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Tom And Todd covered the May Day Immigration Rally

May 3, 2010|

Pro-Immigration rally on the Commons

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-- hear. Hello. -- well thought -- -- -- You Ryan mom and. And abetting another holocaust reunion last -- -- the right next killers next at a time. Because it can community exclude this on immigrant status. It's time for some T and T mean nobody's been able to articulate a scenario where the police are stopping people running other risks. Up next for dogs are murderers have been working nonstop. Patrols to river and -- then what's wrong with the old child. -- -- -- -- Yeah what about the dug up from view and don't worry guys have -- -- while you are would be. Broadcasting from a new balanced world headquarters building pit stall Meyer and talked about -- Boston's -- -- KM 680. W walker. Have the courage to say to our enemies there is a price we will not pay there is a point beyond which they must not advance. But they have advanced nevertheless. Good morning to you beautiful mommy it's it was seven series when I got up this morning -- heavily humans yet -- found this morning penetration humidity. I like when nobody feels more like a mid August. I would be perfectly happy if 340. Days a year you woke up and it felt like us you would think yeah. That occasionally have a cool day for a variety know -- some -- no I would like some intensely hot day is nobody's is moderate about the good of Coca -- of the maple trees in no October that's why they invented photography. Ha ha ha ha ha I'm video you have no appreciation I like -- diverse I would my two weeks of agonizingly cold weather each winter. Two week -- start right now we have a mountainside flee to Florida would you not just for that to just just a perfect it. Broadcast live from fat from an idea maybe this is Chris -- is this is -- Fan in the window down thermostats set on the fan to shut it off when it goes down to 69 he stays on all night and that is haven't. Of course that only bad part is you can't go out for coffee. Because in in the water -- communities yeah -- of Somalia secure places so what -- what have you done as a -- know I mean your original offer coffee and towns where -- Olga I know most people can't think of this and that's why they have radio so we can communicate these ideas drive -- sound that has -- water and get coffee there okay so well there's my idea actually dealing with the water crisis Braintree. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pine hills just so hydrocarbons. This Mary -- and I saw a large cappuccino and she said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's based I thought that was the -- slice white gotten very low if that's what the what have we ever warrior -- -- meetings how high enough I would not do that good for her she's she's sending to basics. But -- chino cappuccinos style she gets here Fredricka you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- we're do you get a good job but you always listen neighborhood of looking through PV right have a fear of our. You'll have the French market so they immigration protest it was may day of course he. International what do they call the Communists. The workers in return to international workers stay started by the Communists which means it's it's a kind of a religious holiday for liberals in this kind of and they are part in droves all over the country join -- stance out -- -- they have my -- my shovel my. Hope that's different you know that's supposed to work on a worker's holiday supposed to haul -- percent to -- testify to that for some reason there are laws I missed the memo why would they realize in America why would that they they can't understand. They can't -- Seattle sound forced from the wackos -- give us. -- why are you here. I am here because I've got the solution to the immigration debate. I what is the solution. I have friends who may he -- and Central America. Who have been home on respect being in observing a lot on the 789. Year waiting lists. Simple solution and tell the undocumented. Bogey and -- let your relatives come fill these jobs. -- corporations. Drug dealers. Turning them into sex slave and exploit -- him die in the desert. I'm having a field day while their relatives -- waiting was 789 years to come here legally. -- he's got a good point he also Doral and while the illegal immigration is I need Paul Paul hasn't been him as the men who infiltrated. Sound a little bit CIA I think they sent a little bit sensible I mean he's talked about people who wait. Many many years on the on the on the list to try to get and that's immensely frustrating that becomes. That becomes the incentive itself -- for getting him. It's beyond just the urgent economics of a lot of these folks who have been. Very very difficult places in the have family responsibilities and they see the United States of America -- as a beacon of attraction beacon of opportunity. It's going to be immensely frustrating -- should learn from -- -- fellow. Countrymen that you know so also playing by the rules are still wait seven newsletter eight is like nine years later we hear from those people all the time -- -- here is how line on immigration as anybody I have ever heard. Because having played by the rules that don't wanna see admit that new ones -- the whole process made. Turned into a mockery. So why are you here I'm proud roller derby they heard me sing ever their on the black flags and everything where where and her kids and I'm wearing here. Because I'm an international -- day began as a revolutionary holiday. And we're here to remind -- that a lot of -- misfire and died for the eight hour day. Clinton like the Haymarket martyrs then yeah. That's the Hobbits have learned everything when asked what what the public exactly there around. There -- a group of seven the -- miss that where Tom Haynes after the Kmart -- -- I went down. The police charged the crowd and somebody. It's still unknown news somebody threw a bomb and killed several policemen. And they are eventually turned to the brand name -- Moran who. What can I ask I'm a little confused and -- just wants an eight hour day I'll but he did say that I thought you could actually ask our. We fought for the eight hour there were anarchist threat and what by the way do you know anybody who works and you know day. I don't know anybody who gets when with a NATO day what you work part time if you know work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unnecessary and harmful. We fight for the eight hour day sounds like you -- not a contradiction in terms -- ha -- -- Jeff good morning here on WRKO. Regular worked an eight -- -- Aliens. That's what these people like your -- -- run double by mark and perhaps okay so that's who these people like big as what controlled our lady. And couldn't tell me what I found. -- okay now that -- -- left coward just put simple alarm at Harvard student. Every bit of this I think about all this is how ocean -- did these people proud and -- don't -- -- one on what all of it. I -- circled around membrane that I never went to college an -- ago the day like it probably had. You're right she did sound like the third grader the -- I should. -- -- What do they do I couldn't gore rally could argue that the baby because I don't believe they'll work and I can put that. Well he's like -- darkness -- I got the -- I know not a lot of love for what you know invite you the next WI can you work Israel nothing. -- Thank you Jeff good to hear from you and then. Our guest believes that government is undesirable unnecessary and harmful operate this stuff -- all of that that's libertarians to read it again and put in substitute the word libertarian. Doesn't work sure it does the libertarian believes in minimal government that's different from saying the state is unnecessary c'mon now. Why are you here. I'm I'm from Harvard college and I'm a freshman. Adding ads in mind that immigrants rights they recognize and also does citizens in Arizona not be racially profiled just because of how they love. Yeah how would you handle illegal immigration you don't. How would you handle millions of people every year strolling into the whole -- hominem attacks plays and how -- students but listen to her who she's a Harvard student that's true. Could ever taught her how to speak in in twelve years of -- over a government education. So why are you hear him because. The queen that need -- important big daddy does he not think it was eight and on this is a professor of them I think that'll -- How are you affected. I'm not and that I don't and it's like and because Amy isn't that. Nelson is your Canadians know the whole I'm sure they've got a call it there. Bob good morning -- W yeah very cool. -- Bob. Good morning good morning about a Bob welcome. Well listen I've been -- for blue. Very simple solution to this thing you know and just saying that I've always listen to. Yeah and I wish he would veto -- David kitchen how are sushi treat a life I -- I cannot understand my wildest imagination. Why we don't send the delegation to down connection -- And reversed the situation should know what color aren't and make it more lucrative. In the country that has vast amounts of minerals resources that -- -- great debt we -- go to Mexico. There's no other country no country can do as large as we are. And yet while the question before we make it much more lucrative for them just say you know country had actually. Bought it bought that there are assuming that the government wants to solve this problem is these are democratic voters they look at Mexico and they see. Sixty million democratic voters and wanna get them appear get them registered as quickly as possible Thomas you're next NW RTL -- Yeah that the young girl from Harvard College I would like to ask her. Question that. We didn't ask all these illegals to come to our nation. That we do we have an immigration policy that limits. The amount of people that can come here so we don't basically have a stampede of desperate people coming to this country. And I'm sorry but we need to. All employers criminally liable for hiring illegals. That'll solve some of the problem. And then we need -- agencies and federal -- -- the -- the immigration status. Of every person who's gonna get any kind of subsidy whether it be food medical housing or schooling. And if we would stop giving. Those subsidies. To people that are here unlawfully. Guess what Chico goes home. Yeah which is why they won't stop because they want -- here. And know what I understand and on the other hand to bit. You've got country club Republicans. That love the fact that we've got illegal cheap labor cheap labor -- -- in you know something commercial times. Let's call a spade a spade. You know he hired illegals and I had a roof but from my house. And the first thing I that the contractor Rego do you hire lawful people -- what do you mean by that I've said I don't want the illegals repairing my roof. Do we understand one another and that's what people need to do is nano. No you are solar right Thomas -- and you can assume that if you're having anything done in your house that it's likely. That there are trying to save money and take advantage of the illegals this is an exploitative. Exploit over exploitation of what was native -- point eight if I always say that's what's interest thing about the very liberal support for this. Is that your putting people in a position of great vulnerability by asking him to come here illegally. And indicated that person is getting paid less and is being paid under the table is is being victimized by but I. By the way in the whole conversation about this with all the topics that are opened up but is there anything -- is there anything more frustrating. Then these. Zones these Sanctuary Cities Zell owns that you see spring up all across the country that most of most of them are on the. -- is very smart -- -- because you get more of your voters Richard L crashed early Cambridge wants more. They want more because they -- if you're a politician why you ask for more there's two things one you want more of your voters democratic voters are foreigners and true. You want we wanna put -- suck up to the people who are already here you and I I. You don't just last week I don't have any sense strokes from becoming voters maybe once -- citizens once they you know how good citizens c'mon. But I realize they might have they might have more of a tendency to vote democratic but only -- citizenship. Why go why are you here. On the trigger was the Arizona law for me. Well let's write papers pleases just so Hillary Clinton not supposed to be like that here in America. All your shirt says who would Jesus support what you mean by yeah. Basically you and deport anyone. It's kind of was spent on the old who would Jesus bomb for the anti war movement. Just spin which is why Jesus wasn't a politician. I. He was a social ladder he was -- -- of the commander in chief Steven Jackson WRKO hey there. Oh man. I I didn't get to elevate it would it would brought about the Sanctuary City. And people would stay all of this stage yeah yeah actually. Ratio law so they're doing. Make international immigration law. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah irritated there's been what a -- -- in bought then yeah. You know we didn't have ordered for all -- in the lost their -- leading -- -- free bottle of water and somehow we all live. I mean these stupid people are old and we are only -- -- line of bottles. And look at the top it's about don't know. It's such -- hardship the -- Yeah. And you know what do we want matters if you do all ended donkeys this morning and they don't have content. All that they don't Dunkin donut thing -- thought there were like two weeks. I mean it can't bring it all -- system and stuff. No -- Gloucester everybody moved out. Every -- few movies aren't you we've got Patrick Kennedy -- he joins us regularly now -- but they -- represented a power area. I don't -- drive out stronger on top. Oh great. Good times could -- it Leo lot of great -- yet I got tired -- -- 11 -- -- now in its sides agree I can't say material and I think bitter you know I had a lot of side by side to get us back alone yeah. After they got I had the last couple on the radio PL need to have another TV thank you congressman good to hear from -- So why are you here. I -- and clean that I need an example I'm the daddy does he -- do not think -- Steve what I. Thank them I present -- How are you affected. I'm good and that it. We work DOT dot com a present himself back to tell Mittal on Boston's talk station AMT JDW Arcadia. Then. I'm sorry but we'd be. Hold employers criminally liable for hiring illegals we need state agencies and federal aid. After immigration status of every person who's gonna get any kind of subsidy and we would. Giving those subsidies. To people that are here unlawfully and guess what she'd go those poll. This we're fighting but this is limited movement what fighting for the dream act to pass the fighting for the eighth -- to recent film the so this is why I'm here that you know I am one quite got it may need their whole bunch of Mets did today representing -- and an immigrant movement. Yeah they -- their library being. Why not free baseball should we open the borders to anyone from any country wants to come here we have a kind of human. Right moral obligation of pride plane tickets. Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop up. And tell you think about and comfortable setting because there something inherently discriminatory about the fact that senior Chinese senior wanna break into the country -- should you have an equal rights -- brilliant it's a little bit when do you have to fly to Mexico. And then come across the border -- and the you don't speak Mexico and how about rule out about. Language training. So you can have parity while braking and. In this is an astounding subject it's astounding that a nation that purports to be serious about itself and its future. Has not been able to come to grips with this we have the call that cooks he just played in -- talking about. Sanctions criminal sanctions against employers removing some of the incentives. And an end and beginning to bring some just some rational common sense and some coherence to immigration -- it's astounding that it reaches. This. Point but it's a lack of political leadership structure yes -- -- shows yes you know dose of the politicians care more about special interest than the needs of the so. They're afraid to call up their corporate donors and say look guys Uga or you're gonna have to take it on the chin on this one -- game we're gonna be doing great is over there also are there there are also afraid of you who've been -- being characterized as racist and in the reaction. But just of the New York Times but the New York Times is -- -- -- symbolic I suppose and symptomatic in many ways. The reaction of the New York Times and others that this is right out of -- Hitler's playbook. That this is some type of kkk. There is a heat race -- opportunity for anybody who's willing to stand up for the evil people who throw around the -- -- -- listen to bill Omar who was on this week for some reason I included him on the panel. Yesterday on this week and -- he's a bomb thrower but he's doing the bomb throwing that works very effectively for the evil -- LaSalle. I hope the constitution of the country is little more important to them. I don't let -- constitutional provision muses while I mean nobody's been able to articulate a scenario where the police are stopping people for any other reason than that looked Mexican four. You know what kind of reminds me of what was -- Potter Stewart on the Supreme Court said about pornography. I know what when I see it. Well I'm glad bill knows that when he saw I saw racism I'm glad bill is so brilliant that he can see any our actions taught -- -- words my actions virus. That's samarra that this that these this commentary is all based upon race he is such a pontificating fraud. And George I believe that was George will asked him what what section or constitution. As I did some reading on this over the weekend admittedly not a lot but sufficient so that I could come here in here this morning. The law requiring somebody to carry papers who's not here as a full fledged American citizen goes back to Franklin. A few years of -- in matches federal is I'm not as a matter battle this. This law appears to be totally. Constitutional. And can't be overturned. Because all it does is require that the things that the federal government already says -- law it just requires that those be carried out and that's not problematic in terms constitution -- talked. A little bit about this as well the the police in Arizona cannot just stop you on William. Appearance or anything else they have to be articulate bowl. Reasons. You were speeding there was an obvious defects in the motor vehicle equipment there was something else going on. That they have to be able to articulate in -- subject to cross examination. To this sufficient just sufficient to convince a magistrate or judge that this wasn't just. -- Todd Feinberg on -- -- have been a bad day stop and everybody would brown skin. But government intrusion. You know government power summing it really bothers conservatives. Unless it's directed toward people who are white. You know I mean does -- does seem like there's some of that going on there. The trouble with this kind of bigotry that bill -- is is. Showing herein in the inflammatory language is that -- that's the standard approach the standard democratic reproach. Approach to saying we've got an immigration problem we're gonna pass laws should try to do that. It's very effective only because nobody stands up and runs right into what Republicans need to do and rational people need to do stand up and say no you're wrong there's no racism here and by the way bill mark what is your answer for how to -- what the fact that there's a war zone now on our border. What's your answer -- I'm sure it started just casting aspersions on any legitimate attempt. Jure you're with Tom and -- NW RKO. -- George Bush just -- anyways so I cannot. -- a -- or liberal OK pretty much more attic -- about president Barack Obama is our. Trying to incite racial tension by Latinos women and blacks. Did chewing it don't want to again. The white a white. And whatever it is eight funeral being lost them all but presentation six. All Americans doing witnessing not just trying to segregate. Groups of people so we were intentionally trying to swim. Claim. You know trying to regional and sure it's trying to run -- -- Big shipping all sold most. We kept -- all democratic republic -- expectation that at the state level -- national level by. A bigger issue I wished to organize. -- boycott purchasing. Thing that -- law -- text based -- dot. -- thinks for a week kicks to stop going to restaurants. Into one. That helps to actually help did you. Control if we stop spending money descended -- did you what they know. Dead women stopped pay state taxes you know if you did we have enough money Dow's corporate -- illegal immigrant. -- we have up on people police are guaranteed should and the glory. Well you raise that this dichotomy of that argument it is is powerful the fact that on the one hand they're they're claiming they have to cut things like us schoolteachers. And yet the legislature votes to continue funding social services for illegals. It's a little bizarre. But. Politics works -- pandering to bases and that's what they do. Joe and his agitation should just maybe rethink what at least 11 particular point and said when he says. Baltimore allowed Republicans and Democrats the fact of the matter is -- that there have been. Any number of people state as well as federal. Who agree with -- that the immigration is out of control that the illegal alien. Challenge you know problems. Have to be addressed and seriously not just in some fuzzy. So -- he and holding way and so you have to if it takes a little bit more rapid Joe the justice im gonna vote against every incumbent. Find out how the incumbents who represent you voted and then. Take make you decision but if the voting is consistent with your interest why would you throw the -- Makes no sense and off. I thought the thing about Arizona and the bill that was passed and I moved Barry and Jeff to have. Immigrants be deported just for the fact that they're immigrants I mean this country is an immigrant nation my failing it's imminent -- -- against it and yes. My brother my mother 5% off and it's just really unfair we should be opening our border is that. We should be opening our borders. Is -- from Harvard tube because that's where you're really find the complete idiot not to the it's not it's not so -- clear which struck. Jim good morning you're on WR -- Many aren't -- they don't you think -- I would put up went up all agree. People put up with -- every day I know what and if I let it yeah. Humans on the border just under house broke into almost every day of the week I tried to imagine that and I couldn't. In the the idea of any part of our country. Being essentially like a war zone a Third World country where you go in there and you know we heard rancher last week -- cities have 500000. People pulled off from his ranch over the past twenty years out of wherever the -- network on the border the it's hard for us to imagine. Then it's like that anywhere in America that's not America not. Marc Stein makes that can that makes that point and a recent column way you know -- you when he calls the coastal intelligentsia. East coast west coast. We'll bastions of folks who kind of left wing approaches to this. I have no clue as to what ordinary people don't throw in the trespassing at a crime meant. But the most recent murderous rancher Don and Arizona no wonder people reached the boil. Until Friday pull border patrol guy was shot Shia kind of guy who when he came upon some he came on some drug dealers. Immigration -- Well first of all I think we need to have real immigration reform from the federal level the federal government. Is all supposed to sit immigration policy and I think that all about forces. What really try to put the pressure there which is something all of -- that -- -- doing the last two general elections. Our troops try and now say that because there's not happen and all of us agree it -- that we're not going to have state law. And opened the door to racial profiling. Is what we objects into a protest scene on Wednesday and have since since the law was signed Friday before a list. -- racial profile and illegal. And they are -- and I don't know if there's anything police do that is heavily scrutinized. And they have to log every poll over and then the ethnicity of the person they pulled over. -- the idea that the suddenly discover racial profiling Willy Nilly is just not realistic in the -- or -- And as I read and interpret what Arizona has has just passed Arizona is making it a state crime. Two failed to comply with the federal law which makes -- a federal crime it's almost a reiteration. It's a reiteration is not a federal law carried it carry the papers that show you here illegally if you're not the police obviously -- arrested them to watch. Call the immigration people on -- look we've got somebody who doesn't appear to have documentation. -- and morning you're on with Tom and Todd puts our Martha. I can -- Can't be immigration act of 1960 fashion. Over 80% of the electorate. They're couple legally -- kind of approach Asia which includes humiliation and and Latin America. I think the 1965. Immigration active. Over 80%. Of the -- legally. Payment from your -- And when they about the luck. They are still allowed to try and limited Pelé reunification. So what's happening there shouldn't. Serve well people actually can help potential immigrants. -- And other developing nations. And in fact. The effects of the lack. -- actually this patient. -- -- of Asia which encouraged -- literally stinks and cat explains how many illegal direction. Why why do you think it happened that way Martha why was that the design of the Democrats gone back forty years. I don't think they can put -- let it was going to happen as an effective candidate. Actually tried before a collaboration says that it wouldn't came to the demographics of. Sure there was an obvious why he -- he wouldn't have done it what would it not change the demographics of the United States that's what's. That's what's so -- that they were already planning this going back to the early 17266. 6860. Big protests across the country on the Saturday. And it was so -- we've got some unique and exclusive sound -- from the boss from protests good stuff we'll talk more. Coming up on 680 WRKO. Morning's snow tonight we're all. Top Boston's talk to stay here six W mark -- Martin Saturday death -- very unimpressive collection we we really -- and I think but just an audio only -- you can only work with what you have only got -- -- got to find hysterical and that that this -- breakthrough kind of stuff and we don't have -- by the well -- why are you hear therefore not a rock star Harvard College you're not. -- -- I have -- similarly -- pretty eighteen year old coed is gonna have a coach is resentments. Bubbling up owing royalties don't want it when he. Resentful when he finds out you're just gonna sounds like a moron she does not mommy and daddy you're paying for -- -- -- -- -- an -- there's the resentment how many users I cannot comment is another example of why why should -- be critical of our -- an idiot. It's what was dumb about what she said other than Tim has been ripped apart the way that. That was the only silly comment she made several minutes of -- a couple of minutes at least comments play it again course we have to NB ready -- stop it that worries here. -- from Harvard college and -- silly comment now I don't kill you probably wanna know why you're here there was no question I love the way I'm. It's lovely to microscopically. Examined try to every word and every year until like you and say anything wrong -- -- -- provision I don't know wanted to identify and immigrant rights they recognize and also does citizens in Arizona not be racially profiled and -- I deserve thanks for Sharon wants immigrant immigrant rights to be recognized what immigrant rights are there. For those who were in the country illegally and which of them are being recognized. What is she talking about. -- she's repeating mindless rhetoric. I did do you want people and Arizona to be racially profile deal. No he answered no when you obviously know why -- people in Arizona to be raised -- -- I can't share talking no nonsense that I was she has its pet cat. It's straight it's still all blonde blue light Swedes across the water -- okay. -- -- Mexico but Clarkson -- if you see just saying that you will give full course if you see a blonde blue light Swede coming into the kind truly you are. Or her of a I but. Com do you think they should be anything done about illegal people entering the country at all. I think that we do need is comprehensive immigration reform. There's another -- and and so explanation why all you need comprehensive. That's rhetoric because none of us. I don't know I'm talking about -- is our first of all it has become a phrase. That fits into ordinary conversation. And much of it depends who is in the I had available we had a collar in the last segment previous -- Yahoo! talked about criminalizing employ him making it a criminal offense -- -- to fool around on this. That don't go to the welfare benefits and other benefits that people would get. Obviously gonna have to address a number of things if Social Security number and you can't lawyers Yale UV it is. It's possible to pass comprehensive immigration reform which is why Democrats pushed forward. You -- our government is not trusted to uphold the law. Because they don't wanna walk all the law if they or trying to uphold the law if people soccer great struggle. On behalf of the Obama administration. To secure the border and to deny there ability of people to go to working get paid. For jobs that they shouldn't be doing at a time of high unemployment. If that fight or being fought you'd see a lot of cooperation you probably on the rest -- you can probably what and that's why I think this whole idea of immigration. Should be broken down in bits and pieces like Karachi say comprehensive why if you ask her follow up question oh really what should be in the comprehensive embryos are what you would probably you say her she would probably say criminalize those employers whose action she wasn't just plays Friday -- -- How do you know or how real that she's. Yet sure there's another Nat off of problems who admitted it didn't agree bush actually is thirty seconds a bond that five seconds of the thirty seconds to know. I think that we do need is comprehensive immigration reform. They're outside the need to help immigrants and RDP and I like Britney. Spear guns. Enlighten you know like it. I think like immigrants are really good flight communities and stuff because they can really grow crops and stuff like that and I really like to live in a diverse and let me tell you need -- tax theater air quality opponent who take on apple U2 on nine literally makes our lives -- -- can make I don't read thousands of -- example if they have. And the -- and the red wing you so dock when. Friends of Harvard College go all why it's -- could a lot of the nice thing. I want some -- stop I don't -- the white guy a I think with pay round come Bok currency that is a -- a rude that it isn't true. Who robbed a five cents and we have an immigration problem Chelsea Massachusetts are you thinking of Germans and Irish people. Talk a little racial profiling crap of course -- racially profiling that. Actually -- and -- cut the amount is they still know it's -- Democrat has got nothing to do it raise it has to do with the fact. There early -- get those who have children who are still the same. Because I know that. A lot of immigration laws but I'd like an epidemic of heart. We got our. -- -- -- -- let me ask -- partial answer -- we have the two geniuses the F thank you -- -- so somebody who came here illegally. Then -- has a child here in the United States of America you know what the -- -- as you might agree to disagree with that but you know -- Belarus. What would you do with that child at the age of five a fifty you know you -- -- -- if they have somebody secure the child in the wanna leave -- with -- -- that person that and then go home they can do that or they can take the child with -- the with two options what's the problem the child is an American. Citizen child is welcome to stay in all -- -- the chain of whatever that's a special anyway you're right and so what do you do if they don't have somebody to take care of them and by the way how casually into talking about road just just leave you children and you go bad call the young adults who came here illegally -- -- -- Aldana. Don't worry about here's -- good here in America I -- find my way you know I must say that at all I say you find a way either you take the -- home or feed a lever here if you got somebody to say character that's fair enough. We've got to -- gonna -- JR WRKO. You know I got -- these these kids from Harvard that don't get it Cordell -- -- the basic things. You bring more audience and they got it still might -- -- delegates split apart aren't you bring -- -- -- -- Then you've got the other way they can't find any work so I ain't got eight people on welfare. People collecting social Cyrus says. I know how realizing hey I'm sure it worked I can just sit back and collapse. And what's gonna happen are tracks that are gonna go up the pay for these. Sorry slackers. -- and I got a proposal I wanna see if you sign on to how about if we offered to trade one for wind. Will send a Harvard student to Mexico it'll have gone in exchange for one illegal. -- or -- and I don't attach one they -- -- little check mark. What you don't like that diet -- don't need an additional 6% in taxes to help -- social programs that help build legal. Out -- and try that -- it doesn't work. -- -- seven called comprehensive tax increases. And Ted you're next with Tom and -- good morning. One guy that atomic. Get with the program palpable everywhere apart legislation but it gentle. -- -- why the judge in part they hate it can only go up. -- -- we know about that -- somebody also bigger and out it spirit. Argument. Here is legal. There are people who say you shouldn't send my. It's the same people make use after the call 617266. You know it's gonna talk sixteen W -- here. I'm sure there's no world rosary in this week. We'll revered doctor about it we are Boston's top 6 AM succeeding WRU. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Window world 108 I'm box any window how about that every white. Final double -- energy efficient replacement window. Any size. Just 100. In eighty. Nine dollar seriously any size window for 189 plus the state compliance option 45 bucks how cool is. That you're locally on an operator window world will show you how you can say if up to 15100 dollars in addition. With tax credits from the government with over a million. Windows installed last year that's what makes window world so special. They charge the lowest price of anyone they've got the highest quality windows installed only 189 per window no matter what size call 1800. Next window. They'll come out show -- their windows teacher about how to work. 1800 next window or you can visit them at window world the dot com -- brain now tell them targets and you 1800 next window. Where you going to be when this economy turns around -- -- -- be more importantly if it doesn't turn around the team that Armstrong advisory group can help position you in either case -- folks this is very Armstrong from the Howie -- -- call me right now at 803934001. 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You know you've been -- -- restaurant like at the food was OK but she got the feeling you should have gone around the corner to that place with a -- -- plant -- twelve bucks -- -- And you have been perfectly happy. A good dinner a good price a good value. Right window is egg plant arm. We sell any size weight double -- 389 installs a good window on good price a good value. Right window is energy star certified qualifies for the 15100 dollar tax credit and is so well built -- carries a lifetime warranty. Now they're gonna tell you they've got the Alaskan king crab -- me. Who knows maybe.