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Chef Anthony Bourdain, Rocker Ted Nugent and Howie talk smack about Boston Food and Politics

Jan 3, 2011|

Iconic chef Anthony Bourdain was in town for the Travel Channel and his show No Reservations and he talked to the voice of Boston, Howie Carr. Then a surprise guest in the form of Ted Nugent, guitarist, musician, vocalist, author and activist from Detroit, Michigan called in and spoke on politics, food and the top issues of the day!

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Anyway for our first hour here today we are we -- gonna be joined by by a special guest I'm glad to have him here. And that is -- Anthony had a board -- he is the did the post of no reservations. On the Travel Channel easily bestselling author written many many great books she's a a former dishwasher who worked his way up well I'm a former dishwasher who remained a dishwasher. And then became a busboy later on in became a bartender but never got into the into the heavy stuff. Never learned how to make pastries and that sort of thing. But -- -- -- it's a great to have you here on the Howie Carr show. Contributor thank you Endesa so we you're you're just visit your visiting the area -- there's -- we got that we all your camera crew your camera crew was here. And I everything is they have everything is also up this is gonna be a well hopefully an episode on the on no reservations and later Ron. Note no doubt about it we've been no planning to do a show in the Boston area for a long time and just looking for a way to do it that's different from all the other shows you've done it and with the help of woe my friend the micro phenol and via. Founding members of the legendary he -- Boston area. And band. And and and repeated -- of the friends of any coal oil I think we found awaited to do we show here. All your medical you'll -- I think it's the greatest crime novel ever written in the history of the English language and I'm obsessed with the film and I've made by poor camera crew over here. Watch the show like watched the the old Peter Yates film about six times a day every day for the last two weeks to -- to get that look or -- Like the -- that you said that you mention the novel first because this good as good as the movie is the novel is even is even better it is suited it is religious document to me. And that's the that's great what we were gonna get along fine I have to thank. Anthony -- they men if you wanna give more call lot of people blow people moments from the Travel Channel or they know from his books I got asked about -- So what told me that that that you would express reservations about coming to Boston that perhaps it wasn't option you're culinary standards perhaps. Well we I think that people were asking me are -- common do you know Boston's best this could show up Boston's best restaurants and and I think my answer was that -- I don't knows it. That's really what we do we're looking for any time we go to destination NEC we're looking and do what you do hear that they don't do in Chicago they don't do in New York did something uniquely Bostonians. So we were really looking for a way to to make a show that wouldn't have its own flavor and look at our -- they took me awhile to -- Good to find my way there are a lot of good fine dining restaurants here not. Not as many as New York honestly. But but that's not who we just -- what we do it's not supportive of you know I'm not gonna come into fusion to show what about a white tablecloth fusion restaurant. Or or if the food looks like the best revelation or worse fusion anyway and I'm not a fusion I'm myself he can't eat the food on TV and it's the food that we're looking out on the show looks like the best restaurant in Chicago or looks like the best restaurant in New York that's not too -- -- -- do a much more interested in. It's sort of vote local flavor and and we're always -- at -- -- to rip off a particular film and and I think Eddie Coyle is away in the stock. -- -- -- That did the with a bar where he hung out and that's going that's long gone that was our mass Frankenstein -- that was its name. In and night and one of their. Of course he also had the famous remark about eggs and beer. You put -- and exiting for it right though is will we -- he's talking a lot about -- you know we sued -- -- eat -- -- not dog slow bielsa is going to Florida and this time it's gonna be him go to Florida -- did more. -- we're also tells Jackie Brown he says lay off those way up those where the eggs make you far worse than beer but -- Another. The popcorn -- that be good reason there are fears that turned off or Carlin who did the leg -- you have focuses genius and an editor that I that he done. This the first line sort of feel burned into my my soul yeah. And he you know the thing about it as a way everybody said when that the book came our a lot of people said oh he he used to be US attorney he's just writing off of what transcript she just a transcript. That is his response which which is totally true George Higgins was no longer with us he said he said -- if you've ever read transcripts of these conversations you'll know. These certain this is not the way they talked -- and they did they just talk in circles Friday and they don't it doesn't make any sense of it goes on and on and on and his characters of -- he was like he will find that it was -- -- Mob talk I mean -- it it it says a lot of Elmore Leonard was obsessed with -- the dot book in particular and I think anyway and who writes about crime and rights of fear of crime fiction. A writes he's looking right good. Realistic dialogue has got to read that book yet. 18774694322. Will you so you -- -- per restaurant to go to right. Yup I did defer yes he's a uniquely -- still mean. Joint okay I'm gonna I am going to siege. A stop -- deli in Brookline nine now I I've decried the connection to Michael's -- he brings in food every every week for us and he's a friend of mine. But it's also the best -- in Boston and it's it's one all kinds of awards much tell when -- are more prone when I'm going to we don't want a war of will will be going at some point and say if it's if it's okay with fuel. And it's you know it's not like it's not like the Carnegie deli you know there's not gonna be you know waiter or any thing it's just you know you go up and you begin to -- what you want and a and I think you're I think you would really enjoy excellent dirtier -- your deli guy right. I am I committed to practice your drink and cream soda speaks well these are cheers spin and mean. Well another hit you know Boston -- at Boston always had a reputation as a bad restaurant Panama and DMD. Holding you by the way I'm 54. Okay so it is so you I mean so you go back to -- I mean when you worked at that dishwasher you probably heard the stories about how Boston was not a not a great restaurant what what what I was a dishwasher all or soul food in America wasn't that good it couldn't compare with the French. So those were real bad old days. And I think the rap on Boston is simply that it's not that big city there are only -- -- the population Boston but 600000 to 600000 about how many of those 600000 can afford to eat the fine dining restaurant once a week not. That many and that's not certainly not enough to support. You know fifty. Really expensive you know multi course fine dining right road restaurants. Of that classic style so. That may not alone news it's it is an impediment to a restaurant culture. A fine dining cultural likes to like Chicago. Or or New York. That's not to say as -- food here never said it don't believe. But there's -- you know what I would win. Until about 620 or thirty years ago there with a was like that the finest restaurant Boston was a place called walk overs with billion you know who -- -- -- every afternoon. George -- arrogance the author of the friends of leak oil yes I think you mentioned that in his in his books felony and -- you know I was that was -- -- that was very famously -- that -- big -- -- -- -- -- in the. And -- yes our friend -- Danes is calling and all okay -- Ted Nugent of hope. I usually don't hear my all right Ted. 18774694322. -- is now on the how we car show is it would -- Anthony -- dame is Ted Nugent go ahead Ted. -- -- -- Tony Boston Massachusetts epic 2000 elevenths. Have been cleared YouTube dead -- and -- an uncle Ted I'm so good -- stupid -- Some I'm I'm this -- curious so what you think of the whole. Michelle Obama vs Palin food fight. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think I don't well I don't know meditating -- -- -- to me about I don't know wouldn't you you'd do the whole thing about social responsibility you know crap and upstream that sort of thing to me it's a it's a state of readiness issue. You know it's -- contact got to do. You might many -- yes the motor city madman later the government boy -- girl writes a weekly feature for The Washington Times dot com. And human events dot com and I don't celebrated. I think you can Stanley would 100%. Behind many of first ladies. Which are crusade -- charge. For upgrade in in diet and responsible for feeding of the sacred public America shall godspeed minute drill holes. So so. Well yeah but she doesn't she doesn't really. Observe the -- rules that she's trying to impose on everybody else of budget. That if you noticed this year -- lava -- in that area. These almost like I just saw he had both the Russian web committee took him out to someplace call somebody in Joe's hell burger so. It was one of my favorite thing Nevada no reservations is that -- back there are being told clearly identifies -- It shouldn't be an hourly yes it should be -- a responsible and disciplined and taken me here to -- house we. We celebrate Tony was here he witnessed as we celebrate every meal as a sacred gift because we can all world food we thought we finish we trapped and I think. Yeah it was like that I know -- was like a Chile Venice as of venison -- -- kind of guy in and you you know be a well that the people like Michelle Obama want to come after people like you when they they don't they don't want you -- year old food and this is. This is the the the you know the first -- -- I don't see do we have any reason to believe that but let's put that aside I support fully. But -- all Leo approved adult Americans right to -- themselves to death it's pretty much what I'm doing for a live here. However like AJ were -- before you write. But well what -- you we're talking about kids. I think it's a matter patriotism how we gonna -- a military force you know -- as that would -- -- -- our nation are are pouring across the border. Two to you know rampage there way into our living rooms in Baghdad and a blow up our buildings we want you may want somebody they're waiting period for the -- dose. -- really enjoy it I know you're if you're for fourteen years old -- your career eight years old. I think it's -- it's unpatriotic to attempted to shove you know nothing but unhealthy food to put candy machines in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Another I don't think we need Big Brother big sister to controller life but we have to do with those of us that no better. Those of us that know what good food is -- these chemicals. Rotten food in in massive vehicle to sperm whale be. Okay well we all have kids here correct everybody everybody who's here has kids yes. Is it easier to get I mean is it sometimes almost impossible. To get kids Steve. Now we have to set -- you call. Since my that I got nice and wonderful kids and Debbie watermark athletic all -- seven grandkids are healthy and fit. Furman athletic it because parents. Are supposed to control. But did not -- but the most important thing regarding quality of life. Is making sure that they treat their sacred temple was some -- I didn't get it back up the parenting responsibilities is the problem in America. But I I think it's very easy fact very difficult for a lot of parents you know I don't want I don't know how to parent the easiest way I -- But you know there -- a lot of bad parents in this country -- -- the hot I think the way to do it. Is to demonize terrified he's black propaganda against fast food and bad food. Use the same dirty tactics you know basically a I'm not suggesting. That McDonald's leads to Ku least that would probably be a bad thing to say and I'm sure it's not true I -- one might say that to a small child practically you know stop beating of McDonald's -- they're much but I mean you wanna tell kids -- you wanna -- with -- happy meals are you with Gavin Newsom. I can grab the point -- now how they are saying you know although I mean how we go to smoke Osama out of this hole we can't -- -- giant hind quarters in after -- -- so -- think this is something that the war on terror is connected with having absolutely. Apple slices instead of French Fries and a -- guys are good guys and a third to fourth tours over there are now we don't work for nine years -- and meet some you don't even need fresh. Young fit lean mean fighting machine we don't look like private pilot full little jacket here it is an issue. -- -- God bless America -- how was your column what was the response to your column in human events in The Washington Times not exactly. Who all left leaning liberal organs. Already -- the -- of just what I expected from common sense -- Americans. This is the -- that there was a need for a great American -- in diet especially parents discipline their children their. Tell them the most important word imperative and that would be no. We have for dinner tonight that man. -- what kind of diagonally instead stuff like you from experience -- dinner at the new jailhouse is delicious. It is -- now I have four beautiful white tail hanging out here in the cooler right now here in Texas. And though the -- has been the best of my life we've already donated over one to hook. -- Nugent benefiting kerik that if you're over Afghanistan with the US so with the the FW. So we're keeping some of the backstretch for ourselves of course the backstretch beat the top order rips. And we we had literally four -- five times a week we don't have large portions. We do have the healthiest attrition we're sort of reticent back strapped with what grade school vegetable not unlike you and I head on -- no restrictions that time. That was -- eating. What do when these came to you Ted and said you know we want your recipes so we can make some chilly venison. I'd get a regular and that's that's a fast food restaurant that's the double according to -- No no that's not a double the people -- go older adults and -- basically locked the what that's a pig called double. Let's. Okay you wanna you wanna stick around to take some calls weren't such other. No -- Bostonians. Okay what this is Ted Nugent and also in the keyboard they and he would you we get the camera crew here today it's were recordings of that we're going to we're gonna go to Michael's -- Tomorrow we're not we're doing now not tomorrow excuse me I'm sorry we're gonna go to we're gonna go to Michael's Alley sometime we have to reschedule we're gonna -- -- Michael Kelly sometime. Maybe in five days or six days. 18774694322. Patrice you're next with Howie -- Ted Nugent and Anthony board they go ahead up Patrice. How they'll comment about the Bible and Gilead to fit into neat boy they don't read you have finally compelled to admit that the -- suites come with Telus -- reasonably shocks and Las Vegas -- little -- that have been. Thank you -- her to say it proves true. They're risking it could mean how much it hurt -- I know that you requested -- Yeah I went above conjecture there -- -- Cox just follow him whatever he wants to take you to eat. Eat there any yoga every Bob gonna eat we brought -- for the -- 150 years just go any doubt you you have a uniquely -- We're really is set -- equality of as the -- -- there it's a good food that's not the case in New York this guy's. He then they they don't -- the best restaurant well as a minority -- play right -- that it does -- -- you can't do. Well I there was a place in the north. And that I would that I would recommend. It to your way at some point not not tomorrow or not they need not on this trip but what's called Marcos money hand over street and it's it's just top notch top -- I mean the eggplant parmesan best I've ever had been just at the whole bowl playing its its. You don't you know Italian food sometimes you know it's become married to Italian -- here every every day you know the -- you know what I mean yeah so but I mean this is what this is real solid they got though you know they got the wild -- soft -- are you on my language like it Tuscany -- you know better than Tuscany oh yeah. It's it's pretty good you've -- the brick goes Patrice. I have not good now how this sounds pretty good in describing it I'm still gonna tomorrow now know. -- -- -- -- It -- if -- what you need a reservation about a week in advance a ball on some tells me if we could get in tonight. You well yes the patriot -- as part of the cartel are. That's. Thanks for the call Patrice 18774694322. Met your next with how we guard in Anthony board they go ahead Mac. Happy new reality -- YouTube they had -- you don't like it if any do we need to teach more people are killer won't vote. And only part of it I don't -- I'm sitting here get a real kick out here talking about our fighting men and woman. That you see in these guys we -- -- that swabs to boot -- -- come -- lean -- -- machines even -- we give them. MRI read that that'll keep me going for its report is that the one meal. These input have you -- already and am very. Yes they have and also why I beatle base in the crew real and I looked at the -- with the server and on the base -- the king of the clone the kernel that's who's represented in feeding our. You know because he called on there are so many -- to learn the so we have we have we're holding north Koreans today are way -- -- we can hold him at -- for about four minutes I think according to internal Pettigrew I'm not as the midst. -- -- Well throughout component to the warrior and a healthy equation that is both physical exercise and equality died. If you can mix the two property got to have balance. -- then you know I'm. Yes. Thanks thanks for the call met 1877469432218774694322. Holy crap says 9780 in the in big board -- -- out of nowhere I would like to know what Tony bottom but god awful fox series based on his great -- kitchen confidential. The we know what I sold -- sold the rights of the book you don't easily be any author understands it would -- -- rights to your your baby your -- senior baby Hollywood you know. Here you think they're gonna make you look great movie and it you know ends up being around Jeremy flip basically. So I got off easy and that -- that could regard. I think he was supposed to be David Fincher movie with Brad -- -- me and ended up a foxy -- Bradley -- keep this in -- -- -- it it didn't last long so what did it you know I got off easy it lasted two episode is it just clear. The chip that the check cleared and I are just gaze without paying a myself in the shower so it's all good. 1877469432. To build your next with how we car at the reward Dana and Ted Nugent. Ahead Bel -- first involvement in Britain Austria I was Telluride knew we would I don't we would call. Bill I told I told that this is going to be attacked that he talked about the fast food that you we was gonna get a call from Leo. Because I do not want they dictated diet I want the right to eat what I like we got a quarter of all the help they. And I am more worried a ball you'll find what you're. That I am -- part diet and I do not want the government to regulators that they would like people would go look at some freedom dot com. And I understand that this summit of the civil freedom. That fights for our right to choose what we eat we double what -- audits that -- See I I respect your rights or make decisions about what she reading your record is the most basic human function other than you know you'll learn how to go to the bathroom and you'll learn what -- you put your you know your mouth -- back on. But. You know. We're fleeing a burning building you know what I mean do you get caught in my exit chute. -- Problem -- but I think we have each other's property we are individuals and we. We deserve the right to make our armed services. With all due respect -- -- are actually correct and I agree 1% of the governorship nothing to do with it except that we as a people have failed. Miserably in scolding and prodding and educating demanding some kind of responsibility golden prodded and educated -- I mean it. That's the -- -- yes it's free country but unfortunately we're paying for your health care because -- don't care about your health well because it. You know -- insurance -- or regulated correctly can't I'd be I'd be paying for my own -- I -- you -- I am I'm not. Your responsibility. Haven't been nearly at the bottom line I think I speak for how we end my friend Tony. Dulled so I don't know if you speak for me here I don't know I believe it's already got he does this do right now -- -- Hello bill next time in I don't know I don't I don't what you look like I don't know which way I don't know what the -- factory is. But people have to look at themselves and they get out of the shower and ask themselves continuation -- a handful of. Fact that if you can snag a handful of. Fat but you're being you're responsible when your cost him all of us a gargantuan. Wasted -- work -- At least take better care of yourself that's you'll receive we'd love you bill do you feel the love. But Ted Ted he you know you're you're very -- -- -- couldn't you you know your conservative I mean couldn't shoe and the argument you just made you could make the same -- Argument about the gay. Male sex could -- yet it's again it's totally I'm. 240 years or your life yet but will cost between this to get out your car. Sorry I think again I expect I would really a bold brazen double beta but I think I speak for you when you state. And I say I want my gay friends to be healthy and to live a long life to therefore I try to educate them on how to maintain themselves. In sexual activities and handling -- broken glass so that they live long healthy life and certainly the amend section sharing needles and the different cause of aids. They should be a concern of all people who love everybody including our dear friends. 18774694322. Gonna take a break -- you wanna stick around call back or anyone around here you'll hang okay great. If they -- -- is -- us from no reservations on the Travel Channel. We'll ask him more questions we come back we'll move a lot more phone calls 18774694322. I'm Howie -- tall man talk argument against -- 18774694322. We have the need for -- this -- us he is of course the host of the Travel Channel so show series. No reservations she's a best selling author he started he's a shaft for any sort out it worked his way up through the ranks unit you're not. The money. Getting you no longer are you doubt coming down on the food channel -- Well they're my new corporate masters they only bought mine networks in your area make a living in a making fun of them and they turn around and they know when I and I walked out on -- years ago and now they speak to the parent company of of of my network. But I think it's fair to say that I am not a fan of almost all of their programming and it fills me with terror. That. Some relief is our you know New York State's First Lady I've figured you know now amidst considering some of the things -- said about Arab. I'm I mean fear of having my taxes audited back 25 years almost like she's the girlfriend of the new governor. Cuomo if -- if you -- -- -- -- her and that is something that is cited that is frightening to me you are you know -- you're not that good. There's that you don't get along with -- I think I've referred doers. Gluten. To hell spawn of Betty Crocker and Charles Manson. -- He's got the sort of squeaky -- -- that that didn't do everything just -- we would terror that's resorted to the -- little -- at that it's too late for me man I'm pretty much. -- -- -- -- That's why you mantra according to guard got balls. Okay let's see here when it what do we I so what said Ted they -- they have -- -- question for you one of the techsters said is. Is there is an eighteen pack of Bud Light okay. This is since it is a diet after all -- -- are dead when Tony came out here to it's experienced the ultimate. Grilling of the Nugent family and have the greatest brisket according to Tony would mean it is integrated just -- it I didn't sit down and have my first can of beer and probably. Thirty plus years. Quoted dose equity or something like that yeah yeah that was delivered to a perfect with a brisk it sort of a man of -- Clean and sober for 62 years so I don't adult remote that we sustain any impact of any kind of alcohol proposals being split between eighteen people. 18774694322. So why we have a date tomorrow them -- did they say -- down the road I'm sorry. We have a -- down the road at some point maybe we've got a little out tomorrow that they've always done really we've already done it yet how. There were just we're just -- doing this stew was a miracle of pre taping it right exactly but -- we're definitely going at some point to a Michael's Alley and that was a good sandwich apple site. -- the out there eco safe yet but it's EE world yet whenever whenever we go word or -- I'm sure you will have enjoyed the sandwich and everything everything there is excellent and already people are attacking me saying I should be taken give us some other place but yeah yeah that that's one of those things right now. Huckabee didn't go to my -- a tough guy right there it is an understandable urge you of people people take food seriously people are proud of you know their favorite place in the -- you know they. If you miss that they can get cranky stuff especially like it really hyper serious food decent food web sites they evade their data gonna go. To reveal our very angry disappointed people when the show airs I think as are a lot. No there are some fine dining restaurants in town and really really good in the fact that I'm. Are we shooting an idea of I think it's gonna take some people very cranky. I don't. 18774694322. Mistakes are more calls with if that he board Dana the host of new no reservations. And Ted Nugent. Our third year next with Howie Carr and Ted Nugent any entity board they go ahead Arthur. It says Shelley had been though your work to do whatever they love show. -- if they ordered some believe it's not speaking about any coral. They were up some of the of the sort of ready -- event movie and he also rubbed a lot of the movie eat. There accommodation MV. And president ready quote what they bit the movie that I've -- evoke Q what did. I haven't see I love also released its a pretty good movie though would you say are Thurmond led the chase scene in the north and I mean that was top notch. Well I think it's an actual remote yes -- -- so wanted to bet awards of Camelot -- you all the walking the beaches somebody's -- Ballmer made. That they're better bet everybody coral is still one of the British digital one of the greatest of all sides and that I always you know look forward to watch that would auto or art because even though yeah. It's now available IDB today. That's right we are tearing collection -- took a serious collectors thing with the booklet great Meachem interview I am Steve the the caller raises an interesting question. What are the worst Boston films of the men who really got it completely wrong. There was one there was there were a movie about the Celtics a few years back remember that all Celtic pride the other is that right I what is the worst Boston accent ever in on and and that's about as high as about a thousand way tie on that. People said the Mitchum you know kept going back and forth you'll Mitchell what he does dinner every night at Chandler's with the other gangsters will -- with the winner -- the winter hill gang he would say is his drive was a -- found Kerry Johnson and a -- -- the -- the chancellors and when they they -- serves subpoenas and you know -- -- -- was -- -- kind of fit -- because either of -- that a short -- -- -- a couple of Howard -- -- them on the marijuana -- -- and you know. Let's use it enriching Gary -- and oh lead you to skate from from -- Louisiana you know work gang. Yeah very early on so he'd he'd he'd done some serious jail time of the -- we over the course of his life. And Chris Alex Rocco was in that -- -- -- -- do had had a had a past. Yet I -- -- to you know wouldn't win now when I see you next I'll -- I'll bring you buy a copy of my new book and I have a picture of Alex Rocco what he's being booked in the shooting of burning McLaughlin -- -- -- He and Bellic deceased -- fifty pounds more than not but there's a guy. When he -- Hollywood he worked to get rid of his accent right. Because it didn't really pay off. But but who was -- adorable lifted -- near the top of the heap of just you know really how could how dare they even try. Robin Robin Williams broke my Michael uses while we lists. You -- against him principal. Jealously -- closely are you most places he's pretty. Pretty hard to come against without bathtub scene in Moscow and Hudson they've gotten I just don't wanna see that again magnet that affect health floating in -- in the tub is something I just did the I need to scrub out of my grandpa. -- could -- -- Seger Ted you're next with Howie Carr and Ted Nugent and Anthony -- day from no reservations on the Travel Channel go ahead Jan. What a great pleasure to be speaking -- you gentlemen that it really is an honor. Totally I think I think you're giving Boston a little bit of a bad rap here you know there's over four million people in the metro Boston area. Popular restaurants but I just wanted to bring up one more observation. -- -- all these great places around the world. And I'm I'm sort of astronaut myself I I go to Paris quite a bit. And there's a place that I and I'm certain that you ruined by featuring on your front. -- appear hundredth show it. But he went to a -- Briard yup I'd been there are several times before. And about two weeks after that show airs. I went there and the food totally sucked it was awful they -- best this this deep and and -- -- that was just really really gross. Sorry -- -- what they want to have beaten clamps together I mean wasn't evident -- rarely some responsibility here. There -- those places where they just make whatever they want it yet. That and and and my wife was with Steve for the first time displays that can usually hammer Obama on and on this that Kelly what a wonderful place that was the Tony or data just because that. And she's she -- speeds that you allergic are. Well I'm ruler and a spoiler vote blows things that I love I mean I go rove took our go to places around the world you're at least you know give wonderful little local restaurants you know out of the way you haven't been ruined by tourists and put -- on the show because I love them and then you know three weeks later it -- You know Lou funeral 500 people and ugly short standing there with Fanny packs lined up and because I'll -- Ask us some of you are. -- -- pathetic -- go to -- out of Bob -- just go there not I mean you know I got out of do you blame the you know a -- -- and I hope you can't that's a great restaurant -- you know -- -- -- this is a glitch and had -- and I I and I hope also honestly that that that. We have there was a benefit to to being on the show that we're not really Rudy -- everything we touch. Well thanks for the thanks for the call. All we have we have a lot of nominations for the worst Boston accent Costner Kevin Costner in thirteen days that's it that's a lot of men and he. The blow hard girlfriend of Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock. And don't -- nor. The break -- pay was white he involved. I don't think so we beat two -- 21 years old when that happens he was he was Roland drunks and -- -- -- -- I -- Brinks robbery the Jimmy -- flick about being a Red Sox SpinRite. There there have been a lot of bad movies made Boston when you come right down to it 18774694322. Way you're next with Howie -- Ted Nugent and Anthony board they go ahead -- They're ready without. Yeah just are so what public so. How loan is a good China it's a good Chinese place but today you know why I love cal -- -- loan limits on when one north it's August it's a giant. It's like the first big got Chinese restaurant out in the in the suburbs -- say it's great. I mean under the -- you know zip that I mean we're not going column because when I mean we're going Kowloon in -- world. -- -- -- The wind up what I love about the country is suggested in -- I have to please go it's cervical Austria's. Well Florida -- -- and stop the out of Florida. Who we must open up. Thanks thanks for the call -- 187746943221. Howie Carr this is very Armstrong to host a lunch. A minute left here where -- Anthony board saying no no reservations that travel alone channel and bestselling author. Do you do you have a favorite restaurant in Boston now he's been enough pioneered -- -- restaurant I -- but I mean -- it is one and I'm intensely -- a result you had. You know up whenever I got bitty city on tour over the years I got bodies -- and and very little -- got the best food in the world summary takes me Allman cook stopped -- big -- themselves. What are your queries on main -- is amazing I've I've I wish that I I wish I had the time he did this time around. Cambridge but these girls girls love bad placing them. I don't change our seafood places that we do have a good last summer legal. Yeah that's true. -- Eagles have been legal is still good -- that -- some of their there's there are some find seafood restaurants around this this area obviously take. We're gonna go we're gonna go at some point if we haven't already gone to Michael's -- in Brookline. Is that correct yes look forward to it or what was really happy memory it was who was a great it was a great day I'll always remember and I'll never forget what happened that day.