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System Scammers And Layabouts

Mar 21, 2011|

More than 18,000 illegal immigrants, plus 14,000 of their relatives, have gained U.S. visas under a new law since 2009 because they were victims of crime. The controversial rules state that if you are a victim of crime and you cooperate, or are 'helpful' with authorities, then you stand a good chance of getting a U visa. Howie wanted to know if any of the listeners knew anyone scamming the system?

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I wouldn't. Thought about not reading mistress because. It is kind of amuses me in a way. But all these people who voted for Barack Obama are now are are now angry at him because. They can't get these jobs they thought that for some reason they you know they were beautiful people they were voting for the first black to work. Black president all the stuff that would. You know they had trust funds they would be taken care. You know they were legacies into the Ivy League colleges. And and now it's two years into the Barack Obama regime and and they they can't seem to get a job and it just seems terribly unfair. So there's a story here in in the New York Times is an op Ed piece educated unemployed and -- -- -- Well it it. This despair well. 18774694322. Despite getting Matthew Klein. Who was a research associate at the council on foreign relations CF far. Don't don't tell Michael Savage about CO four or -- or no excuse me Glenn Beck Glenn Beck's one of those crazy about CO far. Anyway obscure -- some of the stuff about these people -- this these these kids so kids can't get jobs. Even though they've. My generation was -- that all we needed to succeed was an education. And hard work tell that to my friend from high school and study Chinese and international relations and a top tier college. He had the misfortune to graduate in the class of 2009. And could find paid work only as a lifeguard and personal trainer. My daughter's a lifeguards. What's wrong with -- a personal trainer. Unpaid intern ships and research institutes led to nothing. After more than a year he yes you guessed -- folks he moved to back in with his parents. The official unemployment rate for this group -- eleven point 2% but for college graduates 25 and over it is only four point 5%. The true unemployment rate for young graduates easy is most likely even higher because it fails to account for those who went to graduate school in an attempt to write out the economics. Storm or fled the country teaching English overseas how many people fled the country teaching which oversees c'mon. Give me break. I know some of whom went to graduate school to write up the economic storm that was pretty stupid which say in retrospect. Yeah I'm gonna -- -- seeking an English major and I can't find apps on in part on a joint school English. Good plan. It would be higher still that accounted for all those young graduates who have given up looking for full time work. In a working part time for any lack of an alternative. This again this is called this the New York Times this is the the Bible of the moon bats Bible. We're supposed to feel sorry for these rich kids. The cost of view from for unemployment is not only financial but also emotional. Bow. Having a job -- supposed to be the reward for hours of SAT prep evening spent on homework instead of with friends. And countless all writers writing papers. The millions of young people who cannot get jobs -- who take work that does not require college education. Are in danger of losing their faith in the future. At all. They're indefinitely postponing the life they wanted to prepared for all that matters is finding rent money. Even if the job market becomes as robust. As it was in 2007. Wasn't there Republican president to -- its profit. Something economists say could take more than a decade. Take a lot longer than a decade if you keep voting for people like Barack Obama yet. My generation will have lost years of career building experience. Maybe they should blame Barack Obama. Now it's my suggestion but this guy is anticipated that we cannot blame Barack Obama. Forty years after all of the messiah. It is simple the blame -- Mubarak for the frustrations -- -- -- people he had been in power longer than -- bill while -- Barack Obama is not such an easy target not if you wanna get published in the New York Times he's not. The speeches democratic legitimacy he is far from the only one responsible for the weakness of the recovery. Yeah that what about jarred putted. Well that. Stevie -- today had written -- a machine with Karl Rove as his co pilot it's their fault. Bush did it. In the absence of someone specific to blame the frustrations simply bills. And there. The absence of someone specific way might -- you appoint people look. Specifically blame it doesn't matter if they haven't been in office for years what does -- matter -- -- the New York Times is to blame at Bush's ball it's cheneys. All the roads Bob. Volume. I got it it it would take art stone but that's all these moon bats they all. -- -- felt this terrible white guilt -- the one of the vote for Barack Obama to make them feel less guilty and now they're stuck with this floundering economy. Floundering foreign policy. Everything is is hold only a draft even even the moon bad Democrats in congress her aura PO but the guy. And it and now. -- -- whose fault is this we can't blame our aero. 1877469432. To do you know some. So I had known that offspring who work who who were losing their in the future. Just that your next without -- cargo -- adjustment. Hey how the -- today Alley. Good at reading that really cheered me up. Yeah I really a -- -- freshmen that are I would ticking off when I was at your high school bell yet now they're. One thing I'd let that thing is that what people person you can blame all that is you're now because. You'd -- people -- is we're not thinking about how much money. It was gonna -- for college. And what other prospects for -- after they got out. There's just -- is there is no object is thinking about whether or not they can make their college education page after it dot. And that -- It's ridiculous I remember when I was -- I called it they interest and values you'll need to figure out what you wanna do. It's -- hearing your junior year of college where what how much money is back down the drain all already. Yeah I would depend on a public -- private I mean it could be over a hundred grand. Exactly I mean I'm I'm. Lately I've been hearing about -- people are going to college to become teachers and they're spending 80000 hours are ideally are its Asian. To be a teacher it's like even think that you're gonna have -- that money back at some point. So it's it's ridiculous. I know well a lot of it at the polling is to how about the way kitty it even he even -- you know says what they do. They can't get a job when they get out of college with -- with their worthless liberal arts degree so they decide to get another worthless liberal arts degree. You know something you can't get. They need there were alerted you to get a job and appreciate your at it and it went something pops up. You take it out that -- about economy -- what about economies are about. And you're not just because you voted for hope Barack Obama doesn't mean that you -- the end of objective thinking about your future. Is now about a normal at this guys gonna do -- Right exactly. If anything that would have been better off voting for John McCain is as bad as pathetic as he probably would have been as the president would have been at least better than Barack Obama. Well I think he would have been at least smart not to not run out but do you trillion dollar -- at that point where. Knock on to take it down. Thanks for the call just that 18774694322. On the Howie -- 1877469432218774694322. My son graduated from amorous collagen away his job offer came two days after graduation dozens of his lazy classmates his word. Are his words are volunteer. Iowa 150 grand. Seven they -- no jobs but they got their moon bats Supreme Court nominees and the gift that'll keep on giving. 860 worst Chuckie Schumer and now the gas prices keep going up he's a no show during the Bush Administration was on TV every day looking out for us. Where is -- Hey I wanna know where is the where the moon bats in the New York Times about all these pictures that are coming out of Afghanistan of American soldiers. Posing with the bodies of dead civilians in Afghanistan it's it's bad I mean -- it's bad but I I. I hear the sound of crickets. From the left wing press. There is. Their up in arms about this. Oh that's right it. Barack Obama's now the president. Matt Drudge is calling it. Obama -- wrap. As an Abu -- Abu. Obama were out. But that no one's gonna and sell them asserted discouraging word you can't say anything about gas prices you can't see anything about unemployment camps that house prices are up plummeting. Yet city about house prices going down either the big news big news tonight. -- Margaret was up button. But all eight he would -- is gonna buy T-Mobile. There's going to be a lot of money for the for the investment bankers that the economy is turning around. Right right yeah. -- Rump swabs rump swabs and boat tied bomb -- that's the mainstream media. Chuck you're next with how -- cargo ahead -- They don't know. Interest -- being. With the legal services. Wonderful when there should. -- 63 you'll do you can't work simple we have cable or more for the ladies asking questions. Or back or I mentioned off top box. Sorry armada of Guatemala. And hoped it would of course they -- at all withdrawal. Lately shut these -- That's racist. Important take care of -- -- -- -- Because he was complaining about losing his job to an illegal alien. The that he could even tell you. Dropping those. She asked the question well why can't work any longer. And he says it's sort once -- the Guatemalan missiles but it my boss what barrel to Guatemala me bring back up yet. He says. Which one of his work is to work this year he is cheap at all bent out of shape and shut the guy down. 63 and charter fellow forms. -- forceful security on one out off. Yeah it's like Eric holder's Justice Department saying you know pure white male and you think you've been -- don't come dusk as we're gonna while we're gonna do anything Korea. -- worked his whole life just it would produce goes well I say what it -- -- -- -- compatible but what is sort of what support Obama I would -- -- I hope all these I hope all these nice New York Times reading college graduates are very happy with the government that they've that they voted in in 2008 because it's -- it's really working out for everybody isn't it -- Unbelievable -- what figure out there have been no fly sole power don't quite well. -- the first thing I thought it was a normal on on the knows those French was. Where were you when all the -- of vehicles. -- -- wonderful book it is often reluctant but. If you look at everything -- has a vested interest here -- United Kingdom has a vested interest over the air and that's not is because we're gonna back off what they would do that for whatever reason well -- back in. There's there's something else what I -- probable marine. Trust me. Is the United Kingdom as they have people this. Right right I know its C yeah there I hate. I think the big reason world where there is or should be over there is just who was just to get revenge and they take out that Qaddafi they're saying they're not gonna take out about the but that's the but should be the game plan and get rid of Qaddafi and then let the chips fall where they may. Thanks for the call like -- billiard next what Alec cargo ahead bill. Portrait or the voice change of the witness protection program but -- aren't so no one. No one will be able to recognize your voice now you see very well go ahead bill. -- calorie I get up our problem. Not the Nero mommy. -- on behalf of -- 47 year old basement bomb on you can't -- job. They fired. There are better at that that you built it for awhile -- -- go to great. No one would ever hire -- why mommy call her job the president went out and I'll get up. The minute you are on the way out on a work -- job. Exactly. What did she say. What you got to be so rhetoric let go split that are trying to help -- -- they it'd be more proactive. I make I make my sixteen year old Paula for jobs. -- out typically. Don't bring -- -- Order now get out everywhere. -- tattoo on his neck. And I I've always wondered about that you know it's a bullet 21 you asked where nobody's courtesy of -- on your. Dose of -- a tiny one on your -- your article but what is it with these people put it on their necks. Do not tire. Exactly. Just what I just like. Public debt to what my neck that says do not hire me please -- -- Remotely -- Ron Rivera. Got. -- A 1877469. 432218774694322. Bob your -- with now we are going Bob. They have -- you don't. Hey I -- -- I -- a little bit of a different story to tell. Like kid graduated from engineering school in three and a half years. And his last semester was paid by. A company was working for and -- the job. Back to school in September. And had a job by the end of September's make him many grant. You -- you used the word like I caught the important word in junior. Yeah yeah he was he was not a liberal arts major. -- That's the key residents. Yeah is valued electrical engineer. And computer systems engineer. And there's just. -- quite got. It was ridiculous. Can't they can't find people who -- who who could they can't find American -- -- do real jobs I was reading something about a -- company and in Wisconsin. They yet they get some kind of big to it was a tool and die company and they got a big contract. They couldn't find Americans who could good don't go do that kind of blue collar work anymore. It because everybody's been told oh no you don't you don't wanna become a blue collar worker you you wanna go. This to school and and get in on the on the beer pong games and to get yourself a worthless liberal arts degree. That -- pediatric oncology unit and he didn't cricket 120 -- Well there's so there's a lesson but I don't be too many kids wanna learn it you know they just wanna go and have a good time. Well you know how area it was a lot of hard work I attempted you know how did you work. You know comics is study go to well I typically see about seven hours ago. And I -- I wouldn't go on the weekend to go well I pick and they are way to kind of kind of study and. But to get the answer from my kids about seven hours today you know a question -- -- asked them. How much did you spend on FaceBook. -- -- -- -- -- Or watching yet now but it's -- I -- -- tell you what FaceBook and TV that's that's called multitasking. Yeah it got a social. Just very practiced like a total -- either you know. That's good Bob your very lucky to have a -- like that thanks for the call. 18774694322. -- your next with Howie -- go ahead -- Hi how we. I had and that he would do it but I expect tell me up all of what you're out the night be it. 28 years old. Went into the peak or. Can't support it out where is thinking it and bad out ready. I got out of the peak or -- some -- adopt it really battle on the same. Now he's back in grad school Belmont sort what you want -- you really care about. -- had been real. Real -- me I hear what the world -- -- -- be like yeah. Just did bell a lot of it was what. What's he studying now that he's gone back to grad school at the age of 28. I think -- batting. -- like world. A lot a. -- I'll come unreal in the. Yeah that's real and the at a new Audi is very able -- it but it he had you know it can actions are every group they. But you know a lot of work in did you eat and Eric. Unfortunately it eat at the end of art it any credit -- we want it but he do you mean not. On but -- are a lot body racked up a lot of that -- all I'm not against brat like it could have a trade in something that. Benefit you for your created. -- All the power to get it in cracked out but. On you have to kind of have a direction that week when you're going that way it should get dot like. -- four I see it is yeah. They'll be at home and -- though out on the altar. I get you know when -- went to -- it feel like they need the crowd anymore. You say. I know you don't. They don't feel like if -- -- -- -- it's all you don't it's it's somebody else's fault like this guy wrote in the New York Times yesterday but it can't be Barack Obama's fault but a -- nephew voted for Barack Obama to did me. Not going to vote for him -- paint or. How's that working -- Well -- fine need our money in college that it be 88 by our. Old. -- out about what -- work. Thanks for the exact face with a called -- 18774. Peace corps graduate school group for Barack Obama who would have ever guessed it. 1877469432. To a -- car. 18774694322. Not long. But we think we're more -- Joseph your -- without we are glad Josep. Well you -- quoted Ali well. Local Chicago children. Two years old liberal college and another vote -- orders are certain to do there -- actually like which is so. Two years ago. But they aren't actors and no -- right now they went to these job fairs. That normally. Great picture. Juncture created merger -- normally they would get their job of Auburn and do their things. Yeah all you saw was -- -- clearly older people can do the work to advocate period. Is that Barack Obama great. He's turned the country around -- how white car.