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Massachusetts State Rep. Shaunna O'Connell on EBT Reform

Feb 15, 2011|

Massachusetts State Rep. Shaunna O'Connell joined us to talk about new legislation to curb EBT and Welfare abuse in the Baystate.

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Italian yes I shot O'Connell was one of the people who fired filed the EBT alleges current legislation. Oh she was all right I'm sorry okay it would go look at -- talk to shot of that here a little bit and in the world -- get back to this says. This perversion this these these crazy guys in that are. Like like the coach of the north and over high school. Wrestling team shot well call a state rep from -- how you go and. How good how the hell -- -- Very good -- what the what's going on here how we can just how we don't stop this side this is. This is absurd I couldn't believe it last year warm when I got that the document from the guy here enough brightened. Say say he was being recruited basically as a as a bar restaurant owner -- -- to take the EBT cart even almost his businesses and liquor. It's ridiculous. I I know and that's -- I have legislation this year to try and but it and that. I don't know of any other legislate and anyone and or -- -- It's a pain in -- Lottery ticket. Well get fine and I'd go up at its senses eloped in an -- they lose their ability except that kind of and on the other hand it off -- Analyzes that recipients of these people are. That the problem though is shot and I'm glad you did this by the way but there's still there's still -- rather gaping -- poll we've been talking about this for prologue time. And that's that people what the cards the BT cards will hang around outside the supermarkets. In the urban areas and maybe not so we're urban areas. And it just say hey you need -- EUB fifty bucks worth of groceries gimme 25 boxes and I'll get to -- cash and I'll get your fifty bucks worth and then that way they got the money for booze drugs cigarettes whatever. It should be a photo on its side. That all of the earth and we are it is like if it. And out if there's. Well that are going to be difficult. But I think at least we can side with pilot displays and. And also but it mechanism in place so that. There and I am and not -- for the -- like you know what it down or -- movies or. The doors. I hate I hate to be a you know way a puritan here but. What the hell they think about letting a buy scratch tickets with with welfare cards mean that is so that's that's were that's one reason a lot of people off welfare. Is because they couldn't handle the gambling addictions right. You know and and -- starters you know what they have it's I don't expected to act as an expected. So let's crack. On everybody and let's make it that they aren't able to pay the design. I have like he it's of and yes edit I used that pedestal or an item is not eligible that -- is that. Right they'll support so that earlier because they just change the they they just changed and liberal comic here you can't buy stuff that's over the counter any more with those cards right so our people are already getting -- I mean there's a million different things you have to that had to be coded into the card all these different cards. That are used this way and and yet somehow the dreaded private sector was able to get the job -- right. I know it you know people you know are are looking at this story I I can't -- that it's not already some in light. Officer Rex is on the line where witnesses are row prisoner Sean O'Connell Republican of a plot and officer Rex go ahead. -- of course -- always. Well the voice Shea -- the witness protection program about how we card showed the wanna get anybody of the GM here. Okay go ahead officer -- Saw it and I would do it area. This. Well. -- Don't allow it on Iraq. You don't elect a story. Now. I want to sort and it. Oh really oh that's how they also that's what you're seeing -- that's how they get on the all odds on the list to take the EDT cards. -- So you saw you saw a guy use and a -- card to buy a twelve pack of rolling rocks in a pack of new ports. Not a guy. I was out of the car wait for. -- your eyes could have been deceiving you office. It's ridiculous is it. I'm I was not about that with a cable over the fact sheet last -- says the -- true. They're gonna set it it's Deval Patrick Massachusetts -- yet not be true gonna put her right back given so that the barrel. -- -- -- we more and -- uses. Yeah I. I notice it well publicized and then the big thing about what they get cards right they get they get they're buying they're buying phone cards what these things. Their brother but they're going to Victoria's Secret -- going to Chucky cheeses that going to -- a stripped strip joint up at Drake had become god. You know at a time when people really operate. Some of seniors can afford to buy groceries but it there and -- that they. On you know legislators have got to really make a lot of noise and large -- and. But I you know someone's gonna stand up when they do this and you're gonna talk about not not be able use from a liquor stores someone's gonna -- So what's gonna stand up and he's gonna be like officer Rex always gonna be serious about he's gonna say. You know -- discriminating against people who don't have automobiles so he he's just going to the store. He's going that at a liquor store to buy some potato chips for his kids. Yet what can. I've but I don't think many people like an agreement that. Now. Yeah I know whether I know the Leo talks a good game but the you know he's. He's tried to stay on the good cited the of the the voters you know who showed a lot of anger build in the past election especially down the House of Representatives level. Well if you if you really pocket like. You know what I a lot of reform and you know and on. You know where it as there is of the. -- a lot of calls on this much we -- as well stick with this -- the white got a little time because people wanted people commit to tell you otherwise tighten up some of the -- -- obviously -- Yeah 18774694322. GM your next with how we cargo ahead at that represented Sean O'Connell a -- Republican on the go ahead Jim. -- originally talked about this I that was dropped by what was it. If you remembered up to a guy in. We deal that was caught you know what -- and in. All the that would. There can get to as he was found -- yeah I believe -- ELN are. He was caught doing the same thing now now there's going to be certain -- was sprayed out and in some ricocheting go to -- I thank you major point yeah we're gonna beware though leave it right there we all about -- we all remember that foul case. Yeah it was that just. I don't know I just don't. I mean that guy that guy that coach in North End over a media had a he had good record he was one of the best wrestling coaches in the state apparently. Plus he had his own business you know -- -- and NBC depictions of his house some of the house is gonna be worked 75800000. Box. Mean and in this this is -- it's weird. But a you know that's -- I guess you know who'll -- decide you know Mike your next with how we cargo ahead Mike. We actually called in the guy albeit over. Just because -- -- to -- -- what does that make any EP. I -- I agree but it does make it it does mean that it in most cases you don't have to walk. That you you don't have to war. Put -- our life and career on the line. And also a lot of the stuff that you get on line it's just that it's women that are over the age eighteen just dressed up in cheerleader outfits -- -- that might. Right. -- -- There -- some pretty shady -- itself. Well I you you tell me about that is I don't know about those shady sites Mike thanks for the call. Mr. -- you're next with how we cargo ahead mr. acts. Yet I don't -- Yeah but unease act cat like the opposite side is. Bad injury in portable -- is a security blanket. Q did you from the in the month. And I still get. You know pat afford. -- -- it's. So violently I can buy toilet paper paper towels -- -- pay cash for that but these people would get a cat. Developed activism litigate these people don't have Social Security numbers and anything that -- these people forget that their vote of the people. Shot you could explain that to because I never understood that -- are thought these were strictly for food. I understand it is and I am pretty that that is quite is one of food and there is one for -- So has direct unit one of those cash cards. There distracts from any. -- -- -- That's yeah that's Valium that spot and I get a very small amount. But see you know leg again though you go into a liquor store and they they have potato chips or or lions or something like that I mean can they get away with just just you know. Get is selling you away or selling you selling selling the taxpayer -- six back of a beer. I would even their own orchestra with that. I wouldn't be getting -- I just but fortunately. CI I don't think there's Charlotte I don't think they're doing anything wrong these liquor stores I think they're just taken advantage of the law aren't they. Debate what they are. But we have to stop that we don't want them except that. So that's leopard -- States the law and that you know I understand that -- and look. If we don't expect to act as I expected so let's find everybody's doing it nobody expected and let you know. But -- Beckett isn't quite an art that people can actually thought. Yeah I think the what do I eight you know I I hope but I hope it works out but I am just thinking that you'll just have a lot more people hanging out front of bug grocery stores. You offered to do your week shopping perhaps the price. Him face to stop. One. You know behavior and another one pops up so it's it's an ongoing process to an ongoing fight by we we just have to keep on top that the best we stand. Thanks for the call mister X -- year next with Howie -- representative Sean O'Connell for mud taught me go ahead Amy. I'm not that that -- and I actually I would come out. And it get the air -- start off the map and Sharon out where of course there is no immediate am EDT. But appear in May. There are some people that are authorized a cash option and everybody doesn't have a and on that cash option is when they can buy a lottery ticket cigarettes and alcohol and I didn't have a -- that old. You know. Hard -- as well. And everybody am I would bet -- -- -- adjusted to problematic to people why you know the copy Randy with each hour. My jaws drop you. -- -- -- -- And independent store can do it -- generically wearing something underground. And I whatever they want. Some people do you have backed out shops and and can abuse it however they like it would stop that as the gross -- -- Muhammad pop they can do whatever they want and -- Erica -- -- ever gonna notice is it just generically woody and. Amy why would I know the Maine legislature is turned over an hour it's Republican but even when they were able when it was dominated by moon bats. Why would they ever set up a system that would allow welfare recipients to buy booze with us stay welfare money. Well what I what they try to be -- diet for lack. A point where people can -- like Apple's. You know they wanted and the bike out to try get a job to get around she and they are okay their electric -- With the money that was supposed to be applied toward utility -- fuel. It allowed them to do whatever they want everybody who's unemployed. Can go to 200 dollars and food stamps everybody that he had at which is temporary funding and make out like temporary that they distracting get back. What is this eight people on it three years every doubt -- -- -- it's like 36 -- what they get bored that before. They have more to get more cynical on -- -- And I'll help up to 700 dollars in boot camp out at three can't. Yet it's it's it's a very program. In the government. Though there's no such thing as a temporary tax either. A sudden said that tax oil is by those cracks me up as Torrealba by the different states a sunset it to you we got one here it's called the Massachusetts turnpike authority. Death of that yet they used to have the east of told boasts up but they -- down 25 years ago right -- when that's what they said that we're gonna do. Could have them up anymore Patrick you're next with how we cargo ahead Patrick. LL -- NATO and I work -- network so. We've we've got. How out there were a lot of sex in a left. Yeah and I I hope these people out all the time and that that's where most of the money come from from beauty part. What -- they pay they pay for their satellite TV with with EBT cards. I can't while not with that both the -- they can get off. Imagine no -- A lot of these people that are on second hour. Men that would be a great thing to do if they were charging that you find out who's -- who's using welfare money to get the Playboy channel or spice or one of those things of those channels you know. Well bill are cheap beer and people bill while I'm there well over eighty bucks a month. You know this is what we're talking where at least at. Blackberry people are very end -- -- -- I -- You know people like -- itself with their cable. In you know these people public system. Now what. I think they feel like saw -- things like cell phone cable TV. Lottery tickets that that those and that's just. That's something they're entitled to that's how they that that's not a luxury that's a necessity. It's it's you know entitlement that word for it and -- -- -- -- And it it's just that notion. Is that Spain and in doing the right and aren't in anymore. It's about what you'd expect and it lining up if I animate them by booze cigarette. With the taxpayer dollars. What really you don't and I know governor weld tried to what do something about calling it welfare 'cause he thought it was a bad name and he called a transitional assistance but it I mean that name itself is a joke -- I don't it -- you don't change the something by changing and that is the -- of what it is. Yet the pike is still the pike in the welfare department is still the welfare department. -- let's see Tom your next with Howie Carr and Sean O'Connell state rep from -- -- who took Jim Faggins Playskool ahead top. I now -- so now you good you look at Wimbledon doubles could pay. I'm 66. Lou -- social security and savings. Rate he. 400 bucks a month for parents. And first first of all I know that that The Herald populist part of the world ocean view our. But it would -- this day is like. They exposed a 199000. Calls it abuse today okay yes and does it does the program get abused you bet it does it any government program does but my point is like. Do people -- -- 230000. Calls a year -- his attention. To wanna call it abuse. Yes. Yes today is I mean. You know we just were writing about belly bulge his pension today this was this was kinda left over from last year during the campaign would -- we found out about this. And Tom the other thing is you know I'm not making excuses for The -- but. Obviously. What what we touched on today was have been using the phrase tip -- the police were. You know I mean it's it's obviously clear that this is just a and a miniscule amount of the abuse that's going -- Have a program works if you -- social market with my wife and I shoot sixty Korea okay. We have what we get our stocks among big deal you know our hundred bucks -- -- goes. No it doesn't go far I know that obviously. But but don't understand is I made domestic supply I picked up blow Paula -- equipment. And it got problems. -- -- that's possible. That the compact and you paid but. Do we -- do we know if there are two cards that we're talking about here food that kind that Thomas got in the the kind that these people use in the run up to liquor stores and strip clubs and all those places. I can set up -- all I -- it some more investigation to find out exactly it's different. But I think that's why they're able to use it to go to the movies or go to the book because there are two different I. It's -- for at one food. I'm pretty sure that it's and it's up like on its food. But she taught -- you could come up to me if you if you were an if you -- bright you could come up to me at the Stop & Shop and say how way would you give me fifty bucks for a hundred dollars worth of food. He's -- -- -- just to get some -- If you call -- like we checked it did during the course of months we will -- not much -- yeah. -- -- we paid into the system law lives and now they've now the politicians -- -- -- in the mail with. People want. I mean it makes me sick what took you -- as we expand and hundreds of bit billions it goes farm aid and in this people this stopping him in and not. You know -- -- That's what we need to stop it is and so that people really do need the money. Is in -- getting. Obviously -- updated the abuses that he is to build people. Are. Not just the right it. Anymore that need to be out in stop and you know that's one of the reasons -- Because I agree with it there's a lot of these. Shot -- we're gonna talk about we're gonna talk about -- in the 6 o'clock I always found out about it last night on the show was. Joan Menard you remember her. She's got a 120000. Dollar a year job as a vice president down at Bristol community college she 75 years alt. No it's not bad at all the she gets in three years and shall be able to retire at the 96000 a year that's a little more you make it talk midnight. -- -- just it is not a rock weir okay. Please give you the majority of the people need this'll. Just people who abuse it. There's no notable and they can be fair it would. You know what about the advocate it would not let you take away anyway that it would not using it. -- that -- needed a little commentary on. I didn't in the presence today -- know. Would we in the cuts would come can you imagine cutting I've been in goals. Assistance. -- -- -- -- And it is in need in lol yup other expenses in pain. He's trying he's just trying to ski area Tom -- Somalia is it's just that that's what is that's where it's all about face with a call pop. Where were have to get a shot thanks for being weather as we appreciate it please let us know calls back when you find out about the this if we do have a two tier system with the are. OK great we'll talk to -- soon okay. -- -- --