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Senator Bruce Tarr talks Secure Communities

Jun 7, 2011|

Boston Globe: "The US government will force the state of Massachusetts to join a controversial federal program to detect and deport illegal immigrants, despite Governor Deval Patrick’s refusal to endorse it,"

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Or when you get too hot and a drive north. And to senator Bruce stars district a right up to Gloucester good harbor beach and feel that nice frigid water that peaks at around 538 degrees I think this summer it's a lot. And you play -- right off you did -- -- -- -- hey Bruce good morning and welcome thanks for joining us Bruce. Good morning -- -- what it's gonna illustrate to people with UN -- it has opened a bit that the way more than a lot of people in my opinion now. You can get warm water anywhere but the cold waters invigorating -- -- a warm up to a number. It figuring out why routers are like a madman in -- I -- that -- he should be with the chamber of frequent conference got. So I get it hooked up to or not they weren't bigger rating pennant ninety street today. And forty degree water the temperature changes. Produces that predicted almost spiritual and we invite people to come and take it. I don't want my. Spiritual experiences death and then you see yourself rise -- -- So the you could pushing an amendment on on the illegal immigration to measles about the. I can't expect basically what we're trying to are bright line between those who were present -- that -- -- -- Weekly under the color of law and those we're not. And what we're saying is that if -- and -- -- under the color -- you should not enjoy the benefits of the folks that live and work here. Paycheck hasn't played by the rules and so what we're saying an arm and is that you can not register our if you don't have a valid driver's license and Britain are exceptions there. Think like corporations and people from out of state. Right now you can't get a driver's license if you're in the country illegally that you can register car and then driving without a license. There -- a number of things that are so called registration. But were apparently that happening and what we're suggesting that should be prohibited. And in the same way we're suggesting that like the federal government. If you weren't state subsidized housing you should not be displaced from -- housing by someone who was in the country illegally -- preference. It should be preference or what we're here again under the color of law that the case with federally subsidized housing it is not yet product by mistake by. So the state allows anyone to go and a housing equally illegal immigrants can be in in front of you in line for subsidized housing and and get a space. When somebody's. A citizen can't. We're told that the issue is treated differently depending on what artists they were in and that's what -- -- -- a bright line rule. That said that if you work here illegally you will not displaced. Someone to week. No wonder when these topics have come up in the past the governor's response has been. That's already law all that's already policy that nobody who's here illegally. Gets any cash assistance -- derives any benefit. When you -- the governors say that drive would we hear what should we think what should we know. Well it's concerning to me on the the government would bet that a particular in light of that there evidence that was presented. Number of weeks ago by the inspector general with -- The Medicaid system I don't know that you would read those published report where folks were coming here to get -- care. Not just Medicaid but also be -- insecure or do what I work. So hard to reform. And they were coming. From there it was 48 of 49 others they let alone being from other instances. -- system is that poorest on. And the governor says. That no one is getting benefits that that shouldn't be getting benefit I'm quite concerned about his understanding of what's actually happening. And his lack of motivation to try to do something about it. And that's evidenced again this week with his refusal. Into the program that the Obama administration couldn't wait to allow information sharing -- media local and state and federal. Enforcement authority about what we're here it would -- is absolutely outraged. Senator Bruce stars heroes from the North Shore so senator how does your legislation integrate with a secure communities program that the governor is now saying. He doesn't support is there any relationship between the two. Well -- optimal and I would like get but it is the governor I think that secure communities is not an appropriate way to move forward and by the way that vehemently disagree with that. Adding information sharing as one of the biggest challenges for old folks or enforcement and we got it orbiting which and -- help them share information they protect. But even if he doesn't believe that I would argue that may be to put in place. Other tools that can help addressed that and well usually just -- -- -- to driver's licenses I think would be such it will. It would help us to eliminate boats were operating. Motor vehicles on the road for the commonwealth illegally potentially because they don't have a drivers like. The other thing about that is that we can -- the department is issuing their provisions in our -- about producing and using false identification. Beat driver's licenses the form of ID they communicate -- to a lot of bad accident in fact. A driver's licenses my understanding we're used -- identification. Among some of the terrorists that are perpetrated the worst acts that this nation. Could you pass a criminal code that would. The subject to any politician to criminal charges for loaning -- charges. For even suggesting that people have driver's licenses who aren't in the country legally. You understand the question -- a little bit specific. I think any politician who would suggest such a thing should be prosecuted. It is it is absolutely. Disgusting. To suggest such a thing. Well you know I wanna point out that last year the senate in our -- corporation approved an amendment that was stronger. Then the one that just passed and it did so by it will need to and -- So I wanna point out that there's bipartisan support for these measures and expressed. Bipartisan support. And this year the vote was actually a voice vote which is on the -- you can read in different ways. But we would suggest it was unanimous indicated that there was no opposition because none was -- on the debate on the. On that -- the globe suggested that it's not an election media. That. You know people just kind of like me either read different hey this is -- -- showtime. This is a show vote not a real vote how they react to the globe story suggesting that this was a little bit of a sham. You know it it's a great point -- last year was an election year and we're and -- many Democrats and Republicans voted for stricter. Set of provisions. What is arguing that only in election years do Democrats do the people's business and -- -- in between. They've all for all the stuff they truly bullet. Well you know it's it's very interesting again -- taught this year there was no expressed opposition to the measure and last year when it was an election. There actually was very vocal support for the measure and so. I -- apparent -- understandable point when they're suggesting that in an election year thing might have been different the only difference -- We took a vote to show the strong support this year we didn't need to there was overwhelming support and it has been a voice -- so. Sarah Jessica there actually people on the state senate other than Republicans who care about the best interest of the state on immigration. There are two others not it is not possible but if it was that widespread opposition that a measure like this were passed that's -- on any subject. And particularly this subject you know we took a number of text -- I think that a lot of conflict returning the sales tax. Where it was before we increased it. Yeah I think an ill advised to kind of away there was vocal opposition it was a vote taken even though it's not an election year. Folks in the majority party could have so what what that go let's show it and then we can take a boat people don't expect. That didn't happen. And it could happen here they wanted to who have been suggested that. Somehow this was objectionable and if they bought the it was were defeated I would suggest you probably would've been a debate in the would've been -- -- But there was a lot of good conversation around these issues a lot of senators felt like. More on record for this last year this is very similar and we need to continue to move forward and from my perspective. I think again and again I would love to get our opinion about this but persistence in the legislature is everything and. No wonder there's no one has ever said that on this show before. That they would like your -- opinion Hebrew text requested for a couple of times now you've described this year is version the one that passed with a voice vote. As actually. Not not as strong as last year as. Rio was the retreat we have you stepped back from what with a contentious a baby provisions are left on the table. Well I don't know that I'd characterize. Where's -- it'll -- what is retreat but I would say that we change the couple of things more. If we didn't address the issue -- tuition. Which -- we're gonna take up at a later point in time and to. With regard to the actions of the attorney general. Rather than maintaining a hard -- what we -- it will be particular to devising ways to accept information and related to the federal government. However we wanted to know what that protocol is. Inept system is so we can be sure that it's being. -- -- -- Bruce Starr appreciate your time thank you for being here soon stuff. I -- before I go to Obama I have bet you are and I understand this particular expertise and and you know often there -- -- -- and debate a lot over the next several months and I'm curious about how you make it actually is because. I'm told particularly at a certain -- -- in the light. I use a particular site that you're trying to be quick fashion. Well they have little labels on the black -- And it says wait if its interest appropriate way to wake documents on the hot. Is -- hi how it works these guys these these two he had a live in such a bubble they don't even that showed that never got two way connection to an album. I -- into what I and number of my pieces of legislation that. But everyone Tom knows his dad Jeff Flock or -- it. It's not a safe thing that is known by this as soon to be that I have talked to about a list of the soon to be dead -- ours states senator from the nor shall we thank you sir. Actually talk Stephenson up -- It's.