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Death Pool -Who will next do the dirt nap?

Jan 19, 2011|

With the death of Sargent Shriver the Howie Carr Death pool opened for one hour and callers were invited to guess which celebrity would next shed their mortal coil.

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I'm not all. We attempts to deter them. Cool it's becoming known for breakfast okay in the near future. Pierce the holly Karr I'm. Some cool. Yes and as well as you know Sargent Shriver will not be coming out for breakfast -- Kennedy. In law and that the first head of the peace corps. And to. So we have a winner Chris from the 71 area code will receive a nice gift. And the death pool is now open again will take as many calls as we can over course of the next 49 minutes or so. And you know how works you have to haul and get on the air and give me Europe -- -- and then after you give me your pick on the year. Hang on so that you give your phone number to see -- if you don't hang on long enough to give your phone number to CNB. You're you're. Your pick is not counted because we have no way to get in touch with you when your edit the name goes back in to the max. And if you as is the power goes on if you find that you're OPEC has already been selected and you draw blank on. On another. Worthy who may soon be. Shedding his mortal coil just ask for a wild card -- a quick -- And I have that from Bob Bryan in Brian and Everett -- senate over -- in my hand I got on the apex. So there's no need to -- you if your picks argument take -- there's no need to hang up. Just just ask for a quick -- 18774694322. All right let's get going here. Daniel your next with how we cargo ahead Daniel. And how great greetings from a volunteer states. This week. That pulse it like Yahoo! well lucky do. -- know all why is livid Texas that is why -- live in Tennessee. A great country song. All right well first pick I guess that. Even though it's gonna be a little harder -- the perfect kicked the can't gonna have to pillage our jobs. Okay yeah. I know we -- -- from Chelsea is there is purely civilian more tasteless jokes about like she doesn't have a leg to stand -- but you've got you've got terrorize Daniel you've got judge all to yourself. Hold on part to CNB 18774694322. Jeff you're next with how we cargo ahead Jeff. All picked up a donor holly. Phillip how all appreciate. It to straight while. It doesn't look today over 91 the last time I saw our. Okay hold on Jeff you've got Phyllis Diller won 8774694322. Brian you're next with how we cargo ahead Brian. Failure right some local one -- believe I was gonna think Asia is -- also. Well she was as she's a natural but there are other natural out there. Yeah I -- Mike Douglas was doing well sort of take to have. Mike Douglas. It's still around. No effect on -- without carpet cook's side. All Michael blog -- all average were talking about the talk show. Don't know but I think -- I think he checked out sometimes your of the Gerald Ford administration okay Michael Douglas. He says he's doing great so -- It. Now -- he actually get a pretty good line the other advice at this got to be an easier way to give us the having ovation there. Paul all the -- you've got Michael Douglas julliard next with how we cargo ahead joke. -- how we will issue all political -- Douglas. Kirk Douglas. Amazing did that the Douglas's that Douglas -- two out of the top four packs. Yeah can't beat Stephen politely if they keep parity debt but he just -- that's sad but laid out. Ups hopefully -- so it keeps. There's something about the death pool that brings out the best and everybody. Actually including me back here next with Howie -- go ahead neck. I would vote Eli Wallach and. Eli Wallach the ugly of the good the bad and the ugly correct. He's about ninety I would say you. Not -- back. Ninety sex. Right time passes quickly when you're those spaghetti westerns. OK hold bug that you've got Eli Wallach. 18774694322. K your next with how we cargo ahead -- How how they aren't going to vote with my heart is. It's -- Fidel Castro. Okay I you know I I think the CIA has given up on its poison cigar plots are. Fidel okay sooner or later he's got to go. Oh. -- pop -- -- oh hold on K you've got for -- 187. L president day 18774694322. Joyce your next with how we cargo ahead Joyce. I Cali. How about Dick Cheney I don't think it had been -- public -- Well he's he's talked about getting a heart transplant right. Yeah tiger at -- Yeah so you you use -- or he's a race against Joyce and they he's in a race against time and Joyce right. Okay. -- Joyce you've got that Dick Cheney Darth also known as Darth Vader. By his own admission that 18774694322. Day of your next -- powered car. -- -- A steep -- anybody else. Now that that was I thought he would be one of the first soared to a three to go but that's. A media did Andy this time when he left the the job the job at apple he didn't -- given he had time frame of when he might return. Yeah I don't talk to do. No it doesn't sound too good. It's but -- you've got Steve Jobs that's that's that's a natural -- won 8774694322. Bob your next with Howie -- go ahead Bob. The -- -- no idea. -- the -- of the local celebrity gonna pick them mayor negotiating a -- them. -- all that's so mean. I was in have you heard much about were these -- don't -- -- have enormous. He eight GM gave the state of the state the state of the city last weekend it was a typical mumbling performance but that's not -- no right. Papa -- that should not. Not all of them machete at. -- I'm sorry I'm so I get confused there for a second you're you're talking about Kevin -- whites. I would -- Allen I think he's down in Florida like he goes to the they ship them off down there every year and it's for -- -- your room and he's in the Jupiter Juno and etc. lawyer back. I -- the -- come Bob Bob -- is that. Knowledge that the red didn't go around here. I know I know he has been mayor for 26 years let's give a break okay hold on Bob you've got Kevin Hagan wipe the mayor the met Kevin but locks the mayor of America. Terrier next with Howie -- go ahead Terry. I have -- I wanna go to work -- Delores hope always a good -- what is she about a 105. 400 not a. 101. I am sorry the war site did. I did well okay hold on you've got Dolores hope with a also known as mrs. Bob Hope Kevin your next with how we cargo ahead Gavin. They -- are doing good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bob Barker among them. Mr. Bob Barker I always say you know we as a bad that no one's accused him of a sexual harassment and several years now let's assign definite sign of slowing down. He stayed away from the barker. There's beauties like you know. I guess he is Kevin you've got Bob Barker all the yourself. 18774694322. Mark your next without point guard go ahead mark. I always. The last time I caught you you could not come up with the name I would look at what but this time I got domain. -- -- Charles Durning yes I know -- he was in. I cannonball express or whatever what cannon -- run without Robert De Niro right. Yes god he's around the world war two -- -- -- -- -- Yes I did -- at all. Yeah I need some 8687. While okay Charles -- you've got to mark hold on talk to -- given -- your phone number. 18774694322. Set to your next with -- cargo had sat. And I don't rally. It looked -- -- better a lot of. Believe he's still alive is beneath the -- able go to. Yup yup we using ghost dog you've got. I would always say you -- journal livestock auction -- a whole. All the onset you've got a good go to 18774694322. Lisa you're next with how we cargo ahead Lisa. How worried are you doing today. Good good some Mexican food just -- so don't even better this is a great -- -- first first did doorsteps cafe now now the Mac now Mexican restaurant it's great. I don't are if I'm your students how Americans judge are long gone are long gone. Up Mickey Rooney. You he's all yours Lisa I can't thank -- Thanks -- 18774694322. Peter you're next with Howie -- go ahead Peter. -- -- -- call our our man you're welcome. Nancy Reagan. The you know what what that don't. You know appropriate that our water and sort of on got to be a second time around. Yeah -- you go confidence you're going through that second ring. Peter you've got Nancy Reagan. Here on the you know the -- the anniversary almost anniversary of her husband's a hundredth birthday. One dates 61 in her about the anniversary it is is on earth that the hundredth anniversary of his birth. 18774694322. Tom your next with how we -- ahead Tom. -- at all hours. Peter -- that's I was glad for maverick the guy who does my wild cards -- what he was looking for -- beat him that a punch. Up call hold on you've got a you've got Colombo. 18774694322. Sorry Brian. Rod you're next with how we cargo ahead. These are nice. James. If he's like he stole is east. I yet still alive these -- -- alleged defect indication read it. I'll thank you thank you Peter Peter Graves is brother has passed on I -- okay but yet to Jim furnace is still around okay hold on you've got Marshall bill and the TV Marshall bill as opposed to the radio Marshal Dillon whose long gone. That would be. William com. Hank your next with Howard cargo ahead Hank. Cannot -- cannot like or are you got. We already only -- sixty minutes. But I got four hours actually take with us on GA in May be LO BO IVO bubbling up three hours that's all. -- 03 more that's right okay you've got -- you you've got Mike Wallace told us. 18774694322. By the way of sixty minutes would does want to interview me I'm willing to let bygones be bite on you screwed me when my first book came out but. You could talk to me about Scott Brown well I'll forgive and forget. That's the kind of guy I am you know turn the other cheek type person. -- your next with how we cargo ahead Dan. Ali article well Lou Reed. Leads you that's what this week appear to go or not it was people look -- -- -- -- -- -- up or. What do we know -- Lou Reed died do you think you would make the -- -- Really yeah. You know -- didn't -- more than some other people leave accepted. You think so standing amid not -- funniest actors sports people you've taken. It took me well yeah you know passed on and I didn't know about a dollar rather -- it like the bottom of a baseball column blind current remember him. -- he was -- he was a yankees pitcher and he wore these these. Coke bottle eyeglasses and he was. He would take a drink under extreme social pressure comes apprised he lasted this long but well you've got you've got Lou -- take a walk on the wild side hold on Dan. 18774694322. Steve your next with Howie -- go ahead Steve. LO -- -- don't doubt it I think I get this name right I remember his name is parent -- -- Now what he's not the man who. All Malden mills -- are definitely right when the big fire was up there. Yeah I I think he used to be a celebrity Steve but I don't think he's really a celebrity now be used. He's like he's faded out. -- well publicized Ted Turner's Billups did. Ted Turner is still available. OK you've got Ted Turner hold out states. 18774694322. I read your next with Howie -- go ahead hi Irene. I don't take the -- hangers and yes they strain -- Latin. That's right yes she has OK I got it by the cheese on the list of I read my only hear from you when the death who was going on. Taxes. I get the feel of sometimes you don't like to call on except when there's something on the lie. I space with a caller read all the autocracy in the 18774694322. Mike you're next with Howie -- go ahead Mike. I know I don't outlook but faster and Corey please. You've got him he's all thank you sir although -- like to say about. Scott you're next with how we cargo -- god. They however don't. I'd like to go -- and a little -- at Thomas. Who that's a good one she's got a beef up their portion ninety right. Yes -- an idea. -- a lot laid out there are right now so we can have an obvious that they expected. Well I would think it was more like you know she has nothing to live for Belichick can't ask now that you can ask -- knocked -- never asked of noxious questions when there was a Democrat president. Belichick can't make obnoxious speeches I guess I should say. You know like if they get about 68 -- award that was been named after. Right right did did that a couple months ago after her latest in the somatic scribe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One too many for a Helen Thomas thanks that they sort calls on hold on Jerrold your next with how we cargo ahead Carol Larry. Larry King another guy who's gonna have a lot of time on his hands just like Helen Thomas now. -- you hear -- say yesterday that that new guy piers Morgan his ratings -- quadrupled. Quadruple Larry King right out of the box. -- -- -- let you talk about a guy who stayed to log at the fair. -- at least Regis you know still have a little little soft of left. -- hold on Carol 18774694322. Brooks your next with how we cargo ahead brooks. Yeah actually go inside debt clock. Dick Clark okay oh I actually excuse me -- you know I almost said diddley died no dog Kirchner died excuse me god curse or poor man's Dick Clark hold like you've got Dick Clark. -- 18774694322. Mario your next with Howard cardinal ahead Mario. They'll -- out I -- searchers say Curry's recent strike could still available. While that's a good when she saw what disappears from the super market that tabloid up front page for a couple of weeks and I everybody forgets about our. Yes and aren't shy about whether it's the you've got to. Wait so they're very old Mario -- good value with your -- That affect the. As a Isabel hyper would say thanks for the call 18774694322. Maria you're next with how we cargo that Maria. Hi how we. I perennial favorite Olivia to have one. Okay yes she is that is a good what she's she's ninety plus right. 95 while she was a good looking woman and her very well below 1872. Maid Marian. With Errol Flynn has Robin Hood boy am -- dating myself. 187 sevenths technical. Dave your next with how we cargo ahead Dave. Hey how -- eight you don't thank you and your article is great -- -- thank you how well anyway. We can very well how about anyone's briskly cut 89 years old well. Kabul yup and the yup she in Sheehan Mary Tyler Moore well there's there's probably other people left from the from the old Mary Tyler Moore show hold hold -- Yet the golden girls that right -- Betty White won 8774694322. Bob your next with how we cargo that Bob. -- -- -- The other Andy Rooney can't be real. Andy Rooney he's he graduated high school a few years -- had a Mickey and a Mickey's over ninety. -- -- Get your debate -- yet -- doing -- out. It is bit past couple weeks he has now he has to hear that on a shelf -- a cup at least a couple of. May our baby is -- weren't funny but the course about whether reason for getting rid of them they could have done at thirty years ago. Call hold a hub you've got to Andy Rooney 18774694322. Harold your next with how we cargo ahead Harold. Ali they took from my first two picks so if they -- Okay hold on here -- my. I am going to give you Angela Lansbury. Okay. Our -- that was the best available. Pick on the board. Oh hold on Harold -- give your number to see -- 18774694322. -- your next with how we cargo ahead Kyle. And -- and -- domestic and keep jobs -- He's gone -- Prince develop. Yeah I know an area that he's got he's gonna make it to the -- they -- hand. The Toyota data -- like I know that's it's come and the wedding is three days after my book comes out. -- -- All be tied up tremendously devastating loss across the noble for years. -- that's good Kyle your spirit. You've got prince -- up 18774694322. Tim your next without point -- going at them. Hey -- realize. Hey don't go poet and walk -- but I don't think he's ready let go -- organized. Ernest ward and OK you know what most people look even though Clint Walker is. Our guys a lot of -- date like 88384. Clint Walker was bonuses should I mean giant -- again I would say yeah. Of one of those Warner Bros. westerns hole so what did you want now. You didn't want you -- artist org okay great 18774694. Street and well. You know you can't have Freddie Mercury has already bitten the -- 18774694322. As one of the many songs that heralds the arrival of the return of the death pool. About how we -- show we'll get back the lines right now as you know give us your. -- And then. Ask asked him just pick and that that hold on let's see Andy. This in the future from number by the way that like to what Banco lockout and a Mexican restaurant. 270. That you -- wrote in Framingham boy did they they give us the rate spread here today brand new restaurant. Authentic foods and recipes for Mexico they used the finest and freshest ingredients for their homemade dishes just at some -- -- -- -- excellent stuff. Treat yourself to one of their sweet signature margaritas great atmosphere buried hang out in food is prepared fresh daily. Great reviews on Yelp dot com. Lock -- Napa CAR are like my name EPA. Mexican restaurant their phone number 508424. 2535. And you can -- that it's today's deal of the day on the wing -- perk you can buy a fifty dollar gift certificate produced 25 bucks. Go to New England perks dot com 45 dollar point five dollars for a fifty dollar gift certificate -- at the 18774694322. Mark. All women on the contest line 6179311680617931. 1680. Mark your next with Howie -- go ahead mark. They carried a -- go back in fact -- it just so we know. Of course he has. Just in the bookstores either he's also available in the death pool yes. They allow you don't you don't look too bad boy -- Aiken came as organs malicious. I know but you know he's such a -- he's one of these guys if you was gonna go he would go on thirty or 35 years ago and now he's going to be a hundred. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and play health nut -- Keith Richards means a switching the Marlboro lights. And out. Well hold hold not mark you've got Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. Kathy your next with how we cargo ahead capping. How about Gene -- Gene Shalit is he says. Well they like. Dedication. Memorial things to a market today a couple weeks. They did oh that's a very -- I don't yeah. Was there was there where the where the magical words lifetime achievement mentioned that's always outside that someone is a rounding third. Yeah. Yeah easily he's that the he's in the check out he's in the trees on at the checkout counter. Say yeah he's on the back nine ought filling your -- cliche here hold hold on you've got to Gene Shalit Kathy. Jacob your next with how we cargo ahead Jacob. And have -- stored on you tell me is Kim Jong Il so there. He's around yes that would take -- we don't -- Fidel Castro saw ability get addicted. He's at he's at the butcher shop picking out some dog for better. I'm sorry I couldn't resist it like I said there's something about the death pool would just make you wanna say things that a parent terrible things. Undertake a value cut Kim Jong L -- old John -- whatever his name is. Mary you're next with how we cargo ahead Mary. I -- I outbreaks that's domino. It. Yeah he -- -- it my father federal fraud and yet. He almost got kill them Katrina right then in the end is. That's why I should -- -- it looks pretty good bit harsh forever. -- -- If that they'll bury a month blueberry hill. Right well hold on Mary you've got Fats Domino. Thread your next with how we cargo ahead Fred. Ask how we got like nominate a hollow fame. A country music Hall of Fame this little Jimmy dickens'. Is he still how long are you sure it doesn't permit. Men now man how old his seat. These -- clarity -- still going strong. I thought sure when you -- country music Hall of Fame you're gonna pick George Jones no show job -- Portrait. Okay hold hold on you've got little Jimmy Dickens. 18 sevenths and people go and who. But you know listen -- will lease place on the magic radio that's all I could -- 18774694322. You don't know what -- missing OK maybe you do know what I need somebody crap about Lou Reed. I just so I didn't know if we would no way through it -- -- has -- kind of invisible for a long I don't think little Jimmy Dickens has got to hit the big thing -- little Jimmy Dickens is probably going to be in the Nashville Tennessee and when he kicks the bucket and someone will pick it up and I'll find out. Outlook or put it this way sandy I'll find out your bottom on Willie's place of I don't see at a paper somewhere on the Internet. Paul your next with how we cargo ahead -- -- -- -- I don't look at. Harry Morgan another perennial pick here some somebody's gonna win with him someday Paul. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- a hole holed up Paul. What what so what should do and you should get his memories of Joe Friday Jack Webb before he passes on you know I'm Jack I was like. Jack what I wish it was about good biography of Jack Webb won 8774694322. -- here next with how we cargo ahead -- It nor -- we. I think -- a little Johnny Pesky. Johnny Pesky OK. You legacy going to be his last pitchers and catchers. A all the idea you've got Johnny Pesky Buffy you're next with Howie -- go ahead poppy. -- I -- I can pick. Richard and me well in heroes. Yes and yes. Hope it's in the -- it was on that quiz show. There you -- -- -- you sound young Buffy I thought sure -- gonna make mention family feud rather than Hogan's Heroes. Must you must be a key you'll have you must be a TV land -- No I actually used to watch Hogan's Heroes back in the day with my -- He wouldn't welcome everybody. Heck she picked Richard Dawson. The English guy on Hogan's Heroes hold on Buffy you've got a family feud for a while and that's what we're just talking about. 1877. Force I think it was probably a family -- longer than he was on noted heroes. Joe your next with Howie Carr go ahead Joe. It. That's a good that is an excellent -- it's coming right off Leo wild card list yes he is he isn't way over eighty. Right out when there's out here of course. Yeah I'd already could be one of the first casualties of obamacare. While the video winds up in the wrong emergency were chipped up oh. That there may have to -- one of those early death panels. So I guess I should say be saying things like this or get a hold on Joe you've got Andy Griffith. 1877. Force a fellow UNC -- Mark your next with powered car go ahead mark. I don't have a -- -- -- -- -- Tony -- he's still around. 987. Century. He was. What did she have an iceberg GM saw a long long time ago hold on you've got that Tony Martin mark -- your next with how we cargo ahead the. Yeah Ali are gonna have Larry Flynt. Larry flat. Yeah it gimmicky Betty Dhabi young -- about what they are. Well I mean is she -- I mean he got shot as you are you sure you bed down anybody. It is Gary married I heard. A couple -- so -- maybe create. God I gotta be -- -- a great. Yeah call hold on you've got you've got them you've got Larry Flynt the publisher of Hustler Magazine or maybe advocates or around David you're next with Howie -- go ahead David. IR Texas Tech in my car sure you. I would like to take but not redstone. Sumner redstone that's a good one. -- I'm Charlie. Public till Florida I drive a moron -- -- he does. Don't wanna hear that last part there hold out. You've got Sumner redstone David hold 18774694322. Was -- firm to say that I mean we all know how he escaped once from a fire you know when he was in a hotel room. Kathy your next without what cardinal ahead Kathy. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is my day and live picture here. Sid caesar's Your Show of Shows right that was what -- Hold on cap the you've got Sid Caesar 1877469432. To rush your next with powered car. How -- -- I would like to pick up -- Morton so bell. I'm sorry who was -- so -- He was convicted along with Julius Rosenberg for spite of the Soviet Union around 1950. What do you think CME's. I don't know would give them a full page and a picture hourly. I I think you may be idea may have actually -- picture in a magazine I saw someone of the I'll give that two yeah I'll give that area -- Specter hold out like this in the 18774694322. -- -- they had a there's a book came out of bottom recently and they had a review that in the weekly standard I think that's where it's honest picture. Brian you're next with how we card or had Brian. I -- Roger Ebert please. Roger Ebert OK guy he's. It is an -- remission or something. Well you not do it well he's got that. Voice box thing you know. Right but I don't think it's gotten any worse lately has it but yeah. Now okay. Hold on Brian you've got Roger Ebert Jeff your next with how we -- ahead Jeff. -- -- -- Jeffs caught and K you're next with powered car. I how -- right. I'd like dictate pretty wet and spread the. Honey west in Francis I haven't heard that name a long long time. I don't see -- simulations -- did -- think she just died. Might I believe she did wanna tell you wanna quick peck. -- alt okay there's a good when that's good you did need a quick -- you had a better when I'm Bob and I did I was gonna get do you hold until you've got -- McCall. Kill -- you're next with how we cargo ahead. One more I'll -- excuse me go ahead Tim. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know eat at last a long time in a vegetative state to average you know and he's last he's already last -- type -- -- moral -- -- -- thing Emmerich. -- No -- oh -- go with that. Day it to date okay break what they break 18774694322. On the highway car. Squeeze -- a few more here Danny you're next Howard. How -- -- my gut Jimmy Carter yet. Know he's all yours James Earl Carter junior although I'm Betty. Brian you're next with a lightweight talk to Bryant yes just there every knows that I'm not just. Bull leaping up for a girl and Francis died January 2 OK okay thanks Brian you're next glad Brian. Also Kirk Douglas they -- -- his -- Embargo right well aren't so there. Henry Kissinger. They -- hold on you've got Henry Kissinger. Mike here next with how we cargo -- Mike. I'll tell what it. A team -- and Grammy Award where it just -- but also have resembled stimulus. Fool me. Evan James okay she was with the Chuck Berry and his famous concerts and was told by Mary your next with how we cargo had married. You know really learn how bad air out standings. Carol GMA. -- I guess she's still around she's over ninety right. Hold on -- you've got Carol Channing in hello Dolly goodbye Dolly. 187746943. Due to a power.