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Jennifer Brien is MAD!!

Nov 3, 2010|

Are you mad?

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You don't want news coverage of decision 2000 turmoil his well do you buy it mass citizens for life. Repeal Obama career I have my citizens for life dot org. So referendum -- trying to disarm. Your chance to Jews. I said from day one that I wanna stay in this fight until Election Day flood the voters decide and they've decided. And accept that decision although it's hard for me. WR appeals decision 2000 term -- -- -- victory under the belt fingers fingers going well -- -- -- I just got up the phone -- Governor Patrick and -- congratulated him on his victory day. And there have drag. We thought the good fight well. Oh felons are being -- who have never resolved to change the direction of our state and our country. 11%. Over the people of brutal what's going on and -- But tonight they're not -- -- and John Elway and we're sending a message doing. Now here's -- and free on boss who's talking sixty KM 62 W mark carrier. Well -- like maybe not quite up to plan your life and. It's my girl -- his. -- -- Yes they have not -- robotics and who she -- Republicans. We we love park. I mean the business of entertaining you and talking EU and hopefully. Some view this -- the whiskey. And the Sierras are still awake and I wanna talk -- I will be with you until 3 AM. -- why because they ask you being here and I nothing else studio heads and you know what I love election night. There's a lot to talk about. And we can talk about it together and that's why I'm here itself and it is 1208. AM almighty god I've never done I. Art Bell a shift before 1208 AM and I have looked what this is not gonna get us. You did call me anytime I Libya for three hours. Miguel lots of talk about. And you can call me and you tonight to celebrate. Or we can commiserate together because I I gotta tell you what I don't understand about what happened in this state tonight. We saw. The the house overtaken. By Republicans and it was an absolute tsunami I mean this is how headlines aren't a lighting up the sue not me. Of of Bob Bob Republicans had into the house audio stands people I was seeing. Hello John -- unless somebody challenges him but this is what -- look at. And end and you see that in various parts of the country there has been an evolution there has been growth there has been. Residual from Obama insanity. From the last and they be hijacked left wing ideology political I judge I mean. I want I want personally John W I wanna be governed by. People. In a balanced situation. People right not -- not not a rich elitists who think they know better than us. Not so in you don't not a Barney Frank sadly he's going to be an office again for the sixteenth. -- But I wanna -- if it has to be this way hopefully we are represented by our own that yet costs and that is balanced this is what I'm looking for. This is what I'm looking for ballots. And it's cutting back so we have something to be happy about. Although people say it's going to be gone -- an absolute gridlock in Washington. Who cares. It's. Because they'll be discussion -- filibusters. -- balance there won't be an overrun of Democrat. Political insanity and I I gotta tell you I will make this announcement at 1210. For the first time in my life Jennifer -- and is no longer going to be a Democrat. I am going to start to -- -- in the AM. To become on general I had it with my party I have had it with this state I have had it with the people in the state. I've had it with Bill Keating and his smear bill not a campaign that he ran I've had it with smog. Power hungry egotistical Barney Frank did CIC. Concession speech let me just ran for two seconds christening owning a team. Because Ivan -- wait -- -- like I -- like a deli waiting Toronto since I got here at nine something. Watching -- palm island diner talk. Trick is giving his speech his thank you speech and basically looking into the camera and it was it was. But the damn good thing you guys you don't smart conducting came out to vote put meat packing and -- thank you for. This. Well yes yes a very important campaign. And wing fall and he sounds so all get IE. Very much. I would very much disappointed in the tenor of the campaign fault really yes I am happy and grateful to all those who help me. I am. Very pleased to be going back to watch my -- apparently from me we will be in the minority I don't know I don't know people had a war and 1994. For the Republicans took over. I've played a very major role in trying to slow down the contract for them. I hacked yet sometimes I can't take game I can't take it anymore. You have very big role and the absolute sub prime mortgage mess that you put together and forced on the banks with Chris Dodd. And people in Massachusetts are ignorant and what's you backing off this RS sixty. Term. I don't know this way. I'm stunned. But what happened in Massachusetts tonight. 6172666868. Or 8774694322. Scott Brown was an enigma unfortunately. I thought the people in this state -- no longer people were no longer robots were waking up. -- -- their Kool aid funk and like myself are registered Democrat were saying wait a minute. We. Like the direction my party's. It tell us. This guest on the road of constitute when he gets everything. Illegal illegal immigrants. It's not it's not illegal to be a legal. You can have car free car free welfare free food you can go Biden goes in go to the track you can -- this -- and -- on Cape Cod. I like community G men. Nancy Pelosi. I'm gonna come my friend Deval enforcer project that makes no sense fiscally. But you're gonna like it because it's Devale Ellis legacy. I've. Not. -- -- -- Tonight by the Democrats -- talking about Jeff Perry. Don't even talking about what happened to that man that decent man. That that had grace and dignity to -- the end and ran a campaign on issues and not on smears. Did talk about Ted Kennedy and the fact that he murdered somebody when he was running now. But they bring an issue that Jeff wasn't directly involved in it talk about it ad nauseam I guys. Let's talk. Let's talk. The the Democrats point Ted Kennedy back in office helped get him there over and over and over again. But -- mow the fact that Jeff Perry. Was guilty because of the circumstances. That he found himself and -- that somebody else was doing when he happy to -- so I mean it. What this sense of I mean garrison no moral stability in the Democratic Party I am officially. Becoming an independent it is happening it just happened today I had I can't take it anymore. I am mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore but there is goodness. -- about the -- 6172666868. Or 877469. Of 432 to my mother said to me Jennifer don't get on the phone and granted. Get on your soapbox because you know. You might hear the your fired in the -- no mom I'm gonna -- and how he's gonna rent and the guys over at our sister station he hired in Iran except for eighty. And people are gonna -- I think beef Chris I promise no Chris tent. Chris welcome your WR KL what the think Chris before you start talking I have never -- surrounded by people in this state that say. Don't lower our taxes. Don't our tech keep six point 25%. Don't treat it. Wanna take your money that's so we are in an. In and hit Texas choosing its hello Chris thanks for caught I know you're up late that's my rant welcomed on WRK out. A Jaret Wright I can understand all the emotion helped. Yeah I'll have to take it deep history knows. I -- so cognac I need a valuable -- Somebody give me super high up Syriana. There are so I don't have any hope that the stable averaging because initiate things are right now MM would you watch it and lose almost single family. Are terrible world economy urged that housing crash which he does directly issues are so. Very simply give them over our marine yes you know I ballot bowl mean batch we make them a lot of whom have served. Are -- paramilitary. -- March 2 wars here. We really have a chance to get all the all the starship all parties old establishment where it would give an actual rock. Back and -- or to share and a model which we've brought everyone know we have a chance that I don't know why. That -- -- it must source and Charlotte which would be manual mammoth proportions I can't see that I just thank. This normally people worried attractive look people in and it was big business now or -- many people on the dole while my current get. It would never gonna go sluggish I think it's gonna send. Chilling. Message to businesses that were thinking of coming -- or. That war figure -- I think really every time -- and we -- -- solely to insult the Blair will probably look at the exit I know that. While Chris you know it's funny I used to listen I came to Massachusetts in 2005. I came from Rhode Island I've -- Rhode Island was bad RI it's full of filth and corruption and you know what outright so Massachusetts on the inside of a good friend of mine who's going to divorce is that we pay my mortgage I loved it. Started getting immersed in the political scene and I start doing some talk radio out here. I I never used to when people would call me and say hi I'm lead in the state I can't afford to live Terry Moore I had I understand not tonight Chris. What -- And I think all extreme people don't like the vitriol sometime -- here at certain programs. You know -- -- against illegal immigrants but yeah a reasonable discussion. About what that nobody wants everybody to be hurt curious now like everybody reasonable watch went -- All suffer -- and of course. He reads all if it's just something that that we weren't just cute shirt east Texas all. When you can take -- that. -- -- this almost all of it helps a lot of people. But you know there's an end to this we've got -- publish some chemistry and whatever I don't get like people are. Well I think what reasonably would each other problems French solution what are you YouTube that all we had. Is she Chris we can't listen thank you for -- this late night call and I'm really glad and keep Lessig as we get a lot going on we're going to be -- so luck till 3 AM. And it is this see this is great people my mother said to me I'm not -- not gonna get my top. Why you crying and that's crazy. What I should know -- because you -- understand the late night political junkies people are gonna either be too upset to sleep. Right or they're just gonna take advantage to go to bed and wait for the -- this and to come up the next day because -- and meet so it's -- -- one extreme to the other. And I know that happened of people amassed uses are still awake and guess what this is your first opportunity. To talk get off your chest he -- talk to somebody and nighttime to attend your best girlfriend is not awake at the -- I have. Because I have to be an -- talk to you let's go to Linda Linda welcome the next. Yeah I have put you said there were some good news whether it. Jessica well we house I'll admit that you may not cried at -- right right yes I we have we took back the house Rand Paul -- her there are candidates that Sarah Palin supported. That. That really I mean the Tea Party movement for -- you know -- -- the yes this some people anti party just like the Democrats Republicans fringe elements everybody can be insane to some degree. But there is good news out there tonight and you know you just have thank you very much. What happened with Massachusetts my god I hope I moved from Ohio. Way back in the sixties and then I moved back to Ohio. And that was a police state you know. It was very ultra conservative and we even had -- not -- that the county fair believe it or not. And I said I'm gonna move there and -- that's achieved since. Yeah hello Linda listen and don't disheartened because I think I in the thing is I know that what it feels really bad where everybody is gonna -- -- -- -- -- yes it's like pages plus a Super Bowl that's some. No I I did I mean I liken it to win now Obama got elected. Well he's that was a real bad -- because I. You know I know that even if we won. That he's still got it he's still got it tried it pulled his stuff. And that would be you know when I went to the public polling -- today it looked like he day of the living dead. To see those people come in I mean you know it it was weird that there's something weird in the year I could tell. And then me you know and as you know they had beyond the wall would. C instruction -- Caspian nation. That may -- feel all warm and going to be you know and remain it didn't. You know -- Governor Deval Patrick thanks Linda thanks for the call -- -- speech tonight and thanks for listening keep listening he said. It is our responsibility a generational responsibility on corny it's a generational responsibility to leave a better commonwealth and we found it. Since she's been governor and now he's got more time to govern is going to leave in the way the commonwealth is now. Is it better and will she leave it better than he found it I I must not end. I'm stunned and I don't know why I I and I am I'm upset and I'm stunned. And I'm upset because people don't think for themselves and just do Democrat straight down it doesn't matter who's on the ballot. If you like I'm just -- I'm all Democrat backs that I'm gonna vote Republican people don't think the them so. Colts. 617266. I am taking your calls. I know you're awake I know you're listening I know you're out there. Let's talk about this -- got a lot to talk about 6172666868. Or 8774694322. And I won't say this I thought about this tonight it's gonna sound crazy to somebody Obama share everything I'm thinking. I thought to myself because up I'm. I'm just gonna go there I'm very spiritual bright and very spirited person I thought whatever you believe and whatever higher powered doesn't matter. Why on earth did Bill Keating win tonight. All it when he comes down to one thing I would be honest with you if we lost everything I got down nominees today and I prayed that Jeff Perry won. After the kind of of of campaign that Bill Keating ran down in the tenth district in my neck of the woods on Cape Cod. Why would he be rewarded with power. And representative power to to to govern to make laws to decide what's right for people. I don't understand that. I don't I gotta tell you I write. I don't get it. But we can also text me. 68680. On your Verizon Wireless I just wanna turn that up there because I did pray today does not run that. And I can't believe what happened in this state tonight -- just dumbfounded Greg welcome your WRKO. -- a straight up like chill I'm shocked that this but proud I -- encouraged about all -- -- -- And I just I just don't get it I can't get our mind -- out. That can happen I'm happy that I post you know. Is gonna equalized things. But it is they've crossed the port it don't they help people. A lot of -- installed a tax break and a right everybody is important is it a barrel while. I don't know the idea of the people said oh well we lowered they're just gonna raise it again send a message tell that in no Wal-Mart tax is let me just. Even if they ignore even if they -- Greg even if they ignoring it and say -- we don't this we don't like what the people decide it's. Message. Thank you very much it's just like you do it year old all right I don't. -- asked about -- it's so this might have and that is the vast gap Pavel lectures he. -- -- -- You -- the complete cable package you can a bullet. You don't just the basic knew what was in your meeting. Of the spending habits -- -- that remains -- -- six point 5%. I was gonna think again might do. I just very -- respect lol this bought it yet but rich the wedding and still cute like that the that the ball. You rent a guy that would bring the congress -- earth but you're right everybody else but this. The guy that's going to be rewarded with pomp and circumstance and did nurse and then back slapping and state dinners downed. At that you know with some of the most greasy as disgusting. People you've ever -- and -- on your tax dollar vacations trips to Afghanistan so I can just see what groups are doing from our area gives me a break. It's like I've watched -- like our. Own -- its own Greg. Our budget but it don't Al bought -- the -- like in the debate. Machine it just did break out. Well certain I don't know you're making money so wanted to he can have a four course dinner on Thanksgiving cannot I want to personally thank you for her thank you Greg. It allows it got it right up to Tibet but it just Hannity it's bad -- alt edit. I don't want to do it -- all due to all raid array is bit is that to restrict played the city -- -- But it just of up to pop up. Well the problem miss -- we had an opportunity thanks for the call tonight we had an opportunity to put a stop to it and we didn't. We didn't. And and and maybe you have answers for me. And away -- somebody tell me this somebody tell me this. Just Jeff Tim -- -- 18% of the vote I think that is the highest for an independent voter in the history of the state. Offered independent candidate. -- Christie my -- have 6%. So. If they have 42%. And Deval Patrick had 49%. And Tim Cahill had 8%. Tipped off the ten K hill today for not dropping out of the race do you think of Tim Cahill had dropped out of the race Charlie Baker. Might have squeaked by with a win we are assuming that all those votes would have gone Charlie Baker. I don't know he might be the biggest villain I mean people gonna wanna blame somebody in the survey not gonna look in the mirror and say I'm to blame. The most voters won't blaming each other you're not gonna blame -- on the street who's serving his soup tomorrow. But I can blame America I'm sitting here and I know what happened the night. All you people that voted. For Barney Frank. And for Martha Coakley and for our our governor was slimy Governor Deval Patrick forcing wind farms on Cape Cod people that are are suffering to begin with. Shame on you. Shame on you and your sheer ignorance shame on you for -- so I feel. Jeff welcome the next up -- WRKO. Hey how are here I am so confused and insane I'm a thousand different things at once. I know the feeling because I've been looking out my on my computer following up on this but. I get a little bit of a party tonight I came to the realization that it's the redistricting out -- Fourth district a specialist -- crank that allowed him to get reelected there are certain cities and towns -- -- DoubleTree is -- so. Attitude and that allows him to get away with being not like he got elected if it got a look at the actual places where normal people live. Voted for -- -- the places that believe in what Barney Frank believes in what he handers. Not all here's what Barney Frank believes like that I had. Okay I'm pretty appropriate bite for quite a news that voted for good Barney Frank you've got count certain cities they've voted for Barney Frank. Because of what he offered them in terms of free money and how we gonna vote. Because they don't work for their money. Okay people who work -- money didn't vote for Barney Frank okay repeat it was buddy pal Mike there was an interactive I think it was on. What a boston.com or something like that -- individual count the voted how they voted ship. -- interest and the other thing that kind of thing about -- A lot of people don't realize again you've got to look at that it or to what the population is Dick Quincy you got Quincy Quincy the democratic machine. Okay it's really kind of simple US district attorney general or county know about both what county in terms -- Art history but tell our way -- He have a -- I don't know you know I listen I'm here which are saying and that makes perfect political sense but the thing is it doesn't. You know somebody sent me a text message which you can do by the -- can text me 68680 and you Verizon Wireless. On Tina send me a text residents that KJ the only way to explain mass tonight it's fraud corruption and ignorance the whole country gets set but one state it doesn't pass the smell test I'm I'm just saying. The momentum was clear for Jeff -- That race was a statistical dead heat. I so -- Quincy so goes the election I don't know that I buy all of that it justice that race confuses me I'm gonna I'm gonna be honest with you about that. I'm not saying there was election fraud I'm just saying I'm very confused abide by that loss. And somebody sent me an email earlier -- -- don't be because he was devastated he was devastated by those negative ads. Even women does that mean women walk around saying -- that rapists Jeff Perry asked. Let's go to Scott Scott welcome thanks for -- -- -- in the call at this late hour welcome and NW RKO. -- we'll be doing go begging I got a question on this government rate I look -- on baker thumb print them on each other and into a mass. And I don't believe Deval Patrick -- and Beckham could lord that he showed. Very enraged the Asian and knowledge is of a boy am I mean computer about. We did catch is and they never I think he should go a lot better then. The other going to -- -- before but he's he's -- pessimistic about it I think juncture one tonight. And I like KM from that key. Yeah you do it that's I asked that early Jose you know is to is kale -- thanks for making the calls got so is you know who who do you blame for -- ST -- the ignorance of the people. Do you blame the sheep on there hypnotic states. Do you blame the media getting behind on the democratic candidates for the most part in the state. Do you blame Tim -- and I think it's a legitimate question and I don't want to -- Tim because I think he's a nice man have talked to my number of times and I've been on the air. But -- -- point the -- tomorrow. I we have very busy phones Marianne and -- -- Allen and Robin Robert everybody hang in there I promise it will be your turn to talk to me get off your chest. We'll continue to take more of your cause and we get back from this quick break. I'm in a brief new breed you're listening to Jennifer -- right here -- talk station and 680. WRKO. Radio. 1236. Today and yeah it is up 36 AM on Wednesday morning. I love the press had a press suspending us right there's an actual tsunami going on with the Republicans. With respect to the house of the Republicans have captured the house in and congress. And the media spinning in tidal wave but not tsunami off your -- Jennifer -- with you until 3 AM. Somebody sent me a text message that sick -- -- but please have the questions went. By the ballot questions. Was working and I miss them. Well. It went this way yes known now. Yes known now -- what the questions are yes -- now and I will go through those questions I'm just a few minutes but. The results of the ballot questions yes you know now and then and the third question by the way is is just what strikes me is that the most hilarious. Shouldn't we have lowered taxes in Massachusetts. No. Today those first graders that Keating was reading to last week. My brother did unfortunately it's. I let's go to Hawaii because he was afraid he was afraid. Jackie fits somebody's fine Jackie fits and and and let's get I wish we could fight -- -- Jackie -- was that girl that our random those ads. Hi I'm. I'm I'm Jacqui fits and a few. If you. Vote to bring the sales tax down I'm gonna lose my job in babies you'll die an elderly won't get their prescription med said. And inner city kids won't get the YMCA. In the YWCA. And -- the inner city every Massachusetts is gonna crumble. I've never heard anything so asked nine basically we asked the state legislature. To learn how to budget properly and stop wasting our money and voters in the state said no don't worry about it just keep taxing us. What happened tonight. -- and welcome you on WRKO. Hi Eliot tonight hello I'm I'm I'm I'm in their Alan and I paid 300 but that was everything you bet -- -- Benefit however prep and it's about is that eating we make it checked. And if there are everywhere do all that that and that was my daughter is -- picked them. Don't you think he is pretty adult I would've black puke again -- don't -- I think they adding that would -- that picked up that girl and the commercials. It was a six year old -- a cyber attacks are being -- I -- -- and now output that it state started there. Expired -- -- king's niece you know it's probably key is probably a member of the Keating family your acting it. They know it is gusting. And it started -- about how to act while the people would badly EPT get. But if -- -- I'm cat or edit it by more elect out. I Allan -- You know as some -- and we haven't had I don't know if it's interesting because somebody called up Joe that don't -- earlier tonight I don't know if you've been listening instead. You know why why why even bother or twenty months of talk radio nowhere non says synod that I was spin -- for not -- it's -- and I thought that's not to I was driving to Boston but that's not sure because. We still have to be aware we still have to talk about the issues we still have to engage. But I I would love tonight -- talk radio is usually driven by. Democrat. Conservatives but where all the people that voted for their people tonight we haven't gotten one call of -- Keating's support Eric. Or -- supporter and I'd love talked to them because I'm -- registered Democrat and I loads. My party has become and what they have done and I I am today going to start the paperwork to become on in world and how these people these people. Maybe more well good people op Ed and we now. -- I don't you know I'm sure is is having a party tonight that's all I have to say yeah that makes six because she and I style that's right. All right -- or there a couple of week with a belt. The ability to spot any good to a baby out the window. It was illegal via. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- album are you OC why did he backed by the way she's probably gonna get it out -- -- Million -- Baby that -- had. Brain damaged -- gonna take it. Away. Yes we are gonna pay for that I write an embassy -- sadly. And you know what Ellen thanks for the call I don't mind paying for that point child only because -- -- says innocent little child. But that woman should be deported that child should be put in protective custody somebody should hopefully wanna adopt that beautiful baby and help help raise his best is it could. But you know what the status so sick. That that mother is probably gonna get asylum she's gonna be able to stay here and raise the child that she does so grossly injured. Yeah -- field goal and. We did not all. We love you but I need. Whoa what are you people who. -- people that voted for Barney Frank and Martha Coakley and Governor Deval Patrick where are you. Are you. Please talk to me please please call and talk to me I'll be here till three. 6172666868. Or 8774694322. I promise I won't yell I'm I'm excited. And in between calls I have -- ramps but I'm not pretty all I can debate I think I'm relatively fair. Rob welcome you are next up on WRKO go ahead. They won't always you can actually I shouldn't say that because when you discuss that I'm disgusted that -- -- Most of us that are listening. Discussions. And -- because really football. Because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Karen. All of down are all now saying party. Who's gonna control congress. It ain't gonna be the Democratic Party is gonna be did you vote Republican Party and -- why they control the purse strings. So you know when you're giving up funding for the day. You know that we don't have. Our single represented. But the majority party -- yet but we're gonna go out there share. I don't get it why don't you do that one Jeff ferry all. Actually -- -- you are doing what I thought what what was important meant he would be he would probably don't bank. Canada squeaky clean guy guy with the Marines a businessman. Stanley read -- -- are. I mean you -- You'll look at -- look at Barney Frank. And again I mean -- -- too little homework and then you open your eyes. Due to what you've been behind you know orchestrating a lot of this financial left. Yes yes and what people. Are great kids yes I think rob. Last night I was watching -- did you happen to catch it was on congressional. I don't know elections forty tanner was this big thing on one of the new Boston new stations. And this new casting this -- -- said well I would say he was talking to a group of I don't know ancient people they must have been -- hundred plus and -- sitting there and they're trying to understand what he's saying you know they have no idea what -- -- they say but they got free cookies and they -- site that a politician came to their nursing home. So Barney Frank is standing there this woman asks a legitimate question -- she's dot winning he's done speaking and he says to her. Well evidently you don't understand what I'm saying he says how long have you been doing this. -- say is that a woman who's and I -- you Larry King asks OBU arrogant SOB and he was rewarded tonight. And he would be rewarded and tight and again is that what carbon not does that fact if you are -- -- I think that you pointing out about questioned for. -- how it dead dead dead I think you're gonna this afternoon that was there at this special was somebody I know he goes oh I voted no on Nat. That's what I'm -- -- that for you know -- got the ball you -- legislature still have to would. Okay so we can do that. I think what your ball all the oral Paul Allen and basket. The have to but because I'm dumb enough that you let them know we all want to hire and why we. Control over government didn't. Rabbo -- why did it's why did -- know we know. It -- because you don't get them to all that we all the union rhetoric then that would be no withdraw one Arab. You know Latin mob don't scare the hell out of that we wouldn't let the pink netlabel. And you know every election but one art art so like there's there are both very electric and people fall until there's -- re not. I know I know I am -- thank you for making the call tonight I am just like you IMAP since it's. Do have favor -- can you can't what I showed you earlier that from YouTube. It now it's your return. It's your -- can you get back -- Elena played after these guys. You talk about fear you talk about the playbook this fear mongering that went on with questioned closing called again. Gut it it now it's it's your return I don't know out of finance at. It's something that's on my notes somewhere. Now it's your return. For something I think it's it ended with a powder off. You know I don't know I'll find it I find it I'll I'll look I'll get it. All right this something anywhere why you hear it's a bunch of liberal commentators to include keep government jury -- mean Graf hello Bill Maher. It's how they feel about people that are either Republicans -- Republicans conservative Republicans people that don't agree with their ideology and it's a it's a compilation of their thoughts about you and not. Meet a registered Democrat. Wait until you hear this I wanna play this you because it's absolutely stunning. It's absolutely stunning let's go back to the phone 6172666868. Or 8774694322. Robert thanks for calling and it is late I appreciate you make in the call it's undermines our. Good morning aren't yet good morning you're right -- that's BS. I'm actually although rain toward job you know there's actually social duplication nine consecutive days and I actually wouldn't it work. Warships. True. I'll. -- and -- on more money at social. And it seemed would -- bulldogs play by the rules of I'd get memorial time itinerary -- would show launch it's not I weightless generate pop -- egyptians so only people. Tritium -- paycheck. It's -- I mean. 888 it totaled -- Tonight I have to say something and Robert I'm sorry I have to say this but the fact that Governor Deval Patrick won tonight it's only going to get worse because he wants to expand. Social programs in every way he wants to spread the wealth around just like Obama. We're not in the open -- but you don't I would -- each and are so bright -- He'd first that it would look like a mail a day off additional unfortunately -- I and chief says to me. -- -- Well it may be fortunate you can go to war. Well that's the way we have to look at Robert but it's still -- you know I. I'm not I'm not saying this you know I'm not the Brett Favre of of armed people at the regular people that work you know. I and I'm saying this and I'm setting up this week as I works more jobs and it's really hard and and I hated a lot of the times but it's what we have to do you know and and you you wonder how you manage to get through the day because if you're downtrodden and you're still -- you worked you know your fingers to the ball and you can't take a vacation. Today I actually sat -- my computer and I wanted to order as sad as the says honest to god truth I want to order a pair shoes are I'd I'd really need a new pair of shoes and I thought. I can't buy those until I pay my bills this month in them when if I have enough money and get myself a new pair shoes I know it's just -- it's the honest to god truth. It is agility it made it to get to a point where it's some some white -- induction become a luxury. Debbie and you know it's elegant every item not Iran tortured me it's like I do wicked. -- the good salary arm but little -- give us. Our son to college and I of the dogs we were called to two years. Fortunately our dual failed BI. DR Carr notes -- really so -- about the remote Eugene where it just. But they don't rentals and I'm I'm. You don't -- you're you're trying to relate they'll play and Russia all talking actually. And that's what they have run and that's what I thanks for the call and a listen I I -- it every decent day today I helped -- does -- the light at the end of the tunnel. Is that the Republicans made major. You know -- -- major ways tonight they they took the house back there's some balance in Washington for that we have to be grateful. But not in -- I AF any abroad feel your pain. I don't understand you know my question by the way harsh Nacchio was called. It was called it's your return to speak out season they're looking for and now it's -- it's your turn to speak out and somebody -- attempts. Yeah so. This thing is is that must return of starting her parents is easily go back to the phones -- Taylor singing in a minute -- welcome -- -- up when WRK out. Page and I try it stabbed on court suburban new coach. We have speaker burner. It's 221 according to fox right now that are there are confirmed wins. And there's still of 67 to go. So yes I suppose she is on the skid heading out the door would -- will gavel. Ready oversize -- don't let it hits -- Botox rear -- on the way out lady. Right but -- interest think saying if you look at that map. In it. If you it's already had with a blob but in the northeast. That's not just it's it's also Rhode Island and Connecticut have a lot of New York but blob right around the nonsense. And that and a strip along the West Coast. And the rest of it does rant it's read which -- a few drops from you know somebody's paint brush along the way a little bit of it the weird drip in the middle of taxes for some reason. That bodes very well look at the look at history. I look at last night on the Wiki yes stuff on the or house or election and so I've gone back to a hundred years ago 1894. Which I was predicting that might -- like crap on. Every time you had one of these kind of mid term elections that. Has had a big swing. Exploded very well for the party that did this swinging in the mood in the within the next presidential election. So I think we're looking at a one term president here and Obama. And that's good. One that is good instead I thank you for making the call because the thing is is that we do we need some positive news and it's just it's hard to swallow win. You're in tax to -- its. Yet thanks when you're in you've got he found it when herein tax to choose its and you know that even though. We've got up presidential election on the way. We've got to survive here and it's not going to be easy. Because we just put a bunch of real. I don't. Or elitists. But they don't care about you and I they play the game and say they do. But they don't and this is how they feel and that's play their right now this is something that somebody put to get a compilation. Of of of Democrats and their thoughts about people that don't agree with the political ideology. I don't understand the. Look at all of the latest selection. Against. You still an -- lost souls in the sense that they really do there there and seeing how we feel very honest about what this is about it's. How about that some Democrats -- it's not about taxes they have no idea when Boston Tea Party was an Oscar. They don't know their history on this -- we -- dating a black man who in the White House this is racism straight out rocking. Racist extremist tea bagging redneck so irresponsible homophobic racist reactionary hate mongering ignorant -- -- 800 green water carrying corporate sleeve your progress -- You don't come together. Ball. Lunatic fringe and it is a neurological problem that we -- dealing. You do not think your freedom is at stake next Tuesday no that's that's -- mentioning Graf hello Howard Dean Bill -- Ed Schultz rates no matter how you go on and on this is how they feel about people that don't agree with their political ideology. Doesn't make you feel. Might not exit to Scarborough -- today we voted for everybody that's gonna continue to screw odds. Before I lost my train of thought when I was going to say it was I don't know if people are. Robots. If they are ignorant or stare -- lead us in this state. Or maybe it's a combination of all three it's that it's a -- it's the perfect mix for that political steel. Because what happened to night. In this country. What's a message was sent but not from little old Massachusetts. The Democrats smeared. Republicans. Devoured -- -- And no longer a Democrat I am officially today file might pay port to become on enrolled I'm sickened by by my party. By what happened I am Don it was the Democrats. Let's talk let's talk about what happened let's talk about how you feel I am with you until 3 AM. You what you can't sleep because they're so upset so let's talk 6172666868. Or 8774694322. And we will play the concession speech part of it from Tim -- and Charlie Baker and we'll pay play a little bit. Of -- Barney Frank. And and Governor Deval Patrick in just a little bit -- welcoming the next -- WRKO. There might get value simultaneously doing. -- while I -- that whoever it was voted the devolved of the call and yes are you and I am want to look like not on Amarillo. You know I really weeping but Charlie Baker who -- like two million dollars last year he really knows -- I'm going through. Any Galileo 5000 employees and he's got to do -- do that well. Both backup and employs about it got to lay out I guess start against them. Brought a problem. Do you think Governor Deval Patrick understands what used to like to go through. Yeah I do you know why you -- it yet because it's a global. -- global economy. Janet are you can't afford choose I'm sorry. I cannot tortuous or not I don't I reckon I would -- a republic are what are you don't. -- works more jobs I -- -- jobs called and it worked on -- just that you should be -- parachute and you cannot tell me how to live my life someone and you crying about you issued new -- about. Core probably -- -- -- that -- -- that voted Democrat and I don't regularly mosque. -- a lot. Yes all I sell like Obama I don't have to accept nice so like Obama what happened to your crusty out. We wind Gilbert John McCain the election's over because -- tell you something -- we're all in this together this. About right this isn't about one party to say I have so I am a registered Democrat and I have said what I -- all. Absolutely in what I don't like I don't like the direction my party is taking as they are far too left. And I want ballads and I want somebody with some sense of stability to take over. Do you understand what's happening down on the -- the green energy Colby do you have any idea how expensive and ridiculous that project is. You probably don't and you don't care because it's not affecting you and that's what -- So you are telling you what I don't know how it. Just don't know why I am right don't doubt -- -- I -- when what I know about green can't really help us we'll be taught -- how much is not. So don't win I I don't got caught in what is plus it did it in a small amount that cannot let us now is going to cost plus one years. Okay that's and I you bring up our rendering valued what do bumps when I got picked. Gotta tell you why the big guy and say -- -- -- tactic Guardia because. At bat against it they could toward our state -- they want that's what do you agree it would add -- -- bad. Known to listen do you -- -- constituting the -- that you should be paying per harassing her medical bills her car through or not public that's you voted for because she's not. That Governor Patrick believes in giving amnesty to illegals -- attorney should've been to forty years ago. She had a special hearing that was closed to the public and now she gets to live off the public dole and your paint forehead and saw Michael -- Pick you Governor Deval Patrick and his blue state and that's okay Ricky who. But it but edit edit it thank -- that Internet. I see my questions -- I that I need to hobby you are not answering my questions and my RA Martin got probably you don't know first of all you tell me. What don't tell me this and this is what you should know yeah when I challenge you use acting don't have be what I know now -- -- -- you can't have it both ways OK -- did you not about the -- -- that's is one. Issue that I want to talk to you about the Cayman Islands. For something that will be obsolete and ten to fifteen years all because the governor wants green energy legacy. Do you understand -- a Colby. Well don't you don't understand Colby. You don't understand. Oh my god you see and these are the people and I -- complaint time through four minutes. I think five minutes please call me if you voted for Governor Deval Patrick. He doesn't wanna support constituting. But he doesn't understand what's happening to the people on the -- how screwed they're getting. And I should be working more than four jobs because I can barely make ends meet on for jobs. All right we're gonna take Porsche calls Charles of Peggy and John and you I am here with you until 3. Oh Colby thanks for calling by the way I love people like you that I give me more fired up the minority -- is if I need it. 617266686. Eighths or 877. For a 694322. Did you vote for Governor Deval Patrick. Please explain why. -- hang on everybody will get to -- cause on the flip side this quick break. Still listening to -- taxation and city WRJ. Well. -- home for national radio hall of Famer Howie Carr the Zune -- room. -- -- -- -- --