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Jorge Torres on Cop Killer Ted Otsuki

Mar 21, 2011|

Jorge Torres one of the cops shot by Infamous cop killer Ted Otsuki, who was wounded in a 1987 Back Bay shootout that left a Boston detective dead, wants to meet “gunfighter to . . . gunfighter” with Billy Kennedy, the ex-cop who shot him. “I would like a little chat with him, one old gunfighter to another gunfighter,” the violent career criminal from Texas wrote to the Herald after reading two columns on the surviving cops, and how they’ve tried to cope in the aftermath of that predawn encounter. Should Cop Killers get the automatic detah penalty?

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We are going to ago. To -- assert Jorge Torres. Cool. Encountered this guy man in that -- aren't that terrible morning October 2 1987. And the bullets that hurtled through his flash. What this is -- -- to his life into the lives of the other cops who was then I night in Georgia is alleged to join you today welcome. That Michelle -- for having me on. What you -- I have spoken quite a few times now along with bill Kennedy and -- part of that night Chris Rogers. An obvious thought -- suit he would never talk. That stroke that's from every shark. Let -- talk. Give your full confession. This is totally up is that to me. But as we all recall back in and I know Leo's -- listening right now are going to remember. That he denied any involvement in the murder of detective Sergey he denied shooting tour isn't -- a with a case of mistaken identity. Yeah absolutely I picked. Would have what nobody came with defense so that's the only one that he had. In that was content so well distillery here and just what -- peaceful and so that's absolutely. While there are a lot of startling thing that came out of that -- dealing in Georgia I know you read it now what do you think struck you the most what was the most surprising because you've lived there as. And what people don't realize that long after. The bullets start stop flying. There's real ramifications the UPI family the Kennedy in his life that Chris Rogers who later became homeless at the pine street and living at the pine street and he's now an apartment working as a security guard but that night. Change job life and -- very dramatic way you -- 21 years old you you almost died. And you're involved in a shooting where not only -- you critically wounded but a police officer they worked alongside that night. Well I've spoken many times of the -- girl a bag pipes and there is no sadder sound. And now we had a very Abbas and police officer marine veteran and a debt. Yeah Michelle what. Light to change with it after we get to elect this. I'm just glad I'm around that we've got that we Syrian. Make the best of it. The same -- with billion Chris. I noted that in the past but it -- so. We'll take expected that night you heard my explanation but I think that you lived you know at that much better than I do. It. Another routine call. No such thing as routine these days. But the call for a woman's it'll look -- -- -- the domestic call. As you pointed out two guys went to the front -- -- what sort of back. It is that we want to establish permanently. And were little -- In Nicosia. A spooky to flush up against the wall try to make and so on the US. So work that way we had to climb over the fence. That's coming down. He gave it to show not as backwards. As always saw what was and reaching it was -- There's just. And at that point which -- for -- as a -- of the night shots going. No idea that I was hit. It settles China have gone out running out of the -- Or go by -- in just like. But out of the other to feel -- -- -- back. And it sucked out of the vehicle. To. Fight back and. And you in -- talked about that too he said if you didn't Ryan in his direct quote was repeated run like Deion Sanders. He ran so fast he'd be dead right now because of -- he had learned in the story today had every intention of killing new. And every other cop. That Rezko wanted to the scene I mean he talked about running back to -- -- Sundance with which by then the stockpiled with a dozen. -- -- Automatic rifles machine on the two bombs in the car he put on a class to vesting clout behind the -- anyone had chased after -- -- bill Kennedy. Responding cops. Anyone he would have taken them down and yet no problem saying as much in that entity on Saturday. Yet he was. There was no way you want to quote I mean. Put on -- Pope backed diplomats and -- that the machine gun and -- -- with anybody it's around the corner. Thank god you know Billy didn't make that corner. -- that's simply not be here today. So. If it's unfortunate. It's that. In. I cannot let that I'm here. Living my we light in the united -- ought to do my very. And I have to say the same judge and actress sentiments I'm glad you're here you're the proud father of a beautiful little -- alike is moving full wood and this guy. Is talking about how depressed he has to grow old and and had institution. I mean this is why again George in this is the conversation we've already had on the show many times but I am such a proponent of the death penalty because people -- -- do not change. This guy admits his direct quote was I was a spoiled. Upper middle class kid. I had at all I was an adrenalin junkie. So it's not that kind of an addict and you have every opportunity you have a full life he itself -- it -- -- it genius he mother is a genius. UI and I'll tell you he heat. To meet seemed to have a photographic memory because my initial reason for going to visit him at Bridgewater is because Ted Jeffrey got -- he wrote me a letter. Requesting an interview with bill Kennedy. The average tired Boston Police sergeant who was -- weapons expert and I want to make sure he wrote it. I didn't want may bring you guys into the fray of of this wackos mind -- -- didn't write that letter and in I've felt more comfortable passing those sentiments on TO if I had confirm them myself. And he just talked about how he's growing -- in prison and he said. He knew that if he had committed this crime in any of the state of Massachusetts he would have been -- -- on death row by now. Do you believe that in do you wish in some ways he had been. Yeah I do believe that -- to believe that I actually think you know the -- the reason behind why he was -- because we don't have that penalty. And -- he got caught. In in the Yucca was the same as a result of that. You know who did vote like in jail. Well Iowa I don't know if you want to be killed. Or -- sixty. I shouldn't say it. He's funny and happy place right now cannot succeed on the so. Because what it says that you know was confused some older. Well that situation debate nobody beautiful -- the -- -- the consequence. And he also slowed but the consequences that he inflicted upon you how life which was forced retirement because of the physical and psychological trauma you suffered that day. I mean he talked about how he had every intention of killing you when he intentionally teamed. At parts ER body that we're not protected by body armor he had no qualms whatsoever and telling me that he had every. Intention of murdering UUA jets simply too fast runner for him he said he was a quicker drug. But you are faster runner and he talked about intentionally aiming for -- in a body that were not protected by the Boston please that's -- wearing. Yet -- fortunate that's not a place that night. Had a -- on that the time. Of the incident. You'll. Want it -- quote in in -- results to you know rookie just. Just trying to get on the job and in in the ropes. George I had no idea in 1987 weren't automatically issuing -- and please don't ask. -- divide incident show. The city came -- the funds along with some private funding to a give every policeman out there in the best. Well I'll cut that is extraordinary we always have tons of money act jobs no money to get -- bats back in 1987 I mean that -- I had no oh yeah here we are lucky to be alive because -- for key talks about the first the first shot. He -- square on in the chest and then -- with three other shots that you like anybody. Yet if you don't need we would want to want to accomplish. It's -- statistic I was in that nine. Year old. It's seven. And a little pill right here in that's -- area right. Well we're glad that you survived he went on to be a great man and a good father and this guy is gonna rot in jail for the rest of his miserable. Mega life. Short one a -- so much to create an article in the which began to to see if this guy that shocked. Is that he's not happy with -- Pleasing to me. Well I I think the you're right he's in his own version of hell because he referred to -- at least three times in this interview. And even his own version upheld by being stuck at that all Connie correctional center which is a medium security facility. He spent the last corneas and while long the last few at Bridgewater. Well where we spent the last few -- You know what people so. What happens. While we appreciate you coming on the show and and -- about that night in the Alley when young life -- forever altered. Boston Police detective was murdered. You were shot and did you lives of Chris Rogers and bill Kennedy were forever changed so thank you very much for -- that with a storage. -- so -- you take care and a couple of us. God bless you Joe thank you judge I'm Michelle McPhee we are AM 680 WRKO. You can read this story at www. Boston Herald dot com. You can go up on my FaceBook page Michelle with one out and see Ph.D. he I think we're gonna Lincoln on wrko.com. Chris can we do that. With open up the apple -- dial up on WRKO. Dot com. I'm a summit via loved to hear your response. To what's new key is this yet another reason why we have to be tougher on these criminals this guy had a very line. Cross country rap sheet before he murdered. Roy Sergey. So before all we talk about court -- reform which seems to be Deval Patrick's obsession. Which to talk about keeping violent crimes exactly live line which is behind. A wall in a cage do you agree on the -- -- we are WRK Owen and two minutes -- asking that very question.