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Should Students Be Able to Carry Guns on College Campuses?

Feb 22, 2011|

Jennifer Brien filling in for Michele wanted to know if guns should be allowed on campuses. Texas lawmakers are weighing a bill that would allow professors and students to carry concealed weapons on college campuses. Before the voting begins, a public meeting on the measure will be announced soon on the legislature's site, "This is about self-defense," said San Antonio Republican Sen. Jeff Wentworth, the legislation's sponsor. "It's about protecting lives of students who are totally vulnerable and defenseless and able to be picked off by a deranged shooter, as was the case in Virginia." Should Students and professors be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus?

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I tea I heard the story and I thought to myself if I was still the University of Rhode Island which is why I went to college I really don't think I'd like. What's about to happen in taxes to happen on campus. In Rhode Island. Texas folks is preparing to give college students and professors. The right to carry guns on campus. Adding momentum to a national campaign to open this part of society to firearms now more than half of the members. Of the Texas house have signed on as -- this is released -- amazing may have some -- on as co authors. Although measure directing universities to allow concealed. Handguns. The senate passed a similar bill back in 2009 and is expected to do so again Republican governor Rick Perry who sometimes. Packs a pistol when he jogs. Has said he's in favor of the idea. Now. And a lot of people. First of all -- there's so many things to think about. Young people with guns okay in certain in certain environments I understand in war in the military. If you happen to be which I don't I am not being hunting if you happen to be hunting and your parents train -- you've gone off to -- That sort of thing. But on a college campus young people with enough locals on college campuses right pick much college. Animal house for those of you have liked to play. You know lol what I'm saying it. Lot of animal house. And EU you know and the packing he. Texas has become a prime battleground for the issue because of its gun culture its size. And now with 38 public universities in more than 500000 students -- it would become the second state following you to now you tops. And allowed Utah to pass such a broad based -- Colorado gives college is the option in several have allowed handguns now. People are saying the reason why -- and you know he understands this is not even about nine is now it's about look at what have a Virginia Tech. We can't have that happen again look at what have a column by that was high school but god forbid. What if what one of those kids so what what if what would become I'm happens at college you know you sit there mining year old business. -- he can take -- she can take whoever out. Blacks are you kidding me yeah I am sitting next to somebody during a final exam. And the person next to me has a gun. I don't know if I would feel comfortable. I personally yes I'm in favor of gun rights. And but I but the classroom. That really bothers me why so we get upset because they like they're great. What if there are upset because I don't know something happened to them last night they were drinking their girlfriend dumped on the go to the go to class packing heat ice. This is it's I really am sorry colleges it's not necessary. This is a terrible. Terrible terrible idea I understand those of you that support the Second Amendment I understand those that support gun rights and you wanna be able. These these are very young people very young people in a collegiate setting and again you know you you understand what goes on colleges. Not yes -- and guns occupy a special place in Texas culture yeah I get that I understand that but I also understand that their guns on campus bills have been rejected. In 23 states to since 2007 and as a reason for that. How would you feel if ecology send your son or daughter to. Was allowing it we're allowing students and professors. To tell -- -- of the -- -- let's. At the University of Texas. Very bad very very on May be just got let's talk about this. You on the gun rights on the second -- -- when it comes to which comes to carrying a weapon. Whether it whether it's conceal -- nine owning a weapon who should own a weapon. I can't even believe that the folks in Texas. Are going to allow young kids with wit and they're still developing their reasoning skills that's why they're in college they're learning and they're trying to be calm. Thinking. Feeling thoughtful adults I would hope for the most part. Do you really put place and -- I hadn't gone. -- kids knapsack or in a holster on their hip who's going off to physics class or biology. To -- apart for dog. Its -- necessary. If frankly does not enough for those of you that say all all Virginia Tech -- is enough. Violence. That kind of violence to warrant that kids carrying guns. But security personnel but the campus police carry guns a lot of like campus police can't -- that can only carry clubs and it's yeah weapons. 61726668688774694322. Very very bad bad. Bad idea that's how I feel about it already feel Kevin talked to me your WRK out. I'd I'd taken my -- out mocked up a side -- just recently finished forty years in the Marine Corps is currently attending college. I don't every state in the world -- a licensed to carry by the way he doesn't carry this ball player every straight from the world that it be dead. He would be responsible whether and I expect that there are sovereign laws in the state right now. -- bet anyone for any reason they can possibly by the keeps -- and get my damn bit of PayPal oh I suspect Jerry they're probably gonna do pretty well. I think what I said earlier. What -- weren't listening one in five people in this country are mentally now we are crazy people are angry people are crazy people aren't stable. The number of people that abused drugs and alcohol or through the roof. -- -- -- just think of the culture in general. You've got one of the highest rated show was on a character I and I noted he's the he's an actor. But but no complaints about it just really upset last week you've got Charlie Sheen got out there saint. Well if you can use cracks socially what the hell why not say anything that -- I mean you. -- It's true outrage people appear but it just Beckett like point that's one every eight people -- at the be -- Out of you talk about the campus police Ohio back up these. I mean don't these people these people out there responsible. They've done what they need to get them the same lieutenant -- responsible it would have been out. All right Kevin thanks for the call I appreciate you know I wonder -- -- what if you know the kids sit next -- -- sign. Didn't like them. What if he was friends with them and they got to a -- a what if you lost your sides stole his girlfriend and they were packing heat. Why you soften that position we kids judgment. Is sold back. Joe welcome your NW RKO. I I couldn't distribute it more. You kind of the sporting it a bit by using the word hit there's a minimum license requirement age when -- -- they're they're off they're all adult. Our what you just said be forewarned by that mental problem -- that also like the other -- was saying is -- good reason an album. The -- they were at the teachers they call aren't had done. Those kids wouldn't that as far as they did it that there are Virginia -- if others Norton anti just had started -- what are any big. Right Joe I agree you just edit the teachers account I have got bright the teachers should have them now do you do you really think. When -- 21 years all I am a totally different person at 42. Then I was at twenty want my ability to reason outside of all of the emotion just grow up your Bailey out of your teen years. You think that -- 21 kids have as good enough sound judgment in order to be able to just. -- on campuses. What I yes I agree -- when I did have my permit to carry I was working is that -- -- got a at a recent or in Massachusetts it's hard to get a get a this apartment. Even back in the yet seventy when he had ever -- a real good reason that it was. They were just holding them back. I had no problems. What that -- -- that it wasn't any big. I think that it everybody attic are in the bowl it would be less because I wouldn't applaud during the shoot somebody knowing the guy next the other -- And just -- the call I appreciate it. 61726668688774694322. I'm really surprised that the first of budget calls coming in. Are supported this. I am absolutely. Just dumbfounded that that. And it and maybe your -- and out of from a low you know gun rights we got to put it is these are young people. -- the kids on the streets. Their hands on weapons illegally. Shot are. There's eggs they used to they just how they drive -- -- bring the parties and there was a wallet that millions he. Shooting at someone's house or which one -- yeah I know. Semi -- by the way. 68680 annual wireless Texas will soon allow guns on college campuses yes. Texas it's Texas is preparing to give college students. Students and professors the right to carry guns. On campus. Concealed by the way. Scott welcome Scott you're WRKO. Yes suck it up and mystery of how real you do in I agree with access that they still does have a right to carry firearms -- -- -- yes -- it's it's. First of all the -- are I support the NRA in a Second Amendment Rights like but there's also wait any out there's an attack across the board. That goes hand in hand with what what we're trying to destroy gun rights throwing prayer out of schools. Are supporting homosexual marriage. I believe in a very conservative America. I believe an America where Americans have the right to carry firearms I believe in America they should have. A right to have prayer in the schools I have an America where where affirmative action -- first discrimination should be thrown out. You've got to understand Massachusetts is a very liberal were -- 36 -- compete at about the real America Texas says the real America and they. -- They know little stream I think that may -- -- as Massachusetts is extremes so is Texas I think it has got to get comfortable medium I don't necessarily buy that. To access is the way they they of the way that basically America is is is from the wild west states won a man had a right to protect. Family and this property Massachusetts. Because of of this the same liberalism they wanna throw everything out the window. We could keep keep can't stop guns. You've got to support homosexual marriage still don't see -- to implement these other options so when you look at it from a perspective from Massachusetts. Vantage point. Of course they look like a bunch of read the -- went up but the bottom line. They are rednecks it's got what you just said rail and I use that homosexual homosexual like to a three time right right so what is so what are some kid feels very -- like you do he happens haven't gone in some openly gay kid with his boyfriend goes to class. Pop pop up. That's what's gonna happen. There's always is that so it's these hypotheticals. That can happen but. What I habits are making it even more reality by placing a handgun in the -- them in the hands of somebody. That's has very extreme views that. All of this all of this that this can't last that they wanted to take. Take out to complain about -- Bader Ginsburg. -- you can blame -- Our other Supreme Court justices are that a fairly liberal in this in this country that wanna throw out. And destroy not only he and gun rights but the strike. Hold -- destroy the traditional American family. And destroy what America's all about. Well but but judge Scott thanks for the call you the traditional American family. You know in the late eighteen hundreds at times consisted -- I'm a man who bought. A twelve year old and you know got her pregnant and and let -- take care of them. It does she was a baby machine. So that the fields would be worked in. So you know what what is the idea of -- of the American family because that concept has evolved. Over the years and it continues to do so. 61726668688774694322. C I would hate for someone like yourself to have a -- if they were 21 year old in class in Texas. I would be afraid of you Scott. I would be very afraid of Joe welcome connects up and WRK out. Yeah I hit Good -- I've written about -- -- -- as well or just talk about and I think people are sick of being victims. I don't -- and that. We have mechanism and the -- Geithner right feeling that as a guy that I haven't done -- got my chance I think actually doing the right thing like Israel and it but it is not about. And patriotic aboard the tree at Ahmedabad India more and bring it to trial. Shouldn't I just don't give a punching the clock -- -- a school where they try to not -- that. Yet while they if they cannot see the idea here is if it's 41 years old they can pass a training course and a background check in making carried. And the background check every about it I don't know you got a guy that does not static on Internet. Not not an eagle about the bad if not that he -- -- work well some. In -- is relative these days. I think about it -- -- -- ebitda net checks check and don't look like -- Well all right listen I appreciate the call it you know very much. 6172666868877469. 4322. Had girl does not remember that video on YouTube when that girl was flipping around class. She'd like the I don't know what I would say it was and she'd like grade she died she was throwing games it's screening and the campus -- African American -- To get campus police came to mention scream racism. It's not as you are an obnoxious ass it's just because your black she got. We haven't had gone. I'm just saying. Let's go to Keith Keith welcome -- next up NW RKO. Yeah I call I have to agree review on this -- I you I think I heard you laughing that's good that means an entertaining excellent. Yes. -- -- -- a good way I was hoping you were keep banks our. I had. There's just no real stickier issue I -- if you call hours ago regard said the if they're -- -- good diet Columbine High School with a more or at Virginia Tech. You know I wouldn't have been as bad as the waters. But this I don't know. I think it would have been wars imagine everybody take about the Colin Bayh or Virginia Tech icon -- Antioch I know what a magic everybody's taking god I didn't have sex killing each other. -- Well well well and straw. While everybody has economy went -- law enforcement -- they don't really know who's the good guy bad guy. And so that's just makes one problem now that's it. That makes their job a lot more difficult and I wanted to throw in a guy. A few hours ago is something about Ohio. In the seven yes. Thinking that certain current and stage yeah I that's while -- that was ballot the National Guard yeah on the campus. Yes I'm glad they were emigrate there yes no problem. You bet 61726668668774694322. And is not outlasting. Really I left myself on a time I have no choice cry. Arthur welcome -- next up on WRK out. Well it should put a lot by the people whoever extreme it's problem of they wanna get drugs that aren't. You know -- of people Greg utilize those of of people wish you go there we wish you go back to what we screen people like respect cases that were -- projected that. And the fact that boast of kids were open book as the sub David were but it does. Look this is picked up by a lot of -- did we should be a lot of the look -- -- Art it's point one year old 21 year old what young adults people what do you wanna say whoo -- yeah. How can -- it they drink regularly they smoked -- regularly play play play party party party work work work I mean -- put it all together. And you expect someone like that to have good sound judgment. Well you know -- and they're very younger guys and it's 41 tough fight over an Iraq and Afghanistan. -- -- given up their lives OK but they have training -- everybody said. Everybody -- tray you've ever benefit everybody seems unstable economic. They'll get back to work so much in common sense where do -- but you automobile out of the -- -- -- -- we double the budget but district crazy. Then was C thanks I appreciate the call I'd like to see the campus police. With the guns in their hands that I'd like to see and I neither my professors some lack jobs professors some Donald Sutherland from not you know animal house what ever. The judgment he's not dealt. Not sound kiddo so not a dear mom for three straight days then finally decides to go to class on Friday. Oh. 68680. A new wireless if you wanna send attacks. And what's wrong with me it's not going to just apply to students are already licensed. Anybody that can pass the test and pass the background check he carried on. That's the way ahead in the C the kids to have carry permits carry outside -- ready. They're small groups of people -- churn up to go through the process of licensing okay. Hey -- -- -- you can't save me everybody that carries a -- is -- earnest -- so now I'm mentally sound. That's because your biased because you support gun rights and that's okay I support the Second Amendment. I support people carrying -- supports self protection but I don't support 21 year old young people in college. Putting guns and their nap sacks in going off to physics class don't let little library. -- -- welcomed next up a WRKO. -- -- -- -- Yet I come up audio call quality Europe and carry that I like because you're gonna go through election process and even if they do attain it if they did you know I think a lot of people that Apollo anyways just by what is said by the by the nature of the campus environment such a lot of people well by the first place. But the thing has evil little license privilege can be taken away from. They airshow but bizarre behavior whatever but. And the answer that have a have a kid who has exploding -- probably I think is maybe even so expect I don't know what the cost of education hasn't taxes and -- an -- payment to make every month. There's some credibility -- had -- degree level headed irritating -- trying to retain a degree in a specific field instructor. I'm Laporte but when you mentioned the the toga party type individually and that person will watch out before you against Lou that screening test probably this is they would come into play. And surface because in fact they notice and current taxes in particular that a lot of kids -- carrying anyway so -- trying to clean it up I think. Because they're going to be taking guns away from people as well as bloody nose quote -- continue to -- I honestly believe a lot of people are carrying. And that brought notice to the the authorities. To kind of get it regulator a little bit. Because that decision stated some people are probably a little bit -- They there's still -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At tonight's -- putting a little loose like that. -- and I think based on that they're trying to take guns out of some kids can't by legalizing and having the process 'cause probably everybody's carrying and they shouldn't because they quote I what you're stating early W worst case scenario type of an individual. Yeah I would love to -- thanks for the call I would love to hear from from a student and know from him or her if if they would feel safer. On campus if you would feel safer if they were in your class with guns all around you Jason welcome connects up when WRK out. They're like ordered Google out because I -- I have a sneaky suspicion more people laughing at you -- position on this -- stance is wet a line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well if you don't want kids to die you take a lot of free fires arms Virginia Tech freak fires out. You don't know parachuting in places where people can defend themselves. The simple fact. It -- Virginia tech's first couple years prior to that incident -- an edit option on board that they order will allow students to concealed carry armed camps and -- also however he'll carry concealed carry at least stop the knapsack. And you have to get the direct personal control. You have to be on your body. You have to go Google but life and of course -- training in Texas for a DU you can't qualify on -- -- very carry semiautomatic pistol. You have to qualifier on each weapon site. You EU EU also that the past -- that the background checks and everything else because. Hello I'm Jason I said I'll do it in and I tell them. You immediately compare it to a gang related shooting in Boston I'm not what I see what I like I said it. Jason Taylor and I say you put hands and guns aren't you of kids that have them with no judgment it wasn't about. It doesn't matter you can pass how people pass driver's test but still have crappy judgment. About it that's a weapon how many how many young people used to drive -- like total morons on the highway. Wish I mean it and I'm just in Jason. Second -- -- it needed to restrain itself there. To issue driver's -- immediately revoked because they think they misinterpreted. The law. In Massachusetts. I. Like my LP -- It's unfortunate that little ever restrictive license. It'll carry concealed -- from arrangement of the vehicle parts that I try if I stop it. And don't much. On the way all -- -- -- arranged to get out say yeah. I am a violation of the law I can lose my license -- -- -- leadership it lol revoke violations at the drop of. -- just what I said. Yeah talk really well right. -- actually what we're left unleashing a knucklehead teenage driver quickly or 21 year old driver will give driver's license for speeding violation. I'm Jason I don't know I don't hang out with with young people young people I mean. It -- you have -- back up -- it -- it is true it. Is up. Jason -- listen I'd I'd like to talk promised three minutes and we got a full Boortz I -- to go but thanks for the call and -- -- -- -- I mean Jason I don't know you're talking about guns and stopping it Dunkin' Donuts and it kids losing their license only sit adjacent. You -- kids pass the tests. To drive the car and is supposed to be mentally sound enough to have passed that test and their idiots. Why can't that happen with someone who's carrying -- -- Linda welcomed in next up NW RKO. Go -- yes go ahead. I. Could try to. I don't want their daughter and I would like your. Debt to Eric. Professional. I've worked well. -- work groups or maturity. I can't see too many -- I'll. And it will -- a poll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where one. Cheap. Actually. And -- may. And -- my -- I figure it buddy right. I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it went in. Many young children at school at. Educate. It. -- Yet I don't know what's carries to me is -- upcoming dot I mean deceit you've got these pro gun people. That are so biased and myopic they're not hearing what I'm saying I'm not saying I'm not anti guns and I certainly want people to be able to carry what I'm saying what he wants to young. What you want to be eight to conceal to habit any LEI all right Deion did and there it. -- -- -- the military. Being you know -- outside -- you know China and it. Credential that you weren't -- And my children were get called the military and share or 821. Year old party. All of -- to any. A soldier a sought to bad and sprained. -- -- -- And that's and Linda thanks for the call we need to take a break and that's soldier has had depending on the -- last up to seventeen weeks constant round the clock training. With that weapon because that weapon becomes your body that's it. Yeah that's at that that is your partner your weapon 61726668688774694322. Texas may soon allow guns on college campuses. Do you agree with Linda Linda and I we feel the same way where that tiny 1% today. The series you guys have to say we'll take more of your calls in just a few minutes you listen Jennifer -- in for Michelle McPhee was still be up coming up at three. This is -- is substation and six day WRKO. It's. 1940 at WRK outlets outlets get back to these votes because you guys got a lot to say the conversation continues Texas may -- allow guns on college campuses professors and students are gonna be able to might carry guns all over the place. Classrooms gym locker rooms such our law whenever. Doesn't -- showers. Libraries. Yeah that's great. Yeah are you gonna get ticked off because he can't get your copy of the scarlet letter Ol Mike. Hello Mike welcome and the RK out. United -- on my mouse yes. Now certainly has sixteen year old Monroe into guns are -- -- You mouse over generalities of where Vietnam's. What what if they have passed the test what if they are responsible. What if so what if what if what if. Forward that the council light regular or jurisdiction on the outlook garbage that was cigarette though -- -- -- critical of these patients permanent. Are probably people is -- What. Probably people who call it and a national pro -- not -- job as a doubt children are -- campus with which I do have a child or call Jeb Bush and I'd much rather sure wearable pulled back back. That jacket and nine millimeter it really -- just on the -- it's like. There was solve everything gun gun gun gun god. I mean uses social so almost -- so -- vocal so Obama does not want to -- -- I mean. What you know so what are my excel sent me an email on set I'd they are better ways Emmy rather than an -- for NIR you know like some guy said -- tired -- being a victim I want Yosemite -- -- -- -- -- it to teach kids better than that isn't there a way to -- it's not a nonviolent means we have to allow them to carry weapons. Because if -- carry weapons to protect themselves aren't there better ways I mean shouldn't we be may be you know breaking down the violence -- trying to break through the violence. -- -- A caller. That's just ridiculous. As made whole and it and Portland State there. -- laws become college town now. They're very creative they've signaled -- -- that go up if buildings and doing a lot of good things -- your -- school as a good college. And I don't think without away. But I am territory reeling out. -- student sit in your room structure until. Well yeah why don't why it's not my thinks that calling not talking about you know university amass it. This is all about Texas Texas Texas Texas don't up. Because you know what happened in other states eventually comes down you know to haunt us here 61726668688774694322. You can text be 68680. On your wireless let's go to John -- coming up next NW RKO. -- yes couple -- one. -- as much more restrictive gun laws and taxes as a Massachusetts can decide for itself yeah literally. If you applied for it until like Kerry Massachusetts the local police chief can decide. That I think you're not it's charity. Gone which I think is unconstitutional but don't count. And yeah he's not married you know stared -- me but. It did it I don't you know once challenged at. In investors to take -- up to four months to get away. Charity extra costs and box two weeks so different states different venues but. If if University of Texas decides. Or rather the state of Texas fact that it's -- -- students and teachers -- anchor. Except of the state of text messages of what's being more restrictive and -- and more restrictive. So I hear you have children in the background would you or would you feel safer or less safe with someone sitting next -- Child and at college with carrying a weapon. I would feel -- my children are going to be training. In weapon in in -- the end all and I -- real comfortable with them. What about it sitting next to them. That would be -- June that the specifics state and it would be up to this Pacific police chief if they let him ask just sit. And yes I I still complain that much a couple of my children. Having it done with a propensity to somebody else to have a -- is great. All right John thanks for the call I appreciate it. Let's go to nick nick welcome you next up NW RKO. I hear -- -- and enjoy the show. It to our. Us state and if it is a 21 year old that they came as all the requirements in the -- Console for. Texas. I think it's not just -- you know I mean if if anybody's. Gonna get a gun they had revenues. It would be a law abiding. Student. And you know and whoever. Oh all right but isn't it but -- think about this the other thing that no one has mentioned today it's much easier. You know if it what do you don't have the permit. If everybody has -- gone are tons of people have gone somebody that doesn't have the permit that hasn't passed the test. Can blend right -- it's easier for them to just sort of blend you know. Aren't you worried about that. And it's just like. Like. It's like people don't wanna -- to running marathons runners so they just -- you know they just jump in like Rosie Ruiz wherever after the you know the the initial you know bang of the -- They did jump in and then -- you know they don't cross the finish line. But they -- Well -- -- you know if they've blended bland but if there if they're going to have a propensity -- violence against innocent. This benefit innocents have an ability to protect themselves. Then and then the waiting for the police to protect. Them or you know we offensive have a misfire. Did -- help -- the police anymore I mean what happened. Not enough for them around in there people can't rely on police to protect you and if you live in the city of Boston. Or cooperate in any major city it's all vote if the individual. Responsibility. And the police -- I of that in her bid to protect you. If it will enforce a law. All right thanks I appreciate your call 61726668688774694322. Let's go to -- And that with a name like am I suspect that you support done Second Amendment at MM dot. Will be there I want to make a point yeah arm appears over the age of 64 yes and analysts in late teens. If you put if you belong to a gun -- you could take your 22 rifles strapped Adobe shoulder get on the school bought go to school. Deposited in your locker and hope it don't practice that would that's ineptitude it's I'm not talking New Hampshire remainder. For upstate New York there's something you're -- -- it is. This is the visible for the Kennedy assassination. And then what. Any violence from what I mean that an armed society the polite society because one of the biggest deterrents. To the world right is that they know you're -- -- -- it brought. Okay but -- you know what it's not even. I didn't tell you I know you probably absolutely right that you think about all the kids all of the people that abuse and I'd just stay alone abused drugs and alcohol we've gotten. That appeals to you can abuse it anyway you're not going to be you know and -- stopped. -- doubled my point Emmett is he got someone who might pass these tests and then their prescription drug public. Look I got a text that says to -- let's combine underage drinking on a massive scale -- -- college drinking. And all behaviors associated with that with god is great idea student Wakefield. These people -- heavy drinker speculative in the fifties and sixties still. I mean can kids going to college and in the end it would do any restrictions that liberal blowing people away. And then protecting that happened down in Virginia. About a a year before that. I think like this happening not speaking on a college campus and treat treat kids that were that ahead of firearms in their cars. Went to their cars and stopped to think that means is so. Did that the law writes no they everybody's gonna I gonna be aren't they're not gonna pull up a gut guy doesn't go into our post -- yeah obviously anybody. Hold up the donut shop now because there's always cops there. The -- copies of this virus. And -- that's messed up bag even -- -- that messed up thanks I appreciate it can't know what I'm thinking they're cops there because we are -- you know. A chocolate frosting and is now lot of money them now honey nip Dan welcome the cops Danny you're next -- -- WRK out. I think he'll -- goes a little bit crazy -- -- and there in -- -- -- saying that I guess I'm not a whole lot of massively political life pentagon to. Yeah. I'm twenty when I'm all for. Gone right for everything but that gravy they've picked up 121 girls are gonna walk -- -- and it hasn't gotten beyond Democrat and. The act someone sent me another an email that says -- let's lock and load of all these freaking idiots can come to a campus and kill as many people as they can find. And we should be able to defend ourselves and -- one right between his eyes and you know that's that's the -- I mean that's what people would do didn't imagine if someone pulled a gun. Admitted that summer season gone dead dying to pull out they're -- they pull out pick on someone else pulls out there got and that's a free for all. Imagine what could happen I mean I don't know I don't think them being too dramatic and I don't -- thanks for the call I appreciate it 61726668688774694322. Let's go to Scott Scott welcome you our next up on WRK -- go ahead. I aria good yeah yeah our meals dramatic that -- -- really it. It's the Turkish. Republic. Aren't a black -- that. It -- -- students are are. You have access to weapons here aren't that they stop it stop it happened -- -- at an idea that individual aren't. They're gonna pick -- -- Right so if it's -- what are you you know -- archer have done themselves. That person is gonna commented prey on the -- in the so called. -- for our own that aren't there free fire zone. But artists gun control -- not. But control people abide the law. The only Arctic and control works is once and Obey the law anyone going into shooting in -- setting where. They are biding war they don't care it's -- it went in my. Perhaps some -- get a hold open a web legally. They're never gonna it was stopped and no matter what do but the bottom line it can't or eight while fighting in this. Good -- cheap old asks Hugh. What would you like a bad apples. That are gonna take advantage of the. So so he Wentz yes. Or saying yeah that I would stated that terminology that you're you're gonna show today are all children -- -- That's sort these all children other someone's child bad momma gonna call them my child on it that's fine. All -- Well but -- nearly thirty nearly thirty is much different than just you know -- in about a little over and over twenty. Right well as a huge. He's at eighteen -- you know that's typically where you can start having your own firearm in most states now eighteen to 21 year old picked up -- significant. Majority of college. They talked about when you can't. Now those are also has significant. Population inside the united states military is well. And there are also want that are total war also the one don't I thought once you're done very well when he urged that. And then they're very well use them very very responsive. Hey Scott I got a double what do you study and what is 28 year old study working on the era bachelors or master reader on -- -- That's that's what good trio hey good luck I appreciate the call continue to listen. 61726668688774694322. We will get back to the phones and just a few minutes and Michelle -- coming up 37 for how we today stick around. Much more coming up right here on Boston's talk station AM six AD WRKO.