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Hackdom Alive and Well In The Baystate

Feb 14, 2011|

After all the publicity of the last congressional campaign and now the unchallenged appointment of defeated congressional candidate and former state Rep. Jeff Perry as a mighty “special” sheriff Howie said Hackdom is alive and well in the Bay State and wanted to know what the listeners thought of their local hacks.

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I'm sorry that this story appeared The Herald on Saturday is probably a lot of people missed that. But as -- is a five parole board members were were fired by Deval Patrick couple weeks ago maybe a month ago now. After the electoral the killer -- Nixon -- the he he killed Leo Woburn police officer. He were they were all fired. And so we immediately began trying to find out how much money beast these both foods have walked out -- doorway. And unfortunately they didn't -- a release it until the the day of the abdication. Of Bosnia Mubarak as. As a dictator of Egypt. So was in the Saturday paper. In what one lawmaker called a cruel joke on the taxpayers of five parole board members who lost their jobs after releasing a killer on cashed out thousands of dollars in unused vacation days. Just days after. Deval Patrick force them to resign. Why -- why am I not surprised where you're not surprised. Mark Conrad the 120000. Dollar a year chairman pocketed 121000. 120 dollars including pay for 27 unused vacation days. Nearly 101000 more than the typical. Check according to records from the office of the comptroller. That means he accrued nearly six weeks of unused vacation since 2007. -- I you know was practically a workaholic pure whites today. Senator Stephen but door. But the one called the pay -- outrageous and question whether state paid out when board members didn't have a contract or union representation. They resigned in shame and now we're doing this. It's nothing less than a cruel joke on the taxpayers. All told taxpayers paid out about 22000 dollars for a news vacation and holidays to the five resigning members of the parole board. Conrad got 121000 including 27 vacation days and three holidays. Thomas -- and junior not to be confused with Thomas -- of the governor's council. Promised American of the parole board got 96 but the 9661. Dollars 34 vacation days. Kansas coach and got 5672. Dollars for fifteen vacation days. But mr. -- took vacation days I guess. Funny how that works in the public sector isn't. Campbell while Lombard Dini. Five vacation days. She should she walked out with 3387. Bucks with -- ammonia rose to vacation days. 18774694322. Injury McCollum yesterday told regalia. A -- on Friday that two more two more nationwide search is sort of a result of him state former state reps. Getting getting jobs. Discuss any -- bill balls he was at one term -- from Attleboro and Attleboro city councilor at fourteen years and he got another two years and as a state wrapped in many that he retired due -- help the voters got sick of them. He was defeated by the guy he defeated in 2008. He got a job. You -- working for the new the -- state auditor Suzanne Bump. She calls some quality assurance specialist. That's the that's hat giveaway name in the new -- administration under or Joe the new chi won every felt the overwhelming urge to hire his cousin. Or some. Campaign contributors kid he would almost -- -- for a hot examiner. -- fraud examiner now now the fraud examiners have become. Quality. Push her its. Supervisors. He makes 60000 bucks a year. Then -- there's. Light -- she's a state she was a state rep for many many years from Needham. And she ran for she ran for Scott -- senate seek upbeat in the primary by a moon that are trying to PO about Democratic Party was Gordon decided not to run for reelection. But fear dot. At the age of 67 she -- Has still got her snout in the public drop. She makes about in the mid fifties working in the re precinct and operation of Secretary of State Bill Galvin you know there were they're having the census. They have to redraw although the boundary lines and they also to redraw all the precincts. In case it's you know a big new housing project Durham apartment building one up and some what had been awarded to land and a so they have maybe have to redraw the precincts and take to streets out -- -- -- So she's gonna be working until June now of course they joined the other. The other so wants for which there were nationwide searches one of which which Jeff Perry. The Republican Kansas in the tenth congressional district he has now -- special. Special sheriff working -- sheriff Jim Cummings. 1101000. A year 1101000. A year and I'm pretty sure -- group for which will set him up for a nice early retirement. At age 55. And then we have. Barbara -- Pagliuca. She is say she's a former state rep for mama. The end over -- Raleigh area and a -- to retired like all the others studio help the voters got sick over. And she is now making a 100000. Dollars a year as the the director of government affairs. For a of the new state treasurer Steve Grossman director of government affairs. So I'm thinking that it except for allied Harkins. Who we used to be a leadership but didn't then she backed the wrong guy for speaker should back Rogers. Except for -- -- all these people who were defeated. With Italian. Perry balls. They all got pay races. They all lost. The voters didn't want amend their anymore and they got pay raises. Isn't that nice. Isn't that sweet. 1877. Force just like the members of the parole board. They you know they get fired and they get to walk away with thousands of dollars they get to walk away with a combined total of 22000. Box. He may say it's not a lot of though wise and in the larger scheme of things. You know when you have a budget of state budget of 30000000032. Billion but still it -- would you which you were fired for for clause. For something is outrageous is cutting a murderer loose. Would you be able to walk away with ten -- twelve for even five grand. In quote unquote unused vacation days unused vacation days I was -- All right. 18774694322. But he wants to talk about these these these people getting visa hack job -- trouble calls on. I I just. To swallow all let people sound off of that one to this it's just. It's ridiculous I mean most state reps. After they've been for two to four years the they are incapable of doing anything else. You know. But I -- kind of disappointed described bolts he was in their 41 term India a real job be used to work for -- But as soon as she got in there he just see he just knew there was no way he was going back to the dreaded private sector apparently. 1877469432218774694322. If Jeff Perry wanted to hack job -- -- -- -- -- -- law school -- -- understand about these guys to go to the Yale Law School it's three years. Four years of you on nights at that. You go to you go to all this trouble when you have to pass the bar examine. You know. Sometimes if -- Deval Patrick human if you want the Harvard he can't pass it. Most people passed -- the first time around though even though they couldn't get in the Harvard Law School like Deval Patrick. But why would you go to law school and then never use it I don't I don't quite get that. What I thought I torture he was gonna become a warrior when he lost for congress but. Knots I guess he figured he could make a hundred pounds and policy policy gig and he sets itself up for a nice group for penchant. Who beating Google out of 55. With a full full -- retirement Mike your -- with how we cargo ahead Mike. Italian -- I respect you and I agree with being batted back and that the -- absolutely all law -- situation. Jeff Perry also remember what the state -- but on he didn't have to -- -- -- A -- It is very very well liked by constituents -- out here died at a guy column in he called back up like directly -- him. Well well well enough light to what to win -- to win election. Well you know the kid to little like off to the child down now. A lot of rating down here at you know like I know it especially being a contract indicate I see all the but in regard to Jim coming. You know looking for (%expletive) (%expletive) was birdie on the block to get that you -- view the weight kept it took up a lot I'd make the decision. -- as a lark looked good background of course a little bit of the bomb that everybody want to crucified for the off. But I'd be guided smart guys lawyer and that which it was looking forward looking for basically a lawyer. I mean it with the law enforcement background to this side when -- But that was there was there a nationwide search. I don't know what what what what what why -- it out of the out of high caliber. White RK camp. Why why. No right -- -- But why do why obese people. Get thrown out of office and then they immediately comes sucking back up to the to the public sector again. Well you know what you're saying astronaut office. Not. No he didn't know how -- you re enforced bought that he knew he was gonna have a fight for it I like expect you know. The other guy got deep that the position OK but I mean the -- -- -- on that already everybody no doubt if. From. The fix wasn't in my immunity if he hadn't had that. That questionable background. Is a police officer. He he would've been a -- that I think. I understand that Ali you know like Jeb doesn't sit there and want from it what you want in the -- he wasn't the person that was the purple audit. Yes with deep gas app shortly. I would feel better about a about a bit at a shingle and actually went out practice law -- -- -- it made a living for himself without benefit of the yet taxpayers. But I understand that Ali but as a as a -- down yet this is what are trying to get her ordeal. -- yet he surrounded himself with good people like still white. And it's such in like this -- we had a problem that you need advocates such jet very that you are -- that guy always hit the wall warts still. That guy that's. Bob that's that's the job of the state rap I mean there are there yeah there no bottom level you know they're supposed to answer the phone they're supposed to get the you know the street while the street light fixed. Well you know attracted by politicians that'll do that because you know what. What they did it -- you op bit they get real comfortable and -- -- actual data and they don't do anything we've had a lot of debt in this state. -- -- the the guy I doubt that garbled onto another job to do its job. It could drop it had to be built either way you sit -- Jim -- -- there at share their picture. Here. Elected to the job he got it there's a different -- elected to the job you know you what you earn the job I mean this guy is the second and in command -- he took advantage of Vega of an opening here. You know like I I totally disagree with did not because all the guys I just that I know the caliber that we have downed air and it's. -- define it people in -- on -- They all of say it's been up. I -- this guy -- a fight. You know people just wait just listen maybe to oil or maybe bought up about the future but -- -- don't. Everytime operator like it's not then he's being crucified by people if people don't know. If I'm gonna get -- and mentioned the three Democrats so far from the legislature who've gotten. -- jobs in the in the state I'm got to mention Jeff Perry to focus got the same kind of job and he got more money than the three Democrats that we found so far. Detonate these so you know like I he's gonna do a good job if you dug into -- job you know what you'll be blonde like the other night they picked up -- doubt that he's that good. Circuit and I just thinking you can check and I got to think people got to get all the tech people. The port -- that started it up in the in bulk. Of people that it like that people in the media watch it. Right. On the wanna say anything like that thanks for the call Mike 18774694322. One hates it why can't why can't people who used to be in the legislature go out and say. OK it's over I'm gonna get a real job. It seems like there you know you're in the legislature in the case of old even for two years one. Measly damn term from Attleboro you're just a back venture. And all of a sudden your your incapable of getting a real job. And here next with Howie -- go ahead Andy. Well I'll he had just think the legislature has saving all of the -- cost of a -- white surgical like people and Brit usually location. All that so that quite directly trying to save you money out that's wedded to -- iron out their cronies. Let's you know that's a good way to -- Kennedy and the government budget looking at the glasses being half full here and not a half of the. They actually you know what you see me get -- to a -- but the reason why people get government jobs and keep them. It's like you say -- you you don't wanna be cynical about it but I don't think many don't really wanna serve the people they just want a nice. Cushy job that you know is get almost guarantee polite. And you are dealt with that nice -- that people want it that's what they get them that's why they expect. Right and that's what that's why these -- bowlers are they are now they all of them they -- They all they all can that I had as much as they want but it's not just the fact that it's easy money and not then not bad money in any of these cases. They're looking to pad their pensions. And so they end up quite a bit jets' job then assistant vice president. Motivation like the call to immediately and that right. Right. Yeah I know special shower and then the other guy was a quality assurance specialist there's the two diminutive two right there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yahoo! right thanks for the call in the one well you don't a breakthrough when I won the lottery. Bill Lester C a maybe 18774694322. Eric you're next with how we cargo have Eric. It should aspect I might reflect payment Perry walker. -- -- partly because the -- got an architect -- repayment and we give it doesn't mean we have we can't you know turn over the Iraq. That -- of parole board you know I think we got off cheap bill -- normally what most people leave town. Well although that predate bigger than than no -- days usually it's about 506070000. Dollar -- Well if they ever you know what if that -- the Massport board it definitely would have been in that range you know they they have Massport you know they -- -- the tradition is that hundreds and hundreds nobody apparently ever takes a vacationer gets sick at Massport. No I mean that you you know the private -- public sector for quite had to do it all over that probably. We do my career start off from the private doctors that work for some. But they're more open and worked my way up through the all -- let -- get that the statute and that the end of the day a you know get I think we got our -- what he's -- he's got that it wasn't the end of the day equity and -- Thanks for the caller. What that's all that's a good question what would you do if you had it to do over again which you get that would you get the hack job would you go for that job -- coalition. It that you have on this city. At that jab on this date. You know what don't pay much but you know it's steady Warrick and behind it comes to pension. Now. Now it now and again. One and a half two times when anybody in the private sector yet they never get laid off they got free health insurance. A sought again last night component to I've taken none of taken mrs. car at the and the Brcko for Valentine's Day. Thank god we're taken her car rather than the caddie because I don't have the I don't I just hey you know pay the toll was like 01 in the caddie. So we get that it Alston polls. They have only two booths open opponent the Boston on Sunday night before Valentine's Day but couldn't beat the the line has backed up at least the -- problem or at least twenty cars. And you know as I said you know you go and there are at 6:30 in the morning on Sunday morning they got three. Booths opened. Why because there's no work. That's why people wanna work the overnight ship because they don't have any work to do. Middle wanna work Sunday night because there's a lot of work so they don't work -- actually just of people whining just of these huge lines of cars. 1877469432. To jog your next with our cargo ahead John. -- -- You're missing one of my favorite. Down here on the south Coast Guard -- an -- -- -- Jared and now she obeyed the rule BCC. What is the security what is decreasing the what is -- called. Bristol community caught me she's they're actually pay her. Yeah I think Obama -- thirty year. But if you don't -- state what three years yeah much -- -- Quite she's already about 85 years old as a shady. Yeah and -- qualification -- you want or what people like. Can -- got. Better her husband was a professional gambler right he tried to take all of his writing -- all of his losses gambling losses off on his taxes right. I didn't know that. Thank there are seven in my last line in my column yesterday I'm sure I missed a few so what did you tell me and said she of course was succeeded by Mike rob Rex. The guy the guy who was caught on. On film. Going up to the New Hampshire liquor store to buy his booze after voting to put a sales tax on the alcohol excise tax and who by the way it was also just ordered to pay down his giants signed. But he had on his property which he has erected in total disregard. Of the community regulations that he -- them. -- Scioscia so Joan Menard is making how you think she's make -- a 130 oriented. I believe that's what it about double fault of -- and report at least I believe. Home it. Oh yeah with -- terrible there's predict. It is it really a -- and you're right it's just it's definitely just a three year deal. Thanks for the college you're right on that tomorrow 18774694322. But C 130 times ED that comes out 2010104. 100 and that comes at the 2000 dollars a week for Joni phony baloney Bernard. 18774694322. On -- -- 1877469432218774694322. How if you're right Jeff Perry is now part of that program. How we Jeff Perry would not have a clue what to do in a courtroom. Seven anyone. How we keep but I am Steve pantry he just left as the state senator from Lowell he'll landed UMass lol. How we why would they take a vacation day there on vacation when their work -- a true. But again it's nice to be able to fill out your own -- time cart with a pencil you know. 187746943221. Are gonna find that information out about. About. Joan Menard that is that is so typical she's got excited she's not 85 but she's got to be. Like close to seventy if not seven. -- one time they I had a the other governor's council and the penalty got defeated her. -- they or he just retired VNA but he had a bunch of kids and he wanted you want the pre health care. He was a dentist and those that put about one hosts colleges down there and Bristol county and it was a UMass Dartmouth. And so this so it was down in the basement. And assigned trainers came by one day. And they said the high excuses so we're gonna pay your so -- to sign on you Doherty said. I don't wanna asylum might nor. Two when he wanted to know it was there the only when he wanted to know was there was a comptroller of the university guy with a sign the checks. 18774694322. Sorts of us some editorial from the bars -- patriot. About the how Jeff Perry got the hack job the sheriff at least was forthcoming mr. Jim Cummings. He was a he would he was a former state trooper who was elected in he had appear at a pitch and he. That's one thing that before he committed suicide Apollo was complaining about not too loudly because it was a it was an unfair it was an unfair complaint because. Cummings retired and then he ran for the job he didn't sneak around and you know -- -- file for retirement when he was still running for reelection but he he said William other other shares that are retired you know I'm not the only one that's doing this split. The sad story I want to want. Beaded into the ground. Shortcomings at least was forthcoming he admitted the plan to get -- a run for congress and leave his day job in the state legislature was based on Perry having a fox hole in which to jump. In which to jump in Casey lost. I'd like to have known this I do what true I mean I'm I don't live in the district -- -- we certainly covered this this race. I'd like to of known that he had a a fallback position in the hacker -- waiting for them. He did lose and now we sitting pretty in the foxhole mock. So what if it cost this year state disbursement. There are a lot of angry indignant what letter writers and editorialists out they're going what what -- wake up and smell the -- weren't the Democrats going bananas with patronage in the State's probation department and and everywhere else as well. Would most of us jump -- a chance to double our pay for being just being of the right party. 18774694322. Cat your next with how we cargo ahead -- All -- don't I expect it well thank you okay they. I don't know what the deficit is great now on ESP. -- on. I think it's some are -- billion. Oh no it's more than that lead the -- -- structural deficit in the state budget is a billion and a half I think it's more like twenty billion for the state pensions system. -- Yet such huge it's huge where one of the top 45 states in the country. You know my fourteen years state employee okay and make you know on the spread of 45 all year. And -- era -- being worked at saint. You can retire in the next to a three is expecting. Last them -- -- you know. Well I think I think they'll be okay in the next two or three years I think you're the guy with the problem can probably. May be -- cycles 65. But. -- -- I saw on the you know I think what's gonna happen as these states California New Orleans you're in possibly -- go bankrupt. The state is an you know went up. Roll it over into the federal. -- I know their ticket yeah. There was a you know when the Republicans took over the -- the caught house there was a lot of talk in the fall about the writing writing legislation to allow the states to file for bankruptcy because they can get out from under the union contracts. But now I think has been a lot more Rob Morrow sober reflection shall we -- on the matter in their their thinking that. This may just be a way to get them to allow the states to screw the bondholders and they don't wanna allow that so. Basically though you know what it destroy its Paul Ryan and the guy from Wisconsin has been saying. The states the states can just reopened the the collective bargaining contract. Contracts. Then they don't they don't need bankruptcy I mean this bankruptcy is just another as just another way of allowing them to make it or allowing a federal court to make a decision rather than. The people who were supposed to make the decision they do legislators in the governor's you know it's. There was a story in the New York Times late last week I didn't get around to war reading it but it was for it was in New Jersey. And the interviewed a bunch of state workers in New Jersey were governor Christie is just telling them you know that that the gravy train is coming to an end the State's gonna at the State's gonna topple over it can't. It can't go on like this. And it's and even that even the state workers in New Jersey. You know the the ones that you you know or at all. -- add at all paying attention realize that it's that the market have what they had and one guy said you know that. He was told by democratic politician thirty years ago we said that they'll never give you state they'll never give you -- Health insurance after you retire because it would bankrupt the state and the guy said. And you know what he was right it has it has bankrupted this state. I was -- you want and I think it'll well back in September -- at some giggles that that I can catch again. Whatever it it's of the system when I it was probably going to be. Vicinity of Leo probably looks to be. They it they couldn't go yeah and -- attribute the situation now. I don't know -- I think you probably get out of that city is still probably better -- -- just taken a pension because you know you'll get up to get a fairly new -- you'll get a huge -- you know gonna get a Billy -- -- obviously but you know what you might get in the like high twenties -- thirties so -- all you have to do would be to go live for two years in the you have all your money back -- -- anything beyond that would be gravely. Good luck good luck -- 18774694322. Tim K -- where is Tim -- hill this evening do you think. Wonder if he and -- are having a lovely night out. Wonder -- -- is really happy about his decision to give up his 130000. Dollar a year job to become a -- rate -- in Quincy. Jack you're next with Howie -- go ahead Jack. Eight just dropped like Jake Tapper wecht -- writing suggest that jobs that they let patient might check out. Well see there's a difference you couldn't you can feed at the trough and then that's one that's one level. And you can move up in the -- the next level is called licking the plight. That is 67 year old. Why can't they can't be decided to get the job to an unemployed person. Purist. As some thick edge to recede well good Bob Dodi state. Required of -- Why would she wanna do that when there's when there's -- money on the table. But Dick Dick Teradata are Satele hey you're retired get to all but so let's go -- they show. Well like that out like special -- that. Joe Menard is even older than. Light -- she's got to be up there -- seven -- she did you know. You -- a big buzz saw. Well at least they have extended to pick up the battle. There's not yeah I was while I was watching one of those the other day man I was gonna what behind that I was glad it was crossing my patents and get in front of me. Thanks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I I noticed that -- I was they get that I would wanna be driving that bus let alone be honest thanks for the call. 18774694322. Walter your next with powered -- go ahead Walter. Hey Ali I don't. Art it Ali and I are. A few years back as well backed away. -- -- political unrated -- out on the cape. And chariot but I -- what they have an elected don't rap or whatever the case it yeah. I can't remember who like -- remember what you're up to date the FFR word. But -- against ER. Is somebody who was running down mail locally I don't know what -- A treasurer position a black man or something like that it's in Northern Iraq it is at least probably and Barack. The -- that -- -- group -- coming but there are wrong. They're you know. Yeah. Yeah. It is hollow. And got there are always gonna look at that and that meant that the era down there. So -- -- -- agent into deep planet. If by -- was to lose this job. And I call there was actually try it out. I could expand my you know I mean I noted that carry out they have an order form as a -- -- by AI -- -- -- each. Right but but -- like. -- -- when you know Iraq and end there weren't there. Echoed in the opening bell -- up until now -- -- old. And there are well air you know at each other apart didn't get any other body. Read my comment is better that was so long. Is because you don't have almost every year ago that we acknowledge that an institution. -- -- in the democratic issue all it is yeah. You know well while I wish I didn't know him yeah. Treated the -- a little differently now what did you you know like I tried to help him out I mean I know we geeks I was tough on them during the primary ask him about the the the incidents in -- area. But. I want to -- differently the guy invited nobody had this a special share gig lined up -- you know if you lost. He had a he had a golden parachute all in the works I didn't know I didn't know that I don't I don't think most people dead. Thanks for the call 18774694322. Now -- I just got the story of Joan Menard. -- 120000. A year. She's an acting vice president I wasn't too far off once that she was 85 she 75. The giving are starting -- -- at age 75. What what. This is this is like -- and coaches 'cause it was only 74 when they made him before -- examiner for Christ's sake and it would make it fifty. This is inspired. How might not know about this I told people would tell me I'm glad they told me but I thought it would take longer than a day. Don't want his opponent -- I tried to tell you what he was that you wouldn't let me say the word on there you attack me nice gel in the air Perry makes use act. Ted you're next with how -- cargo ahead Ted. Elite. That. From the -- I he -- just want them to operate up my Valentine's Day by letting you know you may want to check the source that it UMass stockman. The daughter works there as the associate vice chancellor. The economic development. All the daughter is the associate vice chancellor up here is an end that's UMass started the issue of the same last name. Only. Okay I'll try and art Menard ya I know how to spell it up and I got that enough over the years. Guys like you might wanna know that facts and Harold. So good that's a good one thanks that I appreciate that'll get get right on -- the so Clement went to column. Them but they. Sometimes they just come right little caps -- And it'll save me -- they. Claws at you if you're taxpayer happy Valentine's Day happy saint Valentine's Day about what car.