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Biff Buffington Reports From Blizzard Central

Jan 11, 2011|

Howie's alter ego Biff Buffington checked in from Blizzard Central as we wait for Snowmaggedon to arrive!

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Let's switch over to a bit buffing and he's out on the -- he's so. Minnesota at the hospital and reporting from Atlanta very solid online a big -- story here. I've just seen in the most I'm blind side would. Two Y -- were fighting for the last pint of thunderbird why this evening and there may never. Heard Vietnam and delivery -- their murder in the 20/20 year. I hate these Irish rose. And they want another in the independent they've pulled out there as she heads. They weren't they weren't fighting with one another cop and they're doing the job. Okay I am getting -- within the with a. Yeah winning. We see this thing yeah. It's a little we need your -- and again the it's. This is yeah. -- -- -- -- -- And I. I really don't try to get some yeah why do. It's -- it's pretty bad out there. -- we need to throw different crab Rangoon. City I hope you didn't put any all pitted putting me at the cal loans food over my picture on the front page of The Herald today. Say you know I did what I could but. Newspapers aren't -- supply. So have a big Greece mark nomination new shirt to -- nice blue shirt. All right that's the surely that's a sure when I have my picture taken after my Leo liposuction from doctor Stephen Margolis at any cosmetic surgery dot. Dot. All right Michael brought in some -- -- and some stuff Michael this. Michael was could be the last delivery. This could be the last -- a -- Oliver eight. There's not the -- -- laughed. Nothing's left. Old W -- out -- I'm just there they're going to -- -- I go ahead. I just building the there are a lot of people once again I -- yeah -- goodness it's. Usually some movies now. Yeah I want to ask it sandwich. That list given the corn may. I'm you know wrong. And I can't even get. The Green Zone and. Give me claims and around the doctor round. I love you doctor brown will miss you when the.