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Newt Gingrich in 2012?

Mar 14, 2011|

Newt Gingrich is considering running for president in 2012 and joined us before his trip up to New Hampshire this weekend.

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Joining us now maligned as a former house speaker Newt Gingrich. Thanks for being with us -- It's always great to be review and it's always fun to be your show. Well listen dude are you running for president or what what's going on here. Well we've we have as you know based site called new to explore 2012 dot com. And where -- ask you folks who have should be go to that they sign up as volunteers -- can -- -- to give money. And I am delighted. Let everybody who's gonna want so far the first week. And I'm looking at a cost that will -- had a very very seriously. I think the country needs dramatically different leadership. Well they dramatically different approach I think we need somebody who focuses on energy in -- focuses on jobs. And somebody understands that you know having a policy that says let's borrow money from the Chinese and borrow oil from the saudis. Is hardly a road toward America's successful future. Well now you don't you know that some people are saying on the Internet that that you're just this is just a wait for you raise some money to get your name out there and that you know what all the federal matching funds it's not a bad deal to run for president anymore. Pressure off I think that it is. Not something I'm I'm looking at it all from that standpoint. The question is. Do you wanna have leadership that is committed to. And focused on. Fundamental change in fundamentals going back to the ten commandments for example. And returning power from Washington back to. The local communities back to the New England town hall meetings back to the citizens not to expect the State Capitol. But all the way back to the citizens do you want as somebody is committed to. Drill here drill now pay less which as you know is an energy policy I helped launch American solutions. Back in 2008 and frankly. If so Washington and listen to the American people 1600000. People signed that petition delivery -- solutions. We -- a lot better shape today and we have a lot more oil being produced today. And the price of gasoline would be lower. So you know I think there are real policy reasons I'd say. I'm committed to looking at this and if it is practical and doable. -- made the decision we are committed to running under those circumstances. But we're also practical people would have to rush off. And do something that it doesn't make sense of the camps. He can't work at a practical. You'll also get a lot of grief -- to be honest with you about this say about this interview that you gave to what David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network. And -- -- the quote from a there's no question at times in my life partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country. But I worked far too hard and things happen in my life that were not appropriate. Quote. Now some people said and again a lot of liberals but there are conservatives have said to that this makes it sound like you're blaming your your your -- The re on on. On the on patriotism we're working to. I'm not blaming I'm not blaming my life like anyone. And I am not offering excuses. I think people probably American voters are only gonna have to render their judgment. I think you have to look at that the totality of of my life they -- decide -- you know what I have learned and and what I've done I've made no bones about the fact that. There were times headed the wrong thing I have made no bones about the fact that they ask for forgiveness. But people that have to look at -- right. You know I'm bottom of the grandfather. We have two grandchildren we love very much we have two wonderful daughters to grates on lost. -- that I have a great marriage and people have to society you know as as a person that they can be comfortable with as a person I have become. Or you know again I expect my -- it to that's 152025. Years. And try to render an alternate vision I understand that's what they'll do but I think most Americans are fair. And I think most Americans look at the totality of my life and then and I again -- I'm not trying to excuse anything. I think there are times I have done the wrong things and I have asked -- forgiveness and I think that that is a necessary part of reconciliation. Danube I didn't know until today that you become a Catholic what was that all about. Well I I think -- oh. Close -- was born as a cradle Catholics equal to the church and Tucson in the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. Since 1996. And as a supportive spouse went recently. And I think gradually the process of being there. They tell people I think they gradually became Catholic and then decided. But I it was it was and as event that occurred over five or eight years. And I found myself -- enormous comfort. In the church and and I genuinely feel at home and I killed probably the deepest sense of peace in my life. 18774694322. If you wanna talk to one Newt Gingrich he's considering running for president. You come up to New Hampshire than note. I'm going to be up there actually -- saint Patrick's in Libya. And the crown Plaza Hotel. In actual gonna do the twentieth annual wild average breakfast. And we're going to be. And by the Stephens and Patrick state celebration Manchester. That afternoon which is a registered great event. -- also fund raiser for the -- east even funds for education which is terrific project to help. -- children. You know I'm gonna be one and around the states I -- you may remember years ago now at first up the speaker. I'd been there before campaigning goodness because they came up looking broke loose. And we had a great trip and we had -- think the entire busload of national reporters. And -- all we could do increased tourism trade. About wandering around the state is it was a beautiful time of year and we actually did find the most of it all up pretty well. Well you'll see a lot war elected Republican officials New Hampshire this year than you would receive a year ago. Exit was well. What does that -- what's happened that's virtually. What can happen all around the country the -- justice. Remarkable. Shift in the dimly towards the Republican Party and I think. Part of it's because the combination. -- bombers. Radicalism. And just performance study looked at the unemployment rate. You look at this 65%. Increase in gasoline prices should he be he became president you look at these. Gigantic death assisted in the -- children and grandchildren. And it's it's really remarkable. Let's make some calls for a new Gingrich he's -- will be in New Hampshire on saint Patrick stay on Thursday. 18774694322. Michael your next what powered car and Newt Gingrich go ahead Michael. And grade are you. This question. Well illegal. Situation right now a lot of it is -- Are able and the government. Missing a lot of tax dollars. It hurts the the American. Medical bills to pay schooling in -- package RB. Part of the week is at six -- government giving free. -- here. You're illegals saints -- it. You know what's going on. Well I think it is very clear. That person always have to control the border happy talk about national security it -- but Homeland Security if you can't even control your border. I think second that we have to have a guest worker program that is electronic that outsource to American Express your visa or MasterCard you know you can go. He's an ATM machine anywhere. -- seconds it knows exactly who you are in Angola pumped gas -- use a credit card. And your credit card company is exactly New York the federal government assessment competent bureaucracy. If your employer you don't know that person here legally or not. And if you try to create some kind of identity card is that the federal government he -- -- frankly becomes a broad. Within days it's available on the streets of Los Angeles pretend box. And the whole thing as a joke so I think that we need to have. A real focused on. People who are here legally should comfortably easily be able to get a job. Employers should faced very significant penalties if there are people without checking whether or not they're here legally. The legal system ought to be outsourced or something like American Express Visa Mastercard. To live a very powerful anti fraud components. We -- to control the border. We also need to make English the official language of government. And in -- -- folks if you want to become an American we respect the -- speak the language from wherever you came from a people come -- the US from over 200 languages. But but the the but the core language which unifies us is English. And we think -- support for everyone normally be able to function as a citizen. And in the economy that would. As -- -- -- count it's who we should we should make it. Much easier to get paid legal visa if if you prepared to apply in obeyed the law right now as had a friend who. Spent 151000. Dollars with a lawyer just having legal visa. We can't make it easier and less expensive to be legal we should make it dramatically more difficult to be illegal. And if you are convicted felony you belong to one of these gangs like it was thirteen he should be very easy to deport you. Should mean some long drawn out legal process of the lots of excuses for not getting out of the country. And folks who -- that black bracket frankly going to be deported within a matter of days. Not months so so there's actually got to take in the direction of becoming a country in which everybody who's here. Is here within the law. Then what and that framework we've got to come back later on a look at. Exactly what do we do so folks who for example some kid who came here three years of age doesn't even speak the language of his original country. And has been here now for sixteen years and is just graduate school. I think that it is common sense ways to solve that. But I am really. Really concerned. That we start. That we not do any thing. Which hurts the folks who have been obeying the law stating of their home country waiting patiently for these and we do not want anyone jumping past them. Any kind of amnesty program. Someone like -- do you -- like someone like the presidency at -- would admits to being an illegal alien and also admits to being on welfare you know like you many -- right when you with the speaker. Knew they would almost say these these Republicans are making this up there are no illegal aliens on welfare one now we have the president Tony at admitting that she's an illegal alien welfare. Look at. I think that the. Reality is we have lots of folks who get in the bias among liberals is to not check anybody's identity. The bias among liberals is to not in any -- -- that anybody from either floating or getting on welfare or using Medicaid. We're doing a variety of things. And the result is haven't fundamentally wrong I think our. We want -- system which is biased in favor of honesty biased in favor of the work ethic. Biased in favor of Americans and those people who are here legally. Having a decent chance to get a good job that there are decent paycheck and I think we wanna go back to saying you know obeyed the laws of big deal. Thanks for the call Michael -- you're next with how -- car Newt Gingrich go ahead Ferris. Extra haven't gotten. Back to put yourself out there. And I thank you attempt someday just a little bit painful but I think it's that it was citizenship requires. Well. You know I understand exactly what is that slightly. It's heartfelt it may take a while places. Waterbury Connecticut you know that water that it on the capital. -- vote fraud. Well mostly by every state in the union. Went for president IT -- Keep yourself out there. And support whoever has the best chance I do not think that. -- finish one term but regardless of that -- Nobody. In the chosen candidate yeah in side can win it because. The social networking -- that it wouldn't waste and they -- that -- brought consisting of illegals. And beepers they're able code 77. -- -- brother -- It's -- -- Paris thanks for the call. I -- all. And there's -- lot less availability it's. I strongly supported the law in Georgia which required you have a photo ID in order to vote. I believe that we should know who's voting of the people who vote should be here legally. And they should vote one time. And I think we have to have honest elections otherwise the whole system collapses. And becomes an absurdity. And I had noticed that in Georgia for example they are offered to provide. A photo ID for free. If you were for -- drive a car if you have a driver's license so there was no excuse. But I think this idea that people can randomly show up. Vote as often as they can get away with that. -- you can bust people who are here illegally to the polls. And you look facilities and acorn was doing. There's no question they were systematically and methodically Asian vote fraud so the underlying question is a big deal and I think every stage of adaptive. Voter ID requirement. You -- strict and the only as you can see people on the Internet every day news special with that should be the turnovers in the legislature's. They a lot of us states are now trying to -- impose some kind of ID requirement that before you can vote. And what always happens as the ACLU when the Democratic Party in La Raza and all these democratic welfare groups basically right in the court federal court where there budget democratic judges in the of the overturn the -- legislative mandate. Well look -- one good one of the challenges the next couple years of going to be to bring the courts back in the balance. I do not believe federal judges can be -- legal dictators. Thomas Jefferson was quite clear that it could be no such thing as judicial supremacy. Because as he put -- that would be an oligarchy. I think we -- have compared it to face the judges balance NATO. We're not gonna tolerate you overturn the elected officials. And circumstances what they're doing is clearly constitutional. Susan your next what Howie -- Newt Gingrich had Susan. In the you have added. Written things that that you believe that and played a role in global warming. How do you reconcile those things with your current stance of America's energy policy. Well look what has said is that I believe that is that they prudent person. -- take reasonable steps to minimize. Carbon loading of the atmosphere that's what it says that works for things like clean coal. -- programs like carbon sequestration and oilfields. Which increases the productivity oil -- but I don't believe. So we in fact have overwhelming evidence that there's any kind of global catastrophe coming I think that Al Gore's version. The potential for global warming is is frankly just polish. And I've I've spent a large part of my life as an amateur paleontologist. And he studied the history of the year that you look at. -- whether it's the dinosaurs early mammals or for that matter border with respect between the ages dinosaurs. The planet's temperatures have changed very dramatically. 111000 years ago the gulf -- stopped. And for 600 years your -- ice age and calculation agent by the would start very fast and glaciers move very fast. And nobody today can tell you why the gulfstream stopped. And nobody can tell you what it started at 600 years later so. I am not in favor of dramatic -- very expensive government programs but I do think where it's prudent. That reducing the total amount of carbon in the atmosphere is a reasonable thing to do as long there's not too expensive and doesn't dramatically cripple the economy. Thanks for the call Susan -- next with Howie -- and Newt Gingrich former speaker of the house go ahead bill. I Audi. What what is your feeling on. Try to bring back industry in the country immediately and you are right now is -- China. It's actually China. Anywhere we can bring industry back airing it at eight. Absolutely and again they do expect frankly. Learning the lessons of what works and what fails. The Germans paid 50% more from manufacturing workers that we do. And they currently have the lowest unemployment rate has had since 1992. But the region is you that you got a couple Clinton thank you wanna have a worker retraining programs I've been advocating that we take all the unemployment compensation. We turn into a worker training programs which we will give you help with you -- it. Which you gotta get trained by the business in order to get the help would not -- -- -- just sit around and do not think about in nine weeks. You have to have a program that allows businesses to buy new equipment. So American workers have the most modern best equipment of the world so I've been advocating a hundred X 12100% expensing. So if you buy new machinery for your employees are your factory you -- write it off and one year so -- which would by the way lead to an explosion of new machine tool in the United States and a dramatic increase in American productivity. I think we wanna compete head to head with China. The Chinese have zero capital gains tax. Well if you had zero capital gains tax in the US the amount of new investment even -- here in out of new factories to be remarkable finally I think we need to have. The US trade representative frank is a trial lawyer. We need -- when he gets up every morning who likes to fight but he descend -- places like China little -- carefully all day and I was told recently that. By the largest barbershop -- manufacturer in the world. That is a 40% tariffs. On American clippers going into China for your hair and a 4% tariff for Chinese clippers coming US. Well you know -- trade represented shouldn't tolerate that kind of attend a one. Surcharge against the Americans in favor of the Chinese -- in a much tougher trade represented it's separated says you know I -- -- picked up a couple barriers. And help America's export worldwide. Would you say is the biggest difference I mean you went head to head with the Bill Clinton. And that now you're trying to go head to -- with the Barack Obama what would you say is the biggest difference between those two guys. Outlook Bill Clinton. Is -- Arkansas. Moderates. In a Liberal Party. Who had a pretty good common sense understanding that the average person does in many ways Bill Clinton is the average person. But he is of very down home Arkansas kinda guy would you talk to. Barack Obama. Is a Harvard Columbia University of Chicago -- from the most expensive private school lowly. Who lives in the lead radical worldview and isn't it. Which fit perfectly at that Harvard. Would walk around and and you know if you read what he said in recent weeks you know. He's relying on foreign countries to fill the gap that oil of the democratic him. That may be America should fill the capital. -- on the Chinese to buy all of our debt it doesn't -- in the maybe we shouldn't have to debt and melanoma to rely on the Chinese and I think the difference I think he's. A scary scary radical person. Who has who's very smart he has great rhetorical skills. But I take that on balance that he is much further out of touch with reality. That Bill Clinton has. Smart. Possible that there are a type of case I don't think you become the editor of the law journal Harvard. But he never wrote and he never wrote -- thing for the. -- and everything you just distract the basic rules. He's got him to be able to query itself fairly good level and so you. But we've so -- -- moderates. -- -- we've never seen his grades and any of these places we've never seen is that these -- his counties. Tell you that you ask and narrow question do I think he's smart yes. Do I do I think he understands the real world -- do -- take that on balance he's going to be very effective as the president. No but in terms of pure role of a guy who as a freshman senator. Beat Hillary Clinton for the nomination and becomes president states. And that's something gone -- war. Yeah I mean there's something going form -- That. I would you expand the the -- Let's take one more call -- ago Donald next with how we car and Newt Gingrich go ahead Donald. Thank you -- -- and I remember -- who wrote saying that there was going to be giants looking -- jobs. Particularly if that's been true right and you perfectly -- Yes I'd actually I don't think it was to have Mexico I think the fact is. The next enabled us to build jobs in Canada the United States and Mexico. In competition with China. I mean aren't competitors not Mexico are big competitors China and India and Ed I'd rather have jobs close to it states that have jobs overseas. And places like China and India. And that's that's why I was in favor of a bad. On balance. You know look at -- our biggest customers are our biggest customers -- China Canada and and Mexico. They buy more American products in. Other countries do so. In a -- -- like our neighborhood to be fairly well lost some fairly prosperous and I really worry. About the drug war that's under way in in Mexico and I think it's very dangerous for us as a country. -- neighborhood which is in this much trouble. Thanks for the call Donald okay so why Newt tell us again where you gonna be on it's a Patrick state there's. And I get one brief plug in allies say anybody resisted helping if they go to -- explored 2012. Dot com I'd be very grateful we're going to be at the twentieth annual while parish breakfast in -- On Thursday morning and -- of Doherty at my grandmother's -- so I've always thrilled that which has been part receive Patrick's day celebration. -- going to be the Bobby -- even Saint Patrick's Day celebration Manchester. On. Thursday afternoon and that we're looking for there to do fundraisers for. The by the east even fund for education which is great project so look at towards him folks I'll also be wandering around some and Concord elsewhere. And I look forward to -- folks all across and New Hampshire. And you're no longer left footed irishman as my father which. That's exactly right. But I but I have a very carefully at the decisive evidence of -- the last clamped -- rebel against the British. Okay thanks for being whether it's Newt Gingrich to elect -- New Hampshire on Thursday. 18774694322. On our car.