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Should A Guilty Man Be Speaking at a Lecture Titled Framing the Innocent?

Mar 24, 2011|

Disgraced former City Councilor Chuck Turner, who reports to prison Friday for a three-year sentence, is hoping to get the last word. Turner, 70, who was convicted of bribery in a federal corruption scandal, is hosting a talk Thursday at Northeastern University titled “Framing the Innocent.” Turner has frequently alleged that federal law enforcement targeted him. Turner was convicted in October of taking a $1,000 bribe. The talk is being dubbed as Turner’s last public appearance, according to a story on blackstonian.com. The event is a “public discussion about the U.S. Attorney’s Office and what we can do to hold it accountable to our concerns.” Should Chuck Turner be speaking at Northeastern the day before going to jail?

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Framing the innocent. Crimes under color of law. At the Massachusetts US attorney's office. So you don't know about what this lecture right chuck turner has long blamed his problems on the Irish he said the Irish are out to get him those -- Irish people are to get me. Yeah. It's bet. Yeah it. While the Irish -- and all polyps. So he blamed on the Irish. Beautiful with the -- which starts tonight now goes to jail tomorrow and how many get to that and then it but the lecture that is ten night. -- in northeastern university school of law and honestly why couldn't possibly be learning from this guy. Not visible going to learn from this guy. It's going to be tonight at 7 PM. In this is how they -- come here and truck. Turner the author of Boston's trans gender -- I discrimination ordinance. I didn't first I didn't have any clue whatsoever that chuck turner. Was the job that -- Boston's. -- gender anti discrimination ordinance. On the evening before he goes to jail. Due to OFB. I ever crested a political activists. And and bad outfit in the middle Roxbury this is not scheme rage by. Isn't. He stern. School of Law. Think you -- studied this guy a law school that is -- state lecture in this is how they bill chuck turner. -- was found guilty. Court -- Found guilty they found him guilty so I don't understand how -- lost. Cool things that this title for this lecture at north east is appropriate. Come here from counselor doctor -- the author of the Boston is trans gender anti discrimination ordinance on the evening before it goes to jail which is. Very pathetic and talk about that and it. Do do FBI repression and a political activists. Is the obvious question right up that top of my head right up the top of the -- He -- -- FBI repression political activists 617. 2666868. At 6172666868. I am a victim. -- FBI repression. And may -- -- now from Central Square Cambridge maybe you would make this argument. But when you in northeastern university School of Law are you -- area just. So are some of his fellow panelists during this lecture chuck turner five term Boston's city councilor. Representing Roxbury and Dorchester and a light time activist the social justice. Regionally targeted. By the FBI in the Massachusetts US attorney. This language that is being used by Yale Law School he was targeted. Big catalyst photographed. Taking what he called the preachers he handshake which happened to be if this 500 dollar bulls. Give me a break. -- -- Problem that we had was that I didn't commit the crime. But conviction. That is being used as the the reason. For my removal. For the reason. To move you all to the position to judge my moral character. It was a -- And. He has just a political activist who's being taken down by the man. And some of the other panelists are ready for this. Father Boyle an attorney representing many activists and political prisoners. Targeted by the FBI's infamous. -- turn intelligence. Program. Anybody that this is my favorite and we have layer not more rat an organizer from the term -- my heat asset pocket made because he's the victim to. This would be terrorists that tried to get into and out Qaeda training camp according to prosecutors. A guy you watch videos of Marines being decapitated according to prosecutors. All of these acts of violence that he was planning in his. Where was -- -- McCain asked from right Aaron Massachusetts it was a pharmacist. So the term -- my he has support committees and be part of this framing the innocent crimes under the color of law. At the Massachusetts US attorney's office then we have. Michael Avery was the only person here. He's a law professor. At suspect who won a landmark civil suit against the Boston FBI for those four guys from the dot and wrongfully convicted of martyr. You break folks is appropriate lecture. For northeastern university school -- well that's debatable. What's appropriate -- as far as I'm concerned in at this with the public school I would be gone bananas right now that it's a private school and have. You wanna spend sixty to eighty grand he had to attend Northeastern University. That your target him. Is on that's not my money by of this was a state school and I was reading the sort of descriptions. Of chuck turner he would have victim of FBI repression political activists want. He has a convicted in price taker. Either convicted bribe taker who didn't do very much for the city Boston in the five terms east and as a city -- the terror raked my he has support committee. Even accused terrorist. What's -- committee are you serious. So you you'd think day that this is an appropriate. Steam -- for a law schools 61726. X 6868. It. Importantly. If you go to jail tomorrow which -- turner as. We just deal last night eight lecturing college kids. I would be having is up a little bit of a party. I mean chuck turner likes to run around his pants on that tonight would be the -- chapter in our ten night it would be that I. So what do you guys think 6172666868. -- You Biden first what Michelle -- here on am succeeded a New York now. Irish show -- a northeastern grad. And when they hired Mike Dukakis or stop contributing to the alumni fund every year. And speaking of crimes under the color of authority. I'm old enough to remember when there was a big influx of southeast Asia and illegal immigrants into. The Merrimack Valley and they came -- for social benefits. And under the laws that they could not. Get the benefits until. They have a Social Security number which none of them did. So Dukakis issued an order that they should the social worker should make up. Social Security numbers and put these people on the on the rolls. And that is a gross brought upon the taxpayers of Massachusetts. And it is just grown decades after decades since that. Okay well thank you -- that input I appreciate it let's -- and next Alex Sarah Michelle McKeon WRK oh go ahead Alex. I'm not -- his. Our current project Dell computer our special coverage October. Look at any particular -- the story -- you'll the government over your continued in the World -- -- or call it ethical and they've not help. And it'll show on CNN. A couple of guys wanted to create you know my speed you'll that's -- you -- so if you can come back. Cougar while they -- over the medical they're just -- Erica some pickup. -- 60 year old I am I ever learned. This. Your pocketbook -- On the everywhere at the heart goes -- you record you all go well at all cure all for Sarah Palin at all. Put the national association of former public option -- it didn't just pick if -- bewildered look -- back. The problem what they give the idea that chuck turner is against a I spent his last night of freedom before it goes to jail for three years. Lecturing college kids but -- the way in which northeast and university school largest framing this discussion. I mean free and in here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Embarking and start our people are going all out then the -- -- targets -- not a big picture basically an artistic point. Well above the current cap it will do little which are below below double cork in his body. It's in political prisoners who were targeted because of color in Canada -- -- discussing his private and cholera blocked. About -- plan to black people at that it's not male model. And -- Lerner just happens to be a laxity counselor whose whole of talking about isn't it time that -- -- -- Not giant -- with mechanic feet right edge. Great show us dollars a -- literature and Art Shell all. -- You know I think I think chargers in little -- money before it goes up -- -- I'd love to know -- these cameras getting paid I shameful for northeastern university in trust him and try to get and monitor on explain -- I mean let's -- I'm not suggesting that the school is. Is supporting these statements but bitten me the lecture. It's raining V and -- that this is right on northeast and the own website. Crying on the color of lie at the Massachusetts US attorney's office in the Kyle. Chuck turner the author of Boston's trans gender anti discrimination ordinance -- shot I -- -- up on my highest list of priorities. And only now he's the victim of FBI repression. Probably actually picking up -- will present -- Embattled attorney Patrice tourney sticky figures -- jail already. So I don't know she might be able to do with Diane moccasins before she goes in the trees tearing out. That's right that's army and we have a huge cold here we got army. We all speak to us you know we we we just keep on different definitions -- -- -- subject Reggie at school credits for. Play Jack really I just love to the idea. To show up at this. And I actually think that this is somehow gonna be progressively. To you know bolster you'll lock credentials. When you -- -- -- these pork political activist -- may mean that would be terrorists to wanted to gunned down innocent people at the mall. And chuck turner was just a political activists targeted. Targeted under the color of law are at the Massachusetts US attorney's office. Who happens to -- undo what creatures and shape. Describe it I mean it did not he got on the stand and said yes I stole what did they expect to happen after that such an admission. Just don't get it. It's all of our commander there and pitches -- It's crazy John knows BM Irish people put in check in jail come on. Let me point out that Carmen or tease. Is not exactly your typical Irish woman and she's doing a very good to their job in the US attorney's office. I would suspect ever issues put an -- by the late Ted Kennedy and John Kerry but she's been. Locked up that yesterday. No I think she got a great show great idea you know I think of the legacy more people issue that's that's for sure. Early data. You -- John thanks for the call I'm happy we are AM six CD WRK oh -- last night before going to jail. Seriously why do you spend it with college kids my acknowledged it's no -- at Northeastern University. They should know what these university be ashamed of itself average Joe -- we are AMS_X. eighty. WRKO. -- What happened to date. Is as much a miscarriage of justice. As the conviction and the original. All arraignment. That is I'm innocent. I didn't -- on the stand. And to be told that I've perjured myself when I took the opportunity. To testify. It's it's bizarre. He does -- I'm Michelle -- we are AM six AW RKO. So chuck Turner's last night of freedom is today in you know aren't going to beat. Delivered a lecture at apparently left the northeastern university School of Law. Now this is right here from attacks Daryn thank you 71. -- lot school is known as a radical left law school. This student to advised. Dominick to -- edited hearing was at northeastern lost student I just checked that. In Stuart remember her she was the one that was. A coal -- of the blind sheik's let us. Went to northeastern to raise money for her legal defense. So. It's not all that surprising to those of you worked in the Leo what the politics of Northeastern University. As somebody who paid highway through a state school and trust me this what the State's school. If this is that you Matt's college offering up these classes I would be like an out. If you wanna spend on the money -- -- not. The singing in ten lectures like this fun. Framing the -- crimes under color of law at the Massachusetts US attorney's office who was the keynote speaker. Nine other than councilor chuck turner the author of Boston's trans gender anti discrimination ordinance. On the evening before he goes to jail do in this. On North -- website this with the staggeringly. Stupid about this. Due to FBI repression. Of political activists -- really. That's truck turns go to jail. But -- the political activist who is being repressed by the FBI not because he stuffed under eight I'm sorry he stuffed 10100. Dollar bills. Down his pants are -- I was Diane Watson and to a bra. But they have a picture -- them. But this giant Greta -- space taking a Pratt. And why does this guy anything other better. This crazy so chuck Turner's a speaker tonight that we have in this beautiful. That terror -- man hater support committee mr. -- became. That would be terrorist. Who plotted to blow way people at -- mall the guy who traveled overseas to try to get into an al-Qaeda training camp. Prosecutors allege. It actually no it's absolutely positively -- that's so is this school. Did it happening culpability. For perpetuating this complete nonsense that chuck turner is just a victim a political repression. He is just an activist that the FBI targeted. -- -- framing it and the crimes of collar. At the Massachusetts US attorney's office a really -- the short Carmen Ortiz who happens to be a very smart but. Tino woman. You be -- primary. They issue targeting people landed a color of law is northeaster is suggesting. She is targeting terrorist. Incorrect policy isn't it refreshing. Give me a break in what they blame the Irish so it would -- last night of freedom would you be delivering a lecture that's -- -- 6172666868. And my second question is. It really is not the in this part of the left I truly did not now happy. You are next what Michelle McPhee here -- AM succeeded at York now. Good afternoon Michelle okay happy. I ignored it that's simple last night don't you or support about football -- just -- the school they beat it must be picked. All thinking happy I mean now there was a state school I'd be screaming and -- in demanding answers but it's a private institution at the -- university. But if you're student at northeastern university -- Arab -- and who attends northeastern. And your money's been you know given to this guy to -- me -- who was watching that -- rate hit a support committee chairperson. -- -- -- Your ticket to -- -- Is this -- ridiculous. Absolutely not but it doubt consider himself a victim because he got caught up the definition of -- -- and all of the you get caught -- what you -- it before it got -- Well that's the whole thing that they got a picture of him grabbing brands. What do you thumbing its money do you think you took all in all. -- would worry about are based opt. For each. I'm ninety she said. May happen I will point out that Michael Sullivan a very good federal prosecutor. Started the process the act case against -- -- and chuck -- but nonetheless Carmen Ortiz is not a very good job finishing it. Well they get their opinions of money well spent because -- informed all how not to. To get caught out not that kind of a bit. -- the whole thing here framing any innocent now what did in about chuck turner the man was found guilty. God it's disgusting captain thank you so much it makes you crazy. I'm innocent so. During made a mistake. The jury made a mistake those poured jurors. They made a mistake you don't get me. The ought to of the trans gender and that is an ordinance -- turner is telling them -- Andy you are next what Michelle McPhee a redhead -- I shot right today gallons EU. Not too bad I ever in Q a lot and I'd like to weigh it on the -- Child about to enter college and and this is something you really think about what actually being taught to children to for the privilege. Privilege I'd do. Spending 50000 classy air and that's -- garbage that they're being -- This is a lecture this is offered to write the law school this is I'm reading directly from the school's own website the name of the lecture is framing the innocent. Crimes under color of law at the Massachusetts US attorney's office which which state they neglect to mention. That the US attorney who's doing good job he does not a white female. She is like Tina -- her here. Silly detritus -- it framed this age with race this has nothing to do with the race. In. I am getting guests. Are many guessed that the feds have a pretty solid case against him judging from the complaint and the court argument I've read about that would be terrorist. Exactly it's just it's really takes it well we -- do I mean. You know where country we've made mistakes. Hole where a country that tries to do the right thing and I am just so effective. Everybody is imminent. You know what is it -- confronted with doing something wrong instead of you know expecting yet I've done something wrong. It's always something else has pointed to something else that the caught -- a black earth and I -- Or whatever they -- 88 AI. Honest to god he and you know what yet funny part of this India's if you watch it last night our freedom would be different methods. And is no way. The last thing Eric vetoing a cup. Do you pointing have a little -- beat out and have some fun with asthma and. I would Appleby -- I can't wait at the -- He IE eight you have to wonder. What his wife is thinking right now. -- -- -- But pretty darn -- -- better -- -- and all quiet I. Make some money on. And I'd love to know how much that pain has -- Sheila yeah. Where exactly I mean it's really shameful if I -- the victim of FBI ever person. -- I thank you city Chris young and acts with which I'm WRK OI rancorous. -- -- -- -- those. That's due to promote peace there that was -- -- the the twin Brothers from Roxbury. You know we're gray haired beauty. Barely a I think. Okay. Well they they did get I entered -- And North Easton. Shook up their cause to get that a new trial. Online really -- literally five years ago. Now the Dow closed -- the circumstances around -- Do you there's -- lead -- -- -- in the back to is our dorm used by themselves. And they were twin brother -- Butler and they attacked them they kill them and they took his jacket I believed. And -- Not -- tried to free that I mean it and that does not surprise me at all -- it -- -- -- and and you law. To raise money for her legal -- and she was the one that was. You know our coal ports at the blind Sheikh terrorist at a federal prison she was she was actually delivering messages. From that terrorist to his cell members got in New York. She raised money and and you lie. Had help from me and you law student when he got ideology that we all know the end of that story as he went on to murder. Wilton police opposite Jack McGuire and greatly he was shot dead set to spend anymore money on that -- defense. -- it goes on and on to. But I just you have that on stories should. Yeah and find. If you guys all the details in a few minutes but this crazy chuck turner five term Austin city councilor represented Roxbury Dorchester. Unlike -- activist the social justice. We targeted. By the FBI in the Massachusetts. US attorney or any. The Massachusetts attorney sees it that way and guess why as a constituent. Of Boston as a taxpayer hair. I certainly don't see him as a victim. -- the FB by the Massachusetts US attorney I see him as a greedy ride grabbing. Today next with masonic -- -- Good afternoon Michelle young man's name was Mark -- more he was returning from his girlfriend's apartment by -- -- she was a nice guy is a big guy he was a nice guy. To to baggage to kill them somebody saw them earlier in the initial we don't. We're going out to kill Whitey and they would never charged with a hate crime that militia that we're gonna commit a hate crime. And -- and then and or is it true they and you lot try to get those two oh. I can't I can't say anything about that additional about from Hulk angry at what said that because they happen to be a white blood -- Boston -- -- in the -- -- -- black -- and unfortunately used the N word that he was charged with -- -- Yes see I I don't believe in these charges of hate crime. And -- and you are gonna do it across the board you can't just pick and choose who was a victim of hate crimes are. Well unfortunately that's to lay out judicial systems seizures are apparently because people have been oppressed for so long they can't be charged with a hate -- He -- they say they're going out to specifically target our group. While you know that's report chuck turner he's the victim. Of FBI repression of political activists and he was targeted. Learned. Yes the problem what suggesting that chuck turner with targeted because equal -- reading witness in decades will burn. Was. African American businessman from Roxbury. So this guy the guy who took down -- turned I am -- and was a black businessman. So how can you possibly suggested he was set up by the FBI in the US attorneys opposite needs just -- But don't they may have targeted checked to see if he would do basic unfortunately chuck did exactly what they wanted him to do. But you know jackets three years for a thousand dollars. And now the congressman's wife gets dirty old days of hard time a -- -- eight million dollars. I you know what I wit and I've actually stuck up attacked her in the linked of his sentence on the show. But he tried not himself today by just not keeping his mouth shut. And his lawyer didn't help -- Well and in it wasn't Bobby George the alleged drug dealer. Which were gonna get to in the outraged today on the stomach -- we are AMS_X. EW RK out. If you're going to jail tomorrow. At three years like -- terrorists. Which is standard day electioneering. I and framing innocent crimes under the -- lie at the Massachusetts US attorney's office. I did. Any do you have any idea how lacked -- Northeastern university School of Law apparently is on the stomach feel weird -- York. And the company actually. Our responsibility. That goes -- about it but. -- When I -- -- after -- don't think it was beautiful we are AM 680 WRK OI Nat Turner. -- northeastern university school of -- calling an innocent man. I am not kidding. I was found guilty. By a jury. In federal court of law in. You -- thinks that the guy is in it. And I know that while some chuck turner is going to jail tomorrow is his last night of freedom and heat -- -- and -- delivering a lecture hall. -- -- -- Crimes under color of law at the Massachusetts US attorney's office give me a break. Think it's an appropriate lecture for college kids it is one on just pointed out. -- have the privilege of ponying up 50000. Dollars in my kids' education. Her year. Per year. In this is -- I'm gonna get. Just like every sector showed they had at the Northwestern. University. In Illinois gave me a break. And this is how it's being -- come here from chuck turner the author of Boston's trans gender anti discrimination ordinance on the evening before he goes to jail. Due to FBI repression. A political activists the -- students. A lot students coming up this also there and I love this. The ordinary either from the term -- my he has support committee that Al Tariq Majid -- is the accused terror arrests. Even accused terrorists. Are you kidding. -- -- I hate to support committee because he's a victim to. Me a break. So chuck turner victim isn't appropriate thing and it. Use school law to have this try to lecturing on on would you want a pony up. Fifty -- PR kid I year to go to the school to hit this kind of crap Malarkey. It makes no sense in it it's a very good thing as a public school because I'd really be on -- rampage. So what do you think about the lecture framing the innocent 6172666868. At 617266. 6868. Tech stirred 978 that I -- -- Keeps his fly out. Yeah we know we have a little bit trouble at bat he definitely has trouble. Yeah job last night of freedom. Would you spend it with the organizer from -- to -- maintain support committee -- now Hank what about you -- out John McCain are right ahead. A good story -- support story -- are gonna wanna my elderly customers that I drive or outlook while. And we -- -- -- one a year ago we're talking about -- you know the teachings are solely -- -- that India. The NEA's Education Department. -- -- recommended reading and it's also on Obama is a you know progress America this year I don't see -- and what Bennett says you don't. I did just that name a law. Will the radicals -- -- would be -- charge I thought that it's not -- Mississippi -- I really is being our best because you weren't operated a brainwashed just like it -- -- it is the last fifteen years. Little big here to Hank like okay now did these people at a unbelievable you I've beat you. Well law students into the Atlantic map with their own ideas but it is the language that's being used by a law -- it. Is questionable -- to call this guy a victim he's. The victim a political. You don't repression from the FBI he was targeted by the FBI in the Massachusetts US attorney same story with -- maintain the accused terrorist. It even happened what. About treatment heinous case indicates in any way to he is an innocent man -- temporary. I know what is it Islamic populist it was not normal to indoctrinate kids. You know that's not an almost they've been teaching so what -- that was the sit down the government. And she is it wouldn't that. It and now I think I did not last night of freedom. And you -- of the three is would you be spending your time giving a lecture. Well I'm sure you get paid very well short and besides that what else they got the bill. It if they yell before we get paid to decrypt right around me spew more garbage can afford it in -- They indoctrinate them even more than they already asked -- what -- My level last seen on a way. Yeah I apparently to make it I loved economics at the northeast and thank you so much and for the college then you want from -- -- -- listening. I would love. Love. To hear how much this guy's getting paid who is paying him exactly because these people and our. Gonna show up these analysts are not gonna show up for -- it's chuck turner five term Boston's City Council. Representing Roxbury Dorchester in a lifetime activist for social justice. Targeted by the FBI in Massachusetts US attorney that's -- billing. That's speaker this speakers Bob -- Attorney representing. Many activists and political prisoners targeted by the FBI's. Ten minutes. Counter intelligence program. Then you have -- more guide. Organizer. From the term -- may heat -- support committee to -- McCain our courses the -- last accused terrorist. And that we have Michael Avery. Professor of law Suffolk law school wind landmark civil suit against the Boston FBI -- -- affable man wrongfully convicted of murder. I think one of those and locked up again. Or something else so they are not gonna show up. I Thursday night at 7 o'clock at 65 Forsyth street at northeastern university school opera free. So I would love to know how much they getting day. Now let's hear from college students who actually agree with ties to any of you agree with the idea that chuck turner is a victim. He's. Done. -- FBI repression -- just a political active. Activist who has been taken down by the man. Well I think with taking down on his -- out because we've all heard quota after equality after a while from chuck turner. Talking about how it's the Irish try to take them down into conspiracy. Yeah. It's better. And I. -- it. It was not a marriage faults with all the Irish faults hitting you know. Would you be spending your last night of freedom -- -- -- -- according biggest the biggest victim. In this particular panel. -- innocence. Since. Chuck turner since. Diane Roberts didn't understand. And I wonder why it Patrice Tierney. An -- -- oh because she doesn't fall under the crimes of color. At the Massachusetts US attorney's office. Disgraceful special when you consider some of the other folks. That have been visiting -- northeastern university School of Law this I am so grateful that I want to UMass Boston. I paid my own way I came out without a single student loan. Does this raise questions for all of you 6172666868. That's 6172666868. Physical education even worth it. -- you pay fifty grand a year knowing that you're -- hear this kind of garbage. From people who are convicted found wins. We really weren't you are kids' tuition to be spent pain convicted felons to show up the night before it spends three years in jail. Six point 72666866. Out of seven -- RW RKO. It's. Don't look crazy. Obviously that's not exactly not at fault I am a Johnny B we are AM six AW RK OI stand corrected. I immunity is marine at his where. Well this column master sergeant mark W instead the color of law phrase in this. -- Dick Gillis ridiculous selection that's being offered at northeast and School of Law tonight. It's that color of -- phrase refers to. Not anything with a racial aspect but instead has to do with people doing illegal prosecution or targeting. Our people while wearing a uniform -- badge. Regardless this is it can sustain and thank you mark that and you are probably correct but this is still. Did that title -- the innocent. While he was found guilty. FBI repression of political activists this is how it is being described how we hear chuck turner the author of the Boston's. Trans gender anti discrimination ordinance on the evening before he goes to jail -- FBI repression of political activists because he was targeted. By the FBI in the -- US attorney's office. Well I'm sorry by the little -- a problem with that language coming from law school that maybe that's just me Jain I'm just -- state school -- who knows. Hello John -- Michelle -- welcome. I welcome how are you before you couldn't hear let me come -- Short term there's. Okay -- first civil played the whole 808. Portion of the -- Played the whole tape so everybody can hear exactly what he's talking about right. Well any any I hunt on -- will want happy to do that they'd be specifically he won yet actors say. I don't worry. Won't say I don't wanna -- you -- you know how no not yet people. -- -- portion of which I want everybody here. He knows -- and try to make -- point across without the clean -- of -- they're good at her shut China doesn't brings out this as City Hall. Talking about you know the greens are Irish and everything else they'll look crazy all tape about well wouldn't -- -- when he was talking about. Secondly you know that when -- -- workers who'll be here who want all. Are artificial. No. That got -- corruption did he go Biggio. All I don't decade so a radio show so called life Ella -- please please just -- -- not up to this. Our favorite China. Grabbed John I think defended chuck turner when he got the three year sentence it's shockingly enough as a lot pro law enforcement as I -- I did think it was a little unfair for chuck to go eight at three has very grand and Patrice unit go if at three weeks for millions. I did think it was unfair but I think it await -- brought up John hung up you can't have a conversation with people. It is like to rent and hang up talent I next what Michelle McPhee allow well -- Thought I'd miss Shalit it's not you know I'm glad to have you I love your show and acting -- -- -- you educate yourself I think it's truly great. Are you welcome I think. Manning good thing I didn't and fifty grand a year to go to northeast and so blanket listen to chuck turner I had time ought to city councilor. In light time activists the social justice. I know Michelle a total disgrace that it is discreet and not seek the FC and they kept nights and the whole place and whole. Well I. Well I mean well not all of them but with. You know I did at the terrorist support committee is -- -- accused terrorist support committee is on the agenda. I know how under the bailout that I don't know. I got somebody here I would tell them out to your home now to educate you. -- in that little thing -- like when you think about how much money's been spent and I paid my own way through UMass Boston but added that you know believe me. If my father had written a single check to know what you might not want to northeast and he's an engineer. You worked in nuclear energy in Yeltsin worked at GE for -- time. He is only -- these and trust me he would be apoplectic he heard this line up. Yeah this all of law. I wonder what he would do what he incest that you delete that coward if you were students at. Now I don't think you wouldn't you know it's been a life sentence anybody it's the only what to do well and but I don't think he'd be happy about paying the -- -- -- imagine legitimate question for all of you 6172666. The expected. I'm a stomach be we have another Lara Lara and -- story coming up boy in two minutes we are WR you have got to look crazy.