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Jun 24, 2010|

Todd found someone to defend Obama

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IQ by us realize the no nonsense life insurance company thank you Steve sire we now turn to our Friday segment mark LaVigne days loony lefty. Who -- is every week to break down the issues so we can find out just how far off the left is in their -- and thanks how are you mark. -- every week I'm a liberal left even you'll never. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want to change this system legally buy -- working within the system for change -- lefty -- leftist. Want to overthrow the system and install some. -- need to learn how are very different liberals much more dangerous. Yeah -- liberalism. What are -- to have change what it's tremendously. And lady you're gonna have. And is the Communist realize the best way to change things who's working in the system so they became liberal saudis right -- that liberalism most dangerous word you could describe yourself with. Do we wanted to talk to my. You think historically within the system has conservatives think you'll see the comments sort with the -- -- liberal but I think the fashion the cabinet and they were. That the. We wanna talk you about Alvin green your exciting candidate. Carolina. Take it again play better living with his father. Why is he unqualified to be your candidate after you chose him to be your candidate I'm confused by this is it because he's black. And -- that you guys are the party is filing. Who did pay the files from. We don't know we suspected Republicans and not public information. But it sure sure he actually paid -- repeated questions way to get the money. Yeah I mean nowadays in so even I. Mike let's assume the worst year the Republicans put them up how did you get 58% of the Democrats to vote for a while before he gets of that is there any other qualification for the budget if for -- to get on the ballot other than the cash and South Carolina like signature. Think it doesn't -- that there is I ever was typical bear particularly for president. And that he he he he when he started doesn't anybody filing date so it this state. -- -- not serious candidate. We'll let it go -- and now the greens -- good exists in this business and didn't keep -- -- well I. Here's another screen on honey get 50% -- Another good question somebody's in the voting machines I. I think think it was a lackluster campaign. It is -- released -- big brawl private -- and have any friends and everyone thought that that they would lose to Jim dement. So well it'll be interesting if because that's very shenanigans and South Carolina politics is nothing new. I might edit it Democrats are accustomed to fixing elections and somebody just push the wrong by not fixing this one. I -- -- -- Think you can have a guy delivering it based what does bother you made a mistake -- but he's black gay and we all know that blacks are superior to any other Kennedy won the Monaco authorities suspect. Any of the voters knew he was black and -- doing anyway. His name's Al Green on Monday -- examine these unite -- the classic finger now I don't let anybody. Thank you know now. It gives you an idea of the knowledge and intelligence level of the democratic voter they thought they were voting for the singer. Now even if assuming they thought it was the singer would you put him in the office in the Senate. Well sure if he would sing like that and they'll be obvious. -- -- very interesting to find out and they've. Should Democrats still be trusted to have elections I think is the natural question that would arise out of this -- -- to use our. Democrat and it is a pretty rare shootout -- dream be replaced. Well first thing happened and I'm wrong I'm Mormon. Should be replaced because. Because the candidate she is obviously a flawed parties don't have to have rules do they can just whoever they want that you. OK just so the guy. Can't get -- proven that the Republican Party -- despite -- Then I think there's a strong argument to be. But the Democrats just had a meeting yesterday and they could've gotten rid of them because it's apparently up to -- that could've had a do over. Think we're gonna wherever they want and they decided not to do any think. But admitted to what. Hitting the right thing to do when we got through to -- -- something wrong before you can just don't understand it Democrats are fair. No no the why did you have the meeting and all we -- is obvious to begin but I agree with you. This is what the electorate said they -- said dumb dumb that's what they said while the Democrats even having immune. Why did all right democratic candidates -- -- -- -- think I can't say where he got the money pretty -- -- the exhibits and edit actually it's prices have questioned. But that's a raise this question. There's a reason that the reason that is he had a lawyer appointed for him if he said he was too poor to afford one. He's asked that it be charging even -- here who gets up seventy charged for apparently. Shelling at pornography if somebody else -- missed so much pornography and it. -- the guys actually. I graduated I thought we pick up a portal lawyer could know -- do -- these these these are just knows Moneyline blah blah million filings. Doesn't mean. Okay well we definitely know -- the money came from what I am not defending this guy here -- go to every little bit he got. Did the Democrats the Democrats -- yesterday. They should've waited till -- found out about the firings but instead there and then meeting even before -- found all outlets police there what are you right now you shoot aliens the FD if they're Republicans put up the money somehow to get this guy in the Val which I don't know why they would do beyond I would -- -- campaign or anything. They they would pick somebody who would somehow had affected there was no reason to think Alan green. We -- campaign would have won the election not only that -- in South Carolina if you don't have an opponent you don't appear on the ballot. So did Rawls who was gonna be the opponent not that he was a threat would implement would have not gotten the publicity and not gotten the attention why would the Republicans Helton -- yeah I would help them by having an opposition candidate -- All this renewed speculation well course -- discrediting my speculation that's our job now when I. What I Mikey mutual would how house Obama dealing with the oil spill yeah are you can get pretty -- -- -- -- -- you press with the leadership. And here because this is real important -- -- a constant steady would put on the background. BDR. Right under the law was only obligated to pay a -- It's 75 million dollars for all the economic damage and destruction in the gulf and the shivers sufficiently to tourism -- five million dollars is nothing. So the Democrat that you know what I talked about this -- and show. And -- there's and open. So try to have a built to lift the cap to raise the cap up to ten billion dollars secretary wanna lift the cap entirely. Republicans that now they've thought about -- they didn't want BP that the paper the widget which I thought it was -- an election year and I know you support the big companies. But an election if you can say you know strippers did you get compensated. And that when they could get the bill to congress. Obama -- a. On them and -- that you did a wonderful thing he forced this big company to pay twenty billion. Put that gap is sort it -- it will be compensated for the damages that. Real leadership. This amazing amazing test would be. How we're doing on the oil spill why isn't the Jones -- been waived by Obama. Exactly John got the Jones act is the one that prohibits any. Ships come you know -- gold jewelry search -- -- my way out of no where you're listening to -- break you go look up the Jones actually how are prepared to have a basic -- Her station about the Asian summit I don't know exactly how it's. You have all Americans 98% are familiar with the Jones act car felt really bad corporate lawyers. -- like to go live TV human element red green -- hundred. -- -- -- That's okay. It always gets me. How we car every Tuesday the Red Sox play had been -- Now I can tell -- -- who's still like we're so rudely interrupted we're talking with Mark Levine of the loony leftist. Who was arguing that this is Barack Obama's finest hour dealing with these oil spill in the Gulf Coast who wanna let him continue talking about how this and I asked. I didn't mean to soar on terminology but I am. I doubt you did why did Jones act does not been waved and mark is now on top of the Jones -- Why am I have or under it as the case may be. I am I I have to admit that while I am a lawyer might federal maritime law is not my teeth like it seemed that something I don't know. I think Joe exactly trying to don't know is what required. Shipping between US ports to be by US ship the US fight and so forth. -- US cruise. And that and you -- -- -- -- if foreign ships can't -- and so on the -- offered to send us gamers they can't comment to do the work. -- they can come from Holland police say they can't go. Only can they can -- but they can't go to Nickelodeon. I have no problem with that gamers coming in and and giving their best to you once and you can't do much because. This person I mean the most of these beat column well oil output is below the surface. What extent they wanna come in and help yes I'm on paper we want. You convincing you -- -- more than in what the White House than I do want you convinced this administration. To waive the act bush did after Katrina that's why I never heard of it. This just an example of the administration. Not getting the job done and not getting all the help we can get to clean up the -- I support way to react to it and you want dictated -- -- -- and it says there's been not a single waiver request. So you say convinced administration to do it know what that most women -- -- -- it said we -- come. Why me why -- a Dutch ship who who who who applied to have I have federal law waves went. They would ask if we needed their help and end the president said no let's do the what should happen is the administration who wavered. To lose -- jobs and sends a signal that we accept the -- ever -- the closer he told let me doesn't want their help so that signaled -- -- Lieutenant you know I think fifteen we accept fifteen sparing vessels that are there acting. So -- have been asked for a waiver there. Yeah thousands cameras in the world and 32 of -- are working the the Gulf Coast right now we know we obviously need more. So it's just emblematic of the failed leadership do you think really -- administration. -- I don't think they need to wave via separate from the Jones act really any what did it look don't want going to prosecute them over corporate. Do you agree I agree we're talking no I think some technical waiver that no mystery man I don't know what -- -- -- -- about it. Jones act it's not relevant but these all hung up on what's relevant is the president doesn't want them here so. Yeah because it because he's rejected there offers to it'll tell you know I would did you know Jay -- Nation -- if they're named Canada Germany Mexico Netherlands Norway articles and offered one year yes I'm here. Let -- give you -- red zone. Dot com what's to keep one right that's why you didn't get what they do were you legal actions like the ones South Carolina. No this specifically that these people are already involved. These countries -- fifteen countries already involved so I don't spend that. I don't know that he's out there cannot -- it quite right before we take some calls for people who -- tear you apart limb from -- as they usually do. Could you just can't think oh yeah I think are you. The market doing comment. Radio dot com that's with a knee and it's not like Markel minutes mark -- much better. And maybe I'll bet dot com is an hour. And so limited it can you tell everybody why you were proud of the leadership job over the last two months that because today's sixty is is -- not. That Barack Obama has offered since the more -- began two months ago. Well look at a bit -- got to understand a limit to what the president can do I mean in keeping it the Republicans to argue all the time that we they want government -- -- -- regulating companies that let them do what they want to do. Think that Barack Obama can like Superman you know -- out the bottom of the ocean floor and plug the hole with its. Here Marlins I'm walking I'm -- -- walking on the water she's just dying down into law compels our you know. I'd. Find it magical in an apparent -- to now than they did not true. -- -- -- he's not -- -- won't succeed look at the end of the day that a number of policies in place that both you know about that existed for decades. That particularly battered George W. Bush that bit and it regulation. Well country pushing -- full focusing you have no defense of Obama because I was lookin' for now I think Obama Arianna for why he's not got a call circumstances you know I really can't. I have -- power more unlikely right then that is not the -- -- you know what he could've done. He couldn't mobilize. The Coast Guard the navy got up early and. -- women but you could've done that by way of cleanup and contain the oil. We -- had the help that was offered right away which you say is there I don't think this is certainly wasn't there for a number of weeks. We could have brought in the Coast Guard we could -- in the media it's what we had was a present and -- the -- having having -- Peyton couldn't value out with Paul McCartney. Going on golfing outings that time of national crisis that's. They're gonna Paul McCartney actually give them some good guidance he told them all you need is love and -- the. -- -- -- the thing -- you can put out that a lot of money to make it look like a lot of things are being down I remember September 11 George Bush put on hold a lot of military in our airports. Which didn't really affect any thing that people think the president was doing some. Sixteen US and our. I don't know mom without bringing you just -- It's important because it in the day look at this -- body's built in how much of that oil would actually removed. Most people don't okay it would betrayed by about 7%. Quickly after the market. Rock -- -- about it -- quick question for you. Over the past week or -- has the president adjusted course on his response. I. Thanks again in BP get paper there tempers it will go down as one of the best. At present there are so -- so why is -- doing better now that he's fully engaged in not trying to demonize BP keep arm's length is that better. Why should I think he told BP behind closed doors that if they didn't pay. They were impressed. But come what he's doing a better job now that he's engaged C I think he's falling addition. OK you know Mark Sutton was as the -- I was born used to when you talked about. Who shoot down of BP when. You're out that's wonderful Mike you know you're suggesting that it's okay for the government with the attorney general in the meeting filings in general who's thinking of filing a suit. And he's part of the shakedown and your applauding that the government can do this tough -- now. I think -- government didn't do little hole let -- be -- suffering in the -- athlete right not troopers fault that. BP does not. Okay and I feel is shakedown let's go to Peter we got a couple but Peter number one your NW RQ would Mark -- hi Peter. -- -- you're doing and and I just want them as more and about nine days ago begin to ordered bargains to be didn't vacuuming crew. They were doing successful job. Around and around yesterday -- David for. We. I was glad I did not stop accepting thousands of gallons -- -- Because there's supposed to do wanted to find out if they had placed less and yeah and they have. Yeah yeah yeah and good standard and that's good yeah trying to get that little White House no one got back and we do wish you. The election process -- will Olson I -- I'd probably. Unicode -- thank you very import that. I can't take it for everything that goes on the problem what does repeat the trick. Don't entirely but it has season is you think it's -- to require that it. And oil I think flammable substance if these people inside the Coast Guard wouldn't force in the -- they need to have all the requirements like fired futures which. Most -- happen if they want to put electable if so how can Barack Obama -- not be out there. Morning business you agree that -- shut -- in the holy site doesn't -- I didn't think my apartment with a modem I want I didn't we just 100000. They gave me the greatest eater that's -- story didn't shut it now okay they didn't call back -- empire state. They then they get -- you wanna play -- gentle sound for our. Market and they get shut him down he's looking for the suns who play in the second let's get John that's NWR they would Mark Levine hi John. I got it got a question -- -- around at the response. Ed maybe -- what's good for the goose is good but it. Yeah what you liberal what were they armed when President Bush and nobody out there in critical. Directly but we did not. And it looked good for a good group of President Obama and not. Built into question the relative lack of response for -- -- -- And all that fish they got on the -- to invite vertically up almost -- on the president to -- they could respond quite frankly shame. Don't know what is your response -- rebuttal on the. Jack thank you very easy hurricane. -- that hurricanes are an actual hurricanes occur every single year. The government knows how to prepare for hurricane. And Bill Clinton did an amazing job back in the ninety's with -- Glenn hurricane Andrew this has something that everybody should know how to prepare for. What not that. This was something then nobody expected because they didn't do any regulation because the Bush Administration has basically. The corrupted the Minerals Management Service that could be fixed in time this is nothing like hurt. -- market being out. -- with regard to Obama do you think that it makes sense for the CEO. Of the government Obama. Not -- even talk to the CEO of BP. For eight weeks is that conceivable in the business world. That if there were -- problem that the head of the company wouldn't talk to the head the other company that's causing the problem. I think that was going on behind closed doors be very keen to learn. Over the next do you have any contact with the media -- back. -- contact the guitar and after talking with Tony Hayward. I think what was going on. What that the government was he caught a shake up you want pushing VP very hard to paper all the damages they can't even though they want legally obligated to do that. And I think that this meeting. Finally occurred when BP had heard enough and -- the president had to go on national TV to put enough pressure on BP to pay its rightful -- and then they met. Before it gets to cut to shoot downs in the earlier part of the crisis to understand what's going on it is inconceivable to me. That Obama didn't have a conversation with Tony's saying not. Not saying that although this was wonderful that Barack did a great job and the only thing that's different is he's now adding a little theatrics in which marks thinks is a waste of time. That's his -- It's another way to kind of theatrics are what got VP debate twenty billion dollars. Also on efforts are important because you said earlier that it's not productive to have the theatrics in the bush made a mistake -- -- -- some theatrics to life. It's gotta be good at this great. -- -- -- -- -- Jim here on WR Hewitt Mark Levine who thinks Barack Obama -- a great job -- T -- oil crisis -- the -- Eric every great without a couple Obama for our web site somersault that -- accordance with the -- How Bob. How they're allowed Croatia so our children didn't care is that in the Clinton administration about these. -- of people and please stop this but he's a word about Health Care Reform which hold up their reason we see more I mean every day or more that receives the ability to post also -- So -- let me ask you one question. Why don't -- retreat everywhere we immediately go out there we go up or do. Obama in the -- he's not doing shop emotional for you BB BB if you want to be sure there's. He beat -- gave him more money than anyone else. The oil companies -- are far more money to Republican Party that's. Okay but Barack Obama by EPA Barack Obama more money than any other politician in America. He didn't get them any money -- -- it'd take money from corporations your name BP employee. This is Sydney Australia that's right right well so but that's ridiculous that's why that's ridiculous. That's I don't hardly even borrowed money they don't. Company is how it's done mark that's how they launder the money so it's not coming directly -- no thank you -- Obama has something amazing -- rejected corporate corporate contributions I would love to you Republicans do on the back here callers question because it's important. They yelling mention Clinton actually met bush at the Minerals Management Service. The organization that the regulatory organization that's supposed to oversee this kind of thing. Is woefully undermanned and we look extremely corrupt and there was of course inspect general report. September oh wait to talk about the fact they were literally in that boat companies and I think in bed I mean literally yet having sex with employees. Aunt and uncle came in on trips and all but it couldn't do their job partly because this. Little space agency has 62 people -- -- fifty people in 1986 and since that time the number of allred -- -- offshore has grown tenfold a. All right what -- you this this history lessons gone -- -- Barack Obama comes into office he appoints Elizabeth -- bomb. And then he fired her after this crisis came because she wasn't doing an appropriate job that sounds like great leadership 6172666860. Moral Mark -- coming up six AB WRKO. Even TV ever. This is ball loose talk. Mark Levine is here in love with the performance CC for President Obama. Finest chief executive in the land. Mark Levine -- -- us and Peter earn double. Or -- I didn't really want to know -- chief executives in the -- -- right theater. Here's what I got remarked we abandoned it you know our levee minority -- another person parliament makes sense when he talks. Okay did this Obama is hitting a diversion tech news. No matter which way goes he goes on the good side conservative side because diversity stagnate because I'm not. The liberal side he's got to -- Kristen. -- are they gonna give you the reason listen carefully. Hidden agenda or hidden agenda hidden agenda is not in his mind. It's an art. Then what is it now the I decided that we are listening to a C either Furman and it was skipping what did you very strange or had a dream that's good job side I had a. I have a question couldn't do this Celine after you get lots traded on aren't present nobody refer legally questionable -- down. Held financially victim of the gulf. But you trashed bush for illegally question you'll waterboarding which actually saved lots. Okay first of all the waterboarding is banned by the competition second of all this. But it's banned by the constitution. I really I think they have water boarding and a -- Yeah it would torture is a matter of perception it's it's it's it's often hard and fast it's as waterboarding is torture c'mon mark. It's it's pretty hard and fast that -- did but we know this is futile. C'mon I I uptight anyone -- I've ended not by any international community not by United States judges cited by it's important back. -- not by anybody who's gonna look back here. Hit a shakedown because it's important it what BP did not legally have to pay. It's so the president used his power as the president to say if if you don't pay there's going to be a very large public relations campaign against you -- Why do you think that's all he did was say there'd be a PR campaign. No I think we did he also threaten to go to congress and and passed the bill to make them pay. You -- -- not sure I -- shut down and that's why don't you tell you he said maybe you know I have within my powers and abilities take over your -- -- -- -- American division. Well you might have threatened that he could've gone to congress in -- that happened so he has all kinds of threats Heidi how are you say don't -- about. Good because that's just stupid lot of physical -- -- -- paper off damages and. -- do -- don't know so I don't know run this show and I hate to tell you mark your falling into what I hear from liberals all the time which is. We know what we're doing is wrong illegal unconstitutional what have you but the end result is so good. They don't really can't justify -- here's. It was illegal when he hit it. Said look to you as you said there was no straight down a lot of Q you said there's no -- -- so you started -- off the that was an -- because there are okay. Following that shakedown. I think there was but I think it was fair I think it was just it was Lyndon Johnson out. I don't think shakedowns are legal I know you're a lawyer mark I don't appreciate it as a legal. Well okay I don't care what you wanna caused them. Color and shape numbered by any unilateral shakedown and a little longer have the attorney general seating in the meeting. Who are threatening to -- why you're right you're if you weren't defending BP would you not be a little uncomfortable the federal government saying we're gonna suit your -- VP come to a meeting with us will be there taking notes. At the end of the day. Do you want bishop -- Spain for the damage that BP. Our cookies and your argument is end justifies my it's okay that's good diet that's well that's when you just inherited green -- you know what is. Isn't voluntary way you're they want to much -- does not Paula Gerry are. Common agreement people say if you don't do this I'm gonna do you relate and then they do exactly how the law work. Mark you know you show you like the end result. And at -- so it doesn't it sure doesn't matter how we got there I would -- like. Well I don't know whether it is or not it certainly is surely require close yeah. And I would I like to do is get to a good end result but do it legally. And the difference between liberals and conservatives as. Liberals partial activists that whatever you want Jesus sort of interpret the law the constitution. To accommodate. All right Mark Levine thank you his website is Mark Levine a radio dot com he joins us for this fun every Friday afternoon Tom and -- signing off Bobby Nelson that's really if your time today and see Itamar you're -- -- orphanage sooner than Monday here on it for -- -- thank you for doing that well I appreciate his in my -- a real clear thinker -- -- state to our -- up next and what also I need to say -- -- -- and. I mean it's going to be brought this weekend hit the big show us not me. Thousand want to talk radio widow of personality. Drove back you know. Talk we here's firebird from honoraria all leave here. On Boston's talks vision. -- -- Boston.