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Scott Brown talks Jobs Bill

Feb 23, 2010|

TNT talk to Scott Brown about his vote on the Jobs Bill

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Element but this is nuts it's a tax credit nobody takes it it doesn't cost anything right if you're a few people take it may create some jobs and that's -- it. What's the big deal fifteen billion is a big deal all right come from -- yeah now. -- you -- so this stadium -- -- -- -- look out and objectively and make an assessment objectively my -- and that's what Scott did you know and I think he made a good decision strategically but isn't it interesting that people are some people what was gonna be quick to pounce on a during during the course of the campaign particular in the final weeks. It saw it was all about this incredibly. Vicious critique of -- corporate she's a damn she's this she's and she's as -- -- every negative. There was order coming up with. As an -- and Scott's gonna restore some purity to it and we've had it with all these people like Kennedy and Kirk. He voters who voted exactly the same way as Kennedy Kirk and Coakley -- -- while there's certainly going to be times when that happens what do you think. Does -- have to and a Bibby got into an anti litmus test all the time no no but all all of pointing out that there are segments of the population that expects somebody to adhere slavishly. To the point of view what their point of view is a very narrow it doesn't take a look out the real world I'm happy if he slavishly adheres to his independence Scarborough and joins us now WRQ good morning Scott. Why don't. Number I do. Well sorry. Thanks very concerned if I was in Washington maybe you know where it's nice and warm Bobby Bobby audience about a problem that the cold here is get new us. -- There was another it was okay -- and the two men go -- didn't you -- that. I I think I understand -- don't -- Bloomberg obviously usually vote like I didn't want my children ready you'll know why you know the reason behind it. Then and to a strike call them. Good so explain it suicide thing it was a brilliant thing for you to be on board with. You can't oppose everything and you can't look like you're you know -- not thinking about these things would tell us what you thought about the jobs bill why you thought it was worth voting for. Thing in the series -- common restoration of go to church. Me ask you can look at personally so we're gonna learn a lot of requests we will get a copy of that we know I'd go over the weekend. What people into. Them. Touch up until they're very -- and quite familiar with them that was helpful so we we -- a little bit -- OpenId you know send down here. To be an independent he's the motor and make my decision on issues that. And then it and then make sure this -- -- -- and the people in Massachusetts and by the way -- -- they're trying to do in this particular no. Kirkwood community seven billion the current individual under the first. Strike in favor of cook because there. The new year you know material other special interest crunching them come out there and he's -- billion dollar bill impact. -- I heard that tax credits and showed him. Reductions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It will also assume there. So we employment and -- -- that is true. -- -- they want to hire people there how important for a certain period of time extend below the federal highway. And they acknowledged. And concluded. It was a good number over a look at those -- -- credibility comes to tax -- -- and countries. That they admit -- -- overcome below imports. Scott -- respond when blog is stuck to describe his Benedict brown is that somehow rather -- now sold out. On fiscally conservative Republican principles. Well I think there's only the -- -- number one. So little saying they never had here and I'm leaving the building and an analysis which is -- revenue neutral milk and we we will very clear. And then go and included tax increases and increased deficit you know I will be very difficult for me to support. And that's taken between vote and because they're so that in particular car. I think your interest group I think is certainly unfair movie taking the load time and costs. You know come around soon reelection that the other thing about remote so let them get a little premature failure that. When they characterize it as a fifty billion dollar bill -- -- what what's the basis of that of that costing. How did they come up with a figure of fifteen billion billion if it's not gonna add to the deficit and is in if as you say it's revenue neutral what is the fifty billion dollars for. And Hillary Hillary calculating them -- -- category in and then come in this spurred. You know -- actually -- -- -- reduction you can buy your equipment and then these additional money that's coming. They're going into the highway trust fund intranet when there was there was there. It's not good Laura Bush within an increasingly good feeling choke. -- political one part of my doing so -- my -- -- -- increasing the deficit -- I think it would it would sure economic activity almost immediately. How does it do remain -- deficit neutral. Because of them they're trying to go to embellish a critical one automatically -- automotive and increase the good feelings on this particular development. Okay so basically no harm done Verizon opportunity to create some jobs how are from a political point of view I think. It's very good for you politically that right from the start you haven't fallen in the line on this vote with with some Republican management is that something you even think about. Okay how are -- that is being independent -- except that the beginning and that -- what you want. I understand that the pilot lieutenant in the -- in Massachusetts and I can't find amazing here I had full. Disclosure and communication live -- Permanent minority in the UN leader and we can't let them know well good -- corroded most of trying to cook certainly don't want everybody knows most -- you know we're working very hard toward your payroll tax -- That is something that they come forth this weekend here -- other builders union happening -- And they -- Massachusetts so. You know we're gonna look forward. Signal coming up more votes -- -- and -- -- be living on the impact of the -- the -- prototype image being reported but to vote half the people need to know every camera -- going to be that good analysis. And the good news is losing out to them so good they will most gratifying changes after the vote the majority leader came back on the floor then you could cost. So glad you what just happened so as well I have to admit I'm a little surprised. That you know they're not -- -- -- -- -- -- Republicans to come over. I was the first person in the chamber to vote period. He says that this is the new attitude at the Massachusetts -- there's going to Washington and overall. Thank -- -- -- corner of the globe reporter it was a pretty positive reaction on his spot. And other globe did indicate that you the first guy on the floor Rendell you went right to without any hesitation. How big big gas summit meeting coming up on Thursday with the president. What do you expect out of that Scott what are the dynamics is every senator and every number remember congress. Gonna be in the room with the president and what how do you expect to give and take will flow. No I don't believe every every senator and -- -- attributes -- certain select group we just received -- obviously very little here and you gotta -- -- and we were analyzing -- how to help. -- going to hell -- -- hand and still piracy going to be concerned about how -- you -- just date because we're having been an unusual street cut. In terms of providing you insurance already never happened introduced here a lot of things a lot of the federal government then do we wanna do it code that's actually more would remind them what I -- thinking about advocating an idea flipping individual station you have been warned him let us and Senator -- them and help them there the one side at all. Because I was even -- He local state government's total -- implement whatever the federal government -- you can demonstrate -- here at the table and they really don't know. Well lives and that's also the way our system is supposed to work you can. Really argue that the federal government doesn't have authority to be stepping in to these matters and telling states what to do with health care so would you be in the meeting on there since. Unless you get well what what what's what's the logistics so big that we are analyzing the bill right now on German who have and put no other better -- you can. Chilean -- and militias the the good the bad regarding the. Is there a sense though whether this whole thing is manageable from Republican side I don't understand why. Republicans seem to have themselves in the situation now where there walked into a meeting and they don't know what kind of -- might have been laid in terms of PR. Well there could be anywhere at any good this is a no win situation is potentially. Without knowing what can happen but it did not show up being an idiot you don't know. Couldn't say they show up he can be criticized the bottom line is there are certain in certain people in America that don't have insurance we have real needs in terms of coverage could -- that mean we spend a trillion dollars in. -- almost a government and coalition shouldn't do or do we can't just go after those individuals within those individuals intend and do it so it's just a little way of looking ahead and you have to start somewhere. Scott I wanna go back quickly -- the jobs -- and devoted supporter that you had mentioned fixed an extension of unemployment benefits I think to the AFL CIO have a position on this to -- did labor specifically lobby you on this. And they they may have. I didn't really do you know limit called the opposite. Can let you know a lot of -- to -- -- And they can do it personally -- -- in this -- a million meant to -- recently would I say the -- myself until after they read the bill and then there are very very. They -- every person says oh no you let them know it's go play a union leadership could cost -- vocalist though we don't know anything about it it's okay. Line that's very quickly. The mom because it's. Could let me didn't -- instead of really -- when they encourage state should have voted for a ban on course I would love colorful and took Lyndon. And put something in there that you -- -- -- enter stage so. On the web get these awesome cook communion -- the special interest group that same blatantly you know display at -- -- -- look for something they haven't you know ethnic. And that doesn't benefit us PayPal and technical and -- in my ability inevitability suddenly discovered until almost certain people. One of the vote for it looks like what I did beat everything. All right -- we're gonna take some calls on this side -- after used to work right. There are inappropriate or appropriate coupled alrighty Tommy your WRKO senator Scott Brown. Hey good morning. I'm so try do my friend Koppel. I didn't know Leo rapid and all the state of Massachusetts or approach -- it thank you we rush signature -- these Croatian ladies fishing bill that came out. You know look fisheries. -- the whole -- of Massachusetts senator hugely. Important to a lot of -- people via the sea coast. There and Dutch tomorrow the Twain reports there's a rally. -- -- all this stuff. Doesn't want you -- -- -- -- -- it try to get all squared away but others have big rally regarding Phishing issues and I hope you guys are paying attention triple fisheries issues -- well audio wants. Let you go that's -- Yeah -- -- covenant -- amendment and Stephen that this coming -- -- -- know come -- you're modification. The non volatility in the democratic accomplishment at the table who understand. The under the current challenges and and that's attributable this -- is a good so good in the mountains and they can be understood there and then and I didn't go and they can't be good to have -- -- -- polling place at all. Situation once -- current. You know they knew of the problem and so I appreciate your call. Well is also a problem in that the the feds seem to have a cavalier attitude towards the way they treat a fisherman. And today it's as if they're behind the scenes marching orders -- to drive people out of the fishing business. But the problem that didn't even register I think -- you're driving and that makes you welders. Back carpentry carpenter's. Ice makers could increase during the above the tradition court currency going to be just do of course contraction would Oden will restrict how -- you can do it's the American solar Gloucester. Even very very dramatic ways of. I see -- WRKO senator brown. Hi Steve and honestly. -- they call it how much about you just -- it. Cough -- I go ahead Steve. No one remote Arctic and I'm what you Mark Bowden of Florida out of brown bumper sticker she boarded but he knew what well -- I don't know dom some very disappointed in you probably dropped belt that because there are now at. You read it yet but everything you always -- -- all of did not want they have pretty big deal would job but it. Let's say there -- -- when you can administer you know now I know plenty of them -- they're looking at expanding. There inventory -- need to equipment and they can immediately you can read and write off that. I investment diamond willow who still -- clearly is primarily occur and that impact your message that we that we did. We made it didn't always. And -- looked -- -- -- You have covered in Walpole school corporations and corporation and regardless openly. The post draw a new career -- warships happen because then that contact and there would get a new computer equipment that -- -- basically enable them to corner the market. -- criminal on his huge credit for the chamber and accomplish we're very excited about that because those small businesses. There are directly benefiting by investing so you know ahead in the bid this particular stand the people are making equipment. Contract going to be if you make more equipment that's just one small religion. All right let's take one more join your NWR there was senator brown. Hello Scott how are you okay I'm -- earlier you can implement topics have been a couple of underrated. I agree calling it a little concerned there's the way talking -- -- thinking -- security right. Now. -- I think he's gonna get into trouble. Not good good so that are so there's certain. Secular population that have very serious need. In the yeah I I -- -- -- -- you know people who are good you know she shouldn't drive so look the -- country with a certain basic covered just. -- there right -- I think we can clearly want third when somebody's got no love life cycle their house is gonna be sold it to build. That's a problem so there's there's no way. But many of the states you know governance and made that very clear and others have made it very clear that they want they want to -- those basic coverages -- just a question whether we do it. With the federal dictating -- whether we have the same track you know working with the federal government could figure it out. -- -- -- you get to work thank you for joining us this morning appreciate your call or go to their current currently -- thank you -- okay Scott thanks for the call us or Scott Brown from Washington are so excited that explaining his vote on the job. That's a little different -- not isn't it refreshing honest I gotta say that Saddam. We very -- would we hear from our congressman a senator and I was standing relationships we have do we might have you know it's funny cooks he told me the other day John Kerry calls it all the time he just won't put money at. Please see -- we don't tell me. I said all right John let me take the -- good -- -- back on them no you're not gonna I'm. Looking for him.