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What it Cost to take your Picture Taken With President Obama

Mar 9, 2011|

Last night President Obama had a dinner at the Museum of Fine Arts where it cost 5,000 to get in and cost even more just to get your picture taken with the President. Who has the money to attend these events and would you ever pay that much money to have dinner with anyone?

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You know what else is awful I have a little inside information about the Obama. Event yesterday now on site it became Dorchester really those kids indoor test that what. Here is the president of the united states of Boston -- Talking about how Boston has -- The right thing. And I was happy for our city I think it's fantastic for the school system and basketball it's great for the kids over in Dorchester. But then yesterday had a meeting whether grade -- all the -- on what medical center. And about 4 o'clock. And I completely if a guy that the Potisk the president of the United States would be at the Museum of Fine Arts. In that the poet is would be tying up traffic took me for her to get home after that now I thought to myself. 5000. Dollars a person. To attend a fund raiser with president Barack Obama. And thousand dollars a person. I guess why it gets works. It was key thousand dollars that's right. 50000151000. Dollars a person. You have -- photograph taken with the president the United States. Now I don't Doc Rivers there and who doesn't like dockers. Of the Celtics as the Celtics players. 151000. Dollars a. Person to have -- -- to take -- -- the president of the United States. Fifty cheese would you ever payback. 617266686861726660. Day sixty day. Bit key. Thousand dollars a person. Question. I have -- you folks as Barack Obama is in Boston. And again is great for the kids in Dorchester and I don't disparage that and who doesn't -- Doc Rivers now mind that the Celtics are all hanging out -- -- Obama last night at the MFA. -- brings what immediately comes to mind for me folks. Is the idea that Barack Obama never met with the families of those dead federal agents. There have been 220. Murdered in recent months. He's a federal agents who are trying to protect us from the drug cartels in Mexico. Federal agents that armed with bean bags. Bean bags -- not have time to meet with them. But he has time to hang out and run doubles with Rondo. It hit you have federal law enforcement official I would find that insulting. Which -- time is insulting that the present in the United States could command fifty grand to -- -- -- -- next on five grand just hang out at the MFA of them. Anything he can rub shoulders and all these sports celebrities but he never once has made any sort of contact with the families of the dead federal agents who -- on -- bean bags. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It afternoon's quiet -- They renegade -- yet pricing info you -- a flop around as part of this it was our brand to get a great. Jenny if you wanted to -- ticket would -- a little and -- and stand next don't go look. 30000 -- if you want both of the it it only dinner afterward preferred. If he. Worried couple both active. So that's about work just. Why is I mean John that's even more astonishing and what might be told her outrage. Okay I believe it's even get a meal I. -- -- that I -- But let it go waiting to gut. Eat well there are. Very. Sega and she's practice but by god it. -- thought that that a pitcher for ten right. It any ad spend any type of event is dandelion but your number you don't get the pop a lot. It does speak to about the -- the sale OJ can't all think extent that it. And then that was it it was thirty grand approach that to go to a private -- it was. I. Possibly pony up thirty grand to have dinner and fifty grand streak you're married couple who handed down on Boston. No shorter. I have been believing it to me now to get back easy from that area in Orlando. Go to get there was no shortage of a 30000 dollar and 8000 dollar a couple of -- -- That would not after the -- we -- proud -- about what went on. And you know contribution the not a tax write off so won't what is the incentive just to pony up fifty grand in this recession. To have Robert chicken with the president. I area. Now but there are lots of people you know about it but I -- attacked the Bob Kraft well. Beck thought it was back out that was that the thirty -- already had better. Well what is shot that Bob Kraft almost got a big -- federal grant to build the bridge. PH he went out and what the factor. He watt anywhere air so that their you know their overseas. -- well makes it's a giant you know at Dexter by the way just as did the -- -- by the Cambridge police for beer summit. To think he would say that hey. Wanna nobody has acted stupidly -- a -- lot of things because they've been -- doesn't I think he'd go to bed to the people pony it up the thirty G. To the public system give it to Boston that give it to the almost too good about a lot of. And it was it it would apart like that for the Dem congressional committee so its fourth. And mine alone. Not a -- in all those guys that. But money out. That you know it's so disgusting to think that people have that kind of -- fifty grand to have dinner with the president the United States. Every out that's exactly I was outside on the fuel system stinks saying it -- the president Kevin -- Just suggesting that -- find I don't know what war. But on Friday -- at -- about that thank you for the column losing abated tune in. -- on the best part about that protested these protests and John Kerry. Who took money out of the health and human services budget. Along with his pal Ed Markey they should be protesting the attitude democratic compatriot. The taking money out of the health and human services budget to give it to the Ted Kennedy memorial. Let's go to rob rob I next what Michelle at the end of the market. Avic I know what you'd expect to. Despicable man don't like it out but what about those cute dead now patrol agent -- guard. President and not even called the widows of the families of the parents of those dead federal agents that is because of you know armed with less people -- out. -- he really does not like our country while we are found on immediate actions speak louder than the word. And you know edit what is and hopefully the next election the American people wake up I mean the -- -- just not. For all Americans -- not -- to make us believe anything differently I mean it's called what is not that don't quite know that I had a question for seven hours short time. Did of people have to pay -- five or 7% sales tax on that thirty grant this that jaded debate summit at what the program we have. Pick up the tab for all the police that are out there now that would be neat as a city -- and there. Very good question rob it's a very good question that asked it. I am Michelle -- we aren't WRKO Chris thank you for another great day Howie -- is up next if you admit any portion of today's show. You can log on to wrko.com. You can click on the audio link I would suggest -- shoppers -- put this up for us. It's up there are already Chris is amazing he put -- the interview that we had with Bob currently who has little boy Jeffrey -- was murdered. I -- it -- that up they're already murdered in 1997 by two in the emblem members at a files. In both men could be up for parole any minute now just like the cannibal from Rhode Island. Who is gonna be released well who has been released from Massachusetts jail and could be released from Rhode Island holding facility. Any minute now I'm on the WR KL be back with you tomorrow at one.