- endorse call email tax to tweak and make sure everyone you know understands the stakes for the families from Massachusetts. And our. Now how long runs this guy that is insane there was the slightest possibility of happening the -- bill that is cherished theory. Bob how -- -- W arterial radio network. Why 8774694322. And that is the toll free number of powered car show. Hey we get it Iraq we -- were all voting we're gonna vote if we're not gonna vote. Before 5 PM today we're gonna vote on Tuesday. And the ultimate. Goal here is to then nine EU. The right to rule on our health care system. 1877469432218774694322. That is a toll free number of our car show if you like to join us here this afternoon every weekday afternoon if you like ghosts who show on the Internet. The toll free number is 1877469432. To deter and then if you would like to join us how we cart dot com. And you could almost go to how we cart dot com and take part and listened to a show on the Internet. And how we cart dot com is also where you can go to vote in our Internet poll question we have a very interest in the whole question today. It's amazing. In a state in this state. That is over 50%. Roman Catholic. Present company included. Martha Coakley. Is concerned about. Roman Catholics being allowed to work in the emergency room I'm not kidding this is amazing. She she give an Oreo she won't talk to us which won't come on our show the -- c'mon Ken pigments show on WB SM. -- -- Is a guy who's bill our show occasionally we've seen them on in the Washington DC at the the immigrant they were -- us at 4 o'clock time he well he well. But -- who listened to listen to what Martha Coakley said on the issue of Roman Catholics in the emergency room. You pass simply as -- healthcare bill. Then head conscientious. Objector toward certain procedures including abortion. It wouldn't I don't believe that would be included in the health care bill I don't understand is that -- -- Not I would not pass the bill as Scott Brown. Filed amendment to play good. If people believe that they a lot of provides services that are required under the law and under which is where it was taken individually decides to not follow the Iraq. The answer that we'll put that question is now. -- it's distressing. And that he quit because I'm filed an amended to include the one message you would put I would say. The hospital and emergency room personnel could deny emergency content contraception to women and women have been raped. Right if you're Catholic and and you believe for the -- changes. You know of any form of birth control as a send. Okay you wanna do then done. I never we haven't separation of church and they give them -- -- here yeah in the in the emergency rooms and your religious freedom. Is that what happens at the he brought loud pop and so then you you could have wouldn't disagree gluten. -- shouldn't work at an emergency you have -- okay. Wow indeed. You probably shouldn't work in the emergency room. How is that what you're saying Martha. I know I I know what you said you probably shouldn't work in the emergency room. If you're a devout Catholic that's what it boils down to right. 18774694322. If you would like to vote in our poll question today he'd go to how we cart dot com and click on the how we -- CNB what does the poll question what are the results thus far do you think Catholics should be barred from working in hospitals. -- -- Martha Coakley she's not just the democratic she's a known nothing. Obviously 98%. We don't want Catholics -- from emergency rooms. They talked about political correctness run amok you know she wants. Terrorists. To be allowed to have a trial. In the United States of America not be tried as an enemy combatants but be given all the rights of a of a citizen he blew it not citizens. And yet if you're Catholic or Roman Catholic a -- cap like. She wants you banned from the emergency rooms it's a star Vegas and I'm amazed she's going down four point. 1877469432218774694322. Okay we're joined by Jerrold -- GM world. I'm glad to have you with us cookie -- government hour hey I I I carved on our. When are both cases back and our former. Headquarters. Of the show in honey can avenue. Three cookie many years ago that's and you know he's your guy who was. Totally innocent who was -- in that you did seventeen years. Is that correct seventeen years ten months there. And I and I told you off I'm -- time I'm I've been framed by the Massachusetts you know corrupt judicial system but you know -- make it big money. You know -- I can go home I'm for I'm a free man I'm just I'm being framed and a civil sense but. You know you you were in prison. For seventeen years plots almost eighteen years and Martha Coakley. Conspired. To keep you win the cans and even though everybody in the world. Knew your innocent is that is that is that accurate. Well that's very accurate yeah she -- felt the arm when I was granted a commutation by the put upon -- the parole board. Xian. -- good people and went to the swift governor swift and asked her in ought to try to affect your decision and she was successful. Yeah kept me imprison fractured 22 plus years huh like prop before the probe what am -- regular parole and I was granted that thank goodness. Welcome to the -- about the case I mean we all know you know the the fells the fells Acre day care center are. It was it was one of these things where it is where everybody was into at that point. -- you know this this. Hysteria. Yes well yet started with the McMartin case in California which started about eight months prior to my case it was one of the costliest trials in US history and he went on the pretrial hearing went on for almost two years yeah because it was so many defendants there was hundreds and hundreds of children that were accusing. These people but what happened was they dragged it out for long enough that the media caught up with the case and started to expose it for what it really was. And fortunately I mean they spent the -- spent about five years awaiting trial but they were completely. Freed on her it is honoring yup yup and in my case came right after that and end there was a handful of cases probably about six or seven there was little rascals. In the Carolinas that was the week here -- Kelly Michaels in that it was like. They believe that there was this you know. Concerted effort by -- you -- at stake here owners of molesting children and some satanic ritualistic. Abuse which is totally ridiculous. And -- how how does Martha Coakley figure into the Earth's well I mean she was part of that whole crew over at Middlesex County I mean it was Scott Harshbarger was the district attorney at the time of my trial. And Tom -- was his first assistant in the other hand off the one to the next person you know Bryant. Tom Reilly who became the district -- right and then it then he became the attorney general has been an Hashemi Kidman she moved up right looks like the elks club all right it's a -- moved up to be from being an assistant to being the district attorney of Middlesex to being the attorney general. Exactly and when it came time for me to go from my commutation hearing -- I had heard Paul salute you make a comment about my case. That made me really hopeful that I could maybe have a chance that a commutation because he believed that the case was had serious questions you know because it was so much notoriety -- -- -- rises -- Judge bodman judge Bornstein Expos in the -- evidentiary hearings and stuff. So I asked my ways to go forward the commutation requests it's very rare in this state that hasn't been one given out for a case like mine probably 2530 years. I was -- the unanimous vote by a five the not the decision. To have the hearing that's the first step in the process the second step is to get the governor to sign off in the third and final step would have been the governor's council. She chose think you know try to get in the way and it by going up and getting their parents to go before swift and ask for her not to run an awful that's right so basically. You -- your being exonerated. But she stepped then to. To prevent you from getting a a commutation. The would have ended this astounding injustice exactly. How many extra years -- did you do I don't like I don't know the -- numbers it was it. More than two. Was a little over two more years because I would I I didn't become eligible for parole -- seventeen years and in ten months seventeen years sex I had to do to -- our viewers do stuff. A rape and eight or nine children had eight counts I believe of rape and art and seven counts of indecent assault and battery. An important what you did was you you'd change the diaper -- well it a little boy who was about four years old. During nap period had what himself and I changed him. It has -- he's your parents' -- get had sent overt new clothes cook hit his parents had because he wasn't a -- very -- you say that the other yeah this little boy we had donated clothes because of kids having accidents did. Wear sweaters and occasionally you'd need close obviously to put on him. You know gonna send a child home and soiled pants right so we had extra clothes just in case an emergency came like this. This little boy took a -- Wendy -- himself. I changed them wipe them off what you would do any little you know child. And this that process. Is what caught me. Where I am today because some real -- -- -- three or four months later the little boy supposedly was showing. Behavioral -- all due to his -- sexual have a sexual play with his little cousins somethin'. And she had an brother had them less than at a camp when they were kids so they asked and asked him a question that anything ever happens here at the school. He said well this man to key touch me over here. And Ali was telling them is what happened when he wet his pants but they panicked they call the hotline the hotline called the moment please the -- I was arrested in two days to rape a child. The rest -- sister. No investigation whatsoever John rivers and John -- came to my school. And arrested me for rape of a child on a hotline for call not asking I had 65 kids in my school every day. Teachers in every classroom -- wasn't even a teacher at the school. And I was arrested for -- child and the rest is history I can go on and on that Gary complicated what what do you think of Martha Coakley. Well I I think that what she should die she talks about accountability. And and and having character and stuff like. Having character and accountability would be owning up to something like this. Everybody knows this cases and an injustice beyond anything that's ever happened in Massachusetts probably -- owning up to so Mike this. I I don't think she'd never have the courage to do some like that and I just don't think it would have happened joining me who you're voting for struck around. All my family friends everybody I know will be vote for Scott Brown no question and not because just because of the case she's a good man -- you I'm look I'm 55. 55. How many years did you do. Seventeen years ten months spyware when I was 31 and came out when I was just. The one who might go. That's horrible there but it's not ultimately her fault but she helped she held back railroad you pray. I mean she's the attorney general Massachusetts she could convene an investigation into my case and look go to the real truth. If she she wanted to it's happened in other states. She has that power she's the head of our force and office for the state of Massachusetts. You know people to. Here this case fells -- day care center to to the Salem witch trial and you know just I mean just that hysteria. If it evolved in in in the same area actually -- and what would you would you compare it. Are there is no question I mean that there's similarities that are just unbelievable I was. The day I was convicted July 19 19861. Of the which is was executed on that day was -- On the same date and my wife when she went to Salem saw that on one of the placards there I guess and told me about it. This unbelievable ironies in in and freaky things that are over there in that museum and actually the curator of the museum is related to one of the people that were supposedly which is back then that was killed. And he -- knew I was in prison. And and told me how he he believed that what was happening to me was so like the witch hunts of of the 1700 -- what. Would you say the Martha Coakley if you were if you were listening or she is closely right now. Well you know it's too bad that nobody in that district attorney's office seven took the time to know who we were in -- mean it I was arrested. And basically I was just a court case after that you know and I mean they didn't know -- they didn't know my fi only no one took a chance. To coming in seemed like there we were married I had kids. I mean nothing from my past. And you know it yet you -- believe my whole -- we just became profiles all the same time mother at 61. -- 31 in my sister at 27. Out of the blue after we ran a daycare center for thirty plus years. It's ludicrous. I mean I don't know what was happening and with these people it's. It's. The great feather in her cap in terms of running for office but you don't your life is destroyed. Your sister's life is destroyed your mother's life it's -- Right bully you you say. There are really destroyed I mean what happened to us is unbelievable we don't let it destroy yes we never would and when you say it's a feather in the cap you know what's. Ironic is when you think about this case and how big it was and they go -- convictions on every single count. On all three defendants. And not one of these people while running for higher office whether it be attorney general and governor. Ever used it in any of their advertisements. -- -- -- nanny case and they use you know the the O'Brien case why not -- -- cases being that he -- from -- -- why -- -- a case. I think I know why. And I think many people know what would you say to her I mean it's it's -- to -- I don't know what I would Stater you know. I wouldn't be disrespectful but I would say geez I just wish you really knew who we were. You know and I mean I really I really wish you knew who we were and what I -- like as a person. You know because they don't even know me. I'm just that docket number to them and a conviction that song they have no clue what kind of person I am. You know they want you to believe that all the people across the country you committed all these heinous crimes just gave it up. You've never heard of any of these people are involved in these big cases ever get a read you know recharged. Because. When Europe how to fight just don't give it up. You know I think what it's not like given up soda or something you know I mean it's just ridiculous. What do you say to her army she wants to be in the US senate she wants to cast a vote. To protect Obama's health care policy to -- A fact. -- I'm being. Very. Positive and saying you got back. -- wants to destroy the health care systems are -- there. And yet she she has. It would do great not much is Tom -- not as much as Scott Harshbarger but you're right she's part of this. Organization in Middlesex County. No -- she's she is using -- was a stepping stone what do you think I mean. It's costumes seventeen. Years of your life mean again I understand. You know. I can't even you know I'm door in my own bed. But it's nothing compared to what you've done. Aren't you know while we. I go beyond my conviction today I was convicted because those people controlled my conviction I had no control over that took on a life of its own. But I can control how I dealt with it from the point in my conviction forward. And because I have a beautiful family a wife that stuck by me that we've been together for almost forty years now because you went -- elementary school together. And I have three beautiful children that I loved dearly have two grandchildren now and my life is very good I don't let that kind of stuff get in the way of me having a good life. Would you tell Obama the guy he's covenant to campaign for her wish Obama economy doesn't talk to us and I think -- changes -- describe brown -- a vote. 18774694322. Were talking that -- -- -- -- he was a railroad it. Amid this thought this Norway reported he was railroaded. He did seventeen years for a crime he didn't commit. This was another a modern day Salem witch trial and and and now while Martha Coakley wants to run. And wants to be elected to the US senate she's the underdog at this point and yet you know who knows how it's gonna turn out 18774694322. You wanna take some calls. Yes I'd love to I love talk at 18774694322. Tim your -- with Howie -- took -- -- -- go ahead them. -- -- -- BA it is right in my car to western that it may be madder matters the average day shall not I mean that railroading it some -- Opel but the cult going to. You know what really bugs me at the it back of people lose sight of the fact that even people. You know the -- and office idol but they're just people opinion -- -- and unfortunately they the government that. Permission liken it to eight split they have their own agenda image her renders its funny that. You know I'm looking out -- western mass. I get a level three sex offender or from my neighborhood. I can't even get their address because they're protected and this guy was railroaded simply because so -- Well -- lot of other people at this gender just the ticket for the sky to against Iran reject it used. Gary eighty where's the accountability. For this format and other -- Isn't it isn't astounding bit this that this woman says okay we've got to treat these illegal these illegal aliens who word coming at the country. Who want to bomb. -- for you know just forget it. Illegal aliens one just come and go on welfare but she wants to give. Every right. To these people it to the two I have a public defender and be tried in Boston or in DC -- New York City who tried to kill us. And yet here's took -- -- sit across from me. An innocent American citizen and she has no problem with the railroad yeah. Yeah I don't understand how common sense is a big deal would make me it's very black and white common sense is common sense unfortunately the government as to what they called it. So tight wait nobody can think clearly that act if you want the tried terrorist get equal rights is she kidding -- I mean it's cult where Egypt in the same way. You know horse that that the judge -- just got voted in that. -- It it was a big New Haven, Connecticut case with the fire and sort of my. US Supreme Court again just human being. What opinions. Right that edit they're cheap -- all totally totally fabricated this call download it they do you think. Right she is she she -- wrong people I mean you know -- -- -- to see things in that terms of you know. Protecting your ethnic group or not protect Europe -- -- but she she screwed. Fellow Hispanics. Not anywhere she's getting right now for that reason alone it it's just been a our receipt not feel so bad it is -- Because I remember this case and again railroaded not. -- quite a bit of personal let's look at that it's a little bit more. Now I have an agenda of dull dull aren't gonna I'm gonna put the -- all I could care less so this guy -- but if I can come out because trying to children are all. So everybody gets emotional at. Well you're right Tim yeah you're exactly right because what happened back in the day when this case started there was no sensibility. These people should a step back first of all I should have been afforded investigation my school had been in existence for over twenty years my mom had been in the field. For thirty plus she is could she worked at other daycare centers. So when you get an accusation on a hotline phone call. Why don't you give a Ford might -- him who'd been in the community for over twenty years with a stellar wreckage. Professional investigator but they these people didn't do that so. Like you said this there was no sensibility and and then to think that my whole family. My mother my sister myself we're gonna just one day wake up and say let's become tough fights. It's just unbelievable. Where -- where did you do your time. I I spent the body and a half years up at the director house of correction because they were trying to protect me because I was a high profile -- -- Country yeah there's -- -- Narnia but you know I was it was a good place for me to DL I played softball with a lot of guys who worked as correctional officer up this so. They did didn't they knew I was innocent you know they believed in me even before all of the media. Started to catch up with the case of the documentaries and stuff and so was it a kind of a comfortable place if you can say that imprisoned. And then I went down position they shipped all the inmates out of state inmates out of on direct I went on the Plymouth Rock. Approximately five and a half years and then I started to get like let about the. Not my Barack Obama had done a great -- I was -- five and a half years now and guys would send me letters they would send into the street that I would get him in my presence and you can come to state prison. Everybody knows you've you've you've got railroaded you don't have to worry come that they stay so I went that they state correctional center. And it was a great move from because there's in general population. I learned my bachelor's degree from Boston University so was a wonderful. Place to be if you can have a wonderful place to be -- it's like up. It used to be a really good place that they wouldn't send people live that would troublemakers. -- I was kind of he had to have a certain kind of wreck isn't so much time. So I I was fortunate about that in -- -- so what does make you think that you know here's Martha Coakley. The president of the United States is coming in this weekend that campaign for her this is -- woman again. She's not the you know. The suspect number one in flaming you but she was involved that. What do what does that make you think with the president this coming -- that to try to get her like that to the US senate. Right I mean I understand politics and I understand the media because they've been a product of it for so long now and I didn't really have an -- -- to be -- share were saying never have to learn. But you know unfortunately it became upon in my life and and it's just what happens I mean. These people supporting each other it's just the way it goes I mean just like rush by -- would. Do whatever he could for Riley Riley would do it and you know whatever he could file -- and so burden on exactly. They're not gonna ever changed. They could never admit that what they did was wrong but yet my case changed all the methods of how they deal with children when they interviewed him. When my case went down. There wasn't any forensic psychologist and and and child sexual assault units in in the district attorney's offices. They didn't know how to question kids so they what they did was they badgered them over and over again for months and months until they said what they wanted to say then they rewarded it. If it's just like I mean the simplest explanation as we can get any little child the Malaysian cynical -- You think when mishap. But it was still you know -- what do what was your first reaction when you realized I could be going to prison for changes at some kid's diaper. Right I mean you know it it's such a slow process I mean in the beginning you think okay you know this is gonna go away I mean they gonna come they're gonna see what -- happened. But then you stop the realized is I'm not a stupid person that you know this is taken on a life of its all my status -- in the they're newspaper accounts. Of naked swim comprising kiddie pornography rings in all these like I was like where is just come across. But we knew was coming from the district attorney's offices and people read that stuff and a lot of people read the newspaper and think it's like the dictionary. You know they think it's factual so when I went to trial I think Hillary had a preconceived notion of who I was so I it was difficult to get a fair trial. 18774694322. We're here with Tolkien were all these 44. Screw up from. 18774694322. Of how we -- Go to WRK dot com it's got right to be York fairness. 1877469432. Through you know that Scott Brown is now ahead in the in the polls. By four points of Barack Obama is coming in on this weekend there's no patriots. Playoff game. But there are people around to move who have been victimized. Or winning a way to put it by Martha Coakley. The attorney general former district attorney of Middlesex County one of them is Jerrold took -- world. End he he did seventeen years for -- he did not flat out. Did not commit. And you know it's one thing you know sometimes you have evidence you have yeah you have somebody saying something that isn't true we we all understand that. Yeah but. In this case. He was about to get out and what does she do to use them. What what she did was I was granted a commutation. And the next step in the process is to get us digit did the -- governor that the state obviously Iran to sign off on it and she. Rallied some of the people who were involved in my -- got them the go up to the state house and talk to -- affect her decision. Jane swept yeah yup the salute she went on to be -- ambassador -- again you did extra time I didn't include a two year two plus years. Even though everybody and I you know I'm not you know why I don't the government. Piling on here everybody knew at that point you were innocent or lots of people do. But those kind of people they don't they're never gonna admit that you know and I mean it's too big for that this case is too big to say I made a mistake. Just doesn't happen now. Barbara Anderson says I had everything except what Jane Swift Martha Coakley intervention was responsible for -- bad decision no doubt in my mind. No question you -- two more years that's very. And patty says you're interview was amazing to bed mister Amaral. Had to had to go through this Martha of the all the which -- -- -- my whole family is voting for Scott Brown we're gonna win the people's voice will be heard on Tuesday. Martha has more to -- compassion for terrorists -- for for mr. amoral what do you what do you think when you see that these. These debates it she's talking about all we have the we have skip all of these rights. To these terrorists we have to bring them back I didn't even I am dumbfounded -- I I can't believe that she would give. More rights to terrorists that she would to our own citizens. Forget Euro our assess how well you know me I know I know. You write you this is seventeen years old for crime you didn't commit that yeah it's amazing I don't understand that I really don't. It's it's mind boggling 18774694322. Carrier Macs with how we guard -- -- -- -- going to carry. Got Mikey how can I wait I like Turkey Turkey. Comic -- set again now I won't try to get a job in the emergency. Now you better not -- combined. Who wear their work -- anyone to bring a bomb and that's why should open up your rights to the to the end before but you don't shoot up. Well I'm having I'm having this discussion with my west coast security side who. Instead Tokyo on the -- I don't wanna party a technicality. I tell him no that it was a lot of -- reputation at the time you have a -- -- not defending him. Listen not to let me tell you technicality I -- I was released on my -- on an appeal issue I did my time. I did all I did two thirds of my blog numbering and was paroled by the probe would. There was no technicality -- health. Yeah US that you are -- OK that's. Appearance with the pro war right of course. -- my time in -- in your your have been exonerated aren't on your caught and convicted you're a jail -- I'm I'm on -- I'm a level three sex offender I have a bracelet on my ankle. I have a curfew every night from 11:36 in the morning I'm polygraph exam every six months I have to not that I'm on GPS but yet I still have to keep a log. Everywhere right -- time I leave where -- It's unbelievable anytime you travel out of the state you have to have a travel permit -- to go the police department checked in so when I hear about these people that are around the state that. Level three sex offenders it I don't know I don't know where there'll I don't know where they get this supervision but believe me out more supervise now than I was imprisoned. Many -- bucket yeah enough is no cruelly tyrannies by Darth you have been Lewis was -- Published in 2003. I believe. It's called no cooler tyrannies. Okay thank you welcome. -- you know -- now we're talking about this last night you know someone called and it said you know why that you guys make it more a case about the you know might make a Mormon issue out of cookie amoral it's too complicated yeah but why don't you who it. If you can in thirty seconds just described it -- two year old spot. Here for a Scott Brown versus. Martha Coakley. Well I think I just think -- -- much more qualified I mean he's you know he's he's an attorney he's been in the legislature for number years. He on the issues she seems like he's very very knowledgeable of what he wants to Massachusetts. He he seems like he has a better plan he he believes that the plan that's the another health clear -- plan. Can be reworked and done in a better way so we and it doesn't bankrupt us and we don't end up paying for other states. You know they're not running the health care properly properly. So you know -- and that respect and you know the whole other issue you know what these people and what she represents. As far as my family's concern I just want people when they go to the voting -- to remember my mom. And all the dedication and hot -- I'll call -- was she when she died she died when she was 7304. I believe a seven before. My mother dedicated her life to caring for children and families in my home town mall than in the tri city area and she went it to the camp and that she went to prison for eight years and in these people flush my mother's hold replaced with a worked on the toilet. On on this craziness. Yeah you know and and I want people to remember my mum when they go to the voting Booth. Okay we're gonna take a break we'll come back with Rudy Giuliani 18774694322. On how we are. Stop waiting. 18774694322. Cookie will -- -- -- in the next hour and who keep taking your calls and this is. This is an amazing miscarriage of justice agenda waiting for Rudy Giuliani won -- the former mayor of New York City will yeah he's been disconnect -- What makes more calls on this in it's just. You know as I said it you know it's one thing and when you when you beat somebody on. You know whether or not. On on. You know -- that the the game was three and a half points in the win by four points but. This is like this is Bob and guys like. This about seventeen years of this guy's life and it's it's gone in an -- don't anybody. You know -- if it sounds callous to say this but anybody can make a mistake. But it's one thing to make a mistake but you have to be you have to be a Mench. Yet to be a man about this make it a mistake. 18774694322. We don't everywhere this right now we've been disconnected to what part two minute in a while. Dennis your Macs with Howie Carr and cookie -- go ahead that's. How into the I'm sorry for everything went through listen though the murder of an eleven year old appear a bit about 1999 at 2000. While the father of the victim and -- -- the casket of the of the victim and cried no no no. The word leaked out that he had a criminal record and another statement I would call it. Coakley is you know -- never shy to take up an opportunity to get her name in the headlines. Convened a press conference on the -- in the district court in recited chapter and verse. The -- as criminal record as the fiesta but to do with that and all of us that knew him knew he'd gotten that he had nothing to do they all the while she was in possession of this circumstantial evidence -- used to conclude that a guy who later committed suicide was the perpetrators of the crime. Yet -- you know she allowed the speculation to continue about the girl's father. -- -- and you know the guy was the increase in the and she was just doing -- can get her name in the headlines and a better -- A disgraceful politician like -- have been tarred and feathered. Well you know she also I have been hearing on the radio that she roamed the case that of a police officer that had. Violated got -- we -- rebel. With a with a curling -- -- and because that I guess the thanks to the guy's father was a big week in the in the in the union and a big contributor or something to do with it you know campaigning. She never took it forward until Leoni took over and he got the guy a life sentence. Right in the end the the that is the mother of the child that was violated hired -- there refers only. Who was that the Coakley family lawyer in the I was so popular for is always -- -- -- That's why you ran against there. Wong four years ago I mean he he didn't he didn't need to do that he was dying at the time but it was so appalled at the fact that she would. -- home basically try to -- the case because the that was connect that yeah it's amazing. I mean you you know you did seventeen years for nothing in this guy is is that is a -- that -- Crennel like that could you know he was convicted Abbott. She didn't even compressed for any kind of Bob bond for him he got personal recognizance. How -- believe. It's and it's just it's just shocking. In the you know she's running around saying that you know she's she's a crime fighter she's -- like gangbusters. OK we hope to have. Rudy Giuliani with us after the what he was on a plane getting ready to take -- when he called site thinks happened happened bowed to the -- -- thought okay. Or we'll hear from -- but. You'll -- around. Sure felt day 187746943. Doo doo Ron -- -- The Wednesday. Yeah. 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In lockstep with the Washington Republicans. Out of step with -- Massachusetts. Paid for by Coakley for senate. I'm Martha Coakley candidate for senate and I approve this message -- Laura Ingram -- and Rush Limbaugh -- moon. This news milestones talks there.