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More on the Oil Spill

May 27, 2010|

More than half of Americans think President Barack Obama’s response to the oil spill off the Gulf Coast has been “poor” or “very poor,” according to a new USA Today/Gallup poll out today. What is your opinion of the President's handling of the BP oil spill?

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-- -- from a new balanced world headquarters building. Here's new star Holloway cars show we will not rest until this well was shut the environment as repair and cleanup is complete. And I look forward to returning there on Friday to review the efforts firmly on the way. And lend my support to the region. This president need to tell BP I'm Danny. I'm in charge you gonna do what we shake your multi national company in his -- you may be guilty of criminal activity. -- -- Compensating for my education and you're not compensated me for my experience that's what you know what they you don't have to do I mean of the civil. Still -- -- what they can. And you had to listen and -- just going to a knowing what the pay scale this. Teachers -- knowing all that power you kind. -- -- his -- still driving -- the age of 100 in three disclaimers and shout outs for you. Now on the noted music we aired some music just a few minutes ago and obviously it was the wrong music that aired and we apologize for that it was a terrible mistake. -- off color guard WRJ your own radio networks. That's CNN. The try to get some more buzz back get a do over plan a -- know there's a 103 year old black woman who still driving. And they dig the music they decide to play it was a rap -- podcasts. Well are still driving still Brendan at the age of 100 in three to look around -- bill Pennsylvania. And you know when she's coming into granite state dinners every night -- don't coupe -- but I think the story here is. She's a 10300. -- board next month and she looks to 45 years younger. Disclaimer they shout outs for you. They shelled out. Now we're not supposed to be put matter and I did -- quite aware booked probably about. Well -- -- a -- -- all right warned that. That's CNN for -- This is what this is what you won nine in 99.9. 9999%. Of the I didn't warn motorists of and that the one Indiana not old enough follow wasn't played well we got it we got it out so instead we got it out all right one -- They apologized I you know that -- boy. It's. It's quite -- that's quite a shout out for a 103 year old black woman I'm sure she was very impressed with a million make it up to the accent. We're gonna do they should get a 79 coupe DeVille what are they gonna do get her and 82 cutlass. -- man 18774694322. That's a toll free number of the Howie -- show. Let's Kuwait let's to a couple of pilots who died a couple questions here for other people away here. We give away a flag for more Auckland cement block and flag if you can answer our questions. Call directly. And we will also give you where we also got from Rockland cement block and -- today it was a self adhesive vinyl. Arizona State flag so -- will include the over a regular old glory big flag you can flight for months. From a flag pole and the will include a a decal vinyl because you can put on the back to your car. That for the state of Arizona the issue your support. Your support to Los sons. 018774694322. Let's get some calls up there and we will have war began. If you would like to wound -- if you would like polish news show on the Internet you can always do so go to our web site. Which is how we -- dot com how we cart dot com and click on the alive. Audio streaming. Our poll question today concerns the Orioles spell -- and you know Hayden. Barack Obama had a at a news conference just now we took questions seized the hit a couple of other questions about it but is mainly about the oil spill. And were to talk about that and our first hour here. But the poll -- what does the poll question and one of the results thus far. How do you think the Obama administration's handling of it or else they'll compares to the bush administration's handling of Katrina. Better worse the same worse. -- is currently winning at 60%. Yeah -- -- no doubt about it OK let's let's go to let's do our our questions here to win the old glory. From Rockland cement block and flag in the Arizona. State beat cal which can put on the back your car. Small it's a small B -- it's it's very it's very wasteful. Made US. The self adhesive vinyl beat cal Clifford your next with how we cargo ahead Clifford. -- -- -- but which congressman it did -- blog the Obama administration allegedly offer already on top federal job to what you would get out of a senate race I don't see. -- back yeah that's close enough that. Wait it out so you're getting a flag called on Clifford won eight said there they're promising and they're gonna have an official. Response to the story you know would be up. The suspects said this on a talk show back in February when no one gave a much of a chance against. That Arlen Specter but they didn't know how old hat how old. The anti incumbent tide was going to be running this year and now he's the nominee and he said that I think the the theory is that he was offered the job of us secretary of the navy because he's -- he's a former admiral. And now he's now he really won't answer the question about it. Okay so now today. The woman who was the head of the Minerals Management Service. Her name is Elizabeth burden boss she she wears a -- quote on quote. To you know spent more time with their family and smell the roses and all the usual things neck your next with how we cargo ahead neck. -- you there. Nicks caught. Up with Dave up there he's Dave that your next with Howie Carr. -- Okay I'm did I was said that up for you here this woman I. Don't know I didn't you don't have to name my name there for you -- -- So it's it's see it's it's -- I wanted to make it fairly easy. We sheet which president appointed Elizabeth -- bomb who has now been basically fired as the head of the mineral management Minerals Management Service. I'd say George W. Bush. So I'm sorry Dave -- -- well Derek -- kind of a gimme here Derek. Derek. Who appointed who appointed this woman Elizabeth burden Bob who's been fired that I. That is correct sir. Did you ever come up with that. And yes he does yes you are you need to know she's from Harvard right yeah that's what -- -- I didn't even give away that cloak hold on Eric you're getting the old glory and you're getting the the. Arizona State flag beat -- 187746943220. Okay let's talk about this a press conference was and he it was a great performance by by Barack I don't think. He didn't seem seem terribly. Involved he talked about you know we've been having meetings and you know I've been reviewing and I've done this and I've done that in my daughter said when you gonna plug the hole and all I you know coma. I don't like this stuff you know what it -- kids said that stuff to me you know kind of reminds me of a Jimmy Carter and his. Final days talking about. Amy to remember those remember that I when he when he got it. You know daddy here we have a war with the Soviet Union. -- he can -- the break we wanna hear that stuff. -- -- George Bush never talked about that what his daughters and said daddy when he can you give us some fake IDs so weakened so well the Secret Service could take us into the the bars in Austin. Well anyway so we're gonna talk about the how old mom has been handling this thing in the and he did it again I mean. I -- this guy was mr. you know -- go to government than you know government is gonna solve all your problems and you know there's certain things that the private sector -- do namely everything so you know you have to rely on someone like me who by the way am I gonna tell you what I got my SATs or my LS ATs and I didn't write anything for the Harvard Law Review we even though I was the editor of Harvard -- our view. Yeah he knows a lot so today he's admitting at the press conference. That. They don't have the equipment to -- they don't have the technology that the private sector has recently we know we ought to think about getting the technology. -- you -- maybe you better think about getting some. Some people to work for you know what the hell they're going like this woman Elizabeth. -- Obama -- she's from poor bird she's a former. Congressional. Staffer. So she was asked yesterday she got fired after a dismal performance of a congressional hearing yesterday afternoon. She was asked whether before the BP spilled the offshore oil rigs -- prevent -- was tested within two weeks of and actually blowing out. We believe it was bird Bob said she explained that quote Bloomberg the blowout per manners are tested by the operator not the MMS. Source BP says we tested it take our word for it it's great that's what you do the congressman a Republican by the way -- We observe some tests we do not observe the mall. Then George Miller -- Democrat said the agency had gone to -- hand basket and that its assurances are worth spat. And today she was fired but of great -- was the head of MMS. Minerals Management Service even. Even a rump -- like up Fast Eddie Markey for -- malvo and formally of moral Malden. Said that MMS now stands for misconduct mismanagement and spills. The inspector general came out what they -- port yesterday about the MMS office in Lake Charles, Louisiana. MMS inspectors and family traveled to peach bowl in Atlanta on a plane owned by an offshore oil company they took free -- hunting trips fishing trips from companies in one case negotiated the job with -- company while inspecting its facilities. Sounds like -- Massachusetts pension reserves. Investment -- -- Well 18774694322. President Obama this is from the New York Daily News Andrea time Karros. President Obama has felt the heat even more than past presidents because to a score he's pushed the idea of government as the go to for help. Now the gaping hole in the Gulf of Mexico was revealed what government doesn't know best. In fact it doesn't even know what all. And because of that fact the -- the federal government has been missing in action. Like the political equivalent of erect tile dysfunction Washington is useless out of by bears in creatively bankrupt. Leaving the president in his own -- public sector persona undermine. Because he's punting and praying that the private sector can fix the problem. You sit there early goal we told the duke who weren't command -- so -- Alexander Haig he after Reagan was shot 1981 he's in command. Admiral Thad Allen of the Coast Guard stressed that the feds don't have the technology or the machinery to stop go spill today. Allen has been straightforward knowledgeable and authoritative about the fact that uncle CM is out of the answers and devoid of the experience necessary to fix the mess. As the crisis has unfolded Obama's stature as an executive -- shall walk. Rather than rush to the south he shows and -- fund raiser in San Francisco at the home of -- get one of the Geddes. And the -- of course made their fortune in oil how about how is that for irony. Greet the -- national women's basketball championships. Champions at the White House and host a ritzy state dinner for the Mexican president who by the way she did she doesn't even mention how we dump on the United States and Arizona in particular. Yes Obama chose to wear Armani white turtles in the in the gulf where crude. A damning visual it's almost as if he's in denial unwilling to deal with the mass because he knows that neither he nor did the big bureaucracy behind him is able. But they're having meetings he's been thoroughly briefed he kept saying that over and over again he said meetings. There were down in the White House briefing room. I'm very impressed. But whether or not the president can stop this -- we can give the country constant updates and show that he's engaged him on top of the catastrophe he could have daily conferences with the media weekly trips to the site of the disaster. Primetime press re briefings were good enough when he won the pass the healthcare overhaul what about now. You could even go to the memorial service steady for the for the eleven murder for the eleven people who were killed on the rate that's today he wasn't San Francisco raising money for the hideous Barbara Boxer. You imagine if George Bush and passed up the memorial service to go to a fund raiser for a I don't know. -- conservative Tom Coburn. They knew what would happen. Now -- -- the -- does the same thing on the other side of the spectrum and what do we hear crickets. Obama has instead chosen to -- the public can play ostrich which could do irreparable harm it wasn't until yesterday 33 days after the leak started that Obama vowed we will not rest until the well was shut the environment -- repaired -- the cleanup is completed those words should have been said weeks earlier in from the shores of the -- not from the shelter of 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue -- The most emotional he's been was behind closed doors when -- reports indicate he ordered his team to plug the damn ball. Yet again we don't have any videotape that the way we just have by the word of his. He his rump swab minions. Instead of lecturing the nation on new regulations and rambling about much needed oversight he needs to have a Harry Truman moment today -- well guess what all we did was -- for the nation on new regulations and ramble on about much needed oversight. He didn't have the Harry Truman moment. Deep water has been problematic for him because it highlights Obama's greatest liability that these week. From my crotch bomber to the terror attacks of Fort Hood Obama has never been one to respond -- crisis quickly. He's moved at a glacial pace when it comes to addressing the spill and he's earned some blow back the harshest coming from his own side of BI -- 18774694322. Deep -- showing the country that may be yes we can Israel we know we really can't government doesn't have all the answers and it's time for Obama the great communicators to communicate that. Plugging the damn hole may not be -- might not be an option but brutal honesty yes. 187746943221877469. 432 to rush you're next with how we cargo at a -- A good afternoon rally. You don't -- well I'm trying to do is apply common sense to what we're hearing here first of all dislodge procedure. They called that if I'm not mistaken. A top -- to which means to know -- well okay now before they they've started this procedure they said that it had a 60% chance of working. Well we just pretty good let's put it that way are. -- Now what that means committee is they've been destroyed -- what -- the last five weeks okay if the problem was Olivera not a big yes saddest like he is okay. When he got these idiots sit around together immediately after this supply of this what when when it when the blow. They should came to this decision -- take time ago and Asian descent book. If you can't do it got -- procedures for the next week than I expected to go -- kill and kill while and that's -- the story. But unfortunately he's that he's not -- there is nothing but BS -- yeah. About the fact that -- involved the governor of Louisiana in all of the people he's -- work -- for him they wanted to build these berms and they went to them two weeks ago the end and -- to we -- some -- to at least that stop the oil would be if he can't stop the leak let's at least poppy oil from getting into the marshes. And they just been sitting around yeah you know well what their thumbs up there rear ends at the White House they -- -- they had they didn't does approve any of us. And the other thing and now he's like he's saying you know this just shows that oil this vicious goes to show how the oil industry is going because we had the -- les miles out of we have to go mild out. -- -- that that means there's a that's shows the way the oil industry is going. It just know it shows what the federal regulations are they could be a lot closer into why it to the short -- go to Leo what about a lot easier that a man like -- you know while. I only have of the -- 500 -- this big this thing would have been -- probably the first -- second bag I think -- amount they could they can get -- -- a lot closer. To the show more. How we there's no question about that and what Obama has done in the air and his administration. -- stop -- dropped to try to kill rock show adroit altogether and that's what they -- they had that they have nothing but a bunch. I Karmetasploit. I don't know if they come off their goal was to kill it because they really look stupid now that they you know they approved more drilling another saying no more drilling -- mean they look even bigger and more week. That was only -- out setup scam that's all of us think you'd think that he was really true for about offshore drilling the way things. I I don't think he liked it but I think he realized he was in a GM and you you don't what do what is he gonna do they merely do the moon bats. They don't want any drilling in Alaska they don't want nuclear power they they don't want the wind turbines we've seen that in men you know in Nantucket Sound. What -- they they -- cold. They they they don't they think what causes acid rain what what are we gonna know I mean you know even Obama as clueless as he is realizes we gotta have some kind of energy. All right Ali is so Obama drives a big Cadillac and they and they environmental swab the rest of coast -- ride bicycles. The Cadillac is nothing compared to Air Force One Russ thanks. Steve your next with how we cargo ahead Steve. Yeah well you know our issue watch the news a bit like besides fox because. Just -- killed saying talks Bible weeks they engineer. It it's not like. Don't -- I don't like to watch CNN because I don't like racial slurs and mean spirited attacks on a 103 year old black women state. Yeah all it's not like you just thorough coupled pipes and mud starts flowing in this saying it's so complex machinery and the engineers. How to figure economic. Pressure you're okay so you're so you're you're -- now for a for Barack Obama I'm sure you would have been -- buying if George Bush -- the president had been not have been well he had been holding fundraisers at the home of big oil so. All right Ali I'm outlook buying for BP because they couldn't do that -- all right away they tried did. The pop -- which rose. So so fighter wing is so what's the problem there with the berms but -- that they they've been stalling around bottoming Jim involved they -- always CNN the exports down there I'm sure there some Democrats still there have been asking him. To what to allow them to start it you know trying to protect the marches. And then they again they were just putts and around while he's entered the well these -- meeting with with buck called a Roman and I and nodding yes sage -- is -- rips into the United States of America. Well Ali I'm glad you brought up Jim Angle because. -- -- poster boy. First small government. Low regulation and interference he didn't even pay. The this stimulus money because he said well that's the principal. Here's how all of a sudden -- goes wrong in his backyard he's screaming for the federal government for the. This is never -- -- -- this isn't the federal government is the one who was to has said that you have to go up. All -- miles out and you have the where the where the -- where you have to drill a mile down to even hit the hit it hit the oil. This is again if if you had same regulations if you didn't have this phobia about drilling. The problem wouldn't be this great I mean it's a it's a great irony isn't that you know they eat what we met. I am I or worse -- mayors have come troll because they were trying to -- to a lot prevent it from happening. Know how we I think there was a consensus. You aren't just from Obama but from every federal government but the farther you go -- The lecture and you're gonna do -- spoil the show words if there is something wrong. I don't don't it was more of a dead more or less of a liberal up pipe dream but it's obviously incorrect now is an and it's been proven to be a fallacy hasn't yet. Well unfortunately. I'm fortunate I have -- a lot I don't think you don't blame Obama. -- -- -- taking shortcuts. And. Aren't -- that problem right there -- why did the Obama administration give them awards all for the for the drilling for they they they said this was a great platform did -- Well I obviously BP yet -- had a good record up till now Irish. Oh so nobody. Went to Harvard I thought he was the smartest guy in the world when he appointed this this this woman from Harvard -- bomb. And does she turns out to be a -- Sony had the fire hurt the guy. Okay oh -- way here here's the way to judge did okay Katrina. For 18100. Dead because of bush Obama. Hero dead. Zero OO OK it's it's a little bit of a different thing isn't that it's ready who who by the way there -- -- natural disaster I mean how many dead wood there have been had the city of New Orleans and Orleans Parish. Not decided to take all the money that they be given by the feds do was to it to strengthen the levees down there and decided to build a park and you know hire a few more people for their own local version of the probation department mean that's that's one of the big reasons you have a problem with Katrina. And another thing -- is who it was very Democrat or Republican governor down there that there was a Democrat governor was there a Democrat or Republican mayor of New Orleans there was a Democrat mayor and I and then wouldn't they again. Megan was the one who was didn't move the school buses she he's become a bar all these people out of New Orleans any any let they -- you let the school buses get flooded. And Kathleen Blanco the governor took a -- in -- On the worst day she took a map. Thanks for a class. Anyway that President Obama hasn't yet admitted that he fired -- what -- -- whatever her name and ball I asked him in the press conference and usually while she may have resigned and -- -- have known about. -- -- -- -- -- Ken Salazar to order a great job may -- just rhetoric swim a little over boy somebody's -- -- great job -- by the way his chief deputy the Spitzer balls to be handling this with somebody fire order. Should I guess I just say you know we always like say if they did there's ever a problem -- he always loves to use the passive voice she was fired nobody fired or she was in mid morning demonstration was fired. He just says she's gone and she resigned. Murray your next with how we cargo -- -- Steve got someone in Montreal you let it be complaining you'll stay out of our concerns you know. Barkley you know -- great in what. He's do you wanna take stimulus money or -- thank you Craig -- and need beats. Personal we have it's supposed to be running the government had not gotten into -- Did you know why he -- -- doing it it's getting to be a lot of heat and he study to get some heat from his own people. That he ought to do -- chalk don't know how he's gonna pull some rabbit out of a hat and being lost that. Yeah my usual problem gestures or give it just the usual bombs -- -- -- -- being. Yeah. Really doing nothing to -- when he'll be taking out. Everything he had been gotten. Right I know you know the thing is Jim dollars a small government Republican. But he knows that the role of government is is to respond to crises the role government is there is to run the roads and the courts. And -- and provide protection for the people and in this case of protection is from this oil spelled right. Where I'd -- It makes a lot of fans what he wants to deal immediately not a perfect in environmental. Saint. Did you know what you want and perfect situation down mayor we really need to rounding and help out hit they need help. And new government can not giving it took them to keep going not think you're Barbara Boxer. I know -- at the -- getting heavy have you ever mentor a gas station and -- -- that this sign up above what does it say sometimes it's it -- always say -- Or ExxonMobil. Sometimes it says daddy. Jedi he wasn't the one of -- -- houses he's -- he's talking about how terrible oil is an it's it's a dare we gotta get away from it and he's raising money for the hideous Barbara Boxer at the home of one of the get weeks. I see the Angel of death. Flying all over this is it being allowed to -- And have a good time. It's never a good time again just ask all those dolphins and pelicans 187. Or Obama. Lied. Pelicans diet to. 18774694322. On the Howie Carr. Hate joined WR KEOs talking. One 877469432218774694322. Great story on the politico dot com. Seven questions for Obama how to treat jog -- boredom slowly here but doesn't just want to -- the first one. Mr. President in light of the fact that your administration was responsible for approving permits for BP's offshore oil drilling in waving an environmental impact statement. Do you think someone needs to be fired. Hope -- lied to friends died. And should ensure that dressed the misconduct and undo coziness with the industry that seems to have been -- At and the Minerals Management Service before you moved in March to give the same agency authority to open new areas to offshore drilling. Again he does even though awhile whether the whether this woman burned bomb from Harvard was fired or resigned he says that the press conference. Just eighteen days before the April 20 explosion on the oil rig Obama dismissed safety concerns about his plan to allow new oil drilling fifty to 100 miles off the coast. It turns out by the way the oil rigs today generally don't cause spells Obama said well how many times have you seen that. Replay on the network newscasts how many times I I'm guessing zero. They are technologically very advanced even during Katrina dispels the spills didn't come from oil rigs they came from the refineries on shore. 18774694322. Kevin you're next with Howie -- go ahead Kevin. -- -- I like it the government great. Now classic rant I'm not football coach -- green. That was -- into it won a court like commercial yes very they are -- we thought they were. Oh what could pick up and that Barack Obama -- who said he was. You look at the economy that is socialist well plan -- Prada boot REIT distribution about well. If you look at for a all of -- you're gonna hit the reset button -- all of our enemy like Russia and China they'll walk in all all or are the -- -- -- we're doing it. And he alienated our allies -- that it. And now you look at their. We said that I'd never done a damn thing in -- -- -- double -- -- community organizing meeting and it's absolutely come to throw the guy had zero leadership ability. And I don't know why anybody is surprised by any of them. I don't think anybody has Cavagnoud who was followed his career and -- -- the only thing missing from the press conference today it was his. Was his admonition to the American people to before they go out on the road off for the Memorial Day weekend that they make sure that their tires are properly inflate it. -- a girl Lizzy. Lizzy. Yeah I know I know -- I like Kris I'm talking about Elizabeth bird Bob ahead of them -- -- they got fired today. Thanks for the call Kevin who won 8774694322. Here's another question Mr. President you were fierce critic of Bush's handling of Katrina. As a senator you cited his unconscionable. In aptitude. Of his response. Do you now feel your criticism of bush wasn't all unfair. Do you think you won't have any more sympathy for his predicament during Katrina. All mention of bush has since been scrubbed. From the site of the agenda section of the White House web site. -- a 1877469432218774694322. Mr. President the White House has insisted for weeks that the federal government is providing every resource needed to combat the spell. However it's clear that oil is nevertheless coming up short in some areas. Ted your next with how we cargo -- dead -- Three weeks now I've complained that BP hadn't been trying to capped it with a well what they've been trying to do -- to back him up the only. Put a dome over it and what Helio up. Put too small -- bound and -- Helio hope they knew how to kill what happens they've done it on -- man they just haven't tried it and the war. Well I mean it's kind of don't think it's all different you know -- -- good -- much just like underwater like the bottom of a -- -- -- gonna go down a mine. -- help. Not troubled -- well they did they did they they did pull it -- that looks like they've pulled that off anyway it's you know they said they said the at a sixty to 70% chance. But again I mean it's it's this is George that Barack Obama said they've been in charge since day one why haven't they why did they demand that it be done on day one. We've been contractual -- Somebody's gonna -- narrowly focused I got wrote that down I was just to remind my notes from the press conference she said singularly focused at least twice. He he's been briefed every day right eating is more meetings we had a meeting in the briefing room -- they had a briefing in the meeting room. Well I still don't feel like you're they would just trying to save the well not capital. -- I don't know I don't know he you know the thing as they didn't they -- they waved the environmental prize the environmental impact statement so I mean he's got a he's got to take some meat on this Barack Obama. Thanks for the call Ted Arlene your next with how we cargo ahead Arlene. Highest Colleen -- that they Colleen sorry how I highly. You know my motto now is every day a new reason. I have never experience. And you know every -- there's been no -- until. To see how incompetent what about -- But you know what makes me most curious is how come -- -- -- after less than forty days in the White House. Can get a Nobel Peace Prize. But asked her what a year and a half he's not responsible for the. A call we use you know by asking the question you're answering -- -- -- the Zurich this is this is what Deval Patrick would call rhetorical flourish on your part. -- rhetorical support a foot and mouth. Well you know when -- took over after the match that car off septic tank did Jimmy Carter created in this country. Looked back there flashback. You want a leader. Mean I don't want I want you know within won't -- it in management because the job in the wake -- EP. It's not who you blame at management it's how you put off -- you run like that. Guy he's dropped like top. Right you you boy you know you couldn't you can blame somebody else -- do what after work you know when you're meeting with your top aides and having a drink or something right -- a publicly -- -- the people behind it before you because. You know what -- say that's the -- Hollywood saying self pity is not good box office. Jacob notes. BP's fault that's the way everything has. You got the ball in his administration. Janet incompetent I don't. Will you don't question common dot. He thought he fired that he fired the woman today for I know less. And -- Hear what he has -- I don't look I'm being traumatized in the shower and all. I know -- -- I don't know about the shower I don't wanna think about that he looks like someone got his lunch bag stepped on a lot of times of the playground by those bullies. -- -- -- -- -- Other one because I love the when he goes in lectures other people about how to run their economy this guy could even be bothered pay in his own taxes he's admitting he. Eight when -- he -- up there like that Mexican president and did what I think is tantamount to fortieth and and nobody is outraged by meanwhile. -- Louisiana road what they they burnt like I did was that with Katrina. Well when that that's what I'd call. -- Obama lot of had a seat turtles died. -- -- Get out of face -- call calling one it was hard to get on the bus once before wants to leave levees gave way because the buses were flooded. But Ray Nagin didn't bother put the body on on the -- he didn't you he wasn't paying attention and governor Blanco was taken a -- But it was all George Bush's fault remember Paul you're next with how we cargo -- -- And Howard -- I must Vietnam era navy corps man like Obama called. Disaster area and he's learned today by the way announced that cool did the -- cool hollered yeah no less education like -- -- Anyway -- it -- deep sea diamond school new York and the reverend a commercial deep sea diver. And you're brick yeah -- do we have -- indeed state yeah. Has spent seven years that it brought out. Support Obama and charger and it reflects it three year old ordered what general practice. This could destroy so -- I know it would restart the bottom aces we have all these briefings -- your what is he kidding me I mean you could you could briefly. Yeah you could bring the cheer bed it's -- the one that is -- I -- -- -- hard -- do we doesn't have a Colo. Word our word don't all he knows how to do was to point the finger at somebody else he's not even -- good -- that if he doesn't have this teleprompter -- of them are starting to take credit for. Or you're gonna have not read and write whatever occurred. Thanks for the area and thanks for the call. Call 1877469432218774694322. He won everything -- on him tomorrow when he goes to the gulf you can -- on Matt. 18 Helio lawyer you'll be in some kind of this some kind of big high boots and rubber boots that kind of stuff from the I don't know then doubt overalls. Coveralls sights -- sort of thing I was gonna say -- lumberjack habits too hot for that obviously. 18774694322. -- how we are. -- the road this summer.