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Christy Mihos with Howie

Jan 22, 2010|

Christy Mihos joins Howie to talk about his gubernatorial race.

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Broncos during your from a new Reynolds world headquarters building. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think what's happened is neat. Obama Pelosi Reid machine misread the meaning of the 2006 and 2008 elections they went way too far the last days. Drove home kind of authoritarian. Style of government. Then enraged people and they decided to pick a fight over health care then maximize the country's sense of anxiety during a time we -- 10%. Who might still stage and they add. You're low. Is my assessment of not just about Massachusetts but the move around the country. The same thing that struck Scott Brown an office -- me in the office people are angry and they're frustrated. Not just because of what's happened last year or two years but. For seven or let's say here's how we -- three speakers that were indicted. Three senators that are resigned in disgrace him out of control taxation spending. And Massachusetts. You couple that would what's being proposed nationally. People are angry and tired of the backroom deals they want transparency and among good government. They want fairness in our panelists are working some. Color guard WRKO. Radio networks. 8774694322187746943. Can do. So we had US senator elect Scott Brown what this -- about ten minutes I would say last hour. So we want them tomorrow will have amend sometime early next week and he'll take some calls for ma you the end we're looking forward to it. He's he's already working hard. And it's it's just a great great time. And I just you know I'd I just can't believe he's not going to the state of the state tonight where there's so much but don't you feel the excitement in the -- I wherever you go people that they were say I wonder what Governor Patrick will be talking about the night in of the state of the state it's. It's so meaningful you know and and and when he compares himself to Scott Brown. He so articulate. But in my theory but this is that he -- he wants to just you know everybody else's comparing themselves to Scott Brown right. So he says I'm I'm Scott Brown though. But -- realizes that if he says he Scott brow and then people are gonna say. I don't remember Scott -- promising was gonna cut my real estate taxes that he was elected but he's he's halfway into his sentence so he has the stumble forward in indeed stumble. Is what he does I. Feel a lot of I think I did some familiar. Experiences. If you London I'm not saying exactly right it's in his familiar experiences that I sense. Between Scott Brown's victory last night and my own three years ago you know -- against the -- it was with -- all of the political insiders saying it can't happen. And it was about. Inviting people many of whom feel disenfranchised to reconnect. Familiar experiences I remember when I was a kid on the south side Chicago and I was a victim of a sense of street crimes someone bounced an empty Coke -- off my hand. And it's the same time they threw an empty Pepsi cans and my. White amigo. Scott Brown. That's a familiar experiences. That we shared grown up. In the mean streets. -- Dick -- at least Chicago must've been a -- to pick up truck stolen that coat can still unsure but it took. Well those are racist. Cop rocks. Well my god this is just it's just too good is just too good and and -- Menino talking about the wave of anti anger out there. That's just great stuff. All right joining us now for this last hour of the show tonight is -- me OC is the Iran one of -- were Republican candidates for governor. And they ran for governor as an independent in 2006. And he's here tonight that two YE answer your questions to sort of reintroduce himself to the at the general public. And he he's again he's he'll be hero our and so what the any questions form. And he brought your presence he did he brought some mob almost some chicken wings -- regular chicken wings for everybody else in some boneless chicken wings for -- I'm not I'm not in the bones. Our shelves or -- -- I'm not right I spent enough time we shelves when I was a kid and -- main showing other people's lobsters now right now -- now someone can show -- -- -- from a I've seen you go it oysters -- don't give -- says stuff that you know that's right yeah I like -- like -- that right -- was -- who are doing by the -- -- -- -- -- -- in the -- get more oysters -- excellent -- -- has great -- rule on oysters rule he had read out and oysters. 18774694322. So it -- -- running again for governor. Just watching my state go down the tubes even worse than it was back in in 06 is just not a spectator sport so. I'm just ready to do what we've been out this since April 30 that we think we have the right message. And I'm pinching myself each and every day that does things are working. Certainly to our benefit -- with the issues and these we were talking about back in 2006. We were proven right. This health care for all that who is passes just become a budget buster really you you take a look at the the way the transportation is run in this state the increase in the sales tax by 25%. Unemployment ticked up again today and and it is just it's a harsh also you just don't steal on the sidelines when you're state is going down the -- don't forget the alcohol sales oh my god up there on top of the excise -- yup -- and just say it's like an insult. It well it is indeed if you go up by the New Hampshire border I call that. The vortex of retail hell up there it's just you know folks who -- they may as well not be in business as you just can't compete so. That's why I put a lot of money into the US sales tax several back two to 3% it's gonna be questioned one on the ballot November 2010. That's -- howls that's right that's right and it. It'll put 688. Dollars per that average taxpayer right in their pocket down by rolling it back to a 3% and -- governor can't do that but the people of the commonwealth connect can vote for that and and this time -- audible is titled re create some real jobs it'll send a message that Massachusetts. Will be more competitive than any other state -- around it except for our New Hampshire so I -- if you're a business person down NC can't cut. People run around the pay 7% sales tax he'll come right over to -- conduct and by their wares and everything in in Massachusetts. Now how we get Carla Howell is the sponsor of this referendum question number one and how are you getting along with her you know what she did last week she sent out this email blasts to walk her supporters saying that don't vote under any circumstances for Scott Brown. -- I mean it I know in the in the end -- he won but that was not helpful -- not not nothing is helpful when you're all try to go the right way and. The right way from Massachusetts in the country was certainly. To elect a -- proud United States senator. But you know she she does certain things -- -- -- was where there on question one it in the last election when we tried to I. But. To rollback taxes and make us state more affordable allow you can't -- He -- cool that one. Not Charlie Baker has -- are running mate senator Richard to say the hunt do you ever running mate now I want the people to make that decision but there there are gonna be more people entering this this -- I can tell you that much. Now why why why do you think that -- people would vote for you would set of but Charlie Baker. Well. The first of all if you -- looking for an insider. Vote for one the other three candidates one raise your taxes one lost billions of dollars of state pension fund in the stock market. And -- a -- Republican opponent. -- to the Big Dig highway finance planned and as age and CEO of they have major healthcare organization. Raise rates double digits for ten straight years he was part of the develop Patrick -- transition team. A leading healthcare -- 06 and 07 so. But you know he's an insider type Republican and and you're gonna get status quo with either one of them. You want someone it to go up it's a proven fighter who -- who put his own bath money on the line but at the turnpike authority fighting that battle and all. You've seen in action and am a small business person I don't care really how about big business I care about small businesses tax -- jobs. And I think I can speak to those issues better than a health -- executive can speak two to the issues for Massachusetts. Now only did we all know the old saying that money he is the mother's milk of Pollack it is and he raised. Huge tons amount of of money right more than the incumbent governor even -- the incumbent governor brought in the president of the United States and you were you raised I know you have a lot of year old money -- you raised a a pittance. Compared to Charlie Baker a wreck last quarter I I did and how well that didn't in December rarely weekly pretty well shut down November December wheat we. Basically I don't like the Coakley campaign and I actually wish -- got to go help Scott and I really any if we had fundraisers. Anything they came to a -- another Republican candidate would really come modest Scott's. Side -- the -- certainly so. I went to work there are making calls it his in his -- headquarters. Throughout throughout east Massachusetts and I've I think I've written about 400000 dolls with the checks so far. What we're gonna we're gonna have the money how -- really Scott Brown. Had 40000 -- is what he spent on this primary use outspent ten to one anyone at 921 right. He had virtually nothing going into it right but the last thirteen and -- the last ten days. He raised what thirteen million dollars or so right. So isn't the money is the message and I'm I am not gonna raise money like my that the became a national campaign this is not gonna become a national candidate well who knows it it may but you know I'm glad it became a national campaign because. Job one was electing Scott Brown if if Scott Brown -- would have to have lost. And another Democrat had steamrolled him. And us and I'll it would have been Abu much more difficult for Republicans to attain the -- -- this -- but really what way are gonna have the money. It's not going to be that that that that problematic and all. But it's it's really the message and I am certainly not gonna collect money from the same people that the other three -- collecting from the collecting money from people. That they are going to overseeing government that they gonna regulate those folks are gonna give to meet you think any health care. I do is they shouldn't. Is gonna give to Mira banker or out of Boston white -- lot firmer contract it is gonna give to my campaign absolutely not -- They -- running 8880. 88 populist campaign they don't wanna hear what we have to say. 187746943221877469432. Do you wanna take some calls you're the boss. K I if you're gonna get some calls so I'll just ask you the question right out argued that 2006 campaign -- are gonna get blamed yup Vermont be losing yet. So would want answered before we go to the calls or you wanna wait for a call -- also only answered this way if you know anything about math. You know if you put everybody's votes together it wouldn't happen it was it was just. The the press gave this guy an absolute past. He said nothing he was whispering promises and inundated as we nothing -- in those days he was beginning complete sentences -- like this this morning that he was. And the issue decked out we didn't and that there was no Republican primary back in 06 put Kerry Healey. To sleep really April may June July August September the first time I saw Kerry Healey. -- anybody did. Eddie Eddie candidates Foreman always says September 25 the so I think when we all went on to fox and we had the fox type of debate and that's what everybody remembers but that we get. We had battled it -- thirty times prior to that with the other three Democrats and the and the Green Party candidate death brought the comet will also. I did what I wanted to do I felt the party left me back in those six. And you know I I think right now -- Very spirited primary for the top of the ticket. Will absolutely. And let these citizen patriot groups coalesce around another Republican again. And will be in the news each and every day we're having a great primary as opposed to being a sleeper are you gonna have any problems in the 15%. Not at that that can now -- vision and the tomorrow listeners may not know this. You that you need 15%. Of the delegates to the state Republican -- toward Democratic Convention to note for you. To get a spot on the primary ballot to be there. You're you're confident that I am very confident out I'll be out with Kryptonite we -- In Brockton last night we had people and end up in a number of these things things look very good and people are really picking up the fact that. A spirited primary where they won't be any on the Democrat side the independent -- the they'll be asleep. Having a a spirited primary between baker and myself each and every day in the news going at it on the issues and I'll will be something that'll bring these people. You you don't wanna let this -- I unit you need a -- dissent and itchy and that's what a primary -- do. 187746943. To -- the guy -- Jackie Robinson really helped. Scott Brown without question and I mean in the way was the way he had Jackie was hitting them from the right to a -- it made -- seem like a really reasonable fell you know you've known Scott as I have for a long time he he has become. But in the last few weeks and months really he became a statesman he had this race in this dignity. And he was so well spoken he was measure that he was cool under under fire and I'll he became senatorial. He he is right now I would daresay. Probably the best known senator in the United States and he's not even a United States senator yet he stole my state senator. You know -- I just feel thankful for what he did in the sacrifice he's gonna make going back and forth living down there you have and give up his law practice. He's got a great family you know that that he sees every night now it's not gonna be that's -- he's got those little the FB dogs. My note that even smaller. I I understand that yet in my pugs could kick your -- but though I now to slanderous and now 18774694322. Casey you're next with how we card Christie -- house call ahead Casey. Hey how we appreciate your day. Here's one delegate speaking -- pornography I'm telling you that I I I think this election has been great field what what -- almost got run because. That was an anti insider -- of -- are -- here and you are it and you are not inside elect Charlie Baker. You know -- naked and undesirable side of the street. I would've had to -- his game and wool over the Osama. King was there with Jennifer and absorb all of inside -- -- had -- -- GOP of them 85 Merrimack street. Any candidate that -- all that on one side of the coin many undecided according we're gonna Deval Patrick's transition team you know we get. It's easier you Colin from headquarters you are you reading off the talking points memo there. I know you -- look -- buildup inside it lately he has -- and I bankruptcies the typical Massachusetts you don't became underdeveloped -- -- com about all the Democrats and quoted another. Well apparently nobody here -- So that I -- -- plant all sides of the street on the inside. Could -- -- so great it we have act immediately and -- up Obama political favors and and that's what about the you can say about Christie's. -- Casey let me tell you about insider versus outsider in Scott Brown's election precinct thirteen. On -- caught in Hyannis Port which is Ted Kennedy's home precinct on the tape right. Went for Scott Brown how do you like that for insider versus outsider. Deputy Internet great Christie you know bill that that would have been the change in the tide changes that it -- they don't want to be genocide is just part of what I'll slide -- That no 111 confuse me would be an inside a Casey thanks for I call Casey. The lucky dog -- -- thank you. Thanks KC 1877469432218774694322. Steve action warnings here compliment say hey guy took a long time that document north. He's a Harold guy you know our you know our motto is barreled right -- -- for free. It's. Total coverage final wisdom free -- Effective at at. Yeah I stole that from hunter Thompson but it applies it certainly does apply to The Herald who overall -- area for phone gem here next with how we guard Kristi males go ahead -- -- -- I you have this is so much stop revenue that would -- Castro Kristy says the Republican Party left field. Yes if we must do that why you are Republicans to. -- that wanted to -- really reenergize it build it back up find candidates that wouldn't wanna run. I've been try to find them I've taken a pledge that anything that the piety. Collects and all that. It it usually a million have to two million bucks in every election cycle gem. I want that to go to the people that are running for a state senate and in the and for state rep and all. That's what we need we don't need anymore show horses went down to four senators. In the Senate. And sixteen reps in the house. No what's the difference between the party now and before -- for marquee star runner up against you know read you read despite the parody like yeah and the you got what you wanted to get a chuckle we had to -- -- and I mean I don't always but the full field usage wanted to spirited. Primary could have that last year you wanted to speech could have LSU I would vote if you Alice -- would go and eventually you would want the nomination. Gem I wouldn't even even gotten my 15% at the convention. I think well I've had I've had offices of the state body. I told me you'd never would've gotten -- let this why ask you if you thought you can get at this time zone trying to figure out what the differences this year as opposed to last year because it's a whole different crew up there right now that fled their appetites and lead with eight a wind from Scott Brown we've got some great candidates that I wanted to do you know. Well that that's your opinion and you can vote any which way you want but we're in this fight. And weren't in this fight to stay we're gonna get -- 15% will be on the ballot you can vote against me. -- okay thanks -- 18774694322. Paul you're next with Howie Carr. And -- meals go ahead Paul. Okay now we're -- Longtime fan of both of yours. Thank you thank you Anna bought my real question was we gotta create contact but I guess. You already have that you're against it so. You know my question Q now is that down or actually -- Well I would say is. -- happy when he was the Republican Party because myself out just disgusted by the Republican Party led off with you left. I don't know do got people who put this. Tuesday. People are I voted -- -- routers simply because Christie and eat out jacket the Republican not ID. Well that that that shouldn't be the reason that Scott Scott was a great candidate he's been a great senator. And he's he's just really gonna show the people of the country what Massachusetts is really all about. -- you know what. One of those that people that don't have health insurance right now anyway so while I wish. Not that -- we Obama would just leave me alone. What are Paul what do you mean you don't have helping you gotta have health insurance I just had so I just had a sign that stupid ass document but I have to sign every year. Tonight the I have hell I don't have health insurance from the radio station. And I have to sign -- I think it's under pains and there was a perjury that I. How how well Tom what I don't. When they've got now a lot log -- point anyway that's 18 commvault yeah it includes people of when they've got law actually register that you can't sure there's some people are deductibility of Massachusetts. And you know. I'm not I'm not gonna pay that particular -- -- English and I don't have it and I don't care I don't want it. I don't know -- the big deal leave me alone stay out of my backyard let me. Hey Paula let me just tell you I was seven breakfast would -- I'm -- last week this great spot that we go to. And the the this fellow came up to me he says you know I'm I'm going to I'm gonna solve this is simply mean this is your dream and everything he says. I just can't afford the increase in health insurance a look at what my premium was going to be this year they were gonna go up 27%. Again this year. He says I've had it I'm going to work for a big company still pay my health insurance ceases and I -- but this was your dream. He says I just can't do it any longer and and that's the sad part about this -- health -- frothing. They should they should scrap it go back do it all over again. And do it right let some other companies commend the commonwealth and be competitive like they we got now with -- at current shares were little bit more competitive now by. Make it seem like you know the national press makes it seem like this this you this massive cheer when everyone college is a success -- -- I didn't see yeah it's it's bust in the budget drank there the the services are slowly contracting break you know they had their people have and -- people have an extremely hard time come up with the money and it's just it's just my -- and the thing is it's much cutting costs either that's the that's the most obscene -- a ball. A quarter today in my column that there there was a report was little motors came out in November about last year. Bennett said that the the health costs in 38 in Massachusetts will be on average 3000 above the national average with the highest. Premiums in the country what. How is this what how was this a good thing. Well look at there's not a cost component cost control component. In any pot of healthcare for all that that they passed in 2006. So if there's not an end if the HMOs. Are increasing double digits every year and take a look at some of the increases this year that I think they've proposed -- -- gonna get. They gonna get because they own everybody up there. If this is just gonna bankrupt the commonwealth. It's gonna bankrupt the lot of people and it's putting small business people out of work right now -- -- no other way than just to cut people's side and jobs and that's the last thing we -- -- out of business she's just claiming your lives in New Hampshire doesn't have to pay the premium if he's got a break a lot basically to do what what what the -- he has to do for himself. You wanna say someone was having a a -- I just wanna make mention the fact that we've we've been a pretty successful in. In I've recruiting candidates for each and every office that I held by Democrats on the -- by for state senate -- state rep and this Patrick ran who's gonna be running in the Dennis Shia Imus I district down there he's running against one that won't what are the real liberal lions in the house. He sect picking -- this campaign tonight in in. At the -- -- Imus in endowed -- -- small business guy young fellow small family. But have real real a class act denied I think it'd be just great to well for everybody to coalesce around him. And again every single seat on the -- is doing that Democrats -- is gonna be contestant who you run against a oh she's a pharma policemen. I forget the fellow's name but -- it at a liberal lion 187746. Easily use the guy with the Prius that. Well Matt Matt Patrick on on on we got someone comin' against -- do. Good 187746943220. Would be if I was in the legislature only going to be Dryden a drive a Prius anymore. It's it's -- Federer is still I don't even -- pick up truck now -- -- if they got -- -- definitely 18774694322. As an early this this these camera crews following around Scott Brown it's a first time may yet. Then you had this many reporters following a state senator and they it has been because he's just been -- 1874694322. On how we are. -- -- But it's fun. 18774694322187746943. To do jedi can use amigos Menino cuts that. Just from just in case you first set a Saturday thought maybe thank you I appreciate that. And I need that I need to you know -- was before a before I consider writing scholarly -- for some. Academic quarterly I need to. Study the thoughts of -- Menino on the wave of the anti anger the sweeping this nascent. Those were something to -- They always are by this when was. The top. Three I think 1877469432218774694322. -- me doses with -- he is he a Republican candidate. For governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As soon you'll be heading over to the a state of the state the address -- by the way we have a a release from the Boston Police Department they've they say that -- will be made of anyone tries to scalp tickets this is the hottest desert the hottest docket. It now ailment -- one of those. Now that I saw him they will go on for 5000 dollars today on on the bag turned in. There won't be an SEC that old building building building but in the end that's writes that down the basement lot of lobbyists and state senators and -- reps will be coming disguised as empty seats but but they'll -- there it is just a clever -- all the voting -- -- -- stop well all this this speech happens tonight 187746. -- Need to take it. He couldn't meet a ticket it. Gotta -- at 18774694322. Out your next with how we card Christie males go ahead now. I always thanks so much for taking my call hi Christie or you -- well. They I've been out of a Republican activists in the state for some time. And how -- what -- the system take a little courage and your -- -- let -- say at all be as quick in this state can isolate. Well as luggage all liability body in his one man. Of course. Is it in in Massachusetts. The governor does not Rhonda -- of running mate we choose are well lieutenant governor. Separate there is there's no particular as a war. Younger in the final there's a ticket. And while there's a ticket but. Well what's interesting is Charlie Baker running and and trying to come caught them all out of what Scott Brown just pulled off. I think it's it's it's it's kind of crazy especially citing what Kristi just sit on the -- About the if affiliation that that mr. baker has had with norm. Democratic operatives on the state. What we have but I understand is that -- to say is so running mate has awarded this goes to show you Republican Party where the red Jennifer -- remember. Said that socialist you have absolutely no place in our party in the state. And and we understand that Scott probably ram re equally with the support all of -- marriage and pro life forces in my right -- Mass citizens for life they had they they were -- blanketing every every car parked in every church parking lot last weekend the -- Republicans in the state need to understand that which to say as the guy that brought us the -- standard battle built. And also stood against the marriage amendment as a gay man you know not a moment Pelosi was -- when he's stood and and and and forced the trans gender battle. Well -- helped -- to be to be totally block it we all know we were scapegoated. -- -- -- -- going even tell us that. What do what do you say he's Christie said he doesn't -- know this Chris I didn't even though it was getting honest to god I have been on the show when he announced for governor and I asked him about this we said yeah Howie I assume muted Melanie started laughing I and I. Greedy you know he's he's you never see it with a woman and he's 45 years old -- you gotta draw the conclusion that -- Gary. Is I mean how well don't you think rich to say has been a pretty good Republican state senator. I'm actually have a -- And no I I I want does told solo within reasonably. As he was supporting publicly state democratic candidate for school committee MNMNM and a local race and all the and had to apologize. I'm serious. I'm very serious but I will. I don't remember when he was sorry he was running against the -- fastow who later became a state rapidly and became a cabinet secretary. I mean I and I still might wind up and I spoke today at a time for back a long time ago now when 1990. And not I'm still glad I did I'm I'm glad that he's he became the senator rather than fast Al. I'd look what I want so I want Republicans understand. That this Republican Party does not represent the ideals and values of the national party and that's not what percent -- values ideals of Scott -- Scott Brown got no help from the from the -- up until we think. USC got no help from the -- Republican Party. So you know what Obama. 100 radar -- Allied war you know he's been elected were all happy about that but some I just heard today and I'd forgotten about it he opposed question one. In 2008 question one would have abolished the state income tax I don't -- -- Idea I I voted for that one with great relish how about you Chris that I voted for -- I I gave them a 12000 bucks to to putter on the ballot -- By the summer of oh wait to get the signatures and and a it would helped us so we also we all wanted to while abolish the state income tax which Scott Brown didn't -- mean are we does that mean that the you know we're not happy that he got elected to the Senate on Tuesday down. Is that he got elected and I worked very hard for Scott -- I want to be real clear there. But I'm saying that the Republican let's not I don't want Republicans in the state fooled. But the Republican Party when you're seeing the likes of Charlie Baker and -- -- hanging around and -- you put the cameras like they were all. For Scott Brown they did not represent the values and ideals that brought spot ground is that we want to stay until -- that. Thanks thanks for the call -- I think Al has a point in that that that the the people that really brought Scott Brown over the top well larvae citizen patriot groups that. I gotta tell you I was there I saw them work piece of folks that guy in the globe that a story about it that I really we're only 11% of the a registered voters here in a Massachusetts. And these people came back in the potty. They they really rallied around Scott they did the work they -- outbid doing. What -- it would you wedded to a Scott Brown at headquarters and did phone -- it was those folks that -- India doing it. They were at the at the much as -- all I've never seen anything like this before. 18774694322. Mike you're next with how -- card -- -- go ahead Mike. I don't how we. I've question for -- mr. goes there just wouldn't bet more beneficial he was really concerned about Massachusetts what he claimed he is. To a supported Kerry Healey in the end. And. Try to get her elected rather -- devolved into -- kind of stole votes away from under the mask what you want. I mean eat eat eat eat and he keeps jumping comprise the potty how you put any credibility you know and. I I only jump once and I really and I'll tell you. Mike the reason I left the -- is when I saw that. The governor lieutenant governor -- taking money from Big Dig contractors that I and an all of their agents that I was fighting. Each and every day for years on. And I side -- its national committee -- -- about most senior elected Republicans in the state. Was The Who was the lobbyists for Hugo Chavis and avowed. Enemy of this country making anywhere from three to 500000. Dollars a year being his lobbyist. I just that something is wrong -- this and I left the party I just really I just couldn't deal with that. And I I just really wanna build back the piety and stats from the that the new bottom up. Recruiting as many candidates helping them raise money making sure that the state -- gives them earmarking all of that money that they raise. But these candidates so we can have more than. Four senators in the Senate and sixteen reps in the house really and one point. In 1990 which is a whole different millennium really we had sixteen senators that could up uphold the veto. And out over rough fought he -- in the house and and what we haven't had any primaries and it hasn't been just people via the lead of the potty. A telling us what we're gonna do we just keep losing seats so. I did the best I could I I wish I I didn't do it at the Arab when it you know when you think about it again because it. It took a liar out of me aren't I spend -- you know all over four million of my own dollars two to do we use that now you say you're sorry you. Am not I said that nice that it that would I just I I wish I didn't you know it you know in retrospect and -- You know that I it died I could stated in had a primary against Kerry and I think it would have benefited the -- certainly. But it wasn't to be when you get calls from you that you governor saying. You're not gonna run and -- and other folks saying we're not gonna give you -- left the party after the Hugo Chavez and what does Ron Kaufman -- -- and -- -- -- taken money from their big -- contract I -- to left that I -- she got mad -- those guys after they didn't appoint -- -- I'll tell you they -- -- -- -- -- get me -- that you are angry about it that I was absolutely not because he was putting his secretary. Of transportation on Wright who at least at you know it would hat would be able to get the documents will not happen to go to court like I staffed all the time. In so I was. I want it out of that place so bad because it just was taken up so much of my time my F it my resource is that that you were getting off the turnpike put you're around that you're staying at at and I -- that time when the call came -- we are thrilled. -- -- -- The Hawaii and I just couldn't do and you got angry about it why would they get didn't I want get out of that place about it it. US awful there why did but you you know you also to all of us to a greater or lesser degree like media attention and you were it that was a that was good way to get media who. I committed to a where you had to get your brains beat every time you walked into. A meeting of the turnpike authority do they were threatening you all the time. When they said basically you open it up your multi year there you come to this meeting will that would would take -- -- -- handcuffs and everything and that. If it weren't for bill Galvin calling over to them that that that. That particular meeting and telling them you you you'd you'd touch this kid and wolf you know he was the only one in in in office that day this Healy and Romney while he could have fired via the kernel at that point and it would have been and uninteresting day but debt is that all the abuse that you'd take. -- being on that board -- -- get but I would sway you one thing straight because we go to the break EU EU who now wish that you had stayed as a Republican for years ago I think so yeah yeah it would have been much easier. And you -- so you should've stayed in and run it run at the convention and gotten I never would've. I never would've gotten my 15%. There was that there is no doubt about it I even asked dead Barbara Anderson it at one point and does she said -- -- really if that vote for Charlie Baker by the way is she really via. Find. But she told you wouldn't get it she said if you if the vote was at 12 o'clock at a quarter of twelve everybody would have been running to the to the men's rooms and over the you'd never -- gotten -- 15%. 18774694322. -- powered car. 1877469432. Tomb with 541 or two more calls -- -- -- host video. Other Republican candidate for governor along what about Charlie Baker. We're going to be tonight Christy. Running over to -- prefer Republican town committee. I mean there then what a Malden and then back here to up to brighten so we're on every single night getting up 15% and making a lot of people happy so it so we can have a great primary and and be in the news with that is opposed the Democrats and the independent. Who won't in the news right here next with Howie Carr -- males go ahead right. Then I do believe me gentlemen. I'm closer -- state. With a big big epidemic going around not just the most they've -- around the country they're good guys look -- this -- great care. I know -- -- pandora I probably would -- about earlier about how we gotta shell out about the bank didn't bail while. And go to a lot of people call now I truthfully what caught my attention good. I'm almost time what did you wanna -- revenue and then rewarded. Yeah I don't know -- -- is a global. What can you do about foreclosures for. He didn't get the banks to sit down folks and keep him in their homes since then that's that's the most important thing people turn in their keys to the cities -- San -- tomorrow. -- -- --