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Scott Explains Vote

Feb 23, 2010|

Howie talks to Scott Brown about his recent vote in favor of the job bill.

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Since the poll is sponsored today well just go right to -- senator Scott Brown and and get tried to getting his explanation. Scott your taking a beating here today on the chump line and I had and -- and among look a lot some of the callers. There rather disappointed in your vote -- IE you know I don't think it's that big of a deal but one that you explained why you're loaded the way you did on the procedural vote on the stimulus bill last night -- the -- jobs bill. Charles first of all people need to. You know that I Scarborough we church in the snowstorms. And over the weekend with people analyze in the bill ensuring that it didn't raise taxes to reserve cost neutral. There's been increased the deficit to actually work to create jobs and we've done for -- 87 billion dollar bill. Down to fifteen billion -- mechanisms in the air to offer for example or somebody has a small business they can. I don't wanna buy an increased equipment making they can do they accelerated depreciation the first year I think their entire radar. That's that's real and then you also have the ability if somebody's not unemployed for a period of time to hire somebody get. A thousand dollar tax credit you know for employer that's really special highway funds. That's also realize there's a there's a couple of other mechanisms and there. Did that will actually create jobs now that are perfect bill actually. Boot that I want more. Across the board tax reductions and tax conclusions sure. But can catch it. People I think your computers first of all. I challenge anybody who's commenting and in the -- your -- actually read the bill personal. Certainly this has been proposed -- -- -- to post these so called second stimulus bill this is day this is the Senate version which appeared down. Severely pared down bill that actually has some groups some targeted tax breaks I consider more of -- tax break bill -- And a judge -- for safe so. What club and register that take a step further what people need to understand this. Wet mortar on less than it was -- called cloture pusher means that all the -- stops in the bill moves forward in its present form. I felt that by doing that it would prohibit any further special interest amendments being. Put onto this basically this is very based pared down Billy let us just in billion. Not a hundred billion -- 87 billion and there were no special interest Carlos. Or anything else and there's still so. I'm all confused as to why people are critical because I told. And they are you getting the calls going your office the way that the when workers when the chump like -- people this. Okay that would not virus and not -- We we get a few certainly not there was going to be. Happy with the vote that they need I don't think they quite understand that just getting their marching orders from. You know you have very special interest groups today called senator branch on here upset. When in fact many many years -- only speak to them we should -- jeez did you read the bill sir or ma'am and what's your specific concern. As -- I was writing I told people -- so what can read each and every bill and I was gonna look at it -- an -- tonight. And do what's best for the people Massachusetts and might -- both. Here is my third vote in people over us. Of course and weather right in fact it better and I think that might have been down here -- -- eager to to get involved in and start the process moving. And that to take that vote it was it was imperfect surely there was way better than what's being proposed over the house. One guy one guy called enemies said he was -- I'm holding in my him a letter here from Scott Brown thanking me for my contribution in the and he said he was gonna fight to what control wasteful spending an -- -- this thing more than last night. Well see that's a barrister in this bill is revenue neutral intact spiritual this besides there are. Mark and a lot of jobs -- that we're doing for example I have a proposal should do -- across the board payroll tax reduction. It's once again it's going to be an immediate benefits through. Of course well and then there's there's there's -- so because word that specifically. That it uses money are out there in the stimulus bill that haven't been -- haven't been spent yet. And and it doesn't increase spending at all because majority of peer guardian and the calculations so we give situation they're in good idea being independent thinker. And and be the sixtieth vote an occasion -- of the 41 or other occasions or can just in lock step -- my party and and then do exactly what they want reduced so. In other person who benefit thank Q where it was smart of that's my letter of thanks questions here and I am hopeful that people give me the benefit of the doubt and know that I'm down here at analyzing -- The best the best. Two to determine. -- of these bills -- Or revenue virtual world -- raised taxes. And you know I was satisfied while this bill wasn't perfect fit it if it didn't go far NAFTA. Just say actually it's certainly up to certain. Absolute best Mitchell McConnell Massachusetts. Ari are you war. Are are you concerned that you're gonna be in sort of the under the microscope here what these of these votes I mean the people way you -- -- mean John Kerry can go years and no one comments on any votes email box. How are you listen I go over to watch the guards and people take pictures of -- cherry pick up the dogs. So I'm sure you know it proved so. Yeah I'm under the microscope in Laguna Hills certainly died down at some point but once again you know there's there's the spirit of bipartisan -- which is why I was sent down here is to look at those independently and being an independent -- is this needs to go both ways. I'm hopeful that when I propose Soviet era cash reduction and there are other. Proposals. This this fear of my democratic colleague so we'll do the same thing I didn't look at it -- open eyes. And make their votes because once again that. People think you're confusing. When you -- they're hearing about -- There's just not -- to close stimulus bill this is that Harry Reid chip there's so -- from the bipartisan votes this you are getting. Choose special interest late and he pared down substantially over what sixty billion dollars. And let -- seventy billion dollar. I must say no you don't would you say you almost are saying nice things about Harry Reid. Scott. -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- offense just on how orders I mean the guy called me last week an enormous snowstorms Steptoe -- -- massage get a bill minister and earlier once you look at it. We've got it we bright and that the teams -- analyzing what we had some questions we are we we we didn't make our decision so yesterday afternoon we kept everything quiet while keeping. Both sides of the aisle informed as to what we were what we're thinking -- we're going of the questions we had this Christmas to you by -- And yeah it's if she's done something. You know positive -- it if you step so they did not part of administrators. But he sort of just what -- sort of predicted how you were gonna vote to -- did he say he you know what why wouldn't be surprised that senator brown -- with us on this one. Well that's certainly -- American player in school and I -- for they have no idea where it was automated nowhere is going -- actually went out and voted. And once again that's why people elected me it's this I mr. reason why they wanted. I mean there than -- please let me know but. I know the -- wireless I have a lot of last presidential of that you know when people are making these. These kind of criticisms which I never really followed that the water -- just through the grapevine. I would just ask them to do two things one -- the -- If you don't have a popular let us know what will you do -- you want. And then if you feel that there's some very and then judgment than. Certainly let us know about the -- reliance somebody is saying oh you know are you gonna cost background could leave us battle how. I was supposed to look at bill independently. Analyze its it was revenue -- increased taxes chizik created jobs in Massachusetts. And inventions started to hit the ball rolling here in Washington so I was that bad. Well it's like you said the right thing -- sure as far as I was concern in The Herald today about you know you don't wanna see other try to ram this health care bill throw. I was that was the right thing to be saying as far as everyone who voted for you -- believe. You know I'm really looking every -- as an independent film now now we're working on a second -- -- That made it very clear that the leadership that when there's still come back from the house -- -- children's with pork and special interest -- I'm not vote for just so. But this says there's there's a procedural vote to shut off debate and move forward to the precious people things. I think people think that this is the actual. Bill itself this is a procedural motion that basically prohibits all that special interest. Mucking around them that I felt it was time to just send through -- -- ability pension. Dealt fairly good benefits it was imperfect but it you know moved along. As to where it was going I would go for our state of the country. You're at your time to take a caller though -- -- -- yeah Oakland couple minutes -- here okay just let us know when you well when you have to go -- -- 18774694322. If you wanna talk to senator Scott -- Matt your next with Howie Carr and senator Scott Brown go ahead -- They're -- they're currently set at local play and that got in there are gonna ask the question now. I ever that the bill would you just explain it beautifully. In my whole opposition to your vote would be -- you say to revenue neutral but Hewitt says they had to stop. Excess spending just because the money it all right been excess. -- spend excessively. Is simply put -- they noticed what should go to put down the deficit. It's -- in the -- so like okay -- could -- been a huge outdoor ample port and then secondly the government below let me let -- and. It's your first question but first they've first they've been the -- already been -- it's already in in the ought to be used for a highly I think construction and expansion. -- targeted tax rates there's a there's a certain just like in any budget there's certain revenue dollars that are there. Just because you know to know -- Russia sees so the money -- so -- I guess what you're saying is I should bode noted everything that. That helps create jobs and help stimulate the economy. Better clearly and act as -- -- -- -- belt you know I am sure that it didn't increase the deficit and maturity and increased thanks to doctor guy took the no new taxes pledge. Matter trip -- -- -- -- more restriction map make one more point is we gonna move well we of one of the. I'm not okay I'll not say go ahead this shouldn't be potent against said that a great job. The order government isn't -- a bit this great job this private companies and the private business plus. The governor -- Job although Motorola sent OSS of that. You're right and that's why would lead the investment and -- -- almost like an investment tax credits mr. It's the ability for wholesale while also example Rolls Royce corporation as they wanna go and and in buying a piece of equipment or or some the medium to small sized business there's held off buying equipment. They now have the ability to do that and get a 100% you know. Credit it checks basically -- free to do that that's gonna create jobs knowing their corporation it appears that present that my. It is the people who made that product are also going to be benefiting because people finally buying their products. And then yeah it's about chart into experts. Site or rather than create jobs. Thanks for the call about a got a hold their neck you're next with Howie Carr and senator Scott Brown go ahead neck. I LL right Scott thanks for taking my call your mom. Scott but I never understood this sort of mentality of eating your own and I as well I would like this stadium so the listeners and even a lark Ingram who is a little bit against Scott this morning I was and you know Scott was one of what five or six. Out Republicans in the Massachusetts State Senate out of what 4840. Senators agree that. Ethnic a lot of -- how can you say that this guy that's got mr. brown type underground -- your -- -- I forgot how would you not over a conservative and obviously the conservative. And I noticed this and I'm being used Scott lake -- come out certain defend yourself in this manner but how we insert. Folks on our side of the conservatives -- this and he obviously is -- conservative. What commercial let him respond -- go ahead. Well as I've always been a fiscal conservative so you know when there's a revenue bill are. Or any type of bill -- the first thing I ask is what to class as to generate taxes they're gonna create jobs and -- to gonna benefit to our state. So. I would not on the defensive -- -- why don't people understand. That they need to read the bill and and they need to know that I certainly read the bill over and over over -- trap. Craft an amendment that we were gonna move forward tonight I was in you know what. The more amendments to go on this bill worsens going to be. So I voted for cloture which basically shuts up debate now moves forward to the hosts. Now in the next just so I have amendments in and in the the other and the other -- of builder coming up. No we have ideas that when we're pushing. But once again the Laura Anderson ML Gloria that they have great respect for our but I would just encourage people who are you know making these -- which itself. And and make sure not to talk about. See if it comes back from my house in your vote against that Scott then you could say. I voted for that bill. And the -- -- There Richard comes back sleeping with special interest crap I'm not voting for. Lisa your next with how we -- senator Scott Brown go ahead Lisa. I know we underground my with the campaign volunteer effort at a brown act in December. And -- -- that everything you'd say he had said that the people. On -- with a look through every language independent. Think -- -- in researching. And people that attorney I am I right it you know they have high expectations. Keep doing what he said he yet he would be bill. Scott to Australia thing. No no you're right I mean I mean it very clear there's gonna be down there have been the not in lock step than anybody mean you'd you'd think -- -- Republicans are well paid well yeah have they were kind of bad for the people thought process it was these first person. To vote your tires and -- there walked right -- cast a vote in you know let others show either follow or not and you know the majority leader. So while under the new a new way of doing things are finally moving -- of breasts getting your business going again and that's a breath of fresh air. So I haven't been associated -- that appear. So I just went and voted like ours -- you know -- could just look at the bill. And vote and I know on its merits and I don't I received a Democrat bill vote for a assume they're Republican -- low scores and that's as simple as that. You you you talk to Mitch McConnell to UC would you talk a lot -- Harry Reid a question. It doesn't want to them of course -- -- -- just gonna abuse that's your transparent all I transparency. -- transparency of everything we're doing everything that we did. Both sides had to complete knowledge of what I'm not throwing -- any any ammunition on that anybody where -- kind of work its ruined and making sure we. We do with the right way and a and -- -- assists its -- blue line and below -- -- everything out battle of boats here. So jealous that but I want -- say hello to run. Okay sure Jim go ahead you're next with how we cards senator Scott Brown go ahead jump. Hey -- call from Maine how we told me to send your -- -- -- did -- that you know whatever -- like your opinion there was no big deal so but you know as long as -- are more Avaya -- Kit Bond then you are void of pitchers know that's all that really matters that in the past anything else. I'd specific question is just the illegal alien thing about -- doesn't sound like they were able to get in the thing on. From Dan rather than Peter part of this bill seriously its people are thinking that this is. They have a house filled all the all the other stuff or the the Grassley Waxman no. You know that that's sad that's that the bill there's there's -- severely. You know shortened version. To move you know kind of a justice a baby step to move things along. And so that's that's all that stuff there's no I'm positions there and -- and any of those issues. So but that's not that's not what this is about and and that's of people. I think that people have been responding from what we've heard what which ultimately spoke well and they think that this is that the Nancy Pelosi -- so there -- hundred plus billion dollars it's not. It's there's nothing to do it. He's gonna saw last week you were they did some kind of presidential preference poll and you finished fourth. While you -- you saw that Ryder -- I knew I was. We're all very crowded the district. -- already there and how -- -- territorial steroids aren't always. I'm kinda behind representative Ross just like you are correct Larry they're not sure it's thank you know you're you're admitting -- first I don't know -- Richard OK just. -- -- -- It's a good man here Richard is a good fit man and he's very thoughtful and not. Hardware and so -- will be an asset. So yeah I -- believe me I don't wanna guy I was -- so happy when you replace Cheryl Jakes I don't wanna go back to the days of having a Cheryl -- like Democrat -- that did that CI one I very solid. Solid person in there but anyway Scott we appreciate your -- -- send. There aren't -- editor Eric OK Greg Lamotte C assumed 18 thanks 1877469432.