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Scott Brown on the Terrorism Bill

May 7, 2010|

Americans working for foreign terrorist groups would lose their citizenship under a bipartisan plan introduced yesterday by U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and three other lawmakers. We will speak with Senator Brown about his bill.

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Broncos doing from a new balanced world headquarters building mirrors is -- Holloway cars show. -- crowd is making it out that he doesn't seem to get it what does it needs yet. The smart one of the smartest presence whomever I -- everything was politician he is trying to master the subject they know that got a few hours they're doing their job. We're figuring out how to do the job and Afghanistan and Iraq. Much of letting it very carefully no radical left -- swings are I think what's your problem with. Thank -- you're low. US citizen Neil I was I apparently had no longer talk show. There were two references on FOX & Friends to the deliberate nature of this buildings that sometimes so that yeah I had sometimes I get paid and -- -- Are you Procter & Gamble their poor don't smuggler just. -- that is liquidating is there's a distress is yeah. Out there I point nine a quarter bid for 50000 -- power management what you have to do you have to use limit orders because talking just jumped seven point sent -- an elected at 49. So I mean yeah you gotta be careful how we. Lawrence Taylor did not have consensual sex would anybody last night. He's he's charged with great Lawrence Taylor did not -- anybody they might clear now how the Lawrence guy. Did you addiction Hamas powered card WR -- radio network. -- -- -- -- -- -- It wasn't as warrior. Maybe it'd -- -- needs a new lawyer. He didn't have consensual sex outside when he was charged weapon in the guy realizes police. Make a fool out of himself anyway 18774694322. 18774694322. That's a toll free number of how we car show you like to join us here. This afternoon if you like those -- show on the Internet you can always been so go to our website how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming. Also what how we cart dot com you can take partner daily Internet poll questioned C Andy what is today's poll question what are the results thus far. Should terrorists be stripped of their citizenship yes. 75%. Say -- okay he's joining us now on the news line is that senator Scott Brown Republican of Massachusetts he's one of the BS sponsors of the legislation that was filed yesterday in both the house and the Senate. Two would do just that a stripper -- terrorists of their -- citizenship Scott thanks for being -- -- -- how we car show. They're going to be an hour and mustang and I've been driving such in the living here is where your posts. Was it Scott -- you know why I eight. -- favor of this obviously and I think most people are but does say you know I think some people have the same question about this is that John Boehner of the Arab minority leader in the house said. They scored in the New York Times as saying if there are US citizen until they're convicted of some crime I don't see how you could attempt to take their citizenship away. Well yeah actually -- Meester read the bill and not use is backtracked quite a bit since then. Because -- this is merely an update of seven year old. -- That allows you forced strip towards citizenship based and certain certain circumstances. Due process is still the same appeals process is still the same hour that we're merely modernized and due to changing nature of war and terrorism. A provision metal. Basically assists beat these guys in in the -- sure. Trying to kill us you know -- all the way. And then when there are training overseas. These terrorist camps and we nobody at the State Department knows about they've been clearly identified. We have are stressed. And like resentment against the process. Start stripping them all that citizenship so they can stay there and and there's another hurdle before we can get back to try to hurt us. Now how would this have helped out with the at Times Square bomber last weekend. Well that's Google obviously we can't go get over to Iraq. All I know I know I understand that Expos facto by -- have it be you know. Hadley Bennett yeah had to -- better I'm -- been identified by the State Department has somebody. Who is certainly engaging in terrorist activity basically joining with a foreign. -- organization. In an effort you look. You know kill people or acts that would lead to that yeah. You could be one of the -- identified he would then be notified that you've done is going to be losing the citizenship he has the opportunity to. Question challenge if in fact teachers not to anti. So it was he was in Karachi right that's where he was -- was in Karachi for about five months last year so. Now this he -- I mean I -- I don't be deceived technical here but does he get the come back into the country after you send after he would send him this letter to -- us. However the State Department there's a process sorry enough I can certainly. -- forward beauty yeah the exact way awards didn't speak into the appropriate authorities. There is a prospect send there's also appeal process that started stood up a Supreme Court scrutiny so people should realize that. This isn't something that's the sun might leave this is also a lot it's been checked for. Seventy years and and obviously their there are circumstances where people do lose their citizenship and just fiction -- if that. Twenty plus people overseas in Yemen alone training right now they they carry US passport they have. Citizenship and if we took -- we right now. It would be awfully difficult to get back into the country it would allow our soldiers and others to. All -- capture or kill would. Would more. Free -- and -- citizen. And -- -- -- captured them then mayor. Not afforded the rights of the burnt in well deserve. I would assume all -- white people are on the north are on the no fly lesser reserves Michelle Malkin called them today the goal fly list. Eric are you are you satisfied with the did this to keep the security measures being taken by Homeland Security. Well I among almost security committee how him superior to a fair amount of information and and you see the problem is so big. In their states. Changing Daily Mirror adjusting and adapting to our efforts and I think they're. A lot of law enforcement people and others that are doing yeoman work in. I look at it is -- -- we just make it better how to we adjust and adapt as well make it more difficult. These people that have a chance to hurt us. -- one of those -- is by filing there's this bill other way to provide an adequate training and resources. To the is appropriate for children have access. And that's that's that's what I'm trying to dumb I'm gonna. Well in English must solve the problems and make make the solutions will look better. This a very confusing issue for your dear friends at the Boston Globe you know they like to come down on you whenever they get an opportunity to wait to get on the other hand Hillary Clinton has endorsed the the belt. Well there are a lot of folks that after they read -- they realized that there are seven categories where people lose their citizenship back. When we -- fighting Nazi Germany if somebody. It took up arms in and worked it would but not -- they would. These are subject to losing their citizenship. And how -- it without taking up arms without fighter or Taliban. How is that different. So what -- -- changing. -- changing in the nature of war and the characters that are trying to hurt us a changing this modernizing. Modernize it and then we really need to you know there are far of the nineteen times in and start to really looking in in. Real circumstances it would real situations. You give the appropriate authorities the tools to keep us safe and and that's what this. 18774694322. You attended the couple call Scott you're actually -- your next with how we are US senator Scott Brown go ahead Tom. Are you on our I don't know mr. brown isolated example -- election now I'm glad you want you to carry western mass very well. Our web question -- -- -- bloody well yeah but what happens in the provision embarrassed. Somehow someone's a natural born citizen who becomes a terrorist and how do you revoke the citizenship work them. All at once once you once you become a US citizen and being in fact if you are then. Found. Should be participating. In there -- whether it's act accurately you're -- intent. You will then be. The appropriate due process process. And it is signed that you you would have been -- you can appeal that process there's. A longstanding challenge process -- -- and the factors seven that it'd be no different. So this is. Moderate aria at Tom's I thought former Padres in a good point -- already in the tree in the al-Qaeda to. Training camps or any of them natural born US citizens. -- I I I believe Somalia I have to check the I don't really you know for sure. And you could stretch you can strip them of their citizenship. Correct. Anyone who's we're all -- this category oil would be subject. Subjected to this off. -- call Tom Don your next with Howie Carr and senator Scott Brown go ahead Don. Am glad they have from his both the Senate good quality office one time and I would football fight -- out all of the -- Clear campaign but thanks you very much but I want election Osama what I would what went to a -- salt solve cold. Well these must. Getting woman should not outcome of independent because that it felt by Lionel. So you -- -- it's -- win against their. Not. I don't think this is Scott's problem but was it don't. Actually I'm not familiar little bit and get a problem my notes by about I've been one myself well you've -- but not listen and around saying are you doing something great now. You know because. I guess Hillsdale college and I guess right now not a cold by and primus. Right America's line Islamist and it talks about all these things like you're talking about all. And the award loader and not constitution. And everything cannot -- And it slots much. 2010. The volume 39. Number. Thanks thanks for the call -- we appreciate it 187746943. Two to Eric you your next with how we car and senator Scott Brown go -- -- I know -- and it has side. Ares I I voted for you and a lot selection is doing great job I'm what you're doing and all these terrorists. I am I am a member of the group marine corps league. I want to there web site yesterday. It first our court in the course was. Let's roll that this church. They -- excessive if -- all four Marines. Right we know we know they are they score around they're they're protesting. Gays in the Koran they may really they they do really really obnoxious things if funerals what your question a bottom. Are. Built this form of all those fallen soldier or. Are. Fighting it terrorist over entire Iraq -- it's being. Because the church of course. Is doing to a federal jury. He won the case. And then later on. What that the court. What should ask Eric hey I gotta stop you right there it Scott yeah I know you -- no no no -- sane person supports the west Borough while Baptist Church. I. Am aware of the case certainly in those reversed on appeal and there was a good judgment for legal fees and I think didn't so one of one of the well guys are so I think. Actually gave that we hope you'll want. Your I don't know what but the. -- -- you're next with Howie Carr and senator Scott Brown go ahead -- But there -- LA they've done. Obviously it's senator had a big supporter campaign on these phone -- -- great feel like it that but that's the picture from liberty. I'll my question is what sort of worried are also worried about this bill is what he's slick -- government arbitrarily today -- it appears now. But -- 1 eastern four years so why but he's government mystical barrier group they don't like. Forget we'll see if she party. Saying to terrorist entity and certain people of their citizenship right. Lowly folks gave. And there's -- That is already been on the books for seven years in the -- and then hasn't been abused in that manner you yet and there's there are you very strict. Very very strict due process. A process as well as an appeal process and like frankly you heard it it wouldn't -- -- it would be stood for. And they are attacking quit talking about very. But thank you both very. A clear chases. Where people have been -- eat Internet TV radio burning their passports. Clearly engaging in in activities that is. Truex got like they're floating all over another -- -- elections -- beat army of a nation that is a war with the US and I'm sure -- other rather. There's seven present district actually enhance one -- -- provision and make it an eight provision and they. I would I know what you are doing is I hear you're saying it. What other respect it doesn't pass muster because of the these safeguards that the natural checks and balances that have been improved. Independence. And it. And survive constitutional challenge. We need that we need to adjust and adapt to the changing nature almost. All Qaeda in the end the wave of terrorism and terrorists are trying to. Buying machines. In our security systems in use now people who are either natural. Born citizens or. Or become US citizens into other means. They and they are recruiting. Them in in using them as its. Basically. In ourselves that it took her past. So we have to we have that we have the modernized. Donnie did happen. -- did that bother you when you read Michelle Malcolm X column earlier this week she had the whole list of all these people who were naturalized US -- is most of -- had married American women. And there are operating with impunity and end in killing inch or trying to kill Americans every week we have. Coaching don't we have to have some kind of wait to warm -- these people out. Our meat you buy it I -- CenturyTel law and Colin the anchor Bible right now but my question at this bank -- -- -- -- that we had to dole we have o'clock or seven years what -- it's changed in order but spoke change. Well all they did actually changes because they wouldn't know that we -- dealing with a country. That Billy -- it would Germany or early in another country would dealing with terrorists organizations. Where we're actually. You know. The nature of war is in fact. More than just something that's not a traditional. Country versus country battle its is now into a different situation. And we're dealing with -- you know -- item which is so obviously different from the country of Germany or Japan back. When these laws were actually we're we're -- we're modernizing amendment. In getting them a dispute would modern -- situations. Thanks for the call -- John you're next with Howie Carr in US senator Scott Brown go ahead John. Right senator brown outstanding it's about time because we all know the enemy hasn't voted doesn't have to behave than any other convention agreements that we have and so by updating us can you explain it even more. We -- the the organization of a terror a terrorist is what it's -- different nations would be expanded. The people we've been giving money to. Nations organizations. In other countries that end up supporting. Terrorists or terrorist organization that they're not even located in that country and expand that so a lot of material support from America. Elsewhere yet they would. There are foreign -- different categories in the -- those are questions bridge fired back. The existence is a very specific. And we're trying to deal with a -- some specific situation I understand where you're saying I actually aspect. That very same question in there are already mechanisms such deal would. Those types of activity that that are actually working out quite well up. And that don't really apply it into these -- So what you're talking about the sick like senator -- you -- -- the cigarette smugglers from Charlotte to Detroit who were rather than shipping the money to want to Hezbollah right. Where the other stores assertion that yeah that's really not what this is intended for these -- active active in majors and people who were directly. Dutch don't like like for example -- Ford -- Ford fixed side very. This situation and in times where this has been a knee jerk reaction which is a gradual. This has been happening gradually to the point now where we're saying okay -- make it more difficult for these people when they go overseas trained. Just combatant without even blinking. -- and then extent that captured how we treat them as its enemy combatant is -- should be in and then. Interrogator pursuant Soviet applicable laws and to determine what they've done and other medical losses with them what's next. And try it for any any future terrorist. You -- those guys from lack of one of those senator brown who was they they came back for -- Pakistan or Afghanistan and you know they were arrested and they said they were training camps that you -- you -- -- dare you you people are over you know -- -- profiling us with this is where this is our ancestral homeland we just went back there are -- now you're trying to tell us what terrorists. Well how. Some of the good news is that I am and not just saying this so obviously that that show offload that but I do ever actually there's two very interesting information. We know that every every. Everything. Trying to do and say within this framework is is balanced with -- very clear data. In in information on. Who they are what they're doing and why they're doing and what the -- what other trying to kill us. And that seems like the very almost. They announced they party renounce their citizenship through their activities I look at it is just -- memorial physician. All of that effort to just say great eight stay in the air -- you wanna hang out in Yemen Somalia great. Who would object and then try to get back in try to do their spirit they're damage. Rob your next with how we cards senator Scott -- go ahead rob. I senator -- got a two part question you made a comment there would be difficult. For them to come over to the country can strip on what they got citizenship. Bullets gonna stop a remarkable little problem -- R&D. I -- for legalizing. The illegal aliens that a Communist country. All take the first course jumpers German Italian right Arizona. And that Arizona is a very interesting situation in that. For me a couple of administration is now of the governors have asked for help. And their people out and I bet a lot about been briefed and it's oh I'm. -- Senator McCain and Kyle and we've actually spoke telling the body almost every day that we need. And there's two regions of the in the region and features on region you know region is secured credit double -- of those security at the border patrols in the air. There entries illegal entries are down dramatically to the point was about 5000 year. The Tucson region is actually extremely forest. The -- and -- being completed the border patrol is overwhelmed. And you are people going back and forth ransacking homes stealing things hurting business is destroying natural habitats in nature reserves. And killing people. And there's been an outcry from the governors to ask the federal government whose responsibility it is it is secure federal borders. In -- administrations have failed. In how you have a situation where the governor and the legislature just so desperate because they're -- -- help -- in -- And the tribes and the they had to take some very draconian in drastic measures which they've modified to make sure that they survived constitutional muster. So for the president and others to cast stones and say how they should do it they should instead be saying gosh what we do to help will be there tomorrow. And we'll provide you the tools in the troops and their resources to. Helped secure and protect you receive in -- You don't realize that they answer the first question certain question to light source port amnesty no I I've been very clear on that I don't support. Licenses were in instate tuition. A source folks here illegally. And I believe that a strong border enforcement and strong either application process. What did you think of the these the resolution passed the other day by the Boston City Council to war. To call for boycott of Arizona. Well once again I think -- chatting on the web two point whereas the arizonans. -- in -- -- desperate battle -- insecurity for their daily in their intimate. Personal bluntly they also. The bush administration and our administration for. For troops from money -- the completion of security -- -- to the point where tremendous amount of resources -- going directly. From their state budget stricter something that the federal government is question -- obligated to do. So -- -- for them to reduce our next that was that was inappropriate and if I remember what I president of Washington when the S snowstorm came. Boston sent down down. -- What's the difference what are we help them in standout whatever they need they -- secure their borders in and help voted solve the problems they're adding on. Thanks thanks for the call rob -- what you -- -- a couple minutes here does take a couple more calls -- you're next with how we cards senator Scott Brown go ahead Dinah. Hi Scott -- on what little magnetic -- wouldn't doubt that the from what the Porter at the people's republic of Holyoke. Actually rob just really. -- in the number of the things that I wanted to ask you about. But as specifically. I was curious about whether or not you or any other senators would come out and both believe. I expressed her support for the Arizona law which went I think helped to balance the a lot of the protest that we are starting to see that we've been seeing about that. Well -- -- ordinary here right what does first came out and say I immediately challenged the president. Stop throwing stones and start immediately go to Arizona. And help solve the problem so they need people of Arizona have been have been hurting for awhile on this issue and they're desperate. And that's Soviet party in NBC already been been talking as well as many many others. -- to say listen. They're doing what they feel is right and and last year experience and what their experience -- and if you should probably just let them. -- helps -- gonna help. You shouldn't be criticized. One more call the Portugal's got to appreciate -- -- -- this I don't see Boris Tracy you're next with Howie -- and senator Scott Brown go ahead Tracy. -- -- I apologize that it already discussed -- but how does do you support the death penalty for convicted terrorists I know they would tell us. We were in that country trying to kill it that it -- and I hope. Like I guess I guess what people arrested -- natural quiet. But there is there doubt there are artist federal provisions for the death penalty which which area I support and I've. Voted for and supported the death penalty under certain circumstances. Here in Massachusetts and -- -- actually voted on it. It quite a few times so that won't expansion of that. Scott have a special election coming up in our state senate district who who. Who would tell you recommend that the people that though -- nine year old district vote for on Tuesday. Well it's obviously very important election to bring balance back to Beacon -- and I've known. A representative rushed for over 22 years it's brought together or -- you -- -- and any good business owner and understand the value of the dollar and then there's there's there's no time for learning curves. He used a thoughtful. Hard working -- dedicated public servant which can bring a nice nice balance back to the Senate we only have or know that I brought to bring this back up to 540. And I trust them and I'm I'm supporting I'm actually doing a couple of rallies -- in tomorrow. And it's it was very -- -- there's there's this is no time for some and a you know in a very important position in and just add on to the special interest. We're world rally Scott I don't want to -- -- rent them. So they think you just go to Richard Ross's yeah -- web site web site or they can -- receive the if they want if people wanna see you tomorrow. Oh yeah okay Scott -- thanks for a thanks for come on the show we appreciate it. I'm -- just that I wanted to -- -- at number 41 sure it's so I figured I close himself. -- anytime -- need a few more give me a call that I got -- Great OK thanks participants got 18774694322. While Howie Carr hey he's still not refinance your mortgage. -- 877469432218774694322. It's how we -- dinner hour brought to you by the Hanover street chop house -- the -- caller right now at 6179311680. And you'll win a fifty dollar gift certificate to the Hanover street chop house. This Mother's Day give mom the royal treatment with dinner at the Hanover street chop house located at 149 Hanover street Manchester, New Hampshire. Seating begins at 1 PM make your reservations today. Be that six caller at 6179311682. Win now 617931. 1682. Win now. 18774694322. We did the death -- the other day invest somebody grab Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan took about like a better and better pick -- -- -- pretty good the other day. There's a story I just saw on the Internet during the break out from the Daily Mail in London. After alcohol education class Lindsay Lohan parties until 7 AM. She was celebrating cinco demise of the and I guess you know today she's what's what's the espionage work for seven she celebrating a seven demise of the day today I'm sure. But she got she looks horrible she she's 43 years old like usual which is going on about 53. 18774694322. Al the in Woburn says. The or how we please ask senator brown if we can still price of one for treason if we stripped them up citizenship. I don't know I I don't know Al but my guess is no how can you -- how he would try someone for treason if they're not US citizens anymore. 18774694322. Because it would do something about this married the you know. Michelle Malcolm -- you know do we have do something about this this law where you can marry a US citizen be -- the engage in what amounts to marriage fraud -- in his arrest but. All these terrorists that come into the country become US citizens they all engaged in these. Marriages she hammer otherwise with US citizens and that's how that's how this guy but in times where got to be a US citizen. He married a day a girl for -- up Pakistani descent but -- I think she was born here and she was from Colorado. And so we just stumbles into the country and you know decides to become a terrorist than Mary's are so he gets that he gets a a free ride basically. 1877. For animal we gotta do something about the asylum laws the political refugee laws that's that's what enables hippies and Tony to stay here even though she's been turned down twice. For asylum. And of course then of course there's the anchor baby law. 1877469432218774694322. Failure next with Howie -- go -- felt. Hey Ali -- show thanks in my sort of say I'm an immigrant. I'm an American citizen. And where I'm from yeah the great place you know tropical well you know a lot I love this country. And what's going on right now these people turning their backs on it it's like -- a little bit bizarre world I don't get it. Yeah and everything is bizarre world -- not just this you know we're immigrants becoming terrorists but everything has to -- it's crazy who who would ever believe any of this stuff would be happening. I mean sure it's come to mind and they why wouldn't -- all Obama. -- Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. George your next with how we cargo ahead George. Yeah I -- where I mean Scott Brad included just great today as it usually is but I just wanted to say that. So -- went when he go to further jobs build a fifty billion dollar bill. You have a lot of color that we're really negative autumn we voted for Scott Brown could go in there. And do the right -- it could be true conservative and you know he's stepping up big time we don't agree with everything that he doesn't respect. He would just bought out in Arizona he called it like it cheated sugarcoat anything this legislation that he's working on. It's also absolutely necessary have to revamp. So all seven year old legislation and so you know I just debit column for the people are out there in your audience -- You know that's 12 Scott doesn't do somethin' that daylight. You know they're ready to throw wondered about the Lawrence Horton issues and he called the wage kiwi voted for him to go adopt a. Tore it all you have to do is say to yourself who is going to who was better able to represent me and my interest in -- PM -- intrusive Washington. Scott Brown or Martha Coakley. -- I mean it comes that's that's that's the simplest question you can ask -- to take about two seconds they answer it. Right how did you think any of the way you know what -- try to work. -- fifty billion dollar -- to jobs program to get what he's talking about he's trying to do with. With the terrorists and the support of what's going on there there are of that -- that's good money on after some backers to your right Coakley can you imagine it would be going on right now. She should just be another Jean Shaheen and another another rubber stamp for all right Harry Reid. Truly Scott try to get things done they're ready to he'd go to conscience you could tell when he's speaking. Dead people he's confronted -- Elliot out. Can eat all of their I think he's got the best interest or not only can -- get every shingles paint on a checklist. That we always -- but he will go for the most important issue of our -- this -- security could be gotten nothing. -- our secure. Thanks for the call George 18774694322. What was the state senator from from my district for number years you didn't always vote. The way I would've one of them to vote but again. Compared to what we had before which was Cheryl Jakes rhymes with fakes. I was. Pleased as punch. As Hubert Humphrey used to say to have the guy in office and I'm pleased as punch that have been there is US senator. Needy or Eddie your next what powered cars and media are ready. Okay sorry okay go ahead. I was I actually haven't mr. borrowed before -- that's a couple questions but. All -- on immigration bill yeah -- he bit its this year the field. I guess with where we're closer look at cold up here we only get there -- a lot of our media reports only certain parts of the Arizona bill. And it seems a lot of people are -- making a lot of people or ignorant actually. Make this. Initial what race are Hispanic Latino I'm a proud Republican. Or transport of Republican family Republican. Our father Serb war to a certain now. And we know what -- data Marmara -- at the right way they would get an award we have relatives in South America we've been waiting over eight years. And they are more infuriated that anybody else. He's -- cheap -- or try to con -- boring and legalize. We legalize every illegal immigrant just so they can have 35. Million more Democrats it's an outrage. And how -- here -- a -- that I can say I'm sorry but what you're both due communities -- actually divided but -- -- -- you hear about -- -- Felix. -- Soria stupid are royals. Here. He's referring to both -- to the Boston city councilor who was. Or any sort of Puerto Ricans and -- -- a Pulitzer prize but he never give a damn about other there's like dozens of other looking -- it -- city. -- policy ignorance is erased Peter I had I had an outlook and add -- function better social function more than he is we agree to disagree well. -- -- unit you know why he got in there his old man was the city councilor mean it's not like he's got any qualification he's he's -- he's no more qualified to be on the city councilman Ted Kennedy was qualified when he got elected to the Senate you know he's just he's right not his dad's name just like Ted Kennedy dead. Thanks for the call ID 1877469432218774694322. As information about to file solved. She does side accumulates this is from power line blog a number of misconceptions are being dispelled. It turns out that the Times Square would be bomber was not Mayor Bloomberg speculation notwithstanding. Someone who was unhappy about Obama care. Norway is the bomber the random quote on quote white man who was filmed by a security camera were moving your shirt a block away from his odds pathfinder. Nor was he to contessa -- deep regret. One of those dreaded Tea Party -- nor was his motivation a mystery as suggested by the Associated Press. No -- to the surprise of some but not all fox all -- god was a G hottest. One may. There's still trying to push this thing though you know -- the Connecticut post one of the the the the newspaper in Bridgeport worry lived after they foreclosed on his house. Is still pushing this idea -- but does that somehow his his heart was broken by by losing this house. It in eight in Shelton Connecticut and that's why that's why he turned against his adopted land the food -- plane. 187741. I -- mention this before right before I forget it. It is a happy day for Michael Savage today after the UK elections Jacqui Smith a labor party member of parliament. And AEI in the UK home secretary was defeated for reelection. Smith was the Stalinist style politician who by BM Michael Savage from entering the UK. She lost by about 6000 votes. Jim -- -- yes -- continues and underground is coming yet he wants no one vote you didn't agree with. I'm sure you know what I I I'm sure there wasn't there must be all right now you're sure there must be one. They tell senator brown I'll get back to among -- 18774694322. On how we car it's may how when I want to get away from it all I had direct. I'm still listen I'm sure I can think up but I do those couple of bills that I was I wrote him in the paper and set the M he did that. I just can't think of right now so obviously you're right they weren't that important to me but again you know. You it's a mighty small shoes to fill Cheryl Jakes rhymes with fakes it was so great. You beat her. 187746943. Hi Todd fiber here for window world of Boston you've heard it said they don't make them like they used to. 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