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Enough with the Jeff Perry attacks

Oct 21, 2010|

TNT break down the recent attacks on candidate Jeff Perry

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Okay. This election season. We do about it tool always are sent to what is this your -- the other big big thing you know went AW IPO WRK dot com. Is looking -- -- next great political blog you could become a paid member of the wrko.com. Editorial staff by submitting your best. Political blog entry at wrko.com. Slash. Blogger you Richards who will be judged by -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of this is presented by advantage on medical equipment -- oxygen and see past the socialist any of six AB WRKO this is. Very important -- so it's a cold water for me because I I have a blog at WR you dot com Charlie does a little blogging on his on his web page but isn't really you know into -- having. But we need someone good to be there are you describe a blog if somebody just walks -- the person all online newspaper personal online newspaper did answer you go to. Is the interviews articles saw videos that whatever I feel like -- yeah but I'm I just too little rant on you if I feel like -- you know throw a couple of see you looking pictures to make you look bad like an attack at anything I whatever I feel like don't. Can people go and thereby get the job market and that's the whole. Oh -- you whet my appetite out that I -- any -- blog by tomorrow say I can you imagine credit bureau. I just one of -- before your taxes Jeff Perry conversations we have to do. I was struck by this description of polls because. Derosa while somebody pulls it together about why the polls can't be trusted. And why the polls I think are off base so when when I look at the governor's race here IC Charlie winning the with a -- drives are just sent out eight something -- and I don't understand why the polls are getting -- This little description -- Washington State. Where. Dino Rossi and incumbent Patty Murray have been and a tight race with -- Rossi and leading for much of the time. Then that Mari leading some of the time and it's swing and back and forth. And this guy. Quotes a pollster that makes you see very clearly and simply. Why it's hard to trust a poll right now he says the question comes down to this. How large is the gap between Republicans and Democrats in Washington State in 2010. The Elway sample this is one of the polls. Included 39%. Democrats and 23 B 26% Republicans in other words part of the pollsters job. Is to -- the samples he's looking at. In order to make sure that he's reflecting what is actually going on in the market just got. So that that represented a 13%. Gap for Democrats the way this pollster was approaching the Paul as a result he showed him big Patty Murray. Lead in Washington State. At a time when the national generic ballot. Shows Republicans -- unprecedented. Advantage is there's still a double digit party ID in Washington for the Democrats this -- asking in -- story. One pollster I talked to said no. He said pollsters working for Republican. And democratic candidates are finding a democratic advantage of between three and 5% and these guys using. -- 13%. This seems credible given the findings of a Gallup poll done in July which show Republicans closing the party ID gap all across the country. The poll showed only 7% democratic advantage in Washington State among all adults so the gap is likely much smaller among likely voters. And this this is where the pollsters get screwed up. They're using form mills left over from other campaigns. There are nervous about making dramatic changes in their formulas even as. They see dramatic changes in the marketplace because there's scientists. And scientists don't wanna based on. Other people science or based on -- tap. -- in the heat they roll out they go on what has been tried and tested and as usually proven to be true all close to true it has I think it's an appropriate starting point for most polls. The difficulty here is trying to weigh in evaluate. The you -- what talked about the enthusiasm gap the relative energy the determination the anger however you water I characterize it. It's very very had to wave dad and the fact that in if for example Democrats let's say here in Massachusetts enjoy eight. 321 advantage over Republicans detainees halfway do you take -- ratio I just that we're I think you do I think yeah it's not just I think you have to stop off with a 31 you have to make sure that the independents are also. Appropriately reflected and then you've got to try to find a way to measure read that determination. What -- the labels don't mean that what if half of Republicans are actual or two thirds of Republicans. Are actually over there in the end it independents -- that the twelve or 13% of registered Republicans and only a fraction of the number of Republicans in the electorate. -- know he can't be fooled by labels got so you have to look at real voters and what the likelihood is. Of them showing up based on what their inclination is to vote and it's a really hard thing to do so you look at a race like Connecticut. We're we've been led to believe. That the attorney general Blumenthal is gonna win the senate seat being abandoned by Chris Dodd Shirley Temple by several Michael -- latest poll shows it was a five point race my personal formula is he adds seven points to the Republicans tally. Maybe that's how. And bitter -- the judge in the hands -- for everybody got coast to coast era right now seven tonight I'm delighted relatively to try to fix what the scientists are screwing up because scientists are inclined to leave I'll be intuitive. He had clearly I think every race is gonna have its own feelings absolutely that is very -- arazi you know whatever is MIT says in my LB five -- -- eight. But clearly there is an energy on the Republican conservative side that is so intense right now. That. -- pollster who believes in his own science would be a nut case. To actually do you need to reflect accurately what's gone on in the marketplace right now so when you look at a five point lead in in Connecticut in a race that. That bill Linda McMahon is seen as having very little chance of winning she looks like the way. Are you right now -- think -- world arena do you think they affect the way some people approach. Even to make cast the vote to make the decision. Give people some people -- just what the winner -- people sometimes area a you know I wanted to be I wanna be what the win I mean I think that is totally absurd because -- -- while letting your vote be shaped and influenced by people who can. They they might be reasonably scientific but did not precise and by the way you well always the best judge of what's and you -- be addressed. Your family's interest not so you're right Olson who's gonna make a prediction -- you get duped. Nor Barack Obama thing where though where -- if feels like there's an Avalon stampeded capsule and you wanna get out of the way -- -- up to Greg sorry let's get back to -- you Jeff Perry situation -- how do you. Deal with this side -- obviously not all assert in the district I'm not in the district Thomas and and you know how do you how do you process. The idea that this -- accused of something while -- twenty years ago -- one of the problems I have with the story here is he was standing in her with a bunch of cops Jeff -- according to the stories right. And all this focuses on his failure to respond to what this girl the dues now woman is saying out loud -- he had to be aware are you just she's saying it was obvious you know he was the head patrol guy. But if it was obvious to Jeff ferry is obvious to a lot of police officers somehow. That this cop was are we to believe that. He was brazenly. In front of his fellow officers. Sticking his hands on to the body inappropriately -- fourteen year old girl who was supposed to be helping and she was screaming for help and all these cops just walked around ignoring them. Yeah well if I have the if I have the the basic facts director Jeff I think Jeff is implicated in this and -- -- like to use that wherever he's. He becomes -- blood drawn into it because he was the supervising. Officer and at one point I'm not sure that timeline here that's what makes it also very very difficult but perhaps very unfair to Jeff as well nineteen or twenty years ago all the stuff happened who remembers. That the specifics but at one point he offered a statement saying that he was close enough to the scene and he did not see or hear anything. Inappropriate right now he's been criticized for kind of what protecting the rogue cop there's clearly -- rogue cop idea whose get news jolly is. At least on two occasions by doing body searches. It it he funeral with young girls. As so that copy has been convicted he's got to jail he's been removed from the forced the question is what did Jeff see what the Jeff know did Jeff looked the other way consciously and nobody knows but Eudora and that's why this becomes I suppose unfortunately -- of political fodder. You know -- that is the back of. And Antioch -- why -- -- we can -- -- I don't think in the heat of a campaign you can pick this apart in fairly deal with it especially. When what we can see about the Democratic Party is that they are a vicious. Mean spirited. Take no prisoners party willing to do virtually any thing to hang on to power. 6172666. Seats succeed -- -- NW RQ atomic taught hi Eric. Good morning guys I don't wanna direct good you know -- look at that stupid to build the most justice system. Bode well after this incident happened and I live in the district so our goal of this is going to be on my -- on November 2. There's the justice system. Found you know didn't that didn't prosecute just very there was a civil suit that was settled. After the fact but my and my big problem with this whole thing is you know I have not heard one thing Obama -- and his belief. And so he's not running on his own principles and philosophies and political. If you're talking about keys are you're cheating on Hillary cheating you're not running on his own you know political stances he's using -- negative stuff. Who exactly -- opponent and this is what all the Democrats are doing now because they know they're wrong on all the issues so they're doing the politics of personal destruction. So really what you gonna do drove his cheating and -- for higher taxes Obama liberal I'm a move that I'm all this stuff and then all the southern new -- that this this incident that happened twenty years ago. That was unfortunate it was disgusting cigar went away he did -- start. But just Perry had to deal with -- supervising officer and I've got to look at it from the perspective of who's gonna represent my best interest. When it comes to you know casting my ballot November 2 and now we're. So many many good points that you raised and I just wanna -- jump on the first one. I think bill Keating has missed a tremendous. Opportunity not to exploit the negative all the possible negative here about Jeff Perry and whatever happened twenty years ago. But to present himself. As a person and hey look at these -- by values these in my believes this is what I will fight for it -- it seems to have become. Almost a all a Washington. EC oriented message and most of it. -- to send except wrote and negative Democrats are looking at what's going on in the world and they're saying okay this is huge tide coming. That's gonna sweep us away. We have to be as dirty and vicious and mean spirited. As possible in order to fight off the way that's the only tool we have available. That being nice and talking about how great we are isn't gonna do it and certainly we can't mention how we stand on the issues because that's exactly what the tide is angry about. So what are we gonna do but be. Ugly human beings and destroy the process and be negative. Towards the notion of democracy so that's what they're doing because they have no value. I have a particular belief hit -- them do that first time around the block receipt of this significance as well. All the candidates owe it to the voters in the tenth district to be as explicit as possible and not to hide behind. You know the other thing that's kind of the automatic stuff the Democrats say all the Republicans and dismantle Social Security. C'mon Steve and op Ed talked about it seriously bill Keating is a smart guy basic cable got -- -- a smart guy capable guy c'mon I don't know skinny and wants to win that seat I think he's like. This is like you know taken is constitutional every day his approach to this campaign. Rich you're on WR -- what's up. What fun I think I am missing a word to India that now let's talk came out what does it mean by being a political Hillary. But as a political Hillary. Do not the -- you don't. What is it when your constituents scroll. Against you and then you have sort of a -- And when you get on the show but turned it around on the Republican side is that a political -- Maybe I'm wondering if the Frazier look as far as a red Herring which is. An attempt to create a diversionary distraction from something that is more meaningful. I know it's deceiving it's taking people's -- off the off what the main thing yes. Com yeah and try to get an agitated our focus and that's a -- that is exactly how helpful what Democrats are doing in every race is they're trying to find something irrelevant to focus on. So that you won't remember how wrong they are for the job he is my only disagreement with what you just said. -- -- And I believe you said this Sydney new realm where it's obviously character is never irrelevant it's never irrelevant to -- but what they do that this person -- the attack yet again often look just it's acronym against Rand Paul. Down in Kentucky where he's being attacked for some kind of hazing thing he was involved in when he was in college. Now I don't know how we can discern anything reasonable. About a 45 year old man's character based on what he did when he was in college if we did that nobody would have any character that's nobody would -- yes that's right everybody would be a drum -- would be deemed unfit for exactly so. Yeah I did -- try to make -- attorney issue because there's no other shore available and they'll grab any little scrap of meat in the dumpster. To try to make you into a bad person and it's craziness then you're on WRKO. Hey good morning one did it I guess that they did apparently Almonte each digit by the issues than. -- -- all articles about what they kept voting age -- wanna mind just business teacher out of vote. And our -- -- just all that cute yellow X -- both a lot I because of their thereof. Positioned a light but I -- -- to -- kids. You know don't go quite so much of -- what they -- data -- there was what they don't. And then just wait it out and in this day and -- short of a satellite out. Mitt Romney. All maybe Scott brow. Who really had not saying that they could get a model -- that would have been god. Is it ironic -- that a guy like you can't really had nothing negative -- -- -- have been -- LA in fact they don't get it that it happened so valuable a lot of thanks Bob our city cast of -- in the past -- it just about weighing get out. Now we own brought up earlier sort probably -- -- my thunderbird with what Ted Kennedy was responsible what this big guy like that it voted over and over and over again. Yes it did do some good stuff but I think you do it bullet struck discovered early on I think do a better Democrat -- was what you can certainly. And this guy just very general -- a lot of facts is much admiration because a lot of that district. But he was he. It wasn't directly he wasn't directly responsible yet it has -- and I episode but what candidate out there in this day and -- is really going to be is. Is -- -- -- clean as people would expect it and and they're like that Romney certainly -- at a pretty clean record still put it -- salt. Well he's only got a question oven Mitt got elected governor in the end is working on the presidency still. I'm so I don't I don't know the bad example is so terrific. But the point the I think your major point is good and that is if character is the thing. Then you can go and find using new window like he is being used against Jeff Perry we don't know what happened. We don't know what Jeff Perry might have done right or wrong and there's no way in this environment for us to reconstruct it and that's why they -- this woman back until a week before the election. Before they roll her out you cannot underestimate the viciousness. And the lust for power. Daddy is out there are on the side of the Democrats and how willing they are to do anything to hang onto it I'm not so sure we know anything about the Democrats and -- specifically but the Democrats in general rolling her -- she may have just held back and held back and held -- have to assume the obvious while I'm I'm not so sure about that she still has not offering her great -- not -- our current name. She's did you should be exactly sure -- -- through the attorney Jeff made a statement so literally brought her a written statement say would you release this does is sector earlier short reflector. Your feelings Jeff you're RKR -- -- guys -- what a coincidence on -- -- There are different are they went because there ideas -- -- -- -- Barack Obama got into the senate he exposed his opponents the horses she sued one of his opponents. They they they they legislate from the bench they lied that's all they do because they know their ideas can't -- with the people. They do this because it is the only way they can win what. I don't know I'd I don't disagree with you about how defensive they are about a lot of their ideas and a lot of this silly policy pleasure children if you heard me I think be a pretty fierce critic. Up a lot of the democratic. Party agenda at the same time. This is was a court case -- bad. Why Islam and no charges are you want from them why now why it didn't quoting here about two years before -- -- It's at right now that it's actually been out and around in terms of just happily -- very low key conversations about a out of ten years its services at this point it becomes. More explosive -- because he has -- geragos. Sorry just because she has an agenda and her -- driven agenda. Quarterly ideas ten technical America's cup or negatively. She doesn't have an agenda the woman who I don't know. 33 or something -- -- -- -- -- molested by a cop but Jeff was the supervisor yeah Ternium does it -- let's not let's -- you know Jeff be so casually dismiss some of that. As if she's got some motive I'm not and we can be dismissive of taking the word of a fourteen year old distraught girl. Based on twenty year hindsight about what some other couple wasn't molesting a personal level of guilt is in not having busted that -- that's what kind of were reached a high unlike Jeff put a collar boy you or me the fourteen year old Buehrle is. At the -- Her sense of we have the cops -- -- and Jeff says. Oh yeah I was there I was close enough I did not see or hear anything she says back. It is impossible. To him not to have seen or heard and -- it is impossible notion I was yelling I was just really doesn't just have known this -- very convincing testimony. It's Thomas Todd WRKO. Tebow went all the little softer and slower two weeks after twitter.com. Slash WRKO's. Succeed you know I got it. Common. 7266. 6860. Succeed retired and about. It's not at all I don't I -- -- an hours drive a lot condition they thought the accusations back. He said she said it was him. I'll -- anything Democrats say about ten minutes. But if they -- JJ any kind of vicious conspiracy to destroy the character and destroy the political process. Because they they want power when you use -- to be skeptical of any and all who seek political power you have to go through all of that stuff. Jeff himself has admitted to misstating the facts on his son on his application about not exactly sure what he's still -- precise misstatement. Flaws but he's acknowledged you know this what I said here is not true it's a missile -- -- didn't say deliberately missed it well he was writing about something took of -- years before. And may be mistaken and that. Right that doesn't mean he's a criminal -- he did something wrong doesn't mean you is did the wrong thing on the night of that event. -- -- I find it interesting however. And and and this might seem a bit far afield to you but. Lot of people in this town was very very quick to critics including a former attorney general very quick to criticize former president senate president ultra. When he was asked to set testified in congress about certain things that it happened 20/20 five years ago. And he exercised this fifth amendment rights. And people who say who -- a full belief in the constitution -- -- that's evidence of guilt that's evidence of knowledge that's evidence of complicity. And he was literally run out out of the university presidency by Mitt Romney. Based upon. That still that's called Dallas exercise right the -- and any yet. You seem to be can you you seem quite willing to customs collected Jeff Perry I don't know what you have a did a set about Bulger so this is not a or a comment about you. In your commentary on and to start about the general sense that. Depending on one's political perspective and who's involved. We all seem to you know Bob and weave a little bit. On these things if you like -- various they all this is too old this is dated this is desperate does his dirty campaign tactics. It if you dislike Bulger just an issue that guy is. You know there's really no good in the context of a campaign where you have a few weeks and no forum through which are properly vet the story is young they become simply weapons to beat somebody over the head with. And that's different from all other circumstances through which if if this girl wants to file a -- civil suit against Jeff Perry. And try to get money from him for his transgressions. Then will have a chance I guess to see the thing played out and that's great. But I don't see how you can get to the truth in this kind of environment with these -- a ridiculous ads being right. I think it has been suspended -- It's thirteen days before the election this is something that have been nineteen years ago -- The whole issue of the civil sooners are being played out to -- made a settlement didn't that was for the town that doesn't want her gone after the individuals coroner does of the to attack the town is responsible for the actions of its employees -- but he somewhere along the way said. All we got a problem here. We -- a problem I have no idea what because the guy was guilty he pleaded guilty that's not Jeff Perry being -- -- -- charged with any wrongdoing. So we can't merge those two things together. So if he's guilty of some gross transgression and let her file suit against them and let's get a vetted. But this is format you're gonna ruin -- guy's life for ever based on innuendo. Welcome to the world the politic just to can be vicious John your NW RKO. Good morning gentlemen how -- you -- John you're just gonna -- on the point don't want to make you know in the environment that existed back in 1991. If anybody really thinks that with some blood in the water up some allegations against multiple -- -- -- that. Perry was excluded from being charged because somebody chose it aired it aired just. You opt out there right mind obviously he would not guilty of any criminality and I would also suggest that up to the public -- pled guilty and went to prison. Perry resigned probably nowhere and police department. And I would think that was because he felt like he was -- for not knowing what went down that night any -- the department always get him any credit for that. Well I was always tired but he may not have body was remiss in their being may be no connection between his resignation. Now I have spent. Very true about what people making suggestions that are unsubstantiated on the negative I wanna get the got a little credit I think it was within fourteen or fifteen days. Of the other guys being convicted he walked inning re signed it. About how how long was that after the events that took place. I did not show I think the guy pled guilty like that the trial would rather time we had -- the big people like eighteen month window. Where I would hope would there without the -- for an hour all the time -- need to be given some credit for a couple of things first the volunteers not. Turning his back to attack -- girl he's not trying to -- any thing -- keeping his mouth shut. You know the other guy did something wrong in knows that obviously at this supervising the opposite that evening. Bet it was -- all responsible. -- bar at the chain of command was concerned. And eat -- yeah I wrote I'm hoping what do you do I mean you can question it girl motivated. That's certainly I think you're right that is that he's done a good thing not turning it back on credit are her editors do I think his statements. Two victim and her family. Have been sincere they certainly sounded seems sincere to me expressions of regret expressions of condemnation of the offices the the acting offices behavior this was wrong he violated the bad she violated his oath. It NT week. Yeah it's not out in the open. He's not gonna we. He's knock on he's not gonna you mode in a way that will make people feel good today. Nowadays are really want your crying and if you're crying they can accept you he's got -- cops kind of persona so -- stuff then. And I think that plays against him in this kind of situation because he can't appear empathetic in the way that the TV wants him to. We're -- Iran with atomic -- what's up. I pumped I congressional that they keep taking my call. And I think that I'm 40% carry any weight is his right on the issue. But I think Rick Perry hit like in -- three high profile link if you if we get fully addressed this issue to talk about exactly what half. But the trouble is were shell that's playing into the game that the evil ones are up to him bring in the style font. Is they wanna take all the conversation off of issues you know how Democrats talk all the time can't we just to focus on the issues the one thing Democrats don't wanna focus on is the issues they're wrong and every one of them. Yes but I -- I think we could -- fully dressed as it can get ahead on its former parent. That would be all that would be written about it would be all it would be talked about. And then they -- par -- his words and comparing it to what he said ten years ago on five years ago and what he wrote on his bar application. And it would be unless and the campaign would be based on. An incident that happened twenty years ago that Jeff Perry was a bystander hit. It didn't really are meeting he had because they can -- without me if. Exactly and every year you'll notice this -- just happening in this race for shall have been happening across the country very very close race too according to according to everybody I think chips and internal polls show it's close on -- -- internal -- the -- you you know the public. Published polls showed supplies are close close race a dead WGBH in one -- -- last Friday that showed are keeping up by a point but. I assume it's a bogus poll and that can't be real 6172666. Seats succeed lira WRKO. Good -- shot. Marty you're -- it's faulty any ears are unfortunately. This person who is a bystander as you straight. Eager you know or should have known what was happening and this -- a minor. A child. He is a candidate it reporter. He sure it is how forward and say exactly where he was what happened because each Jill. In the situation. How ever species session today the -- It is but he's gonna recognize you are actually are and what I read -- a -- many times. We are seeing him interviewed on -- -- -- just you have to be in the media and clean it but perhaps what we need to know exactly. Why why is disagreement with the bar what Richard Petty tactic come forward edit it to the. I'm curious -- I'm curiously. -- -- what would you would lie easier to do I'm not talking about political advice but a target by trying to clear. The air should he hold a press conference should he offer written. You know three page written statement addressing the variety of issues I've just curious what would satisfy you as a citizen men have been you know we're concerned try to. I. Can understand doctor I would eat eat capital to -- or hold a press conference. Speaking exactly where -- lives what you saw and what is disagree let's with the bar. Once again where he's going to be a situation where he could be sponsoring it can't or putting port legislation to protect -- Linux. By the way -- -- 1991. It was not -- any discussion and very often under any situation. That this was before you deal -- simultaneous. With -- it'll get personally Kelly. Outlook cool individual sport very often sweep things under the -- shell we should get there some question. But the bar knows the truth. You know you're saying the truth is out there somewhere and hasn't been revealed. I obviously because you're not revealing it. Why don't know what it is tell me what the offense. Well above what. -- -- and took -- that was incorrect that he had just further correct is exactly what she needs to come forward and -- Don't well again you know it's it's I think that the dinner was always saying you didn't -- -- are you saying you know leave you won't say is every cent. I don't know I think I'm I'm I'm a woman from Salem you know. But I will get I had -- case it was swept under the rug by local individuals. Then I later had to come forward testify article that was the mandatory reporter can look in 1994 my -- -- -- like I had some guts to come forward and do. Why and I -- where you're saying and I know they know I'm all for everything you're saying except. A couple weeks before an election I don't know high you properly -- that and by the way every political consult if you wanna win an election. You don't answer any questions. That take you off of your message and that's the challenge of being elected so the people wanna stop you from getting elected. Goes searching for every little. Bad so that they can throw you off message and then you lose and that's the challenge of people have in running for office 617266. 66 he will talk more about it coming up on WRK OI know your carrier.