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The EBT Card Party is Over!

Apr 27, 2011|

A fed-up Massachusetts House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo warned welfare recipients last night no matter how tough times get, buying booze, tobacco and Lottery tickets with state-issued EBT cards won’t be tolerated. The House agreed, voting 155-0 to ban the use of the cards for the frivolous purchases. Howie wondered if anyone felt this was a might mean spirited.

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The FBB legislature hear enough Massachusetts and a couple things last night that -- would normally you would not have expected them to do. Well one of them was to walk take away some of the collective bargaining rights the local unions and as a as Patrice said it's a it is astounding that they would do -- they usually. Totally a creature. The public sector pinky ring unions but the fact is via. The the situation in the fiscal situation of the commonwealth is a so so terrible but that they had no choice but to war but to crack down. On -- on the the way insurance is it is is doled out. To the to the union's issues they can't they can't afford it -- the cities and towns can't afford it anymore. To what to have all these all these Cadillac plans it's just that. We don't have Cadillac plans why should why should they have Cadillac plans I hate to put it. In such. Such stark terms but that's the way it works out. The other thing that but I find very interest thing is that the they took away. The -- -- a two -- carts the Yankees have to be booze carts from the welfare recipients. As I mentioned earlier. Last last fall one night to day I went into with the went to my office to two via fax machine. There was a guy there he was say he owned radio bar -- in Boston and I he -- -- listener of the show weeks -- can you believe this how we. -- bar room myself mainly moose and they're trying to get me to take. We need BT. Cards. In other words so it though so that the lay abouts could could get what used welfare. To it to buy -- And you know he couldn't he was amazed he was stunned and they gave Maine a number to call that. At a number to call out of state by the way of course. They had hired vendors to to sell this wonderful program to get the wanna get I guess they. More. More bar rooms and gin mills involved in the -- program. Two to allow one lay abouts to use their -- it to me cards. So you know I mentioned it on the year to give it to herald the other herald ran what that in the barrel that some follow up stories on an end. And it turned out that. After a a search of the public records we had to file a Freedom of Information Act request. It turned out that based state lay abouts. -- nearly 200000. Dollars in taxpayer though on a broad array of luxuries last year. Including booms. Lingerie. Canning parlors jewelry movie theaters and even pets. So last night last night believe it or not the state legislature the house anyway I think the senate will follow suit. These state legislature voted a 15520. To be in the use of UT's a two -- cards for alcohol tobacco products lottery tickets is it it's. I don't think this way this -- this what -- happened a few years ago or at least it might have happened in in an election year and of course this is my own election year it's an odd numbered year. The -- the don't have to run for reelection until next year. But at the very least you what they had some people. Standing up from the for from -- -- welfare neighborhoods saying that. This is just terrible. Terrible blow against humanity and how -- how dare you be so mean spirited. As to -- stop my constituents from being able to have a good stiff. Shot up whatever they choose to have with their welfare cards but not a single person. -- one soul on voted. To defend. Indian decent to me cards. -- fed up house speaker. Robert -- Leo more and welfare recipients last night no matter how tough times yet. Buying -- tobacco and lottery tickets with state issued EBT cards won't be tolerated. House agreed voting a 155. To nothing. A 155. To nothing. To ban the use of the cards for the frivolous purposes. Now of course they they let it they didn't they could've just done on a you know idea. Eight votes -- you don't by acclamation. But they want to allow -- they want to allow all of these moon bats who missed some of whom may have competition next year and not you know number when knocked off last year's sixteen to Republicans and Leo legislature this this year. That's me it's only 32 but they did doubled in numbers. But so this gives the this gives all the all all the liberals in the legislature a tough vote that they could say. Where you know you you can call me in my own bad idea I voted to want to take away 22 will be end. Buying booze within -- to -- cards. State officials argue that most of the 46 point four million in the welfare or way about spent using the debit cards in fiscal 2010 went to supermarkets and pharmacies. Some supermarkets with liquor licenses are there. Welfare spokesman Jennifer -- -- the Patrick administration quote continues to support prohibiting the use of BBT cards to purchase alcohol. And tobacco products. It's funny until that until we found how old that lead the cards were being used for alcohol tobacco and lottery tickets and tanning products. They didn't have they have position on this issue that day. Out of sight out of mind 18774694322. I know this is a recur this is a this is a rhetorical question but should do should welfare recipients ought to be allowed to -- Be allowed to use their welfare cards student to buy booze and cigarettes and if how great the great thing. They they're outlawing cigarettes of the of the can't smoke cigarettes anywhere in the state just about Dave -- -- made smokers -- double highest. Yet until. Just now. You were allowed to use your panties and Tony welfare card to buy smokes. Does this does this make any sense whatsoever. 18774694322. Charlie your next with how -- cargo ahead Charlie. And I. -- the ability. I don't out of at and mother what -- said. I -- -- -- within and I have met at camp I don't know what. But they just put all. Not because -- -- -- but it would. Well I think you have a different I think you have a different -- than these cards. I wouldn't want on but it -- to that -- look -- from what I understand you know it's 200 album -- and it. I don't know what. -- Electronic benefit transfer cards. Yes and I got to admit that -- over the right now it is not an appointment. But I can't I don't agree to do and so. I bought it Apollo. If you tried. No I'm just saying if you you know maybe they tell you were or somebody told you that you could use of the buy booze but if you tried to buy booze with Lemieux might be able to do what. I thought that that want to because. -- -- -- my mind if I elements of the it would it that this the thing but I was with I would just won't. Thanks thanks for the call Charlie 18774694322187. I don't know why they have a -- seal the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on there on this card based state accessed. They have ever they ought to have the smiling face of Anthony's attorney. Mean that's in the cards bear there -- a Tony cards I mean this is. This is when he empties into movies all about you know you come to the United States of America you're an illegal alien and everything gets taken care including. -- -- -- 1877469432. To the the the B Patrick administration's is in the process. Of reviewing the language in the house amendment to ensure that it is enforceable. Them. Do do we think that maybe the Patrick administration really isn't concerned that much that they're just kind of giving lip service to the vote in the house last -- -- and just leave things the way they are so their constituents can continue to look. Get get a good buzz on -- -- next with power -- ahead Jeff. And I was -- -- in that you hear about Obama anyway. Excuse me what they're ready -- I hear about Obama and. What we've talked went. And. Wagon. We just ask you were just talking about is a birth certificate. I don't in everybody's -- the all of that. I don't blame -- like show of dishonesty really. You know everybody has to remember. -- -- -- I know I'm I'm one of the 47% on the board of directors who voted against them -- big issue -- -- Jeff but you're right we live in a democracy and you know. We get the government we deserve. Or they get the government we get the government that they deserve the people who were stupid enough to elect these people Peter your next what Howie -- go ahead Peter. Yeah -- out of you know we call it and it's. To a discussion we approach a two week. And and by the way is the right way as certified bravery whacko. I am. -- percent or empire all the water it's that they can. Right up on those -- This isn't that just the voluntary tax. It it is a voluntary tax but you know there -- a lot of people who work for a living that would like to buy lottery tickets and they really can't afford it. And they absolutely act responsibly I think that's the whole thing. You know this disabled booze and cigarettes you know I mean people that -- they call the call vices. People like to drink -- people a lot of people like to smoke cigarettes you know but they can't they can't afford it anymore so why should. Why should someone doesn't bother to work why should someone who's -- living being decent to me. Lifestyle we get to get to buy something that the taxpayers can't afford. Well I I got a bridge in that respect but. You know it's baloney -- Some of these you know what about the strip joint that it did they take those away from the -- that's what. I didn't I didn't see any mention of that we you know in California this year they they they have the same kind of investigation a lot of the money. Was being spent on there and these are two of the cartoon strip joints thanks for the call Peter Jeff your next without one cargo ahead jobs. Thanks OK I think this is all moot point when -- -- thick oil these benefits of these because they still get tax benefit. I've seen it in my note to life so in a supermarket so we get -- -- benefit and I feel comic strip -- coming out of the liquor store. No get a -- debate this didn't happen oldest dog and pony show. It is you're right but still the thought of having a welfare cards that you could slide out and getting boos I mean it's just. It's it's even more the slap in the face then the average welfare program is to the taxpayers and. But I could be a big -- -- it I just don't understand I can't benefit if it's for -- -- -- -- and not done put even in my opinion but just for food. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't understand and widely stand for this because people of the Howard spoke these idiots -- the author and literary -- the truckers. Right right and -- -- -- the banks they finally they finally realized the people are so angry and that the finances of the state are so precarious that they can they can't afford to to give their. They're loyal welfare lapping. Constituents -- in morrow booze cigarettes and lottery tickets and you're right -- I have no doubt that the the the abuse will continue but still alive just like to -- -- -- media. As a -- as a as a gesture yes a senseless gesture perhaps one when they see an animal house it's time now for senseless gesture. 18774694322. Behavior next what power -- ahead -- Diana I'm sorry go ahead Diane. -- -- I gotta work for a major. Change in Massachusetts it should -- this told. Management. It is to get Massachusetts state ought to act which type of art and writing -- check -- -- added it was several cartridges cigarette 64 almost -- every else. Try it -- -- I know sort of what -- saying is the vote last night in the house was meaningless. Thanks for the call Diane. 18774694322. Socialite to headline though -- just doesn't -- the make you feel good this morning when you pick up the paper house -- -- no booze Lotto with the EDT cash. Bill your next with how we cargo ahead bell. Are they have this is batting average up but out of Jason Varitek at this point outdoor hot I want you vehicle that was great for us. Finally got one right it would apply located about it we want all of Lebanese -- ideas. It's look at exactly pull pilot -- -- You're you're not gonna supply we wars that we the back. So we -- tickets -- these people walk this year they haven't told you build statues of locally what -- legislature this probably stay about the book without cause might. This is that this is a 155. New winners of the profiles in courage award they'll look at it that way they were willing to put it on the record. That they were against using your antes -- -- cards to buy booze and cigarettes. I don't know are are they can that be -- testicular fortitude to pull off -- -- are they dead. -- these people unbelievable violate. That big they are really big one good vote was that a lot of the good folks what they go after -- -- the Turkish delegation might mean let's face it. Which went Dick Cheney now bigger than they used seat -- like just set it just short -- -- -- you some diapers you meet somebody that would also. Well what happens next we all thought -- the -- the local blood via live on the ticket but all of the idea that this morning -- useful we get out now. Yeah I know I still like to see -- I still like the fact that they responded you know yeah I I I understand what you're saying it is it is a meaningless gesture. But the fact that the you know but did nothing came in on my fax machine that got the things started. You know. But you right now and nothing's gonna change I mean this is that this that you're dealing now with people who have been on welfare for. 34 maybe even five generations nobody's worked in for five generations. Highly -- include audio which we don't vote now because it's simple we got we got the agency -- Look basic and the MacBook -- by the way. You know what it will be they say that that they'll always stop this we stuff that the ball had good Eddie. But Eddie also -- to -- but the slightest bit of this was solely for others before you -- about it you -- that they'd held a lot of credit for coming up with this. And -- -- gonna dissolve the -- could kill us. Right what he has army kind of read between the lines they are in the process of reviewing the language in the house to ensure that it is enforceable. Coded freak out still available I don't want but I had invited George -- video also to build this thing. Thanks for the call bill 18774694322. What's this one says EBT cards. -- -- about go ahead. -- -- I waited on come on because go to Baghdad Beijing. Two days ago. I was watching somebody I coffee -- copied what they're EDT cars as they were definitely. Ash or an eight bit. Relief bill was written it. He was buying a hot coffee -- a at a gas station with a ZEBT card. It was food stamp -- excuse me yes. The problem. Was he didn't have a problem. No of course who will be the the you attend and the welfare recipient. Now what -- -- he attended that have a problem it's just more money right what does she care. Against so. But he can't -- iced coffee people make. Did he really explain why the distinction. -- Thanks for the call 18774694322. Chooses me you can still buy like an Irish coffee. You just can't buy drink on the rocks anymore under the new law under the new permit amendment and Richard could buy an Irish coffee because it's hot and it's got -- and it. 18774694322. Jerry your next -- powered car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It'd mean spirited deny -- this beer it. I highly quality. Moment you can. -- up the public good teacher job hop hop. I don't know though you know what Jerry it is believable. Is -- that's why it won't work as a joke because I could see I could see it. What I accurate view of what we wanted these forward toward because. Certain legislative from the Gulf Coast wanna do a lot I didn't do candidate would you buy that -- that they probably didn't boot. Now how Jerry Jerry let's not let's not get let's not singing about mr. Rodriguez C after after he was caught buying booze in New Hampshire after voting to increase the -- attacks. His his grateful constituents elevated him from the house to the senate. Yes again again it's in a democracy we get what we pay for right. They don't. Yet thanks for the call -- 18774694322. It is mean spirited to deny them their spirits. -- could see that. Put on -- some some some kind of you know over unitarian. Universalist congregation. Somehow -- car. 187746943. 22 that's the toll free number of the Howie Carr show. House no -- lot of with the EBT cars cash 187746943220. Bernard your next with how -- cargo have Bernard. Now you know -- good. I -- immediately guide and I am not able to abide lottery tickets purchased most. Have you tried. God bless -- with you don't have -- this gradually and he's a do we guards apparently. I don't know. I attribute the spike in demand and with a -- that I bet you could. Those bastards. Now they've finally gone too far. Guys really call Bernard Bruce your next with how we cargo ahead Bruce now that is mean spirited go ahead. -- they will find a way around -- a matter what you do. Even if you don't have any ability to do any guide. They'll they'll find -- way around that I worked at a local. -- restore a -- back book this narrow tactical they command -- -- dvd they by Eric is so scary is that water. They got out back in dump that out but very charitable eyes welled up -- There's a good there's a there's a good reason -- Massachusetts not to follow in the footsteps of Maine and up put deposits on bottled water although I guess it probably goes -- -- OK you know while carbonated. Sort of war soda down here. Well you know I think if they've made them pay cash for the deposit that would clearly illuminates the whole thing. But they're still behind dozens of bottles of like Vanilla extract in cooking -- you can buy up and -- and maybe he does and and they're -- does. The bottles of yeah no matter what you do they get around this great. Well. Guys. How how that great society work enough for -- -- Howie --