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Worst Bosses of 2010! Darren Garnick from the Boston Herald shares the EBossWatch.com Worst Boss in America List!

Dec 29, 2010|

Darren Garnick from The Boston Herald covers the Worst Bosses in America with us! 4 of which are from Massachusetts. Actor Casey Affleck made the list! Find out why

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Let's change our subject now we're gonna have some fun now we're gonna work -- Darren Garnett from the Boston Herald Darren welcome to the program Dario -- Barry. Pay grade article today in today's herald about America's most unwarranted bosses. It's hard to imagine that these type -- bosses still roam the earth. Given what's gone on in sexual harassment trading in workplace environment training amazing story today talk -- us a little bit about it. Thank you all the web site out there called you -- watched dot com and and there are a watchdog site that -- sexual harassment cases and and complaints discrimination complaints all around the country and the idea is. Is that you can look up if if you're applying for a job you can look up your boss in this city stump hole really and and it's like a database that that might not you know what if with the local case. Isn't it my -- the news mobile Google without. Is it anonymous Jersey these are documented legal cases where all. -- well there's two things actually one is that the web site bombed. Allows people to anonymously rank their bodies. Look up your boss and -- It's done through this bomb -- -- braking system from palm one of five so it is no like you know there's no real answer Wilbur. You know vulgar words or anything like that it's a very objective ranking system. And then the -- they ranked a hundred worst bosses through public records and media reports so. You know it's not just somebody calling up and says I ate my body -- it's of people went to court. Well let's talk about some great -- Boston. No one of the the top one in Boston or is actually Brookline doctor Nelson would rate. Tell us about this story there's a guy a dentist in Brookline. And guys with. Doctor what is it was -- is or was affiliated with the national venture our company. And he was accused of repeatedly speaking one of -- female employees on our air and then. I don't see how he get away. What that Andy made dad derogatory. Remarks about blacks and claimed that he had a relative who is a member of the Ku Klux Klan. -- -- yeah pretty outrageous. Absolutely and and the list if you look at the whole list of a hundred people I mean it just like a put a broken record they just go on and on and on and and racial discrimination and sexual harassment are. You know the the key offensive there. And it's not just men there is a massive state police employee right. That claimed her female boss was sexually harassing her this is the story. Can you tell us about this when this is Barbara Bennett Tulsa Barbara Bennett. Barbara Bennett is it was you state police lieutenant out of -- and dom she basically made advances on her administrative assistant. On the Barbara Bennett is -- openly lesbian yup and dom I guess the per employee just didn't want the attention it didn't wanna be involved with. Her hours were cut drastically and being in out of the embers com. The station. Amazing amazing and then. Casey Affleck the the actor Hugh he had a -- when I didn't see how much that's settled for did you happen to notice. I don't have the numbers are part of me but but he's basically his cinematographer in his producer. On the -- still here documentary about -- keen not Phoenix. Yeah. He's settled out of court in and obviously it must have been some truth there. Have you ever heard as anybody ever reported some of these stories to you Daryn. No no and in fact -- the gist of my working stiff column today was that for all these sexual harassment cases and these racial discrimination cases there's tons of abusive boss is out there. Who are just speak jerks and don't you know don't crawl back you -- don't don't -- say anything you know racist but still make your life miserable. What I think what we should do Darren is we're gonna open up the phone lines right now. It's the holiday season soaring the evolve our listeners an opportunity to call women complain about their bosses and they can report directly to you -- columnist for the Boston Herald. It'll refund. Our phone number is 6172666868. I'd like to hear rotten. Boston stories you've got to have one everybody's got had a rotten box at some point in their career our phone number 617. 2666868. If you want to communicate -- this under the veil of you know being -- anonymous they you can text me at 68680 but I'd love to hear from 617266. 6868. Our topic is all those rotten bosses that are out there.