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Cahill's tax problem

Sep 1, 2010|

Tim Cahill talks about the reality behind his tax issue

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Good morning. It's gonna talk WR killed Jon is off. I guess -- okay. Then we are celebrating. Life. Beautiful Wednesday brought up in the mid ninety's again today and tomorrow. And who knows you never know which week is gonna give -- the last week of summer like heat. So when is that coach says the treasures calling in to explain his tax issues. Anytime now okay so what's that I ignore him for the time being we'll just take one every calls and then it. 8 o'clock bill -- -- the guys going to be a new class who put back. HUDAK. -- C he's gonna be the new congressman on the nor sure -- to learn how to -- big -- big guy chips I hope so. -- all over what kind of expiration -- what kind of chips do you want. Not he brings us stale -- well okay do you want fresh ones now you're not into the chip thing anymore though what he wanted to brings -- -- -- right now and in the car. So you muzzle place in order. Anyway you get bigger and how -- -- you want some plain donuts now now because I'm from him -- -- the doctor from a a he will be taking over from former congressman John Tierney. I'm next January Serwer never -- in the cohosts for an hour and will all day you know we'll talk whatever the hot topic is and a take his expertise is very smart guy and his opinions -- play this. Islamic out again because. Oh okay we will do it after we talk return -- -- about the story in the paper today that says. I would I mean there's one there's one mistake we can't make and that is to take the globe at face value so what's asked him about it. Tim good morning welcome to WRKO. That -- real good thanks for coming on short notice and -- your other western part of the state. It was a very good thank you -- could get away no matter what. Yeah so this globe as the front page story saying that your campaign committee didn't pay its taxes for a decade is that true. It's early yet we neglected it fade. Actually -- interest that we inherent in our. Peace we had invested some money in CD's that might we chipped in out -- We take the federal tax missed some reason someone thought we heard them from state back taxes aren't audience that's so. We -- paid and then two -- I doubt that Louis post so we just we just state that mum. What -- -- yesterday so what we realized we may have mistaken I think it's part ability. We paid it back. How does that happen though I assume that you knew nothing about it. And New York -- do this stuff and you had been no way of seeing that this was transpiring is that how you match. Yeah I I didn't you know there was an assumption began way back in 2004 went off -- I think it would fix fierce. We had it started investing money in CD. Mr. little -- -- Yet again we gave we we mutate the federal facts which are much higher. Then states activists and he's been somewhat but we're now. Some states back. -- what are the same sort of someone not are you are what sort of someone thought that it was -- how does that happen if I mean your position. I'm not I'm the boss on the wanna get screwed by this information coming out. My question is how did this mistake it made and how did he get made over and over and over and over again. Because it presumably. You not only have a head accountants or whatever who's doing this kind of stuff but then you have audit guys are common in. Yeah oh cool who audited we will Watergate and it never popped up an -- by. OPC. You know it it never came out we never got to you know in the hallways from the -- saying we get duct tape it's -- but that's. That's not an excuse or make excuses. I'm just what stability and. I'm just trying to understand it because I'd be -- -- I am but I'm mad at myself I -- that's the mistake in. You know I'm I'm responsible so whether I knew about -- an architect in -- by that because there's no way we way. Not take that if we thought we we also we certainly what it all out. But we didn't Netscape and now we're making making it up I'm making sure that. The -- it everything that it. Are entitled to go Italian like it -- any mistakes get made. But you know your name and edit it and you have to take responsibility for it and I am doing -- in them. You know I'm sure it'll be a lot of hate being paid about it. But mistakes and make it you know you're a small one but an important one -- -- do pay taxes that would never willfully did was an oversight. But the important part of take responsibility is making the adjustments to make sure things like this don't happen again what will you do. In terms of managing differently you know what's the learning experience do for you as a manager. Well -- double check everything. Maybe iris such an accountant. And make sure that they -- -- the first accountant didn't. You know didn't doubt over the make a mistake are or not you know we thought they -- vote you do. OPC spent a lot of time. Which you get paid off its refining -- boring about -- you know make it political side that -- -- at the -- -- or not there's. You number rules or regulations make sure you don't get all my English -- do. Making -- thought that legally and properly that you're gonna finally get your money from. And in this case you know we we overlook something very simple like it we know the action we stated. We would never notified that we -- saying you know we've made a mistake this got recently had sent. We were caught up to it. No that's a very much a certain point yeah but why are you if you get elected governor. Will you dismantle lead department of revenue and then build a new competent one. Well I blame them for it to be ice free I get some fake but yeah I would make sure that if someone not paying their taxes whether the political. Where anyone else -- Egypt to genocide ensure we. Duct -- federal -- we would have probably. Then notified artist is the direct market -- -- -- But I can't I can't put this site anyone else this is -- fake game we will. Make you know make good audio and make sure that never happens again. Are you -- voter looking at. This story from the outside while how would you respond to a do you think. They can't pay any people make mistakes I expect it what will fall I've stated I didn't Europe might -- If it was a mistake over to a excuse and hopefully never makes it again and -- given the chance -- I don't know it mean people make mistakes also I would certainly do -- all it's. We -- our share of mistakes -- -- -- up to a making sure it will never happen again. An -- saying what we -- All right Tim have a good day on Springfield. Started we'll talk too soon Tim Tim -- state treasurer -- -- The hotel -- that cooks he says hi. Because she's she's mat apparently because there was another political they've been here yesterday. Who he has a crush on. Thank you -- They miss the -- vendors running for senate up and New Hampshire. -- he likes Chris did you like Chris seem better than -- hello does know better naming al-Qaeda being mere -- is the top of the heat they behave he comes in every time. Tim they don't like what they mean -- -- -- she sits in your room now with me. There why do you think intimidated by my sexiness and she probably doesn't wanna be distracted. --