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Mexico's Policy on Illegal Immigration

May 20, 2010|

Sarah Palin not only thinks Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law is a great idea, she thinks everyone should do it. Several states, including Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Maryland and Colorado, are already considering tougher illegal immigration laws in the wake of Arizona's efforts. However, fellow Mexico border states New Mexico, California and Texas have been less willing to adopt similar policies. Should the US adopt Mexico's policies regarding illegal immigration?

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Broadcasting from a new balanced world headquarters building and -- -- off Holloway cars show I think these. It has the potential. Why you discriminatory fashion. Who are some of them still living. Here in the shadows with such -- laws -- the Arizona law that is placing our people to face discrimination. We also discussed the new -- in Arizona which is a misdirected effort from this directive expression. Frustration over broken immigration system in which is raised concerns in both our countries. Yeah wanted that's somethin' that we have to work on -- to make sure that people can. Be here with the right kind of papers that you're low. We learned that we can win every special election we get into we're very pleased that happened in Pennsylvania we -- perfect record on special elections that are can. Tested power a car here's why we use of -- -- I have attorney general of Connecticut alone and we he loves about it clearly. -- when he gets caught he trusted -- but he's not gonna let people distort his record. Who got his record of lying Hamas powered card WRKO radio network. 77469432218774694322. That is the toll free number of the Howie -- show if you like to join us here this afternoon every weekday afternoon. 187746943. Two to. Well let's start out with 21 power. Our trivia question. Of the day it's it'll be an ill be easy once again today will give away -- and would you -- different T shirts today. Julianne Michelle's and -- says she's the daughter away at Ted's a knock us. From April. He she is a big fan of mine according to her father and she's doing a project that involves the creation and distribution of an original product. In to teaching at entrepreneurship. And I she's got an email account to sell must remember in November which got a big elephant. And leave the DL the red -- peak where it looks more pink than red. But the whenever it's the pink red elephant is stomping on a media on a on a blue. Donkey who also known as the jackass. And -- sold through eBay must remember in November and -- her father her. -- father says I hope you deemed them worthy of distribution to your listeners I do indeed Ted and thank you Julianne for sending them to me we're gonna give some away must remember. In November and all you need to do was go to -- and type in must remember in November and you can order you're -- own or you conduct caller number 9783735493. So thank you Julian for sending me these T shirts will be giving some -- today and over the next few days. Now we're gonna just we -- we're gonna do a couple of questions here in -- we will move on and get into our daily. Show. Our daily subjects and will be talking a lot about called a Roman. Immigration and all that sort of thing Dennis you're next with Howie Carr. -- hi Dennis what is the state of Arizona threatening to cut off to the city of Los Angeles. -- Artists that are that is correct so are. You elect. -- yes hold on the targeting a T shirt from you know and is a markets 18774694322. Might cult. Your next with how -- cargo ahead Michael are you there. I'm yeah I'd like all question all right so what -- I want. Why get another easy question I don't know I just was looking around the Internet just now before we want on the show I saw this I don't away I don't know what it is. In regards to work it seem like a nice question for the day what is the capital for art. Trident capital quotes -- at -- why not LB dot jalla that we. My cool you have -- Hey Ali yes what do you don't special election -- Massachusetts in January. The -- went about it why -- already had people -- and had a perfect record on special election. That's right you know -- yes she the other that was a great election that they want on Tuesday the the guy was. Was pro gun which she's yet begun. He was pro life which she's pro abortion. He was anti the health care bill which she was for the health care belt. And he was against that cap and trade which she's four so yeah. It was okay when you every special election we get into we're very pleased that happened in Pennsylvania. We had perfect record on special elections that are content. -- you're an amazing thing Michael was like this as long as the democratic candidates are opposed everything that she believes in. They have a fighting chance at winning in districts that are total one democratic. -- -- -- -- Have called on Michael you're getting the you're getting the T shirt must remember in November. 18774. A would do one more here will do one more our Ross you're next with how we are you there Ross. -- got good at what is the test. The Massachusetts education officials are thinking of scraping. That's correct so our. Correct she get these are easier watch. They are easier BL yeah front to upload speed up or there's a good documentary from about twenty years ago called Vernon Florida. From the get ample water actually an amusing documentary all the residents that. I I I like Florida I used eleven Florida when I was a kid that's for awhile and I have a place in Florida I I would you know it's 85 this is the time a year that's you know where Massachusetts is much worse than Florida but boy it sure is nice during the wanted to go down there. Hold on -- get the T shirt. 1877469432218. Sevenths -- your voice of -- by Julian HT shirts a little bit later in the show but that's that's driven. Yeah and that thanks to Julianne for sending them to me and thanks for being the young listener about how we car show I can always use listeners young or old alike. 18774694322. That is the toll free number about how we are -- if you like to join us. If you would like -- who show on the unity can always do so go to our website which is how we cart dot com how we cart dot com collect on the lives. Audio streaming. Also at how we cart dot com you can take -- our daily Internet poll question in our daily Internet poll question is as you know it's it's it's very irritating to to have people come to the United States. Foreign leaders. And have them lecture us on ethics and morality especially you win their lacking. All of the. Aforementioned entities that will promote a dignified and life and an orderly way. For both our countries who are some of them still leaving. Here in the shadows with such low on the show us assess the in Arizona law stand -- -- shadows they think are people. To face discrimination. All shot up. Standing in the shadows of -- Waiting persuading for the hard break the comment the beer bottles. Raining and on the police. If they're standing in the shadows of what the hell are they going rioting in the streets. Give me a bleeping -- care. And somehow they managed to get out of the shadows and down of the DMV to get a driver's license some of them. All by a guy who won 8774. Standing in the shadows -- It at some point you have to retire these cliches you know. 187746. But anyway it was city what is today's poll question and one of the results thus far. Should the US adopt Mexico policies regarding illegal immigration absolutely. Yes so say 86%. -- -- realize that Mexico with a population what probably. 14. To 13 of the United States -- ports more illegal aliens in the United States of America does every year. What does that tell you about Mexico it tells you that Mexico wants to keep control of its mortars like you. -- -- Society does it this is this is just crazy I mean there is no reason. For us to to be putting up with this BS I just don't understand that an end. You know to be it to be hip with this this guilt trip. And it Ed. Accused of being racist nativist and them and xenophobic. Well what the hell I mean what what country in human history. -- had opened borders I know countries have probably had open borders like for instance be later Roman empire. In the starting in the third century. AD. It but HD then we used awarded the anymore though do they they they if they AD means in a domino and is in Europe are -- we can't say that. We -- that is to Europe centric. It's now called the -- CE. Current era. And just like you can't say BC anymore you can't say Julius Caesar was killed and 43 BC because that means before Christ. You have to say DCE. Before current era. Remember the first -- I saw that BCE and -- CE I think it was down and and. Tucker I was I was walking around one -- dose. With some us some of the beautiful people I know I know somebody become a beautiful person but I was with some of -- -- somebody -- up plus a couple people at a -- that there. It was walking by after dinner downtown and sought. I thought it was a joke I thought it was some kind of you know PC joke but it wasn't. I read all the time now are you -- pick up a history book company in this could be a good history book in the IC CE. BC. And put it down and put the book that the toggle back to reading your phone worried about the Roman empire they are read given -- again. I'll pick up my abridged edition of decline and fall of the Roman empire thank you very much all right. 18774694322. Y eight. Does the United States of America have to have open borders I just don't get -- I I I know we've been over this alive I know that we all know about the crimes. And we all about the the costs of illegal aliens but I mean. We have to keep coming back to what they they won't give it up. The Democrats want to bring these people win because they want them to vote democratic they want more people who were dependent. On the state whether you're talking about the federal government toward the states -- the cities. 1877469432218774694322. Man I would love to score back to you talk about disastrous legislation this you know the usual back in history speaking of you don't reading history books in the decline of fallen Roman empire that's sort of thing. EC moments in history where nobody understood just how disastrous. Something was going to be -- and BB immigration reform act of 1965. Would be 888. Classic example of a piece of legislation that nobody was paying attention to what the time my handful of people work people like -- and Mervyn the future Watergate senator from North Carolina he was so what what why -- we need to change the immigration laws again I don't understand they seem to be working pretty well. And of course we we we're gonna change amend you know who we TY and planet people neat spots -- stats just push so -- Early of people coming into the country cannot have become Britain's on the on the tax payers. You know nothing is gonna change in the United States of America if we just have opened borders. That's with Ted Kennedy said. That's what his brother Bobby Kennedy said. The legislation was signed by Lyndon Baines Johnson. Of great society fame another guy talk about a talk about disastrous election. He was running against the governor of Texas back in 1990 was 1948 for the Senate seat. He stole the election he stole the election and became a US senator went on to become the majority leader of the Senate and the vice president. And after a JFK it was a murdered and Allison became the president. And that -- who would have ever happened none of that. Man of so I don't know but a lot of this stuff from the great society. The the welfare state the immigration reform I -- the stuff might never happened if Lyndon Johnson had. Abided by the real results of the democratic primary back in 48 but he didn't. And again it's you know that's why that's why you always have to vote whenever you get a chance vote. Could you never know -- it could make all the difference in the world 1877469432218774694322. Who were it that this. This call the won't have any. The reason a lecture us. About immigration as he exports. His underclass to the United States of America can you believe it if that he six with everybody. Who is a drag on the Mexican economy everybody who with they had a welfare state would be eligible for welfare. Ever everybody every woman teenager who gets Craig lower classes. Someone from -- -- family who gets pregnant. And -- has no husband who's who's a child is point to become a burden a juvenile boy we're Maxwell they all go to the United States. In the become a burden on us. And he's lecturing us. About not welcoming. His underclass with them with open arms enough. 18774694322. John your next with how we cargo ahead John. Captain captain I expect. You know the argument is as simple as that the Hezbollah mirrors the federal -- already have some -- future governors from doing what Deval Patrick did. Immediately by -- executive or upon being inaugurated which was -- cutting into the state police. Got a fifty ice. Tom guy on asking information regarding people that. So you know that odd that -- they -- they didn't do anything and anyone has been -- Mexico now. If you get pulled over in a car if you're in Cancun if you're down Acapulco it doesn't matter. In the can be a Tuesday afternoon at the time if you do not have proper documentation on view as eight forest would then be money. What SpinRite it will be not only ask for your papers are no we can be pulled over more about what -- racial profiling. You and I both know in most cases that the get a little fly didn't get it -- you go on your -- But if you don't have papers they won't just to take you don't take you to jail. Yeah so I don't understand what the guy's argument is and it's very very simple most people. Not everybody's been to Mexico not everybody understands that and it sparked this simple law which is actually sixteen pages. Okay it always does is make it so that the next governor of Arizona. You know example -- tunnel okay cannot fabled I get to. -- -- -- -- -- Whatever you wanna cars that -- is like she is. And that Soledad is they could -- it's not at the discretion of the governor like it is in Massachusetts for all people out there talks. You guys that are out there right now looking into this radio -- -- out of work. And I know what John you're not tell you don't I don't know why would somebody there's an at large box they don't know -- that I think -- -- about batch and they put the ball -- like the best. I don't carry it off people leave the moon bats are the ones who don't know -- don't care the people who don't work with there he -- you don't have it you're not only another. Under the moon -- OK so what it'll index due Wednesday for a darn. They tried on the margin the margin is the working people that get duped because there's you. I tell -- -- I think it's more I think it's more the younger people the people who were like taught this guilt and you know somehow her somehow we're bad people and that's what those Texans goin' down at the Alamo in San Antonio you know audio. You better job you owe our art are able she's been -- Robin go to -- because their parents work but lard you know beat her kid. In Abercrombie and American Eagle on polo shirt making arguments about -- not -- for other people I'd like them all -- stand -- I had closed. -- sort called John 1877469432. To the support Obama set I mean the guy is the guy is a master at setting up straw men here. In the United States of America no law abiding person be they an American citizen or legal immigrant or visitor tours from Mexico. Should ever be subject to suspicion simply because of what they look like. Whole -- who is subject to suspicion because of what they look like. How about a subject to suspicion because they're trying to get on a commercial airliners that okay with Mr. President. I think we Arizona -- it has the potential. -- -- enjoy being Martin discriminatory effect all the potential after was initially passed the Arizona legislature. And amended it and said good. This should not be card carried out new discriminatory way but during a fair reading of the language of the -- have you ever been the president. -- -- -- -- Your home -- and journals -- has seemed suspicious of fairly nobody's really all immigrants from being. -- he -- -- -- fluorescent. And the judgments. That are going to be made. In appliances -- shirts. Hearing -- to wrap my just they aroused me. You might run a red light have to begin at Fresno harass somebody is the only country illegally. Comports more with our core values and core -- how -- we -- in -- is one of our core values of government. There's ultimately one -- -- immigration policy. Do you think Los Angeles thought about where their electricity came from before they decided to try to boycott Arizona I don't think too many people Los Angeles think about anything except where the next batch we this gunman from Cindy. How many medicinal marijuana stores that they have been there they you know the war he would really hit them where they weren't hurts if you watch what I guess medicinal marijuana they they need to have but to do it to -- to run a good Hydro products operation to grow pot. You need electricity right so I I stand corrected they they don't care Bobby Hebert she's got a marijuana prices -- job opening California now. Why and -- It is and I know that I know some places in California are shutting down the medicinal marijuana shops now or are they just shutting down the shops that are home run by American citizens -- -- shutting down the shops -- run by illegal aliens or is that discrimination. If you shut down -- quote unquote medicinal marijuana shop which run by. Eight porch and undocumented. Worker. 18774694322. Rob your next with Howie -- go ahead Robert. Yeah how we couple things sort of thought how ironic that. First black American president would usher in a war between the states -- I I just I don't get. Other than Democratic Party politicians. Who is in favor of illegal immigration rob I mean. This is this is it adding dramatically to the unemployment rate among black people. Now it's -- turning white people as well but it's it's -- all US citizens but it's particularly hurting black people. But he doesn't he doesn't care he doesn't he just wants to give more. Voters into the country you know I mean doesn't he -- I don't even think he cares if they're legal or not you know. Yeah it doctor Ali and that is about. Political advantage trumps national security yeah it's it's plain and simple but I think -- president dedicate in the spoken -- because. Then I finished in the lying. In the shadows they're in their unemployment why they're -- lines of the emergency. A homes that are there in the -- of siding up by the kids per registration school. Right their lights at the district court to get interpret source. Yeah many many of them it. Despite their significant contribution to these economy and the society of the United States these are illegal aliens is called -- still live in the shadows again where what you. What channels. What shadows and occasionally as in Arizona they even faced discrimination therein can you imagine that -- There in the country illegally leaching off the taxpayers and they're being discriminated against -- Why would why would anyone want to. Want to discriminate against an illegal alien who's -- bleaching off the rest of us thanks for the call rob -- your next web powered cargo I had gem. They captain. It's do you know I've been period today -- they -- -- politician the world hadn't been spent Packard on Tuesday so I'm gonna I've remarks are let's go on home though. It's okay. Aside I don't need a voice -- rally. The voice changer the witness protection program of the Howie -- show once -- on the witness protection and the voice changer you don't want jams. No one will be able for a night. Well I mean it could I'm gonna become combative -- Kigali airport when they picked up for help without you Graham and and -- we would not support anything bad about -- I thought it was a very gentle person that was that was gadget of the doubt in my mind jumped. How we should either censorship going on and year old Paul -- guarded guarded we can't even -- anything bad about this guy. I know what I supposedly anything bad about two guys down -- there Jim you know. -- this well this is terrible mistake -- made these guys were just picked up off the street for no reason whatsoever. You know what why are they just because should the issue is not apparently mentioned them who's dealing with them. Why should we jump to the some conclusion that just -- there in the country illegally. And the guy who want to blow up hundreds of American citizens mention them. Why should we jump to these conclusions. I get it to -- -- to grow it out I -- yeah. Yea that's exactly right -- which shot yes it like. -- -- trial thanks for the call 18774694322. Kress you're next with our cargo ahead Chris. Our question that he expects legal defeat illegal. Pick. Up. -- What the people ACP will go oops. Or. All you go -- that -- back up. One would think so yes. Well you know basically Chris if it's illegal if it's legal. If it isn't illegal to be illegal then really none of the laws really matter anymore do like. That's why I'm try I'm really finding it difficult to really. Worked up Al lot of anger about this Harvard kid who who falsified all of his transcripts and academic record to get into the school. Because you know they have a whole they have a bill pending before congress. To -- to help out all the they and he gets a 5000 dollar bond but he can't he can't -- to get out of the canned. Probably ideal candidate JR a mission to get their act illegally. -- like that but they are now. Yes she does yes she does was ordered deported as far back as 2002. And yet she still remained here -- squatting on welfare. Audio and in subsidized housing that means welfare. I have no problem saying that and now she's now she's been okay it. So while we're celebrating diversity another another illegal alien now live off the doll. Thanks for the call press 18774694322. On how we are. 4322187746943. Due to. I'm sure helped president they called Rome was not expecting to be grilled. By the wolf man Wolf Blitzer last night on CNN. But the -- actually came after amend did a good job if if the word interviews like this one. CNN wouldn't be in the ratings toilet but it is in this is Wolf Blitzer in called the wrong talking about Guatemala. So in other words if somebody sneaks in from Nicaragua or some other country and Central America through the southern border of Mexico they wind up. In Mexico they can go get a job they don't work. You if you've somebody do -- deaths we don't formations. We send but do we send back then you finally send them back however especially with the people of what in my left. We are providing new seats in which any single to do some what -- minor. We'll be able to be seen any single border state missed in the south -- even with all the requirements. He can or she can be easy to play apart from -- Can they go on welfare. -- -- go to the emergency room can they drop a baby and then claim the Mexicans would go down to the welfare or office. Al president thank. With seven we send back them he said. The -- I thought that was very I mean spirited -- you to say that they sound like Ricky Ricardo that was that was uncalled for totally. -- -- -- another quote let's have another question from Wolf Blitzer from CNN to help president take all the wrong. Tourists -- people wanna come from Guatemala or Honduras are all solvent or. Or Nicaragua they wanna just comment to Mexico that's just walk you know they need to fool -- feel a forum. They need to style news Derek. Right named discrete analyzing they have not. A criminal precedence. Andre says some can we need to make you actually do better but I always go around asking for papers. -- people they suspect are illegal immigrant or -- -- of course in new border -- -- -- -- -- cameras and up days I think I'm gonna order restored because won't be there they're not bad but nobody in this you've been once they are inside the inside the very big country. -- what -- makes you come bullies do these of course and for the lol but but did anyone in the law immigration he's kind anymore in Mexico. Immigration and not a crime is not a crack. What does I don't understand met senior are -- Q can you well plea I don't comprehend that. Let's have another one of those I love these cuts this is great I mean Wolf Blitzer is column this guy out he's a fraud. All right let's talk a little bit about. Mexico's laws I read an article in The Washington Times the other day and read a paragraph to you and you tell me if this is true or not true. Officials from The Washington Times under the Mexican law illegal immigration is a felony. Punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported an attempt to reenter can be imprisoned for ten years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals. Is that true. He would blast through but he is not anymore all. All they're really -- we erase that are on the low actually. Illegal immigration is not. There's no good. If crime in Mexico not -- no legal everywhere -- rather cry and -- the only one size does not really guard trying to -- we know our own comprehend comprehensive public policy. Took an -- -- recess in meters coming from Central America. Why it that they are the immediately eligible for welfare because they claim political asylum liking at these at Tony you know you say GI I don't like being in Guatemala and I'm -- -- Edmund you just go down and you start collecting up Mexican food stamps is that okay president. Go one more right got one more love these these are great. Next I asked the question because there's an argument that people in Arizona and -- New Mexico and then Texas they say it they're only trying to do. In their states what Mexico itself goes in the southern part of -- -- I know I embodies the very powerful argument by died trying to lose the last thing says trying to trample human need to -- frowned. Wolf ended up. Mexico toward peace where. -- I know. You know and they know there weren't so fortunate way in the treatment for a unique -- -- -- -- are changing the policy we chains are rated low. And that is different today we are trying to ride a new story I've told him well you need inspiration coming -- -- America. -- story right right there you know you all they're gonna make a lot easier for illegal aliens. Yeah but we're just we're gonna SA as soon as they get across the border would Oprah want a bus inched just couldn't shoot straight up. To the Rio Grande ten minutes than their on their around. They can they can do business with whatever coyotes their interest and in doing business with -- 18774694322. They've changed their laws I got it. Josh your next with how white cargo ahead Josh. Yeah how we when it comes to our open borders and illegal aliens you're gonna have to admit to the same number one. The last president. I don't have never defended George Bush Josh and you know why -- -- -- -- no no no. The last president that gave amnesty to illegal aliens was a great Republican euros republic general Ronald. And it was a terrible terrible -- And don't have a number 20. So that's president that we wanted to grant amnesty to illegal aliens whereas the other great Republican hero who Republican. You're right you're a little while David the last president who wanted to grant amnesty was the current president Josh. None are not only do Republicans yeah that is illegal aliens like -- original book and politicians. Know. And I Republican politician that's worth his salt you know -- not in the Republican politician thinks about it for more than ten seconds -- you know what not even a democratic politician thinks about it unless the democratic politician. Doesn't doesn't look or into the future and see that -- that there's no way the society benefits for from inviting in the tens of millions of people who were going to be burdens on the people who already live here whether native citizens or whether they are made and whether their legal aliens staggering -- -- -- -- -- Judge we're gonna we're gonna get some up in your backyard and Vermont we're gonna we're gonna see if you've been taken like I don't know twenty or thirty illegal aliens they don't live in your backyard. Banks 18774694322. Guess what we just got some vote. From the -- bay point in Quincy it's a great place. And you could be the seventh and eighth college right now at 6179311680. You'll win a fifty dollar gift certificate. To the edit bay point in Quincy. The edit bay point offers spectacular views of the bay and -- as you when George some homemade clam chowder -- lobster Mac and cheese. If you don't like seafood BM also offers a multitude of salads sandwiches chicken and -- on traced. Starting tomorrow I think starting today. You can purchase a fifty dollar gift certificate to the -- a -- point for just 25 dollars at wrko.com. Slash perks. To win yours today call 6179311680. New England perks from Boston -- station. AM six AB WRKO. Kress you're next with Howie Carr go ahead press. We're good at. What is this amigo. Rare for an earthquake hit your breaking up when you're breaking up -- -- He's gone he's gone call back 18774694322. Gary you're next with how we cargo ahead Gary. There's no way I was pretty good pretty good way I want huge auction while they -- -- makes you more effect Obama talked a good Josh. But anyway -- doesn't -- this co pilot that you know. I think what you Obama doesn't want any profile whatsoever bootleg. You could put him I would to a rally in Obama would be -- I had like a trench coat you've been keeping this Secret Service MySpace profile me. What he he's going to a high school graduation next month right in Michigan did you -- out that's. Yeah I and so there they are asking everybody is that he he's gonna he wants to shake hands it's a good you don't photo op. He wants to shaking hands with the all the graduates. So guess what they're asking all the people who were scheduled to graduate. Their citizenship status IA it sounds to me like profiling Gary what does -- sound like TO. And most definitely -- felt truly -- so I mean. You know Secret Service let me what they really should do it thoroughly and have all worked out the -- Don't say don't use the W word please please don't use the W word. Thanks for the call Gary 18774694322. What about when -- in the Polycom or remember that. That memo that they put out the Homeland Security they said the people who have certain bumper stickers on the back of their trucks. Are likely to be members of my wishes and the like -- be right wingers in the you have to watch out for veterans. I guess now now does that mean then that does that include Dick Blumenthal does not include Dick Blumenthal the view. If you if you claim to be a veteran but you're really not did this Janet Napolitano and Homeland Security come after you I don't know the answer to these questions. 18774694322. Amy your -- with Howie -- go ahead. Hey how are ideal. I am I'm gonna say the other one men who are. I should think that all other women would be very abstract about them all illegal immigration we can get a huge encounter just -- Mexican women wolf we're just talking Mexico. Character and -- we have all. That all sex slave trade that just praise among these women and the other thing that it they we have our -- Deadbeat dad -- -- thirty mayor -- or Mexico. When you can't not just Q. They're -- -- period in Mexico you go down out of Mexico. UPD. A little little children at all and women. -- casket she's -- eighty on the street. -- and you're right about the I -- I was just -- last night they have these things in the Arizona desert called rape trees. In it it's where these women the illegal aliens. Women the females have been raped repeatedly units it that's it it's these areas where. They did it's well known among -- I -- I hate to say coyote community but you know the people bring in the illegal aliens this is where women get for women tend to get raped you're right I mean it's it's terrible it's it's really terrible what's going on. -- -- and then broad you know the best thing we could do would be to seal the borders sealed the borders off and let Mexico work out. Their problems bad they can't use us as a as a dumping grounds that its its warning to owning both countries. 18774694322. On how we are.