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Should the FCC be able to regulate what Radio Talk Shows Say?

Dec 30, 2010|

"We're not going to stand by and let publicly regulated radio and television just go for marketing and promoting this kind of racism," Al Sharpton said about his campaign to take Rush Limbaugh off the airwaves. Sharpton says he will be going to the FCC next week to demand Limbaugh be taken off the air. Should the FCC be able to regulate radio airwaves of contradicting points?

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The media go on to another subject which we probably need after after all things I've said. We may be concerned about. FCC regulation and I've been meaning to get to this subject of because it's out there we've got some sound bites on this. But there is a movement afoot to re regulate the airwaves. That is to say that. People who do programs like this would be if not silenced we will be forced to have the other point of view all the time. It's interesting that these people who are proposing -- never suggest that they should be regulation of the print media what do you say there are perfectly okay. Because freedom of the press is guaranteed in the constitution. Why people don't understand that the freedom of the press -- -- fresh ideas. It extends beyond just the written word to the spoken word and even that spoke rumors broadcast. Why they don't understand this is beyond me. We've got a couple of sound bytes. Chris can we play the the sound bite from where we have we have Reverend Al Sharpton we've got senator Jay Rockefeller. And there's another one there's a Michael -- who was commissioner for the FCC who's been talking about this which make people tell me what any Airways this. There's no here's the definition urinary airwaves don't exist has. As so little to duels in the air that are owned by the public. The airwaves you're talking about a signals generated from transmitter that somebody built. And the spectrum that people talk about as having to. To be controlled by the public but Specter -- limited the electronic media that has to be regulated because presumably their scarcity. Christian we have the clips. We -- we have law no one minute that impact on -- This -- back in the days when their only three television station. There was the argument to a had to be had to be the X the scarcity argument because there was so few the government had to come in and a portion. That argument I never bought anyway but certainly those days are long gone hundreds of television stations now. Scarcity is not a justification. For these people in Washington compromising. Our right to express ourselves okay electronically. We're have all series of meetings going wrong and we going to see FCC next week we're not going to stand back. And allow publicly regulated radio and television. Just call for marketing and promoting. This kind of racism here the man who called the president names plays a red kids calling him the good mid grow. -- has the all formal majority whip also going to be -- Magellan Jim clever and is dragging miss Nancy. I'll -- and a -- of Driving Miss Daisy. Brushing Lombard has the right to -- -- -- wants to say he does not have the right to do a dole on publicly regulated airwaves SEC as a responsibility. To say it stands to say the public cannot be offended based on their race on the agenda. In this country. Credit rating regulated airwaves that they give the licenses to get a very competitive and SEC is very selective based on standards. -- bonuses and that's Reverend Al Sharpton blog kind of the guy who perpetrated the fraud on Tawana Brawley remember. She was on the alleged black girl -- she was raped by a white guy he made -- -- to do about it. I was on the electronic media doing it. Turned out to be a total fraud so I wonder how he would react to our pointing out that maybe you shouldn't perpetrated fraud on the public. You notice she focuses on its publicly regulated why should be regulated reverend Al. You don't regulate the newspaper. Somebody writes something and newspaper that says bad things about President Obama or you or makes a racial allegation you don't say that they should be regulated. Then they shouldn't be. Exposure we can use the same argument that you're using here in terms of the spectrum could say look. A newspaper should -- piece of land and the piece of land is. Find out that's a limited resource or because you guys landed not yours -- belongs to the United States we should be able to regulate what you write. Which of course is nonsense. But notice which really happy years people lined the silent -- the people. Somebody else in this is now -- car program. Welcome back this is Don Nelson in frolic by this afternoon we're talking about the the FCC interest in regulating by the way people are in favor of regulation of TV and radio. When it comes to foul language. And obscene deeds in an hour or depiction of obscenity on television. And that gets you into a different category when you're talking about expression of views here all through this program and yesterday. I've been pretty harsh with regard to the parole board and by implication. To some of their superiors in terms of the politics. He got to be careful of suddenly go to has the power to come and say we don't want this on the air we need the other side presented. Let's get you into. A situation. Where freedom of speech is compromised and that's -- freedoms regional about the right to dispute what's going on with government. Now it's even more dangerous when some political leaders get into it. Senator Jay Rockefeller. Is a Democrat from West Virginia. And he's been talking about re regulation is not the only one. But he's one of the more resource -- we have the but from Jay Rockefeller. That we can run now. This is a Democrat. Who has should no qualms about coming forward and saying yeah we needed -- regulation. I hunger for quality news I'm tired. Of the right and the left. There's a little -- inside of me which wants to get the FCC to say to fox and to MSNBC. Out off and goodbye. Be that big favors to political discourse our ability to do our work here in congress and to the American people to be able to talk with each other and have some faith that their government and in their future. Then Jay Rockefeller is gonna determine what we should say and how we should say course now we can understand he's got a bug. Maybe an antibiotic would help. But you know she has no hard just comes and says it. That the F trichet and Federal Communications Commission should just throw people off your -- -- stations off the air because Jay Rockefeller doesn't like the discourse. Yeah all -- senator Rockefeller you've been going to -- wizbang job in congress. That you're right people shouldn't be to the right of -- or to the left the view they should just be with you and marched together. This is what it comes down to. We've got a text message from 781 it's time he meaning Sharpton apologized. If Imus can apologize soaking and he the national canal. -- for the fraud perpetrated. Now free it's free speech means that you are able to disagree. Doesn't mean you can perpetrate a fraud. Like you did now. With Tawana Brawley doesn't mean you can yell fire crowded theater which is what brought here. But it does mean that people like me should be able to disagree with people like you even in harsh terms. Because you say and do things that are just outrageous including lying to throw us off the airwaves. Okay your thoughts are welcome 8774694322. Text message code 68680. And email address -- Nelson W mark Leo dot com John and actually the program. Maybe it. Well the army there. I'm not there. The deal last chance some speak out now okay there we go to to enriching. Richie didn't -- you're next. Want to get succeed but first -- a correction is in order on that. Shakespeare quote -- I would definitely like Iran but here. I don't remember let's see Shakespeare in 16100. -- -- -- started then that. Those -- probably. The first thing we do we kill all the lawyers. Yeah now this podium and amber. -- chip on the guy who was it. I mean yeah I forgot we. We certainly -- attributed to. Yeah well that you say I did that I did. -- you know -- Hamlet on. Melodious and Hamlet that's where that -- actually 900 districts and it's to depict the butcher said. All right. Well thank you Ritchie you know I can always tell you sometimes I've been tempted. The put something out there that's wrong just -- on get your call but this one wasn't in that category. -- -- -- Let that I appreciate the correction I did think it was them. That was -- -- right I got the right yeah. -- I think it's it's probably means if it it was not there's an attack on voters but it was sent a commentary. On June necessity of Lotus. Did give bulwark against these artists in the basic people like that that portrait his people. Well it may be but it functions and different context here and somehow -- can apply Shakespeare. It gives it added weight writers to. Well I didn't read a couple of good expects an article that an -- -- which excellent how about. -- Sharpton. Yeah isn't really stupid can stupid yes. Need it doesn't understand -- -- meant when he made -- in this space account. It is assumed that because Limbaugh so that they can I protect the back to driving mistakes excerpts exciting Nancy. It's supposed to think it was some kind of racist comment when attacked -- commenting on the democrats' willingness to throw Cliburn under the bush. But -- and not elevate it could be. Higher positioning and he was attacking the Democrats and their racism involved. So strapped for him but he -- the -- -- Social contact. Made by Limbaugh. Well it is also true though that Limbaugh has made comments that are beyond the pale with regard to Obama. What he's single this -- -- -- And everything you'd say why doesn't it would confront him with -- Time -- probably. Can he maintains he never wrong. And now the deal -- libel suit. And he never paid the money. But he's still maintains it was the right. I don't even though she admitted that that it was fabric. It independent. -- it not. And should lead up to completely -- basically if you thought. The whole thing fell apart. There's there's nothing left to vacation everybody knows it was a fraud right. Well except that there will be believed that he was in the right in his Olmert also believe that he's. Highly praised his regular talking deprived of this great book in the portable came out of the way he. On the SEC business I articles have not been told him not but it that they do want it is desired effect on other people what it does not. No good for you -- set. It's -- just think I think it was quite. And then Limbaugh's racist if I understand that the -- of department. Argued that. Then expressed interest. In. I don't think just like the beast. That's right and I like being stupid that's the goal and an 8774694322. I'm Margaret Nelson. This is the Howie -- program. Welcome back this is Don Nelson rally car. From the finally with the Tawana Brawley there was. The weather worries all sorts of stuff there was a boyfriend who said that she told him that the whole story was fabricated the mother admitted. That they have one point said to a neighbor they know were lying and they're going to find out and come and get us the accused and assistant DA. Of being one of the rape as he sued and won a judgment against both brawling and Sharpton. The money was not paid by Brawley and Sharpton the money was paid by other people. And the camper on this now Brawley maintains. The that she. That they can always tell the truth and he's converted to Islam. You figured out. -- your next on the program good evening. Our moments. Which -- about the FC. They. Ottawa or use the Atlanta is planet of a year ago. -- and and this. Work well. -- every year. And with public -- real moral -- When -- really thought of less -- a lot of the music and that's what -- Started and mainstream. -- file of vote that moderate play with the FC. All bought radius that one of them went the F word. I'm I'm right on the radio. They've never investigated and -- now when I called them state that oh we lost. And if you look on their web site even what. And what that are acceptable thing today it was that the lyrics and will be what are open you're there. How many lyrics on that thing like that that are being broadcast. Clearly violate a regulate that -- dope like Al Sharpton bark and the the adult. -- -- Erica you know you got tens of millions of marvelous children all industries but the role models and they have you know it is. Out in their brain all the garbage the on the radio. The FCC is. -- finishing also is that Sharpton really hasn't done enough the black leaders haven't done enough in the black community or read the story earlier about crime among young people. And some of that. He got to believe this fostered by the really horrible lyrics that that does that occupy. You don't it's like anything I mean everything -- fifteen minutes of fame. And that moron -- politics but now prices. OK when I got to go to a break -- thanks for calling somebody else this is valley car program.