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Was Dominique Strauss-Kahn setup?

May 16, 2011|

The arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn on charges of sexually assaulting a hotel cleaning woman in New York City is a personal humiliation for the French politician, but it is also a black mark on the International Monetary Fund that chose to overlook his previous sexual behavior. It will be fascinating to see how the grandees of French and international financial politics handle this one. Mr. Strauss-Kahn is entitled to the presumption of innocence, and his attorney says he will plead not guilty. Some in the French press and even a French government minister are suggesting that the 62-year-old Socialist Party panjandrum may have been set up by his rivals. The charges are stunning enough—and French politics is strange enough—that we suppose anything is possible, but such a conspiracy would have to include a large number of players. Is it possible he was set up?

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Well good afternoon everybody if the voice doesn't sound right it's because Michelle is off today this is I -- else. And I have the privilege of filling in for this afternoon for the next couple of hours. Until holly -- comes to the microphone Sully and vice chair participation in any way I guess we shall be back tomorrow. The phone numbers 8774694322. That is toll free. You can connect but beyond. -- the web by using an email address a Nelson at wrko.com. Or you can text message us at 68680. -- -- there's one left over from the previous program with Barry on -- fifth from 617 good show today unionized if your show was on one to three. To greet you when you walked into the studio we wish you weren't here. These dollars and neighbor are -- back tomorrow and we are here now. And invite you to join with us. Live by -- then I looked at that the mom or fifteen degrees it's 50. Rainy and cold all together now what is it yes of course it's global warming. That's why they changed that the climate change because it was hard to explain phenomena like this what do you make it. Climate change -- then of course you know it goes up or down until climate change. Hopefully sprint will return in a few days and this interesting story. From New York. And New York man has spent his entire life savings that 240000. Dollars is -- non trivial amount of money. He spent did advertising his prediction that the world will and may 21. A -- what is it today you have here a few more days. Robert Fitzpatrick sixty years old lives in Staten Island. Danish band at least that some. On. A thousand subway car plaque courage and and on -- kiosks in subway cars. Global earthquake the greatest ever judgment day may 21. 2011. And self published book the doomsday code that's the title of it Fitzpatrick said the Bible offers proof that cannot be dismissed. Judgment day will surprise people we will not be ready Ford had packed his Patrick says in the interview with the newspaper. A giant earthquake will render the earth uninhabitable. If you wanna shouldn't alarm clock a quick will happen just before 6 PM local time. -- assume that means local New York to a local Boston. God's people will be resurrected it is also the day that god stop saving anyone. As Patrick said that he hopes he is one of the chosen ones but he could not really be certain. And Robert who can. Only way. Wanting to believe what little mind. Say that's gonna and some December's it this year or next year last year. They have been these doomsday forecasts since time immemorial. As you may have noticed none of them have come true. So your thoughts are welcome and he's not a 140000. Dollars. If he's wrong. Here in need to help the continual line. Anyway good afternoon -- -- and information on the and if you would like to join with us 87746943. To choose the phone number. That's toll free and Nelson and wrko.com. Is the email address. The text message code is 680 -- changed. And I did get an antidote hear -- mention that the first email that was sitting out of that text message receiving up there was. Then there was for Barry being nice you show us on one mystery would begin no one from a different 617. And that says well haven't have a great show so appreciated thank you. If so -- 74694322. As the phone number I'd really and knocked I'm not into doomsday. Scenarios. Well if you want to talk about that and that's fine I do also want to mention that really bizarre story that's going on. Where. That strokes on Dominic Strauss-Kahn. The other guy from the IMF who was arrested about allegedly for your. Assaulting sexually assaulting. A made in. Was itself can tell 3000 dollars a night he's spending for the hotel we don't know who's paying for that. And it's interesting because this guy is one of those limousine liberals you want to be -- who -- -- -- being running or Hughes talked about. As a prime candidate to be the next socialist prime minister. Of friends. My first reaction when the -- 62 years old. And if the story is true and and I'll put an appropriate disclaimers in a minute but if it's truly. He changed the fate around the room and eventually jumped on or whatever out my first reaction was that sixty to find out what he's eating. And being through the rest of us not that we should respect cave but it would be nice to. That kind of enthusiasm. At age 62. I hope it's not the politics because that leave me out. 8774694322. Is heaped on them or more to say about that the beginning as we moved. Program Ford and some more serious subjects as well. So let's go to lines Paula you're first up on the program good afternoon and thanks for being the icebreaker. Hello. All you there. Which -- we have an open connection -- is Paul there. No no ball. Okay -- Paul Summers as a technical problem please call back instead will go to -- in afternoon Jerry. I chaotic. They are really talking -- outlook saying it but. I agree with you I'd say 99% of the time of global. -- have to ask you. A year if you look audio world war. Eric antenna and I can't for the life of -- -- why we have to do that -- and you. Well a little low light on a double why you think it was a good idea. While well you know it's not so big that we were talking about today -- I'll tell you -- idea I think there was some justification for it and I. The jury is still love and I'm I'm not sure I wish I was somewhat ambivalent about it but let me give you the positive side. First you had a horrible dictator who was slaughtering people by the hundreds of thousands and that would've continued on. And and so there is an argument if you're going to make the case that the world is better off with sort without certain people limit. You could raise it there but there was another issue which I think was was higher up on the list viewers a man who had already invaded a neighbor you know Kuwait. He had set fired hundreds of -- walls and it was only because of the expertise. All American in juniors. That this didn't turn into a greater ecological disaster than it was and there's no question in my mind. But that he would have provided a safe haven for al-Qaeda. After you after nine elevenths he was already. Giving 25000. Dollars to the families of suicide bombers if they blew themselves up in Israel. And it was you know obviously he hated the United States hated George Bush for having destroyed -- on the the first time. And I think there was -- it clear security interest now remember the Bush Doctrine mrs. bush do. The Bush Doctrine of one of preemption. It said we're not gonna sit around and wait to be attacked if we perceive. -- than an enemy is a threat to the United States we reserve the right to take preemptive action. And -- to get. Get rid of that and and be -- for the enemy becomes more serious problem to the United States that will never know. What would have happened if George Bush had embarked on that course but there is an eerie power -- Too short about a latter day and smaller form Hitler you know the world went the other way in the late 1930s and decided. Well we'll try to appease we will and it's not weight will weight and in the end we got global war which was worse than if we taken preemptive action. Will never know what would have happened with Saddam Hussein one last point here and that is. Interesting strategy to try to create an Arab democracy in the Middle East which is never happened before. And you know Iraq is on the edge we're not sure how it's going to work out I wonder if however. Sheen what's happening in Iraq and Iraqis trying to make the first tentative steps to democracy. I wonder if that was partially the inspiration what's been called the Arab spring. Where -- Arabs and other countries in the Middle East and trying to throw off the yoke of their oppression so that's the case. Just erect a good good point we haven't stayed out it did not computers veto authority now that's more. Now you know us on the Jerry when I first -- on the air which is some time ago. He would he was still on the -- and I recent all the I was gonna have a -- -- a gasket people are calling it but didn't think it literally get calls host -- it and how does. You're at a show our commitment to our people called it. And I was gonna have him on the show they were -- about it and I'm getting rated -- -- -- -- so I don't worry is not an. -- Namibia used to be a bit oh. I want out there are that that goes but hey. Thanks very much. About now the the relationship here that you we can talk briefly about Pakistan because you know the follow along here is. Is the -- issue that's on the table today. We're it's mentioned al-Qaeda and we talk about Peyton preemptive action and trying to to do things are in the best interest of the United States. What Pakistan has been an ally in the war on terror. Now -- know everybody is upset and rightly show. About what happened recently because you we find bin Laden living in Google apple watcher at least the big expansion Villa. Right next to the Pakistan military academy and among the whole bunch of retired generals -- the Pakistani. -- -- And it's hard to believe that Pakistan didn't know he was there for five or six years point well taken. And so people are saying we give and three billion dollars a year let's stop that that's not that's not support these guys. The kicker mind it's a lower your case than that. Interesting. Article that was written I guess in in the Washington Post just couple weeks ago. The by the president of Pakistan. And he pointed out that Pakistan has paid an enormous price for its stand against terrorism. He should now according from the article more of our soldiers have died and all of NATO's casualties combined. 2000 police officers as many as 30000. Innocent civilians. In a generation of social progress for our people. Have been lost. And by the way he was the one -- they they twice that he was via the husband of Benazir Bhutto and you believe they killed a terrorist killed his wife but he did -- -- to a session his -- proportionally it's personals walls political for him. But the point I'm making is the -- that allies frequently are not pure it's a mixed bag. And we've got to be careful about overreacting. To a particular aspect of this problem. When the problem lingers on if we walk away from Pakistan don't support them. Let them fall into the hands of the terrorists of the people who support al-Qaeda and there are a bunch of them in Pakistan. Will we have done Marshall the servers. Sure will feel better by saying we're not gonna put up put that they were sheltering bin Laden how awful beyond wash off. There are some things about Pakistan that aren't. They've gotten nuclear weapons well we could find a way to go in there and take the nuclear weapons out. With the Navy -- likely did with -- -- now be one thing but we can't do that. So we gotta be careful about overreacting with -- patients just because we find that an ally didn't do what we want it. A more minded -- of what happened. Memorable and when Ronald Reagan bombed -- nearly killed him. Was that 1986. When we sent our planes over we requested. From France the right to fly over there air space on the way to Africa. France refused. And because of that we had to take a longer route and one of our planes was launched. Just in the trip not -- -- contribute to Israel take the longer route. Well here's France and after all we did for France right. There wouldn't be a French have a warrant for the US in two world wars. And yet they -- Israel -- there's still an ally. And we have to live with the world which is imperfect this is not a made for TV movie works black and white where you villain saint. And I think the same thing applies to Pakistan we have to be careful last week. We overreacting. And up with a worse situation for our shelves after a momentary. A feeling that which greatly showed them not to put up there shield them on no more money for you. Okay your thoughts are welcome as -- -- actually Ortiz spanning two different issues and that's okay. With the program that I do I like the idea of having more than one subject on the table and I'm sure that the -- can follow it. And maybe -- nation substantial us go back to the -- 877. 469432. To the phone number Mike you're next on the program good afternoon. They are regarded today. Obvious that I -- that -- new York at the opera moderate country. All -- but I think it just didn't write and edit the op America cut but -- -- I. -- -- about -- -- no you don't go to our guru. Now what I I didn't know which one you're childlike -- at all about the one who -- who's giving who spent all this money showing the world's gonna end on May to invert your talked about Strauss-Kahn. No he's from France Shia the. But these are both -- so we want to get cut the marriage. I don't know. I tell you though don't you impression of 62 year old guy can change the made around the hotel room. They have by the way you know there is that that the story that the story is that. He he was he came out of the bathroom naked there's -- course in the came to my mind also with what was she doing in his hotel room. Now maybe he didn't hear her not -- she was in the bathroom and she just -- in the quite frankly. When I'm in a hotel room especially one at 3000 dollars -- night. I don't expect to have the majors and -- in right. Stay right there but hardly a big. I don't know will say thank thanks bye -- the way he is there's no claim of an Obama. He's the he has -- -- lawyers. That he was having lunch with his daughter at the time this alleged incident happened. That's a pretty strong alibi and get -- into the issue that we'll get to in the of this break. Is the question of the always the immediate assumption as soon as there's an accusation the guy missed the guilty. -- -- I'm -- Nelson filling in for Michelle -- this is saying 680 WRKO. -- Welcome back. This is the Michelle -- program but Michelle isn't here today this is -- -- -- filling in. They -- -- from now until 3 o'clock and then now we are. Your thoughts are welcome 8774694322. Is the phone number and that's a bargain has its toll free. Any Nelson at WRK dot com his email address text message code. Is 68680. -- from 603. To Jerry Williams used to say they are out there. I'll Gerry Williams as a side bar that was my first proper forum I ever did was on another radio station I can't give the callers. But it was spilling in future -- So it realization that the timing was very liberal -- so. The audience are for this iconoclast getting everything wrong they actually had threats they had -- increased security at the station. -- got my start. Also -- six Ellsbury always going to the strip club on Friday night with the end of the world on Saturday and really conflicted. I can understand that course she can hang on to the 21 doesn't and then you go to the that the strip club. Maybe that's what was happening with Strauss-Kahn he thought the world is gonna and humans were changed around the chamber of me. 8774694322. Richer next on the program good afternoon. Adept you know up you know light today it's. Great I was just looking at eight. Copied -- journal and they are a whole bunch of stuff on this guy in there so. -- -- lady in my wanna. I don't know if there's an article ice on the journal at the the headline is the Strauss-Kahn chargers is that the one you're referring to. Yes. -- You read that right yeah anyway because the socialist so that's our -- certain equipment happened to a nice to. I did amazing any staying in hotel. That acts that cost 3000 dollars -- night. Yeah well I mean it helped set. There so how it works. I think I'm -- mr. -- Sort Cody is tickled. Paint and you could you probably heard of -- -- collective growled at 16100 at the end up. Reactors -- socialist is not a -- most formidable candidate. You wonder Sarkozy sent the chamber -- in. Well there there are allegations it was set up so we'll see how it all -- now. What -- regards to Pakistan. You know I'm I'm curious. -- Hillary Clinton as secretary of state and they usually handle. The interstate. This -- here that would dealing with the kind of like a military. Slash. Speak -- -- issue. And -- -- and John Kerry over there. I mean that that really distresses me especially what I read the other dated George Mitchell as an up this bird. So goes the peace process. East Palestine and Israel. -- well. In your marriage public benched in Pointe church first on the last 11 that there isn't going to be any solution. To the Israeli Palestinian issue that there's no there's no resolution in the Middle East and we stopped trying and stop pretending. Each present think he's gonna go down in history -- he solved the problem. And each one fails you've got two parties. Each one believes that god gave me this plan once you make it theological. Issues not gonna be solved they're gonna have the idea. -- great. For Pakistan look that's not good but the world isn't necessarily good right to mean sometimes you just have to acknowledge the reality of the world. We don't always sweep the Yankees in New York sometimes the Yankees weren't bad things happen -- -- Right as for Pakistan apparently Kerry has some friends and some establish relationships there but you raise a very good point. It's almost embarrassing for Hillary Clinton I mean here she is secretary of state and it's it's John Kerry who's going over there. I always wondered whether John Kerry -- passed over because he didn't get the secretary of state position. In the count you know of the all the major players in the Obama campaign. Kerry was the one pastoral reunion anything so. I mean I would into the interview -- Robert Gates gave. Two sixty minutes last night it was actually an interview I don't know if you if you were a lot like. He actually. It was great to hear -- then we're gonna miss them you know he basically said opera opera CIA guy so I don't. Which McAuliffe I don't sugar coat it they get is that when he was talking to the. The king of Saudi Arabia. And adding just it sickens me that we have sent somebody like John -- ever. I bought should be the face of the united. No no no rich who would you send. Well first of all I I think when it comes to testosterone. Hillary Clinton. Probably got impeachment of one. Let me tell let me get this straight rich have we gotten to the point where you -- now saying you're rooting for Hillary Clinton to do that stuff. Well I -- you know account where it's just like -- already out presidential election what we call for the lesser evil. I -- in Clinton Hillary Clinton is not a lesser of two evils -- okay. Well cheapest secretariat -- -- Natural right bull it should keep it K state back here are -- do his bidding for the moon bats there. -- -- -- You know it's interesting because during the campaign I used to hear people say that that -- why they were supporting Barack Obama because she was he was foolish -- Of the two evils the other evil. Being Hillary Clinton. And I'm not sure that that was a good bargain but we'll never know it would have been like it if Hillary Clinton had had been. Elected to the White House. Messy message -- from this X 86 days he's -- a text message from 71. Hotel Cameron's. Should pinpoint his whereabouts and I assume that's a reference to coach Claude yes. There's only there's gonna be more coming out incidentally. It is interesting. That Strauss-Kahn. And Dominic Strauss can't hyphenated last name Strauss is in. I'm sure not related to the blue Danube Waltz composure but that's the first thing heightened con cajun. He's married. And he had an affair. With a senior fund economist. In 2007. Which -- shortly after it took this job as the top of that the top post of the IMF. Her husband. Blew the whistle. And interestingly the -- let him off with a British left up saying just that he committed a serious error of judgment. And this article in the Wall Street Journal was referenced by the previous caller and is in the -- -- Review and public sections are pretty common. And they contrasting it with the way what happened with Paul Wolfowitz when he was -- present he got pushed out because. He had secured a raise for his girlfriend even though he can't bank officials. Informed of everything that was going on so there is some background or some previous history to this guy. But I do want to emphasize something and then years. There's always this rush to judgment and I contractual had been joking around with the tip. But because somebody is accused of something doesn't mean he did it. Camera more Havilland Al Gore everybody jumped on the band was already there wouldn't massage and and you with a woman at all and turn out to be faults. Now there's already another woman who has come forward. Who said what was -- seven years ago that that -- Strauss-Kahn. Attacked her as well you know these women come forward without. Necessarily having to explode -- to expose to any legal jeopardy and they can make themselves some money or get some publicity. Somebody -- pace for the story should be -- careful here with what's going on there's a reason we have a presumption of innocence. It's not just the legal principle. It's a moral principle as well. And I like that guy. And I'm not crazy about the IMF. So they don't like is politics. Probably don't like his style from what I've heard of them did know much about him before today. But that doesn't mean that we should convict them before there's ample evidence in his -- there is the story circulating now. Then he's claiming that he has an -- that he was actually not in the hotel. He was having lunch. Or not the hotel room he was having lunch with his daughter. We jealousy. 8774694322. Is a phone number -- here next on the program good afternoon. Hi good afternoon thank you for having me. I. I'm gonna try to be as straight to appoint you know I wanted to talk radio all the current. What a -- We need more people like human. Well thank you I've written and I am. -- -- -- up growing more frustrated out what if -- But -- -- you know politics politicians the upper -- economy. -- our foreign issues in the war aren't. And all of that and I think it Strachan Donna and I just wanna ask your opinion it may seem out of context in the pharmacies in our discussion that you're -- in the moment by. Have you watched that. 48 minute video. It's called the ending of America. Oh I you know I was sent it by email by friends who want to make on Jewish and I. I I started watching and then I gave up on. -- you gave up on. Because I know I'm tired of hearing these doomsday scenarios -- hope you're listening earlier in the program -- about the and the guy who spent a 140000. Dollars of his saying. Due to broadcast of the world is gonna land on May 21. We are heard endless number of people telling efficiency and this whole bunch of people who make a living. But for cashing the end of the United States I'll tell you my test on this. I know there are a lot of things that have gone well in America right the stock market has gone up. In not everything has been a disaster I want to know whenever I hear a doomsday guy telling me I wanna I was asked him. Tell me what you forecasted. That was positive that happened. Otherwise you just get people who spend all the time -- United States and saying how everything's gonna be a disaster. And every once and a while the stock market does go down. We do have problems and they say see I told you so. -- But the reason I ask is because I am. And we just very frightening it don't it it is just a bunch height. See where I go wrong I don't know what. We know. On our way. You know listening to radio and well. You're right Mindy and nobody does and neither does this guy. Who's pretending to know that the American is coming to -- -- it's easy to frighten people we are always more easily scared. Then we are made content that's why horror movies work so well. So we can be easily frightened by things going on all the way from illnesses to earthquakes. To some kind of economic devastation. I'll tell you -- -- people have been predicting these kinds of doomsday scenarios as far back as human history goes. People were predicting the end of the world when it turned to was going to be 1000 and that portion 2000. I really wouldn't be too scared about the new machine to be doing okay we've got our bumps in the road but overall just think we have a lot better. Then say even fifty years ago to -- nothing of a hundred years ago I'm not sure we're rated on the challenges yet. Don't hang in there a solution could talk radio programs. Back on the other side of a break your phone calls and text messages and emails are well. Uniform show -- this is nothing else and you're listening to am six AB WRKO. Welcome back this is not Nelson then as the man said information on the this afternoon we help you -- his Spanish well. The toll free phone number 8774694322. Email address -- Nelson WRQ dot com. Text message code. 68680. From 603. Here is just a lack of faith. Well it's true that is the leap of faith in have to take that -- this fear is just like a pain in terms of being concerned about the the whether the United States is gonna continue on but it's easy to frighten people with an emotion. And emotions are hard to control. It's easy to be scared. So. But the best thing to do issues to take these things in stride when we get them all the time he will get these emails. Frequently our friends don't check they just send them out and there are places we checked out. That's in hopes for example fact check there are places on the web that you can check these things strategist hurling them not to. But -- are a lot of people -- just are susceptible to these doomsday psychology and it infects what's going on. From 6178. Innocent like he runs that's a reference insurers to us -- answer that I'm not sure he was running -- he did get on an airplane. And was going where's it going but things are going to Europe. Any may be guilt and I don't know I'm just saying before we rush to judgment maybe we ought to take some time to figure out. What the evidences we've seen this happen too often that people were always so eager to slaughter smudged reputation. Makes for great sport and I confess that I guess -- part of a joking around about about what happened. But it's not right and never once in awhile when you and up. With somebody who is innocent you end up with a destroyed reputation destroyed pershing remember Gary Condit and in California the congressman was accused of killing his -- And he wears its reputation as -- story can no longer congressman turned out he didn't do it. And it on the guy who did nothing to do it with Gary Condit. So you know these things do happen. And we'll we'll have a chance should that be ample time. To jump up and down on the conviction. And the guilt and to make all the jokes. After we find what did happen. Okay it's 774694322. Is the phone number. You've probably been hearing about the debt limit story we passed it today. The and the United States has now exceeded the the amount that we -- has exceeded the congressional. Limit that was asked by -- -- in the last time was raised was in February of 2010. At that point was raised one point nine trillion by the way is gone up. Under Barack Obama three point seven trillion dollars trillion. I can't comprehend. And that that size number and maybe other people can I've got a technical background and I guess that number is two day. You know a million and is -- to the 61 followed by shakes zero's a billion is one followed by nine euros a trillion he's one followed by. Twelve -- Tended to twelve I don't know how. How you can contemplate featuring -- anything's little -- a trillion dollars. Three point seven trillion had gone up since Obama took office. Leave something to be desired in terms of bar. Our economic stability in this of course gives rise to some of those doomsday scenarios. When people say that. That that the United States is in trouble again outage. And it by the -- circles back to the story with Strauss com one of the interesting aspects of this is everybody's not talk about. The International Monetary Fund is IMF that Strauss-Kahn is they had a as it because this guy. Did something sexually improper. Some hope Greece and Portugal who are in trouble financially anyway John and I can't get bailed out. I don't practice he -- the only person who can do the fund I mean there's a number two guy who is now again Russian acting control. And there are other people who can handle it I don't know why because even if it's true. That the guy at the top straws -- chase for the chamber made around the hotel room but countries are gonna default. It's -- sounds like a bad skipped. I don't think it would make -- if you came up with this idea in terms of of coming up with a made for TV movie. By many event. That's what's being talked about and now all of a sudden we got. A serious financial insurer will say that on the good news side I was almost concern that the United States stock market would go. In the tank because of this but fortunately that hasn't happened -- -- it's down but it's not. It's not a disaster or who knows maybe maybe that's that's -- going to come. The the reality is however that while there are serious economic problems. That should be tied to the goings on in terms of hotel room in. In New York. Even if it's 3000 dollars a night hotel room. But the -- limit of course now that debate has been energized even more as to whether the ceilings going to be raised and if show what coach. Are required. The Boehner proposal which is to say that for every dollar we raise the debt ceiling they should be an equivalent dollar of cuts. Strikes me as pretty reasonable approach so you're gonna raise with the debt ceiling. 500 billion dollars -- took 500 billion dollars in cuts in spending. And the other thing by the way the Obama administration the Democrats are saying well let's have a show that if we then get to a certain limit and we exceeded. That triggers automatic increase in taxes. And and the -- proposal Republicans are saying no here. If -- if you get to the limit and we're gonna exceeded that should automatically trigger cuts in spending. You know it's hard to believe that we can't cut. This enormous multi trillion dollar federal budget that we have every year we can't find appropriate numbers to cut. Which news that much a much better approach then to just continued to spend indefinitely. I'm actually you know we've come a long way from what this country was about at the beginning it wasn't supposed to be. That you were going to look to the government to solve all problems. It was supposed to be that. The only thing the government which their wish to protect patient rights and the of the -- case that your neighbors finished can only extend out to the beginning of your nose. To enforce contracts to provide for the for the national defense. That's gotten distorted. One of the reasons that Ron Paul who was on television yesterday -- -- running as a libertarian. For president this time he has run on the libertarian ticket this time he's running as a Republican. One of the reasons that he his candidacy is being taken more seriously is now they think a lot of people are resonating with this idea. That the government is doing too much it is too intrusive. And that therefore it ought to be coming back it really shouldn't be this solver of problems. You know the justification here for all this stuff is. There's there's an article in the constitution. -- article one section eight and -- and in front of me. But it talks about that congress has a right to raise taxes. Two among other things promote the general wolf -- They didn't move when the founding fathers talked about that they didn't mean welfare program as we know what that's what liberals all the program world. So they would -- we connect with the war in the constitution. The women tell by the journal upper the United States talked about -- currency and and defense things like that they weren't talking about. That everybody should. Should somehow be supported by the government. Interest in story on on of the new I -- was -- challenged also pour in yesterday you talked about freeloaders especially in San Francisco. These people -- on the street asking you for money. Not all of them are homeless and mentally defective and unable to hold on a job. My whole bunch of them are able bodied young people. Who think that as a matter of entitlement. Or as a matter of he can use the word occupation that that this is their job this is what they do they just go and -- I've never been to India I've heard that there are. You know -- -- begging as a way of life Canadian it's getting to that way in to be that -- in this country as if somehow someone else. Should support you that that they have a uber plane just because -- they fear that somebody should should. Give you money instead of having to go on workforce. -- from the very wrong with this philosophy very different what the United States is supposed to be about. Your thoughts welcome I'm Bobby Allison and promotional -- AMC TVW -- Welcome back on the Nelson in for Michelle -- Michelle will be exactly -- tomorrow and -- carbon review with three. Between then and now. Hope you join whether -- From 617. The reason Strauss-Kahn effects agrees she's because his socialist much -- -- of the -- government he's replaced all hell will break loose the W now. I don't think that's really true I can't imagine that policy isn't one guy that only IMF should. 180 nations is on the including us we were the largest contributor the IMF is something on 18% -- it. I don't think policies are gonna change -- anyway. 87746943. Future Richard you're next on the program good afternoon. I heard you talking about begging -- despite particularly character and Harvard Square. Who Barnes 50000 dollars as a result of an accident that. And after. In the C of the China saw him in the square and it was pan am -- and I asked them might it was still there at said he didn't want to lose skills. -- -- Is that your story Richard. -- Well I don't know I think he's gonna lose his 50000 dollars and then figure he'll be rusty when he has to go back to panels for more. You know that's a religious thing I wonder if there -- the people of stories like that. I mentioned this I'm glad you you brought that up because the story that I show on television they -- interview with with. These are young people there was nothing wrong with -- they weren't even pretending that anything was wrong with them. And and they were out there just aren't handling because they apparently I guess this is what you're saying this guy to maybe he's on the faculty at Harvard Richard. Obama does historic but that is about it written a paper about -- let me give their crop they I gave it to -- history professor at Harvard that yes. He has sent a message the diet. To have him the command and read but I -- have the fire have by the predictable basis and he didn't. Regular route. That's too bad because he feels are gonna get -- -- and he definitely interest that story thanks Richard. 877469432. To remind you of the what's the guys name in My -- -- the father it's. Seduced by being a great philosopher yet one more in before the break -- good afternoon your next. We expect it. There aren't -- stressed saying that it. Oh yeah she just get older and spent the money and bought politicians don't want. If you don't teach -- trade. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All excuse just to Norris the it's great amount of data takes care grow -- So it's just gonna society. You speak experience -- I don't speak source Berry just put us if -- -- like you re college. And that learning your trade but I can I -- as. As a parent who's -- control multiple. Different jaw drops. And haven't changed my story is from. One way or another and put food on the table. Is how these people that can play it and say edit. -- retrench. The two goal to be retreated in that you get at this unit. -- They just want it now. Your point as well -- won't say all of your kids are listening thanks for calling. Is on the notes and information on the PAM six AB WR.