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EBT Cards being used at Mcdonald's. Is that right?

Feb 16, 2011|

Bay State welfare recipients wolfed down $44,000 worth of Big Macs, Happy Meals and Chicken McNuggets last year in a debit card spending spree that flies in the face of first lady Michelle Obama’s healthy eating crusade. Do you think it is right for people on welfare to be using their EBT cards at Mcdonald's?

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And yesterday -- seven you may have been part of the conversation we had about welfare abuse. About EDT cards being used to pony up to a barn called jokers around entry get. Somebody actually plunked down their welfare. Taxpayer funded EBT card. At the bar -- jokers around and spend a hundred and when I'm sorry 102. Dollars are dollars we funded that card. His drinking. EB teeny that the joke is on gentry. We heard about lounge raid being purchased for the ABT cards at Victoria's Secret puppies at Pepco. Pet food to -- two innings -- We heard about all of it. We heard about the people who spent 175000. -- of our money. Courtesy of those EDT cards on liquor. Stores. We've been talking about the abuse of DD BT cards and who has them now all day. So energy about about the -- that a follow up story today. In the story is about making heats. Did you any idea. That the McDonald's food chain. In Massachusetts. Takes the EDT card. I'd have to laugh I I did report accident -- signs now at pizzeria in southeast gate -- yeah. Which is pretty much EBT card accepted here you can use your welfare card to order pizza. You -- welfare money in the case of Barack Obama IDs to unique. To water take out food delivered to your tree house in the elderly subsidized. Apartment building insulting -- aren't. Can you believe this. We skate welfare recipients. Wolf down 44. Us. Thousand dollars worth of big Macs happy meals and chicken nuggets. It'd get a debit cards spending spree now this point that Harold makes it beats. This flies in the face. First Lady Michelle Obama's healthy eating crusade and Michelle Obama's let's move. Initiative is costing the taxpayer. More than one billion. -- -- That's how much her let's move initiative is costing -- yet her husband unveiled in the state budget. This week in an increase of 15%. Of food stamps. Why. Out of every eight Americans one out of every -- to -- neighbors are on food stamps. A rough time you got laid. I don't begrudge you however frequent trips to McDonald's -- Torre secrets. Jokers mountain Drake it I do Greg Dubai in a B. I'm my dime a hit -- hitting the line and fall -- -- I do however resented you for that but he gets worse. How is this happening. Where somebody can -- up to drive through of McDonald's. In order a big Mac on the taxpayer. Talented happening that 44000. Dollars -- hard earned tax revenue. Was squandered. By people act -- gates. It's outweigh any air from state senator Bob headlined. He said this strikes me not. This trust -- not from a nutritional standpoint. It's a very war bang for the buck and -- compounds childhood obesity and the national obesity problem that we have. Hypocrisy post -- just -- The Obama's -- that big fat mean suitable mail in every time you see them they have I -- -- hands but the town the rest of us not to eat. It's on the rest of us to -- he found and and tonight he because -- nine other people in other countries don't like us they are taking one billion dollars of our money when -- country is broke. To create this let's move. Let's move. Initiative authored by the First Lady Michelle Obama but food stamps are being spent at McDonald's. Part of don't have a problem with this. 6172666868. That's 6172666868. He can text does its X 8680. You can email me -- -- at WRKO. Dot com. Make Donald's folks. Is this how you want you on money to be spent. Is this how do you think people should be able to use these EDT cards. Because can be stopped. Now I talked a little bit about the new Republican lawmakers who have hit the ground -- we have. Donald Wong -- partnered up with -- starting came up with this legislation. That led keep had a files other sex offenders behind bars. And now you have China O'Connell good for her she replaced that loser Jimmy -- But shot O'Connell a Republican from tartan has already written a bill. That way to make it illegal. Business owners and welfare recipients to knowingly use that take money the booze and -- good car. And this is what needs to happen but will it happened that's the bigger question 6172666868. Let's go to Eddie and Drake it. Hello Eddie you are Michelle -- I don't. I've been very joking I don't know whether it was spacious several times I mean -- -- joked as well. Okay now -- you take it welfare card. Well how did he how did have ill from the Barbara and end up. In a stack. Paperwork that went and poured over by Hillary Schiavo at the Boston Herald -- there was a 102. To have a dollar tab at a bar. Well let's artillery above that which you wrote that article you have joke as well as other large plate -- -- that wouldn't happen without. Maybe. In the wrong. Yeah well I'll tell me how -- -- give you cancer explain itself Eddie is the proprietor of a place called jokers around entry it. Jokers around in Drake get accepted in EBT card -- Truck stop vicious upsetting that. Somebody spent a 102 dollars -- at a bar. Using a car that I find with my tax dollars and you find as well with your tax dollars it. Troops there are you did no investigation exposed daily and that's why it's not been -- perpetrate. Okay we'll tell me Guinea covers and have a bad speak I. You know this is we have an ATM machine yeah okay which isn't supported area we don't rob or actually -- existing HE a machine to they have -- -- -- -- a lot. It would stay keeps secrets it approaching it as a that it's here at -- place I don't know -- electronic they're putting it. Well an EBT card is not any can't. Actually they actually will we ever we don't every job. And it was kind of credit card system -- I was being GM. Okay but surrogate can you understand the and the questions -- that arise from that to you have a ATM machine in near establishment. And somebody with a welfare card with able to withdraw 102 dollars which was unspent that you bar. I don't know your I don't overstepped my -- you don't -- my box. Didn't they can actually it's actually yes. In how that happening as is that a frequent transaction out of an. You won't -- actually it's the first I've never heard of -- but it didn't. Credit here it's not entirely up golf because it make it what did they make it much too easy for people to walk into a ironman -- it and withdraw 102 dollars from an ATM machine their view what you're telling me is true. But your bar and came up on a list of expenditures. That totaled 200000 all the luxury items like news and pets and on underwear. And I split -- I don't -- go to ATM machine so that's why. -- -- Do you want an ATM machine as a proprietor of -- bar I mean I don't wanna see that allowed but the statement the boy listening. -- upping you own an ATM machine. It's very inspirational. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you get all the fees of people put pour into that how much is the feat for someone to use. Partial. Okay so so does Charlotte and access. Usury TM machine -- the EDT card. This I don't know I don't I don't appreciate you. ATM machines at all I don't know hardly anything about them. All right well we we get your chance to clear it up at the bottom line is that. I don't I doubt. That. It is doing some really good dual function like transaction like that a joke Islamist except for some that. We don't have critic subsystem that joke this fixed okay. Okay well we appreciate the call Eddie apparently you can EU RE. ATM machine is a registered the 102 dollar charge. On my back. So they have a thank you for clearing that up let's go to Roger -- doing Roger -- out Michelle McKinney. So -- thought it would be yeah. Yeah well if -- I mean if people buy it or what the that there are well. I hear about a bar New Bedford and I'm not gonna mention it. But a typical -- out at our -- But for a lot that would it would don't in the club and -- -- -- drove it and it would -- -- adult. That's how we caught with becoming -- it would be as if market because that we you know in it was on on that's how it would. -- -- -- Hey David Roger is the answer because we like to talk about solutions on the show and it's a solution. Shot O'Connell who is brand new by the way and that idea that this and I believe you wanted to present Roger this welfare fraud has been on on the years and years and years and years. 44000. -- -- -- the big Macs happy meals and chicken nuggets we spent last year. On these EDT cards that's a lot of money fifty grand worth of McDonald's. Are you white. Knew when she's the first person who is not the bill to make it illegal. Which you gotta do it upbeat start to. So -- with the bulk -- Yeah well you know this to this two ways to look at this if you get out food stands used to make sure whether it they can't be used at McDonald's. Well I agree with your other respect that we that we should that we eat out. A lot of these people don't need. Now well thank you very much for the call Rogers let's go to bill in Roxbury around with Michelle McPhee. I was sure -- go our own. Children's first probably UBQ terms yes there are for local will be QB. Let it yeah I mean did they give me -- not Johnny BT's iMac and my you and it's a -- -- Phyllis and. Well. If you keep girls are. Certain we will also wants direct where it was something out Chet. So also people just got food stamps. Some people that foodstuffs and tests probably PPP. Very -- that up in the fourth different. Categories. It's okay hey we need to and yet you need to quickly -- points -- -- so. Derek when there was synagogue church if you got -- -- you disturb oblivion what you wanna to left because that is that certainly wasn't even keep. Stressed that cast there and there's a difference between cash and food spiritual that you keep. If you get cash on you seek. Because. -- -- all welfare. A lot of people have children and they have spewed by closed. Okay what else clearly are you'll -- opens up like they're okay and would actually be cast. Okay building you clip them. Bill bill bill I'm with you and apparently is -- and pick up it's -- out here is my question to you though is it appropriate. In your estimation that somebody be issued and aren't -- Victoria's secrets with our money. Driving through the drive through of McDonald's 44000. Dollars worth the big Macs happy notes and chicken -- we paid -- last year. They would do if what they were getting checked impressions of. You don't want the white is okay bill I mean you can justified in nine different ways from Sunday can tell -- they've been doing it since before I was -- fine. But let's face it I would much rather have a state police academy class which we haven't seen since 2006. Make their way onto the streets of Massachusetts rather than pick up the tab for other people's poppies. Do you agree. It doesn't make a difference. Does it different we have a -- that was army. Air and -- You took Wal-Mart. -- -- it probably seems they're they were fired on the way it. The river where no matter where it required so if you predicated on earth -- We're not talking about people buying tickets and attack people by themselves the poppy. Oliver team and on with his secret with -- -- -- picture. -- So much that they'll they'll thank you. I mean on a guy who's on first it's the New Hampshire atomic feet -- the I'm pretty sure you're understanding what we're talking about you witches. I I that's. Aren't as someone else's EBT card. And they -- then spending that money at. Out that way I see it okay now I oh. A lot fortunately you know I able. I had a bad I can't lead her image and -- can't. Okay. Every day it beat any could be at general -- eat eat eat eat cat. I had acted query got -- we asked how they -- really need that. McDonald's and spend fifty grand which is what welfare recipients did last year -- sorry. Kate but I eat it I I really bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- need to Britain. It created for it's the summary like you who was working came upon hard times union a little leg up I don't have one. I -- have a problem with helping you out however I do. You don't -- if you don't. Well ERE. You cannot. I. At 88. I brought. It. I I I read it that I and add and edit it -- Well I I know that very difficult I agree with it. Gyro in Roxbury again you are. I shouted you're on a great service out it's all welfare -- static to unravel. That meant that they took away from the local communities and made at the state program yeah. Digital content packs to my CD Howie Carr's great content today about the seven -- -- year old woman senator who just got out that jacket pocket when he. It makes me sick but Michelle into adult if you went out to the alcohol and and you -- on. Them for outside. You could sign up for wealth gap. -- -- no yield people know familiar situation. And it was disturbing. The key that has the Cadillac people go to pull up to -- all of inside out or for awhile yeah. What they've done -- they've made it anonymous ballot so. -- there with a big block OLET's in the -- -- by pregnant. Simple solution shall. -- -- outlook on the brand new and she's the first one up with this making it illegal business owners and opinions to knowingly use money. Cheat sheet -- great job and uptight yet simple solution experts suggest door put the welfare rolls are vying according to city in out. That -- there are people at stake out companies jamming. They can't re audit and they can make sure that the people who need it yet and those cameras. Are eliminated. You know what I didn't pick up this thank you very much I agree with you on that 100%. So -- Roxbury argument do you think -- that you have to buy -- with the kids at that went to Victoria's secrets. Because that text -- underwear Kmart is 1799. Per packets acts. Thirty backs the one on Victoria's Secret I hope that wasn't bill's argument. -- That's gonna Joe doesn't while and you are on the beach comic Biggio. Are you okay oh I -- Just one comment about that joker who owns the article a little while ago talking about. ATF. Of is an ATM in banks and gas stations and convenience stores for years and years I've never seen an ATM. -- out two dollars. To develop a hundred into -- I've never seen you put an ATM card and and get to scholars felt like honored to call there. They don't have is that the welfare recipient put his card and got out Andrei and and in the owner of the joker lounge took to box -- Well it is the way he was explaining that because but the credit card they've got a 102 dollars and not impossible as. 8 PM debate it's been out twenties and maybe -- once in -- not a single dollar bills select got a liar. Allah I lucked out there's a different problem the last person I care about is at small business guys probably just make it. I do to say that these cults that are in charge of making sure war. Our money -- beans did not mean wasted at Mickey d.s at the same time with spending more than a billion dollars billion. The Michelle Obama's new initiative. It's fly in the face of reason doesn't. Sound -- on the market. Yeah -- Michelle I got here they -- it's now. British got what happened with but he got the -- -- -- exactly what you said -- guy took a hundred dollars now and the to the policy went to com. Went to the -- and whoever he would at least in the. -- I mean this makes no sense to audience that you are telling me that in EBT card is literally a taxpayer and an ATM machine. Yeah cash machine and just get cash out in goal. I. Yes or shall there are 8 PM and accept that -- that except that god will spit out cash all of and enact exactly what -- it is what happened at above a guy about a hundred bucks. Other two dollar they would split probably between elite eight for the machine and I ought not. And that's another two dollars the state money that went toward the -- -- churned out -- And that direct our Charlotte was talking about that could spend the money anyway today on that's just a lot because he has adult wondered -- stand -- -- bears game. -- checks game was speculation that it was tip at beat the money was being used are almost all of this are pretty. And like -- had not vote -- a victorious big predators abuse well you know toilet paper whatever I was needed. We have the White House lecturing that's about childhood obesity in food stamp recipients. Although I spanning 40000 dollars -- Massachusetts taxpayers hard earned money at McDonald's. Again Michelle like I said yesterday you and I probably -- -- that you'd epic we've probably all use credit. And it does so the ocean is so simple like based notebook for a advocate too -- a program -- a red flag comes up. As somebody who ATP routed out victorious secret -- lot. Shot off you don't think you pick up next month it's not it's not rocket science that we don't need the interest there was in bill out that belt. I got parameters it innocuous sort of parameters that naming it Social Security number attached to each got that they cannot that you know the -- well. Don't know what's so. I have my Tony 100% thank you for the call let's go to John -- in the car Johnny Rotten John McCain. Hello giant. -- at a time don't I don't in Roxbury on WRK oh right at around. You know this -- back don't you understand our troops. I've got -- girlfriends. And they're all pretty much cops say that with the welfare check. Tyrone thank you for the call either -- EU we are AM six AD WRK out.