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Sheriff Thomas Hodgson on the Governor's Unfunded Mandates

Mar 21, 2011|

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is questioning the terms of a recently negotiated collective-bargaining agreement between the state and correctional officers, saying the money doesn’t exist to cover promised pay raises. We spoke with the Sheriff.

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Now we're gonna talk to war. Someone from south of the city where there are problems as well that would be sure Tom Hodgson from. Bristol -- and he's got a he's got a problem with so my I think it's on four unfunded mandates is that the best way to put it sure podge of. Yeah how we actually it is in. Is truly it is not just for bush carried this is every picture or. To -- Involved with -- correction and whatever other. You know unions -- While Patrick and his mistress spoke to before his election to. Trucks and -- students in theories. There's there's nobody apparently to. What what exactly happened how did he deliver this message that though they were your that they -- to a get a pay rates. Well what they did what they've done is that all the -- part which. -- -- streets talking in very good setting the parameters of what they can't accuse. Offer for world. Increases for the for the union employees and of course. We cherish. Pretty. Indicated that they -- -- the perimeters for sure. Re entry and it's so. So Jeanne at 0% raise the first year 1% the second and then three of the third fourth. Yep actually what happened was commissioned what we've read but then the governor sit well we need it should be year. Spoke units pushed in thirty years. Being lastly each year. So optical it would. What I was getting ready to change its. Contract for our virtual election. Will be a most. They pay up. I called up to -- frustrations of those and need to know to be guaranteed picture cutting -- -- this year. Shortfall for 2000 it's. That your. What you security usage but it took the 13. In pictures real well. In the which was. Actually -- and do mistreated but this. We'll put it what sort of which we expect you do or protection next year -- So you don't let you know what is the sharp -- in this kind of reminds me of the tax cut that was promised everybody in 2000 sex righted Minnesota's election war's over. They forgot about that tax cuts so so now it's twenty -- And he's made promises seat to a bunch of state workers but he seems to have forgotten them now that he's been reelected. Well it yet we keep up my -- is missing governor. Who for obvious reasons the alleged but he. Right after ego elected he would be -- this this term and in in and obviously he he did that for reasons he knows that it would -- actually -- it would ago. Practically given the economies. Can company B you know quite often -- proportion of older. The parts of the country for that matter. It's where we need people to -- it appears these particular look where we are pretty. Sure if you can't Shura. That junket you don't get any jobs but he got some business -- easy he's ready day he's ready for action now. Look nobody's gonna -- to meet you gotta have your house in order which is relocated here is real staple. Economic situation I would be. -- so. You know these these are the kinds of things though how I think they've they've actually try to taxpayers citizens -- -- -- I would go there. Have conversation in the reasons. When you know pick. Of the people's -- the project which were all yours to be well. I'll I'll let you -- why woody well eight I have my my theory is he doesn't care. What's your theory. Well quite seriously this was -- obviously -- selection. And in that I suppose when it gets to national -- after the election that perhaps maybe your assessment were. -- certificates I don't know. It would -- -- ability to beat -- but since it four letters -- six -- a picture. In a -- in terms later. Y got I got away you could I've got a way you could raise some money you could start charging a room and board to the inmates. Well dictation app built up over till it's it is just doesn't pass -- I -- to questions related to. -- -- you know the -- talk about cut cut cut but would not talk when we offer from revenue stream works. It's very simple. We can't give give it video. -- Off -- Right -- he you don't he won't give you what he he he makes a promise to the unions. For a pay raise that he says he's not gonna give give the money to pay for and then he stops you from coming up with a way that the most citizens. Law abiding citizens of the commonwealth would support of making these people in the in the jails pay their own way. Absolutely and if you don't we would if every missile it would do we estimate conservative we could we generated to leave -- that's -- can solve all our problems. You know it it'll help also via the cost I have a -- -- just keep it was but two weeks ago it is medications are gonna cost taxpayers. Get this 6000 dollars we. Okay if you -- would be between the end of the year which of course we will be tested to anticipate that kind of. -- who paid for before I I'm I'm guessing he did he never paid for I would guess. -- security problems that's so stupid but what the or is it is with the Soviet the year that's additional 120000. Dollars hit to -- budget we just. So you -- so you can't I have mass health continue to pick up the tabby but the always in the camp. Don't want to -- -- that's that's the other signature reach to trying to work out who waited for now -- orders. -- -- -- -- -- You have you stop mass so that would vehicle wreck out they can -- -- So we're working towards you can protect spoke to stop this sort of Steve. Change the most news. Keep the right to the look. The government knows with the situation -- I've told the DOC. Severe 3% -- -- years -- -- he'd be an -- its historic. Vote when it. So they and so in other words are gonna have that he -- promised these people that they was gonna give them pay raises in the awakened fund them now is apparently -- laying off the with the people with the least seniority. -- that's why -- have asserted that signing this contract as as are several Berkshire because. We're legally -- would be so we have to sort out the situation. I I probably -- just a couple of 3% at least fifteen. People or media beauty. So again. You know these are things you need to think through should be projecting. If your looking future budgets and city where shall -- just have signaled no NC it should -- -- you can expose taxpayers to actually make people. He had no more intention of coming up with the money that he did with coming up with that -- the the property tax cuts five years ago amid this is this is his MO this is what he does to get reelected or elected. And you know how it would -- put us into the state said the church. Some church biggest pitchers. I pulled the tired of bad move the economy has are you shall expenditures. -- -- -- already. With the immigration detention buildings are built acted because they were giving us. -- I got a hold -- right -- assure clutch and to keep us informed about how this up play at night thanks a lot. -- -- --