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Reading Weiner's tweets. Don't

Jun 8, 2011|

Chris Matthews reads Weiner tweets, and the Democrats accuse the GOP of being racists.

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Let's Susan jams out -- let's do some -- you can go for a Chris Matthews yes Chris Matthews was trying to read. -- -- false god class and. No we hear his voice I hear liberal girls are very accommodating about there's woman. Of course it is all about taking care of the little guy -- led all couch. You'd be surprised how big now this is the kind of conversation you get the drifted lists you know I'm -- go right now to Alice this. That's the winner for you his little tweets. Chris Matthews. How I don't know guys. Stay away from yeah stay away from it hard two because he can't say what he's saying and it's something you'd get it the kind of tiptoeing around it and then you try to get. -- juvenile from you know it's. Humor into -- Bach and attitude. Could it be -- worst name for congressman who's caught up in this type of behavior it's a self fulfilling that Robert half a I yeah I guess it is. Let's listen to another congressperson does is -- Wasserman shields is grossest. Hawks person for -- of all the Democrat all about voter ID and by the way she's ahead of the DNC winter or not. But to put roadblocks up to promoting makes no sense to me that's not well and if you go back to the year 2000. When we had an obvious disaster and and saw. That are voting process needed to refinements and we did that in the America votes act and make sure that we could. Iron out those kinks now you have the Republicans who want to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws. And it literally and very transparently. Block access to the polls to voters who are more likely to vote for democratic candidates than Republican candidates -- That is Debbie Wasserman Schultz how file. Is this politics at Democrats practice this is Republicans wanna bring us back to Jim Crow she said now she said that with a straight face I didn't hear a challenge did you know I did not hear a challenge and there's a nautical and one of them but I think it's a real clear politics. That says this is one of the most demeaning. And racist stereotypes are assumptions. That Democrats make repeatedly supposedly on behalf of -- well this is just proof that the Democrats being the party of -- it's they live and die by racism without racism and poverty the Democratic Party interest of a pack up and go -- if people should read this out of this this article by Dennis -- I don't know if you put it up on your blog but then I'll be -- that I of the putting it -- -- -- -- very very it's it's it's a very powerful -- makes a point that when you say. For example that you can't have from idea at the polls because that would block black people from voting -- that what you're saying is black people aren't capable. All they don't operate within the context of normal everyday society enough that they can actually have an idea for -- have a -- -- -- way to go to like any heat he proves his point by saying. Could you imagine -- Jews rising up and -- your try to block us from floating. It because you were saying it's a great I need an idea. A great argument that it makes he makes the observation that you know choose for the most ninety plus percent ruled -- so supportive of -- because the Democrat. In the you know in the elections. And yet nobody nobody out the -- would think OG that's a policy of voter ID is a policy that's to a -- excluding excluding Jews from political pressing two I think that that makes no sense of what you believe people who were actually -- Torre joked yeah if you were to say that people accept. The another statement of -- congressman wasserman Schultz or rather it's about all of this is just such kind of the -- grow tactic and an ending in tricked him by the way. The notion that in of the fact that how politics has already been. Polluted by the big shift that's the kindest of the easy rhetoric used. That acorn was perpetrated. Multiple registrations multiple votes multiple those multiple that. I don't like the idea that my vote is diluted I don't like it at all I want my vote to count as one vote no more no less and nobody else gets to vote anymore. Or any last. The dilution. Should be should have everybody democratic and Republican up announced but this is so this is the traces the parade around. Is very very much worth reading into -- did you see the outlook the other thing he worked in their on ebonics and the failure to correct. Black students on the views that the proper use I didn't -- that was quite as powerful because it was you know -- -- develop -- -- -- -- -- -- he said you know again Andy to tell it to -- way of thinking and -- in presenting this says this is a liberal. Democratic establishment cynical. Manipulation. Of black folks. Letting you know -- to a -- already ebonics is an acceptable form of communicate well. Part of their plot to make sure blacks never advance in our society Democrats are working vigorously to make sure that's a result. Harry Reid here with advice for his favorite person the -- I know congressman -- I wish there was some way I can defend him but I can't. He -- me yeah. Call somebody else. Harry Harry got some laughs. I don't like when the media is an -- condition where there. They sort of there they throw -- the setup line. And then there there the audience when their setup line guys hit on it -- that I actually not only -- you know I had the sound but I saw the the little exchange there and I I found an unseemly that the the press almost become the applause at the applause -- not supposed to be agreed -- they're supposed to be at asking their relevant questions and take in the answer conveniences they're all loaded up for all let's make funnel -- and let's laugh because Harry said he should call somebody else that's not a joke. The first instinct of -- -- as -- just Harry Reid and speaker applause for the first instinct of any of and president politics is you know survival of oneself first and foremost so. Weiner might have been a close friend and ally yet to you know ten days ago. And then the -- self inflicted wounds in this melt on recurrent all of a sudden hey Anthony who would like to help and -- You know go back to run in deference street -- -- something like that let's listen to Herman -- you've heard a lot about Herman -- he is the buzz candidate out there. Herman Cain has some ideas about public likes to say his own day. And you're president of the United States right now what would you do about the slaughter that's going on in Syria. Unfortunately wolf we cannot appoint out of sales policeman of the world number one and number two I. Number two. That's it -- at number one cooks well. -- He'd he'd imagine his own name and that's a yeah that's very that's an abbreviated take on McCain's view of the world while I guess that's the full extent of -- foreign policy ideas maybe that was closest point its just sort of the policemen and who will -- Look for our interest -- -- Now it's part of the problem with in the world to him about that is absolutely you know is it would you say Herman Cain has a problem with that. I would say just I mean I would only semi name McCain says it's not that hard McCain should be making these decisions. You -- you something else Vicki -- solar is a congresswoman who's a member of the GOP and she's getting a little flak. For having made these comments about gay marriage. You can save lives and end users can. I'm here I'm. Should be able to marry. Well -- That's darn yeah I was old enough -- passengers basically being meadowlands would be nothing. And he let everybody in that exact standards. Frances. You know is it. If you just -- what I have. I'll want to I want -- and in two. There there are a lot of people in this country to support me it was quite accurate maybe. There are -- allow group marriage. Therapy -- hear what that means but anyway premieres understands. Well exactly this policy why not allowed uncle smearing his -- why I don't know if you and -- an -- well you know. I girl -- love and -- -- committed. All good questions I think than nothing their she should take any flak over know who's given her -- I don't know that's who cooks he said courts whose. Governor -- is she's comparing gay marriage biggest success. And -- we're asking where the flack came from. As Clinton back policies spanking well usually does. But at. You who used to be a fan while -- Glenn Beck is switch if he's gonna be doing his TV show on Internet feed that's his game plan and charge people what is it five bucks a shot factor ten dollars. A month that's it. One well -- use president since it's a bargain for a while it is that we human would you be a subscriber no. Hot hot hot hot hot I don't will be tempted by divided no matter how much of a bargain it is not something -- by it would only be a bargain defy history if I wanted to be watching IQ doesn't interest me -- -- -- -- what he does but it's not something I need to listen to this could use my rabbit private tunnel god. Now a -- some Q what should still watch an hour if you move done. Now he's got off the deep and can't take many more drilling. You don't listen to -- the world is falling apart -- gonna dive for so long waves safe you know what I. Yeah he's very you can watch an individual shown you say this is the best entertainer and the best package sure of of political storyline that's hard. And that but overtime what happens is you get the sense that bomb he. You'll love what he has to say in how we educates and how he puts the other story that you know trust his judgment and it's to me it's a critical part of what he's doing the education of the news of the the viewers that -- times you find out that you've been. No it's had a record. Yeah I find more just that he is he comes to conclusions that are a little bizarre sometimes. But he's a brilliant guy and a great southern Texas conclusions and. Stretch far -- Well Barack Obama once -- this mystery caller 1984. -- favor its use. This makes sense. Sounds like -- Soviet Union carry guilt by association. Inferences upon inference well except he's not the government he is. He is an observer. Trying to figure out exactly what the activities of the government you know our and that's of -- virtually impossible thing to do because they. They use all of our money to build this wall and on -- -- that is very very tough thing and behind it and that's our job all the players and all the stories and how of those players and stories kind of bounce off from each other bones so you need these guys out there you know you need people emotional and backing -- -- -- need how he's of the world the muck -- -- people out there. Who were picking away at the wall they've built around themselves it's our wall -- with -- our money and they use it to make sure we don't know what they're doing when they're working for us. It's an untenable situation at this. At the same time I think you'd agree there some things that the government has to do. That it is paragraph of gaming name. Seek out and away from sure that's -- public -- -- you don't tell us about the plot to kill bin Laden until a -- killed -- then that's a good examination before Obama thought how we might you know -- release of -- price eavesdropping in on communications between you know the Soviet you know what has been set -- -- it's a parental -- actually -- -- -- been a building of a wall of confidentiality and secrecy -- that and sometimes literally -- off budget appropriations. You know you're gonna have fifteen billion dollars that's a lot of money. To support guy. Alcohol -- black -- I don't know what -- -- call mark what's up. Hey mark. I don't gridlock -- -- Well I like -- defender. -- backed by. Most pirated judgment goes -- stick guys come out and sit in what's -- -- aren't you just watched or. And at this awful lot of -- write a simple deep they've -- I got to ask the bill. That might have been any keeping it jumped to -- In you know we say they arrested -- -- -- I didn't -- pretty lights and -- they got it right but he's pretty bright. He does a lot of great so I'm just saying I don't that you need to have in order to be devoted enough to wanna watch a guy every day. And pay your five bucks a month or whatever it's going to be on the Internet. You have to do for this is me I I I -- trust him more than like I don't feel that he makes a judgment like I'm making judgment. And that's -- the judge like you got. Well that's a good point. Thank god it -- high paying our tech -- I borrow some -- Yasser I'm being unfair. That's that's your car -- ambulance here bill good morning to you. According pop idol protected Glenn -- smudge stick to enjoyed. Well actually what I've -- in about what I am doing now is now songs -- pay -- -- here but that back it'll lot of ulterior right now. Fund but. Yet do you believe Al -- -- you just fundamentally ten. I don't bullets and extra Beckett and I don't believe I do believe there's a strong element of truth that a lot of the things you. -- -- Alex Jones as the ultimate conspiracy theorist and he does his radio show for the most part on the Internet. And Alex Jones like Glenn -- times forty. It shows very it. Even if you don't even if only alleles and you don't reach that even if you don't by the conclusions it's like listening to the coast to coast are those shows at night. You have some aliens is just -- as aliens but this is so much for Alison as -- about -- -- the RL thing the coast to coast at 3 in the morning you believe things and hold different ways than you do when early in in the dark I was gonna. Different criteria you have -- either a very difficult night it's a sleepless night you're on the road and you just you know look at need to I wanna hear -- and so. It becomes this does have as a novelty to it. With this Alex Jones -- very complex he's right 9/11 truth that lets that right steroids or something as god father and actually he delisted. Alex Jones then only literally when you have. Nothing else to do during a particular -- almost get. Same advice -- -- now that you mention listening -- -- coast because that ninety -- in that kind of zone when you can be freaked out by the stuff yup. It works Alex Jones because you're listening to it on the Internet which is largely unregulated. And this guy -- on these crazy things you get the feeling that. He's doing almost like he's broadcasting in secret in no one knows he's there -- it's like that -- that way yeah. -- empire RadioShack somebody's willing to risk is safety and security in normally get the word out Q do you guys. Make space and he did make time -- -- to listen to brown -- Okay our but I don't do that that to me is the acid test I only really access or people on our station you do what you do that variety would not at night. I will I check in or -- every data series covering 'cause his stories are often ones that we should you know watching too you know he's such an icon of -- an alternative measures and to say it. Chris Matt yummy Schultz is crazy we know that episode what Chris Matthews is going to be covering it's well -- -- that was podcasts because he has one income is a liberal news. Who actually knows politics and you know one. You know you analysts -- Chris Matthews say okay today he's pandering he's a 100% -- show to it -- liberal holidays only if they wanted to ask you does news you know areas hard nosed -- stuff and it's good day of good morning to you. What's up to have. Went back on the radio but I just a crying jags and it just can't watch him any more consulates melodrama on TV too -- why Niekro. No I can't do it so you can pay five bucks you'll have a real operating in those five box you know. Hot hot hot hot to a call about opt opt opt to pay out venues and his producer note pay out all around or else -- Do we take a break -- said we better than two minutes Tom and Todd WRKO.