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Jan 17, 2011|

Michele McPhee in her debut show asks if it was right to bench Wes Welker for the first series of the Patriots playoff game yesterday. Should he have been benched for using foot references in his press conference last week. Michele says no what do you have to say.

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And load knowing when this is Michelle -- here add. WRK. No AM 6086172666868. -- to tell it just listening. To Chris is great lead in with prisma I was Bill Maher. It just reminds me how despicable act I had -- so despicable is a loss to. Job because after the 9/11 terror attack to -- 343 firefighters. 37 Port Authority police officers 23 -- -- PD cops dead along with 2996. Civilians murdered. He's -- we deserved it rebounded on ourselves and losses job. Variety. So when he hit him ranting about the tea Bagger is he dish rag shall the go poll leads. Many governor Chris Christie. Who I had the pleasure of meeting at a Charlie Baker rally not too long ago the -- had me on the flaw. Laughing he's hilarious and he's right. We have we have swung so far. With this political correctness and our speech it goes beyond words. In key is absolutely right. When he criticizes. Sarah Palin which is why he's coming under fire these days for not going off scrapped. It's refreshing to have a guy like Chris Christie stand up -- tally baker -- make everyone laugh and be himself. As a matter of fact you know it's it's funny to think of how Chris Christie got elected. Actor. Governor Jim -- Do you guys remember governor Jim Gregory B he is the Kirby one. He's the one that came on proudly declare that not only was he gay American he was a gay American who gave his. Lover. Our Homeland Security job that's sixty hack job when I had absolutely no experience whatsoever in homeland security and don't yet. New Jersey got whacked -- artist you're acted on that terrible morning at 9/11 saying you have to just think of Chris Christie. When he was running saying look at make you think I'm gonna have three sums up my driver like Jim McGreevey did with his wife. Not likely sing like a guy like that automatically but further I think we all need to ammonia yesterday but just a few minutes. We have to do you think about what went wrong -- beloved patriots. Are we doing in this reckoning to look I want those people that cannot do the math. When it comes to football. I can not do the -- just don't understand how the scoring -- love watching the game love watching the rough and tumble moves on the field. I just can't keep up sometimes. And when I heard that Wes. Welker who again. Talked -- -- feeds directly into the governor Chris Christie said like can we please. Just tell the truth and have a few laughs. And that's what Wes Welker did. With his whole. It reference press conference. Out they took the expected. To catch on to what he was doing when I just saw this live. Ever has been their best of forced him to stick your toe in the water personally you know your foot up in the air and go out there -- -- your best foot forward he's got a great -- you know his defeat he's another because -- -- you'll make sure that -- -- -- best of Florida there has gone there and and being -- foot soldiers you definitely have to be on your -- and and make sure that you're ready to go. Hilarious old eleven. References. And about four minute. -- a form at a press conference it was fantastic. I was rolling it was tiny it was off the cup it was perfect. -- guess with the patriots did yesterday. They actually need him. Sit out the start about playoff game against the jets. And he was -- I'm not saying for mocking excuse me debt -- licking coach Rex Reed. Green was the one who went well in light go fool. Actually put himself on a videotape. A videotape. That was circulated with his wife -- this -- see. How can you not laugh how can you not make fun of that and how can you not appreciate. What Wes Welker did. You have to do I think. No it's a little bit of a chuckle he didn't throw around any bleep hole bombs like the jets did about our beloved quarterback. Tom Brady. He didn't attack -- and he didn't do anything that I would describe as we finished well as New England fans had a few laps so a few minutes on -- now I have. It has questions 6172666868. That's 617. 2666868. Late in text message 68680. Do you think that it was a good call. For Bill Belichick said bench to bench Wes Welker a one possession but he's -- record says what do you think it was just distract. Try it makes me think I wish we could bend some of these politicians. When they amounts it's not completely. Full. All worse they do something stupid. For example led out Eric -- Criminal like Dominic -- Nellie. Who then goes on as we all -- to tragically murdered a police officer. We we couldn't bench the parole boy I'd sure they've all resigned now but that means it's so get their big fat pensions. Weakened into a ball player for being funny. 01 possession. So do you think that this was distract. -- do you think this thing that this at all. Threaded into yesterday's very depressing lots I really wanna hear from -- on -- 617266. 6868. At 6172666868. And does this at all. Feeding and to what Chris Christie. Had to say. About we have line all the board. When it comes to this rabid. Political correctness. We have console all aboard that you can't have a football player be somewhat. Funny. That's all Wes Welker did what make us laugh Rex Reed. The jets coach was the one they came out with that. I think many of us founded in using I hope some of you may on May not have found it tantalizing. But Tim and makes no sense that this guy had to take the bench for possession. Because he need these not so subtle references. To so. And feet so I. Really think that this again speaks sort Chris Christie had to say about -- we are overreacting. And we are going ultra. Politically correct and is this something that definitely led to the team being distracted. Let's go to Tim -- as in his car Tim you are out Michelle McPhee and WRKO. Well Michelle walked back sitting here at navy and air. Hello and maybe ten night -- care Romeo. I'm fantastic so stunning to see that Bill Belichick does not want these guys did overreact. But he says it actually bend to Welker for that press conference that made I think all of us to laugh. Well I'm gonna give -- a little flashback to the Lebanese think you're good -- what side of it and say you know January or bullied. There -- the other side of this whole debate with that and understanding coming from my military background. This will also Ari have always been okay nothing said nothing has spoken bottom line we're out if you laps one person. Break that mold that he has basically disenfranchise the entire world so as data that is that bench and everything in gave him an example. Well that's what happened look at the snowstorm that happened well we know last year the four guys there or late. This year. No one was late because he said the rolled out a way to double -- well there what's gonna -- my -- -- like that it would -- Obama -- quite what you want to go. He made the world it's the same thing that a perceived support could happen on the ship that's what we have a ball by bottom line I abnormal I guess I all -- But ruled against being funny at a press conference I'm not yeah -- Rex Ryan -- -- alt border where we're politically correct gone a bit haywire and everything I. Again bottom line is Cold War is not gonna happen out of that changed the out of my game I'm sorry it was basically one series welcome sat out. Don't flat out that it made no changes the the opposite of lying and it would get rest and let them right they were trying to run the ball. It was doubtful what does outside -- and I didn't go India. But as far as I'm concerned I can't argue with and if that's the way he has as far as -- -- that Don no one else was gonna open up their mob again. Well you might be right about that navy ten I have to correct myself I -- of course I said Rex Reed when I was thinking Rex Ryan. Yeah I know it'd -- you know basically edit let him out. I have my iPod lineup you know -- in that's. What is going to happen when yet thinking about somebody making a video volatility and I think maybe -- -- Say you're nice dipping its and that's -- condi condi is in south town hello honey you are not Michelle McPhee on WRKO. He Michelle welcome back to Boston radio. Thank you this is fantastic to be Eric I. -- -- -- -- Absolutely. -- it was a joke you know we all make -- and sometimes they are at the expense of other people. But it begins picking him out of the game for making a comment and as you stated -- put out there himself he did that the image himself. The -- and by the -- our best players have been penalized for that. Any you analyze the one possession so he was big game -- the problem is that why it was he benched at all because it's it's likely just a distraction. Exactly it was a joke he didn't mean balanced -- he was off the -- like he said. Oh well move on played the game let's Scott we're all grown up we all can take it if you can't -- out initiative that put the video out there. Now I -- overreacting to all of these jokes if you remember correctly it was a big brouhaha when Lenny Clarke. Made a funny. About somebody who is running for office over in the Melrose area Katherine Clark she was running the states that it. And I think she was running for. Against a guy named Craig status for a and Lenny Clarke was holding up fund raiser. Portraits at a -- he -- joke about Katherine Clark and everyone are opted in to outrage how -- he. Talk about a woman in that way. It wasn't joke that I need immediate got. So I think we are reacting to all kinds of different incidents out there and and most recently. What Sarah Palin had to say luck wasn't very bright with their parents had absolutely not but do you think that she. Was the cause of this mad man going on that rampage in Tucson Arizona. Absolutely not I ain't that bad individual if you look further into the case. Must've had some sort of a psychotic break which is common in young -- as they leave high school and college I honestly -- That this man just had a break. Heat and put his target sign if you will on this particular parts and this particular event and that's how he took it out Blake thinks Sarah Palin a break for what she said. Not particularly but. She didn't cause that this was something that this man it was gonna be done whether he did is dead or he did it in fixed but I think truly that it was gonna do it. We all say things that we shouldn't say act sometimes inopportune times -- all human we all make mistakes I think everybody take a step back. And think about before you who either prosecute here you know the going to have to Sarah Palin they would have to Lenny Clarke he -- immediate would you expect. When I went after -- well and then another Wes Welker. You need to take a -- relax and you know it's not the end of the world. Wait -- out. -- Iraq thank you for the call. And now this what somebody is texting me right now Michelle this did nothing to do with political correctness. Welker broke the code of silence no one does this on the pats so what does the silence. I mean you had players. And I and loving to hear from you on a 61726. X 6868. Plays on the jets. Who called Tom Brady vital. Crude needs so why do we have to be silent about having a few laughs at the expense of the jets coach Rex Ryan of course Rex Ryan. And I know we had somebody else say hey Michelle. I maligned president Barack Obama talked about the Cambridge police. Behaves stupidly. Well. I guess Wes Welker was benched for one possession for behaving. Stupidly argue perhaps acted stupidly. So do you think this is an appropriate response all what this just distracting 617. 2666868. Now. You know that I get outraged quite a bit and is planning to get outraged about in Massachusetts. There is plenty. To get outraged about. Most recently how about the idea that this parole board let out this complete meg it and that many. Who by the way just a couple weeks before he shot. A beloved -- police officer in our IP Jack McGuire shot him dead to tip that we -- weeks before that. He had robbed a grocery stare at that store up in New Hampshire. Not at all surprising so others of outrage it's outrageous. That those guys were allowed to resign. As. Strong move frankly in the state nonetheless is still gonna get paid -- still gonna be able to have health insurance on that's still going to collect a pension. There is lots of outraged about -- the political shenanigans going on how but the idea that the legislature hasn't filed any legislation. Usually they -- the file hundreds of bills by now has only been about 45. Coming in the past probably one. Maybe two. But we are going to have an outrage right here -- WRKO. And president decided that we should probably have that outraged right around 2 o'clock so what do you haven't outrage texted me. 68680. That's right 686 AD in we will have. -- today my outrage today. The -- outrage. Key and you are outrage of the day the best outrage of the day 686. Canadian buried alive right here on here. Right after 2 o'clock but in the meantime I really wanna hear and you did we overreact by making Wes Welker are sick now. A one possession. Did -- distract the other players.