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Obama tells students not blame others

Jun 8, 2010|

And more crazy Obama comments..

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What 680 WR I -- another edition of T and T web G. Very best of the world wide web. Audio stories you won't hear from the mainstream. Web G yeah yeah. Time for the gem -- today mainly look at that talk about time champs what is it today as well. Happy birthday mom by the way my -- -- nine years old today in happy birthday America she loves the she loves the web jabs he also loves to. You should listen to the show had tried to give. And it sure doesn't get to a. So a lot of the people in the the nurse and home with -- we'll tell us some of the things we were banned during -- -- yeah and then -- calls you up and -- -- -- this usually reprimand him makes sense armament and a beautiful beautiful dark black KR. Not not dark black getting -- on -- -- yeah. Oh yeah without a doubt you know everywhere so I deserved it coach you know mistakes were made a tough tough tough enough so they suck up -- may actually -- -- about have a -- it's a mom and by the way we're broadcasting -- from the new -- world headquarters building and that always excite you. When she lost in the new balance building. -- representative Alan Grayson -- deserves a slap upside the head with a broom. He is. A whacko and now listen to I'm talking about what he would like to do with supporters of offshore drilling. We should be able -- if we can drill on land and right next to the shoring yadda yadda how do you answer that talking points are part of I think -- a -- well I did eventually broke reports were brought her. But this is a talking point right it's like oh well we wouldn't have to drill so far offshore if they -- let us drill closer. Al yeah yeah I mean I and that's the thing entirely -- each -- it sounded like you know he was basically saying oh it's crazy to even try and develop any -- other forms of clean energy. How about just tracking down every single person who says drill baby drill and putting them on program. That's Alan Grayson congressman from Florida he's in his first Germany's. Very cautious. Because he's early in his political -- I can't wait to hear term. If he stays in congress fifteen when I was become the most controversial congress him. In his first term quite an apology to all bodies the most controversial while -- now is because he says what he thinks which is very very rarest you know in politics. How President Obama says is doing as I say not as I do. Reunited face every class -- not gonna succeed the first time you trust them. They're gonna -- times we're just loved. There will be times where you heard people you love. We'll be times where you make a mistake you stray from the values you. Hold most people. And when that happens is the easiest thing in the world to start looking around for somebody else to one point you know -- -- alarm. Moss wasn't -- name coaches predecessor -- favorites was incompetent your friend just didn't understand. I'm sure you know these CN. -- like cigarettes every night. Both calling each other names may -- all sorts speculations on television. Some or are they -- -- -- he is an offensive person isn't gonna they have mister president I really think of ought you know. If you and I different in our assessment touch. Is his constant. Blaming bush blaming Cheney -- -- Mr. President let me remind you you're an adult stop. You're elected by the American people they had choices to make they chose. You you don't have to remind us that George Bush was less than a neat idea and by the way Mr. President. You are a lot less than ideal as well so I'm not put the blame and somebody else's. Treasury these disgusting his and in. Well boy it's tough to listen -- I feel like he's been president for seven years you know how you feel after seven years and or presidency -- you can't wait even if you like the guy is a fatigue that you just want someone else someone who is a city I feel that way about him already we talked about justice was inevitable anybody who came in with the crest of hope in. So it comes to an irregular ballots that he would it's just that he so disillusioned it was aside in this pony that the weight changes is voice you -- going to -- higher pitch in and do -- But Bob Bob Bob love love. So so he sounds like he's one of the kids and these relate to bullets given a break -- the chameleon stuff there's another one of Obama playing a different part. It's like he's an actor who every ten minutes is handed a different script. And he channels a holder for personality listened. Let down there a month ago. Before most of his Talking Heads were even paying attention of the gulf. A month ago I was meeting with fisherman on their stand and in the -- talking about what our potential crisis this could be. And I don't sit around just talking to experts because this is a college. Seminar. We talked to these folks because they potentially have the best answers so I know who's asked to take. Whose president ass kicking around kick around stat the end that would be as the best big chatting and and abroad that is that does Vegas phony. Ever in one week he has given us two with a phony statements of all time and I can't remember all those Sasha or Malia one of the one of the -- supposedly start Molina duo and instead to hold daddy -- have you plugged the whole interview fixed though it and now this one -- -- know who's asked to care I hope we have -- -- adopt Mr. President. Okay do you stop my -- NW RQ good morning to you. Hey good morning guys who I'd like -- -- that liked it but the point out that -- blaming bush they get so tired I never once speech from Lincoln blaming you can and W Camelot after this date. That's a good point. I don't think he's ever said that in my lifetime Joey are NW RKO hey there. -- -- -- -- By surprise about this energy dozen people that steering Q what he says he's gonna kick someone that's. I got a few al-Qaeda FICO is great trepidation Russell was asleep by the way if there's any ass -- gone on in the White House we know who's doing it Michelle -- throw right throw Walt. They say Charlie -- now. I was fed action to. Really how was it what happened because he come off Carson what did you do there -- no sense either have enough. It's just brought -- topics the whatever Joe wants to talk about who fits the terror dome -- -- -- exits on the taught high. John and don't listen and no one else in this job I jackass he -- Breyer wrote I guess you don't get carried away now court sets to an end you know -- zero runs tonight don't blame anyone else -- irresponsibility. -- -- news right right what's going on. -- -- -- -- I bought the jump to 2012 permit -- -- project something I think. There's other Obama is wanted done I think that's probably general consensus I'm a what you really cheated a little person that's wreck happened. I think he's 12012. I I think I see a president Romney. And they know I don't get -- now sort of like that but I wouldn't doubt president Robbie yellow generally -- could do very well. Even somebody like Christiane about these Nazis and America or whatever but. You know every car there's a Reagan type thing I think we obviously this this country in the right which severely. As I cease somebody's real concern over look Romney coming up next and that is what we just -- All right thank you for the call or up. What he said he went to these say he's city folks who -- and was a realistic possible in the tooth out our growing possibility were army's fifth he brought up to what is it running to announce. That's out. That's always been -- the last couple years is running for the risk the risk for Romney in the aftermath of Obama terrorist around me is that he is seen as Obama. A guy another technocrat at super -- there's another guy without ideology yeah that there is surfaces. Those that are present themselves up. -- -- clear here we're going to what George well George and Arianna Huffington talking about it the oil spill that belongs to which presidents. With regard to whether or not we should regulate this is a regulated industries and Minerals Management Service evidently didn't to a very good job. -- sooner or later won't blame this on George W. Bush this toothpaste that's right now have precisely their regular 836 stand at the bush Cheney administration on that floor of the loop cause. Sure enough chronic and lobbyists feeling that very agency NASA -- to be all -- seeing some commercial emails it just easier because it is absolutely and founder and President Bush Cheney followed. We all got a corks can you play what she says right after that does it's very interest and she says that's a 1000%. Bush Cheney salt. And then she puts in a little ball of fire that eliminates. All the relevance of what you just said. Can you play that cooks. -- you don't have it it's on my blog if you go the real clear thinker. Dot com summarize I'm -- she says she goes on -- -- to -- yourself if she goes on to say except for and then she lists several things stuff. Dealt with good Ferrari out of got to Belushi had the canned. Two particular exception to her. It's it's pretty funny state and here employer do you wanna take calls you wanna play more cuts which where you wanna -- take Paul Allen WR KR Paul. Morning guys at god -- bing. I would urge Obama that he thought community organizer anymore is the president so what you're talking a fisherman are they gonna plug the -- While he's trying dude just to improve what they call the optics of his response to what's going on in Louisiana because he has meant paying much attention. So -- and when he went there a week ago he met with officials but he -- meet with many people and they cry from the media was that he wasn't touching enough parts and any motoring enough so this time UN he was trying to please by making contact with a real people. Bet there and the other they ought to this data taught I agree retreat he just -- there. Disgusting. And I feel like it's been forever accused the president. It feels like such a long time. The -- taken of course within. I'd like to hibernate for the last two years of his presidency like cured by this are gonna happen every -- -- Thank him wanted to hear during the well that while he does not give press conference as -- speeches to give on health elect fifty. Plus a fifth time plus it became tedious beyond words. Started you -- Dick Morris you wanna do now. Okay Dick Morris a -- -- oil spill and who's to blame. It means that Hurricane Katrina was a four day affair. And lingered for months that you after that you know this thing is just going on and on and on. And -- it underscores the incompetence by the way not just of Obama but of bush and of Clinton for not asking these questions. But there's an angle to this we haven't talked about this is like the sub prime crisis. This started on Bill Clinton's watch. Because in 1995 the administration proposed to exempt. Oil companies from capital gains taxes. Were as sorry or real world -- taxes payments. In the first few years if they drilled in the deep -- in the gulf -- They incentivize this now can you imagine them saying build a nuclear power plant but we won't ask you what happens if there's a -- and -- No mention building it a mile below the ocean where you can get to. You know imagine a nuclear -- from left -- his very funny this whole thing I mean how how is it manageable. To a veto in this and why is this better than having a drilling close to the -- NN. That's a very odd situation. My here on WR KL. They already got this morning we do it Michael it's you know I'd mention they most I'm presidential president I've ever seen in my prior fifty years. BBA here. And -- -- about automated bet he's just so well hopefully this daughter and and such a stage Carriker. And that you know -- he's the the president bottom moment. And it and it really become a blames everybody else. But the other thing here just say anything to -- -- to say. Overstate anything he needs to overstate. It's almost like you're EU get a new president every day I ears you're so right. He -- they make these adjustments like Tom says they're looking at the polls it's almost like they're looking at the polls on. TV screen and they're seeing the real time adjustments and as soon as they see an adjustment they changed their language. And the result is you don't get a feeling of -- of -- present is that there's any. This is very little that's authenticate -- is this is all focus group this is all hold driven and so. It comes back she -- think it to academics say thank you to remote they think it -- that your -- -- you have any -- so he goes -- gives a press conference and mentioned Sasha -- Malia -- he says I'm gonna find -- master -- I know I mean there's no person on the planet who takes him seriously and -- versus a -- potentially have the best answers so I know who's asked to -- Kelli Arenas -- -- her -- -- get a life why -- chip and try again -- -- talk about -- presidential you don't talk like that. I mean I know we'd do an even I cringe at that because they try to say is let's stay away from the vulgarity as a government and about the and now lives. No president should be talking like that close the door if you gonna give somebody a walk but don't talk about us. Diane -- now reporting on Helen Thomas. Retiring Helen Thomas dean of White House correspondent resigns amid a debate about age and outrage. Three models. Age and outrage has anyone bin debating age. With heard Helen Thomas. Present how I know ought to say it's -- always been comets and how old she is she's the dean of the White House correspondents Bob above above but no it's not about age. That's about. Specifically about senator -- Jeff so if she were sixty. She'd be gone to press. Oh I think so I think so I think soft the -- off although it does raise a good First Amendment issue. You said something that is associated -- said she can't -- is important it's important LV I mean it it's her straight that you is working abroad finishes are right to settle down -- her right to -- there was not denied that if they were right not to employer and -- up. My connection WRKO. This city and say guys I'm concerned as Soros bowl pick up a lot from this -- at. All we're doing all the work the cheapest are former Manuel said. -- political crisis go to waste so that tells -- just be generous of the administration there at least. Distracted by the possibility -- they gain from prices rather that relate to shop bogus product solvent. That's a good point because they are so obsessed. We're trying to shove things through -- the American people don't want and they they know that the best opportunity is when this a crisis Ted Turner speaking of crisis. Knows exactly. How long it's going to take for the harmful effects of global warming to hit and he also knows exactly what the results. Will be listen. Doing it will be catastrophic. Well -- eight degrees will be eight degrees hotter. And you've got ten but in thirty or forty years and basically none of the crops will grow. Most of people were bad in the rest of us will be cannibals civilization a broken down. What the few people have to do women and it and the NA failed state like Somalia or Sudan. And and living conditions will be intolerable that droughts would be so bad that we know more corn grown. So we're gonna have to move to Somalia or Sudan -- global warming comes. It turns out ironically the head and fled or go first the thinner household -- it is going to be the one that were all on which is. -- canned good just because -- shot hot hi. I'm. There will you know they're Hamid Al growing -- of people I'm bad -- -- -- -- -- That's right get those mushy green beans it's -- -- -- -- the exactly right human side effect -- half a I think he paints or lose his picture of the future fed chair and you know but this -- a look -- a cavalcade of -- it's just today I wouldn't worry that -- -- it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Alan -- yeah I'm -- I'm not even talk about web -- -- -- going -- that we -- and -- schooling mom and dad -- I laud and sporting -- this is bad CO global warming EPA chief Lisa Jackson says that we are going to pay. We play. For having created a climate change here's -- Dr. Phil Jones a performer -- that Climate Research Unit at universities -- that there has been -- to specific global warming since nineteen because I believe all the new information we have doesn't leave any different conclusion than what we've reached an endangerment finding and that is that. That climate is changing in that mankind is not responsible in part for the change and that we you know -- that's. We need to move to clean energy legislation we need to move to. Addressing carbon and putting a price of couples who do -- Now that's a crisis is a terrible thing to waste philosophy it does not matter what facts come along. Reality has no impact on the agenda we keep moving ahead with what we want because what we want is really not attached to any reality. Other than -- power ideology that's what the Obama administration is all about. That climate is changing and that mankind is not responsible. Your demand kind of big change in. -- -- -- addressing carbon including a pleasant I don't know what I thought well. -- there's been a radio call it a third figure simple water right -- secular. And who knows full well -- that those still in your ability your new high. They're trying to chart -- -- rather Reagan diaries as well as -- can you imagine Reagan apple one criticizing Arab public which didn't. What truly using the type of language Obama does it just absolutely I believe we have presidential. Well he's trying to he had a Big -- everything is done by polls he's trying to be hip he's trying to be cool. He's trying to be likable to his base he's still in the southern accent thing whereas -- because he grew up in southern Hawaii. It's also contrived. -- -- Responsible. November you'll remaking the -- -- whom will be the next governor of Massachusetts make your losers remember informed woman and listened to the first debate between Deval Patrick Lynch.