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Max Robbins 9/20/10

Sep 20, 2010|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) will be with us to answer all of those nagging questions about your favorite show on the boob tube...

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And force 6943221877469. Or three to two. That is the toll free number about how we partial if you would like to join us here this afternoon every weekday. Afternoon it's Monday afternoon as you know what at this time every week we're joined by max robins. He is the executive vice president of the paley center for media. In the New York City. And he is our expert on television he -- a veteran broadcast juror a veteran journalist covering the broadcast industry for many years she's -- to answer your questions. About TV are you there max. -- he's not there yeah okay. 1877469432. To look around for some -- Samoa. Some questions here that people party's senate and for for Macs but I -- With a -- -- with a lot of stuff today okay 1877469. 4322. OK we animal -- now okay. Of their Macs. I AM how we are yeah. Very good. Very good as your foot elevated. My foot is elevated I'm doing you don't write what is that the prices. Rest. I. Compression. Element that the rest ice compression. Love you shelled out when you're talking about rice do you the only thing I can think of is. T myriad tonight slipped on the right so not to eat the I think there is the problem I was sober I don't hold over what -- You know. We -- warrior that I am I would I would stake in Iran and I basically took I took a -- it right here Prospect Park in. And right outside the park and where they have this kind of you know green market on on Sunday and there was a woman from a very either help me out who would build this year -- a little -- truly. Rory stands as you have the same spot or I felt she does every weekend in the fixings but you -- that we two or three people get on all. Usually you should -- New York City they settle those cases right I've read stories about that out of court they never -- -- that all gotta gotta call my got to. I Oriole bird -- I want 13 for the young referral for a that's good -- I say you -- for ten million blocks like I don't give me three million. Can I cannot hire you buy a bit on the computer in the test up. I'm just as -- -- the reference value then now you gotta cut a deal with the guy that I referred you to who has any ads on TV during the Oprah show. Why do they pick up immediately and a million bucks to -- and don't -- -- that's the. Okay this is from officer mark. What's it going to take to get Kate -- off TV for good I'm expecting to see -- see your pop up in the cab one of those ice road trucks to move beyond an Alaskan crab boat -- -- is she not been odd. I hate duke deploying up to mark -- TC PI commodity if you read that means if you're on the cover of People Magazine. -- the best body money can buy. Yes she at least they husband does god. -- Where where is -- -- by the the -- -- a show or is that no one a good thing about on the monkey business channel. I don't know yeah. But but but -- that there you go out will do anything for radio that the. But the but. Okay. Right let's see here max what do you think of boardwalk empire. I think in Israel possibilities I want to ask my it was a it was a little slow slow build but I think it's got a lot of really good elements there and I'm gonna stay with Obama to give it a few weeks. Okay what what is us the next is heroes coming back. Not hero who's -- Any idea when season fourteen of VR will be released that it ya. No idea but I would. I would imagine this -- -- you know how we you know much money HBO's spent and the pilot for boardwalk empire much. Probably most expensive I would never like twenty million dollars. When he million box. One humility -- now he's got and they spent ten million to promote the thing. And -- thing about it although that twenty million up numbers a little bit of funny money because. They built this whole like the creation of the Atlantic City in 1930. Actually hear Brooklyn and in. Will be using it over the of the twelve episode arc by they spent a lot of money Martins scored. They ever get that how did they ever get that money back commodities they're gonna they're gonna you know they have a certain number of subscribers whether they spent twenty million are not. Right. There sure how he Brit I think over the episodes and even though lot of most of their big money projects. You know those that Tom Hanks have -- of the ward. I'll what was the first big one call about the importance -- the Brothers band of Brothers did extremely well for them I mean. When everything comes in where they sell it overseas. Home video rights of -- well end up making their money. 1877469. 432218774694322. Or are you ready to make some calls. All three and out how we have ready. -- They wanted to explore new career possibility. That do we haven't heard yet who's gonna replace the. Yeah yeah we have a new person in the exact same job title would you used to have put you'll have a new job title. Oh okay. -- -- -- Sure the. My early and -- -- my only question is how many months that they always have to get another job that's gonna be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I know what they -- west and western is leaving on December 31 and sometimes they kick upstairs and they I think they give you way. You know six months or a year to get a new job. Well the other big story floating around here Israel Comcast. In the process -- try to closer fueled by NBC universal -- -- Just hooker who to have a little operation out there that was story in the post Friday and file or product that they would be -- that he's all but audit and that two of -- key lieutenant to oversee different parts of MB universal cable empire. Networks like Bravo USA. There were already like squared off just to split up the spoiled. That's what that's nice and mellow. Sort of like gang land business Scott. You know it doesn't -- it but the I -- -- the period elegy. 18774694322. Day and your next with Howie Carr and max robins glad Dan. I -- I got a quick question about your show us first inside. Islam. Daily warrior going to be backgrounds white. I think it is coming back yeah I don't have a date yet for. Okay edit it very odd especially marched or producer royal gale scattered organized -- this ball. I don't think so. I seem to remember she's been written off. Very bad so you know I know he's still value for your David. Thanks stand max Maine wants to know did you get some good prescription -- He's you know -- did David basically you. I don't who still leave tonight I don't know there was if somebody says something about purpose that -- -- pick -- -- with the. -- mad literally the best show on TV is it one of the best ever. Yes I would say yes it's really pretty right. What's next for huge isn't just the summer series or worse are coming back. Might think we will see a comeback -- don't have a date for house that he wants. Operating well it opened -- federal project. Here's a guy who was obviously in the supermarket this weekend. Mom -- looks good for a hot date. Did you not think that. She's the only real on The National Enquirer there awards Wednesday's. It was very. Common but. What. What's the latest on the new Y five whole series. Army is actually supposed to be pretty good I mean I don't think you're talking about high art here but. The whipping the smartest thing they did how -- you'll be happy -- is they kept your original theme. Boy I mean the the old series was not 50 I mean that's not its attraction right I mean it's. And while I guess the question is is it gonna be high camp. I'm actually no they're trying to play I think they're playing it pretty straight not this stiff is the original. And and I think that they've they've given the characters will be -- more dimensions to it. You can bet. -- that's a bad sign I don't like having -- pension and I know I don't go characters. Did it especially you yeah I hope they took it takes you know full entertainment value of Hawaii. And the many things that that he tropical fruits that as off. -- right tropical -- Macs are there are the they are better off ten episodes ever going to hear. That I'm sorry better off to. These are better and that's all just read these things I don't know what it -- -- episodes. Am I not to my knowledge technically be better -- dead. I may be does I don't it's just had but I don't know. We I'm not a series of familiar with. So what we did -- 18774694322. Al -- next with how we card max -- go ahead now. I -- Got three haven't laureates today. A bit odd warehouse thirteen an capability built what was the first one. Well what time on and -- right equipment and root account doing OK you're white kid. Yeah out of the more I did enjoy it there's the war. Intrigued you buy -- yeah I I am to British law meant it is all really hello radically slow ended very. Yeah you really you have to watch every single show or you admit something. And we we we finally got to make you pay you this week it's about time yeah I finally got it -- it was certainly mellowing now I would still aren't really got in the second straight. That's -- strange. But that it. The second I was warehouse thirteen -- side by yet that's doing real well. That's that's good and third wanted to save and also inside. Yeah I bet you're okay as well you know it it's interesting I mean unified Biden USA are all part of -- BC universal village. Both local networks are doing real well I -- US and basically doing. Credibly well they'd -- -- They did not afraid to take chances at Beers which goes well you know it's funny how we directed tribal made a lot of fun of the name change. This side by FY FY. But it seemed like you worked. It'd be interesting how they were just talking to some. Door -- because nobody in America could spell anymore. It was a couple of bucks us as CI AF five. I don't know -- apply if the kind of the FY hit the convoy were -- -- with -- Science fiction and -- get to -- in their because. There's this idea that women don't -- -- five but I've been looking at the demographic break up of the show and then they're getting a lot or our female viewers. Thanks for the call Al what's your opinion of no ordinary family on ABC. I can now -- -- white women without opinion you know is how we try and watches much television as I can and I and I you know I'm I'm. Quick to tell people work for a minute you know in my family that paid you know I'm watching Jenna tosses it into -- more get. Don't respect a and it. Rubbish channel there early story aren't enough people like -- on the wanna read these things is racked coming back to the speed channel is there's such a show hours on a joke. There is the show up. I don't know I don't know speed channel but it. Okay. You're I like the new dimensions from the cute Kono grace park Volvo will move. What does that mean. You don't always there. What's the deal I'm gonna have have a translator in your price so I don't know -- exposed to. So what's the deal with boardwalk empire we already dealt with that they've spent a ton of money on it. Spent a lot of money and you see it on this screen I mean how we I think that you would even like this yeah. Thought it's fun and it's really. Like Mark Martin Scorsese. You know -- it's it's any guide a real sense of that time and with great -- opening episode. -- want to which spoiler here bright it's -- if begin Sunday ease. The last night that alcohol -- and basically all the gangsters. In the Atlantic failure to -- the best thing the government could possibly don't. For a light -- that's a good answer to legal that's a great way to start off. We're -- cash and I mean it really is that the whole thing and there's. In the first step. Who plays marquis Johnson. I'm in debt -- -- Steve Buscemi. Actually my neighbor here Brooklyn. -- how they actually really have like real characters from history books that I would. Yeah I think they they've they've -- -- David. But -- they Ozal. It is to keep its its its first -- look deeply they -- much different labs they've been and they've got lucky which TI -- and it. And and edited out what to think about the other. Big ticket Karlinsky. Brought -- and it's harder for crossing senate and they've been they've really set it up where this at a young help -- yeah where he's basically you know. Work at it like it tribe -- Yet before he went out to the tour before -- went out to Chicago to work for Torre go. Exactly exactly and all you would I think you would I I think it would really to get I mean it seems. We just cutting back on average is cutting back on my expenses and I just cut HBO often are finally. If you get some of those dvds Maxima belonging I didn't actually got to go. They could -- -- -- -- seriously govern all the starship also I wasn't watching them anymore since they did away with the job the missed the black and white mysteries on the mystery channel. Tell you gotta tell you Reagan now with the colonel Watson Spartacus. -- amount. I just got some good for one of those dvd companies you know on the a -- a specials whistled for an 899 Demetrius in the gladiators. I was what are -- how many believed in gladiator movie score the Mac. And a lot more than you would think I. Oh no immediate I think what little downhill after Spartacus myself. Yeah and editor. But this could -- Yeah I know why isn't Steve -- on the Hollywood -- that's what I -- where -- they did it white and all of the other people would -- why did when they spoke English it did seem to not be the English they were speaking. On video on the screen. It may -- your next with how we got her the first -- -- one of those -- is some what some -- something's wrong here isn't what it won't. You're what may. You know when it was quite hard now -- -- didn't. They've been here next with how we guard max -- go ahead Nate then. They got your question we're out all year. That TV show that extra -- on interrupting my favorite television shows and not. Then in -- to the camera there one extra chancellor -- all Obama show. Well firstly you have to do is program bureau yeah you're remote control not to pick a bit MSNBC Nathan. It I don't take care about 50% of your problem right there. Boy -- you know I don't Ellen did -- let me get a -- or really that put Obama on every channel launched as well I'll tell you may denote something though I'll tell you it's not like he's dipped. Well for certain got to do this because. I saw a NBC news is gonna make about 750. Million dollars and -- A lot of that I I thought there was some story saying that limit their finally making money off of MSNBC even though their ratings are miniscule. They are knowing it's there you know they're waiting but can -- but there's three times what they work with that the and if people forget to MSNBC dot com -- like cnn.com they're really popular news site. How much CNN they have so -- they have so few viewers that Bill Maher last week said the N word and nobody noticed that. You said he did not hear -- -- senator Bob nice to see this is what many are. These Larry Kenney you can even though you didn't even know I know -- -- employees intercity and O'Leary came this week giving -- now. Whitey Bulger is one of the few guys in America that's older now but Larry yeah. Org could be -- the same -- I don't know. You don't hear about that the -- word. All you got nobody not nobody noticed. 18774694322. It's like up Colin Powell's a Republican -- admitted yesterday so hires illegal aliens. Nobody cares if Mitt Romney hires illegal aliens. And other elation you're ball -- Com your -- with how we guard Max Robinson led to bomb. Actually there was a show on a couple of years ago it was called diversion was a game show. At a British our bench seat. Yeah I don't remember that went -- channel went wrong I have -- -- it was so we additional -- Shinawatra. I miss it because you only. It was like -- the need to win that state to get the question is some paean to bolster up for your mom offer. I -- come -- tell you sure you -- voted on TV you know on the Internet at some would let it probably never to go to our. I'm almost -- it was there have been able would the version was a game show. And then you won quite a bit of money I think if you want but. And then the other thing is. What does it. It was a Chinese and Japanese version of outbreak or whatever the -- This is this is becoming a true view that I'd sell it I mean there's so many DM channel are we gonna call and say yeah. Macs are standard I don't picture don't you the the thanks drug. Thanks for the call -- let's see I played just get a few of these at least these at Texan here on the lost financial I'd be excited about the event. Yes there's -- -- definitely worth tuning and I think if you were. The end of shows like lost then and you like kind of good conspiracy a lot of action ballot 24 I think you should check. -- what is supernatural coming back. I don't have exactly predict early October but is coming back. We gave it stayed out last week. Okay this that new call will be grace park Kono that was the that was. Stephen Garrett Samoan or are always yeah yeah. Notice -- she's a babe it's out of a 300 pound Samoan looks like she plays linebacker for. No I don't see no definite improvement over the original. Exactly. I agree I really. Now one more reason that to an end but. Yeah let's see moved from officer Marx was max chasing a Smirnoff truck. It saves you officer yeah yeah yeah well you can outplay I would have been happy if that. And I still doubt it couldn't get up and drop to mark it is administered -- allies -- 18774694322. I read I would buy a I would buy a bar the other night on -- blog for right now I don't know I think it was they said Brooklyn the Brooklyn beer was the beer of the month max. I'm sure you're familiar with that right. Absolutely yeah. -- terrific -- Okay well let's put that to bed your not up here you could go there we got a break anyway max. Max you know about your your your injury you know -- some Scotch on -- --