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Author Margarite MCLean Joins The Whitey Celebration

Jun 24, 2011|

Crime author Margarite McLean joined us to discuss her new book Under Fire. We did a little Bulger talk.....

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We're joined now by a Margaret McClain she's the author of the new book under fire since she has the same publishers media she's come a couple my book signings and wanna to a route reciprocate returned the favor here and I just give her chance two was. To say some say some of nice things about her own book and talk about it and she's also a lawyer used to be a prosecutor in Essex County. Social stick around with -- us -- to talk about the the the Y eighty doings here. Which is what we're gonna talk about for the rest of the the the hour so Margaret what's what's your book about. Well first off thank you for having me nine -- and I live for this -- so I'm so excited to be on today. My butt -- courtroom drama legal thriller based in Boston a Boston firefighters shot and killed in the line of duty. But rescuing -- mean -- aloe. A Muslim immigrants. I was single woman and her son. And of course this Senegalese Muslim immigrant who wears a head scarf is all the evidence points to her. And we have a media circus just like what we -- today and rush to judgment. And that's what I live for in my writing comes from the old days in Lawrence when I dissent so much electricity in the court. -- solos things in the courtroom and warrants Wednesday. I -- dead answered it it was busy every day. We'd -- -- community comes together we see all sorts of emotions from the victims and outburst just -- wesun at the courthouse today. A big crowds. They want -- to pay for walks -- Yes. It's it's wonderful and that -- it's what it's all about Boston and Austin fire during and firefighters as you can imagine in the big. Funeral procession which brings in the federal courthouse right in front of the courthouse. And all the fire trucks and and pomp and circumstance rated eight points to this Muslim woman does she have a chance yeah. So what -- who will be I wanna talk to someone ulcer you feel pretty join in the conversation okay about the book. Joining us now is is -- Connors he's the the the son of IndyCar owners. Who was a bar owner in the Dorchester who was machine guns via phone Booth at the corner of Morrissey boulevard Freeport street Dorchester -- 1975. You were you moron just an infant that weren't sure what Demi. Six months old when your father never knew your father that now. What are what are what are what what did you think two when when you heard the news said that what where were you when you heard the news. As I see a little more. Yeah yeah. What to think. -- -- it you know. I didn't really think too much about it in now. Org or read a well they realize that. What do what did you think about what transpired at the courthouse today with why the what he's saying he needs to get back that day 800000 bucks -- we can afford to pay his own lawyers I mean just the the absolute audacity of these people it's it's it's remarkable to me and you know I didn't I didn't lose a close relative to these people. It supplies with them right. Not that surprised. Now it doesn't surprise me I guess it but it's still it's still outrageous that you know after all these are after all these years I mean in the EU hasn't except that it neither of them except that anything is changed right. It's like to think it's still 1975. There's still the kings of the city. It. So we are you gonna become that he any of the I know we're talking about it earlier today it was a real mob scene over their so to speak today and they're there wasn't any way to get them if you weren't there by like 9:30 at 10 o'clock in the morning. What are you you think though you'll you'll you'll watch some of the trial when it finally starts. Oh yeah absolutely. No doubt about it. Yeah he he say he's. He says he's. I think it's gonna fight that they all the way I mean I don't he I feel like he just doesn't feel like there's anything to lose. Well let me. I think I was -- probably saying that yes all. Yeah. What you tell what if you could speak to Whitey the guy who killed your father. You know just died in cold blood your father was an armed he was in a he was in a phone -- tried to talk to another member of the winner real game. Was a classic organized crime set up what what would you tell -- -- if you could talk to one. You know. It it wouldn't be stopped because I really. I mean surely you must have thought about over the years when you were kids you know there'd have never known who your father was an almost thinking about you know kill them right. All out yeah well. But you can define pretty early age just. I don't know that the remote so. Oh what. The late nineties probably yeah exactly yeah. It was XCF. On at all. -- -- Full of as that. Yeah. That was the -- is the first -- what are what is your what is your mother say when when when she explained it to you what happened to your father. What should never really it all. -- -- They tell them how well I'll be in touch with the over the weekend okay I'll a lot like we've we have something else to deal with but -- I appreciate you -- -- was that you'd be you'd be on the show I know it's -- stuff and you sure you know what he's -- you know he's on his way down the Plymouth town house of correction he could very well could be listening to this you could be you could be addressing. The guy who killed your father you -- you don't wanna say any thing. -- while -- but -- does that little it to land at that -- we expect. Which is. It all out. Now. I know that okay Debbie thanks -- where this we appreciate it. Guess they want they know how we there I think they gave it all these. It and not -- the border around. Maybe one of those would look what was the single parent that the -- also thank. Would you like. Would you like a Whitey Bulger. Or a Whitey Bulger how we -- 01 Whitey Bulger zero TT shirt or would you like the winner hill gang organizational chart teacher. At all they maybe maybe maybe that it and one -- -- present everything a little more. And one okay I'll I'll get you that you won him. All right thanks for the call thanks for quality will get a 118774694322. Right now for a job but surely it's more Bob Byrd. 18774694322. That's the toll free number -- archer by about the boulders. And what happened today in court all that we can do that you know this this -- right here. In the tension and inch dependence in bin indigent. Clients accuse -- -- improbable that word indigent clients really bugs a lot of me you know first it was sell the Macy Gray you know -- with a half a million bucks in his. -- in his retirement account claiming that these indigent Andy's I know they've -- got various leans on on his Condo in the north then. But you know a guy who's got a half a million box. Ready sixty it is in a retirement account is solid he's forty and -- he's gonna take you know acts yet. You know penalty he he can get that money yes and he should he should -- -- he should've been getting them money. But but the softly hello. Y eighty posts and this is. With -- this makes -- -- look like pick pocket which in fact it was apparent market after the Whitey Bulger. All of us all that though you know 800000. You don't assume that 800000 box was was one safe deposit box right. And they found. Five or six safe deposit boxes so how many did they not find exactly how many millions of dollars -- in those. And what did they say it was it was twenties. Leslie I think when facing us now -- That's a lot twenty X ray I mean that's like that's like bags. Shopping bags full twenty's it is. 18 amid takes a lot of when he takes 5020s to make -- thousand. So this will be fifteen this week. Kate there's going to be a lot of hundreds and it to when there's going to be hundreds of there as well. 18774694322. Were good enough Margaret McClain working people all they wanna learn more about your book you have a website set up. Yes Margaret McClain that come -- you can learn about the book and it's and sound on the area bookstores. Yes and you worked you were dumb idea Mike mighty. Based bookstore that last night I believe yes -- Wellesley books Wellesley but so had a great traffic rates turnouts and some people it -- read the book and they loved the action of the courtroom and sent it's just dislike. Note though fighting case is going to be it's -- about the courtroom in Boston this actually your second book -- -- -- -- publisher first or -- small publisher while publisher yes and they're going to -- Re release that I've rewritten it and -- April it's about Charlestown in the code of silence. So you -- you that's good repulsed by our publishers while right yes that's good. 1877469432218774694322. 617. Anyway hey why you got some explaining to do I hope the trial reveals your brother's having aided and abetting you know you're rat killer. Jackie is. Believed that the picture at 18774694322. Edmund you're next with Howie -- and Margaret McClain the author of the book under fire go ahead -- I hope I don't. -- I don't want to say I don't think -- citizens shouldn't have been looking for Whitey Bulger I think. The FBI do weird maybe not -- was added I want idea and they at one point at a controllable. This well we should not have then they should have arrested a man and not have waited that long. But he is he escaped you know me and at a cricket FBI agent that told -- we better get out of town because there was a new -- around was conformity and he screwed. In I don't know they have agents didn't didn't even bother to find out what is alias was for a year and a half. I don't at that Beckett awaits you like it I don't think -- the FBI nowadays in. Authorities very light if you look at it at all PR but they stopped top. Whitey -- what he's been -- Thomas back -- in. LA to drive it like hockey not I don't I don't -- how they they messed that up. Well -- be -- -- is -- that's what website at the I didn't bother to find out it was his alias. So that you run the license and it comes back that Thomas Baxter of Massachusetts that he doesn't have any outstanding awards so you're right him a citation and Eagles on his way. Yeah I thought it straight. It's not the cops walked into the FBI's fall. I agree I hate it I just don't think intelligence agencies alike. They're not like they don't they don't like share information as secretive flight that is how I view it. I think the I think the FBI that -- wanna catch him you know at the end and you know they that's all of the papers were full today all of these these you know. These these lawyers who hate the FBI and you know I'm not among the biggest fans via. I don't I don't know I -- absolutely. But they're sitting there say all this is gonna be so embarrassing for the FBI. I mean although. All the the real excrement has come out they were well it is extreme there may be more excrement around but it all all involves retired dead. Or imprisoned agents will wake true but wait -- we see the trial he don't know level come out. -- it's fun -- I hope it goes to trial -- but I'm just say I don't think we're going to be chasing down anybody who's a current FBI agents -- on sale right. It's but it could still -- the F via. Bring it back. How could reduce -- any more than H ball Rico and -- -- Connolly did thanks for the call Edmond Santa -- while back -- -- 8774694322. Got -- people Arlen -- business for a few more years Jeff you're next with how we card Margaret -- author of under fire go ahead Jeff. De LL buy it first time. I'm just calling it out at the summit dressed some go by and I get my best -- okay. That's good. Honestly give for all of his -- web -- Well aren't just wanted to. Thanks -- 18774694322. What -- -- for dinner tonight. At the Plymouth County house -- correction I guess is too late to find out the appeal to us via -- has gone home for the night fish sticks is that Friday fish that is probably. That's great idea of white wedding so when he's when he is a simple guy. 18774694322. Let's see here. Where is she from that she's writing about Charlestown. Where my -- yeah that's what seven anyone wants that now. I'll wear my friend well I'm originally from. From the ER however at Lipton Charlestown and for a number of years. And I spoke to quite a number of people -- know all sorts of stories from the old timers. OK I don't know that's Google -- might go about tell you it. I did give it topped it at the Charles town library it was still I didn't wanna go this was back in 2004. Yeah. The mothers against murdered Charles -- after murder program they -- the front row. And I was. Worried about the same thing and I said sometimes it takes an outsider looking in in of course I did get the stories. You know what they did -- they got up and they clapped and they said thank you. These that we I'll rent and they had I'll read the buck and they said we read this book and you're right now and that was sandy king and her group. How he has widely been offered show yet on WRKO let's Brian Boston that -- -- -- Brian you know the rules here at the station you have to be convicted before you get -- How do you think we should write -- -- but how I had them plays but can you and I would get together. That's at the. Let's see the FBI could be far further embarrassed bios finding out that they've been hiding him for fifteen years. I just thought I just don't believe that. Miss -- your next with how we cargo ahead ms. -- All right yeah -- What happened amiss acts. Miss X got -- out of looks like. -- here next with Howie Carr and the Margaret McClain and author of the new novel under fire available fine bookstores everywhere gore had Mike. And a deceptive plot one and I think what it should have access. The go -- board. A personal data. Why why these people these people worked for like. Months to come up with a great idea here great location for a liquor store the best liquor store and it's LP. What a great place to have the best liquor store. With parking and at Y eighty stolen. And you say that when they want to want to be repaid they want to rip pat repatriation for their for the what they lost that's a personal a data come Bob Mike. I thought about that the court attorneys or whatever deny him as a statement about. Like -- Well that's what happens when there's a lean on so we can't spend it down. -- of their about a bank -- money. I think I think should have packed with so we have one. Wait a second hobby. How do you think -- -- what kind of honest -- I. I don't know anything about it because the money time. I -- speculate on the market is not like in the market built a -- on bank accounts of some banks that was -- -- I don't care personally. But -- that applies in California that's Sanctuary City. Because what they're built -- around this your last suggested in February even state and I think in our government out in that you have. In their fight we are. You know if we had that -- doesn't based mainly with the. I don't I don't know the answer that question thanks to a call Mike. Again this is this is just where this just one aspect of why eighties. Fortune here this is from -- mis the 86 report. Flemmi said he remembered traveling with Bulger to us the southern New Hampshire area probably in the town of Derry were bulk purchase some 200000 dollars worth of gold points. Should they are to pick up 200000 bucks were the gold points this is 1981 or 82. For me said that these gold points they bought included Chinese pandas south African crew -- Mexican corona is an American Eagles. Fleming said the and four points were newly minted in the heat swimming only purchase south African programs. Just want them this is one thing I mean I got there's there's -- more here. Policy yeah they did it here's a drug extortion here on. It's and -- -- to 64. They they went to a drug dealers they went to a drug -- house. That they had a meeting at JC Hillary's restaurant and them they used that they left Shea they like to shake people that I JC. Prior to the media background investigation was conducted on the drug dealer an investigation. He -- again extras they're conducting an investigation. And pictures of the individuals homework pain. For me said the during the meeting weeks displayed a gun to the victim as well as displayed a photo of the victim's residence. The victim was subsequently extorted for 100000 dollars which was split four ways between Flemmi Bulger weeks and and another -- Mean this is. 146 pages of this and this isn't it this extortion. On every other page absolutely anywhere where we're supposed to we're supposed to pay now yet. For all the all the people the extorted all the people he would have extorted if he had have been stopped have to now pay for the skies. The fence it's ridiculous it is ridiculous that's money. Question 18774694322. On our car. It's. 1877. -- 694322. Surprise why he hasn't asked about his lottery winnings yet. I you know what I think this is would be able last year that he gets that this would this is the twentieth year of Italy goes for twenty years. But you're right -- committee -- -- -- a way to get -- that lottery money the government -- -- all these years. Let's see seven anyone says how you seem like you're having too much fun with this topic some might say yours spiking the football. Hey you know I mean people that people tell you the gonna kill you and then they get -- that I mean it's I I'm sorry from spike in the football. Margaret McClain is whether she's the author of under fire it's a new war legal thriller novel. Seven in Boston and it's available at bookstores everywhere. Under fire by Margaret McClain are what do think of a -- ago Whitey is trying to was of this this weird acting less so today than yesterday in California. You think he's setting himself up for some kind of Vincent the chin and oh O'Leary Bayonne the -- patriarchate defense. Of insanity here at the very least it -- that he. What else is he gonna do right nineteen murderers of fire Whitey I'd start I'd start losing my mind to absolutely because according to -- La. Incompetency that's what I would do -- -- is he able to assist in his own defense and he is he able to understand the charges is pretty and it's pretty easy to understand the murder charges but. I think the question for the rulers would be is he able to assist in his own defense. -- to me that seems like a great issue. To stand that -- if Irish defending why that's an average of far right now what else you have. His brother should defend them you know -- his brother defendant members of the gang he can do is -- -- Kevin O'Neal off on murder charge back in the sixties. Greg -- -- -- have the black. Somewhere insulting him. And that Ali got a mistrial first time in the hired he hired Billy and he'd be he elevate the charges were dismissed. So Billy Billy has a record of winning were winning capital cases right -- I want but what happens if he's called as a witness. There goes -- well I mean that -- you know they did use when he infinity. When he infinity were right in that mixed up in Napa thing recently a few years back with the of course smuggling points out of the country right to read it and went to war and went to the Supreme Court and they wanted to compel Saturday the former law partner. To testify. Against what Billy what he and Billy had discussed in the claimed attorney client privilege and we love that. Well above what a bunch so if he if he became -- -- attorney then they could claim attorney client privilege right -- they could they could run the fat thirty Bulger game again. Only Vista they -- with vanity anymore because our east that's right he's not a lawyer. After I would. The judge described to miss thoroughly corrupt but you know -- -- why couldn't Billy become his lawyer than the than they couldn't then they. The their conversations could be pierce I think is the word they use well we have a nice little conflict of interest. What if the prosecution obviously and a yes. We love them borrow that drill I'm not aware of the term conflict of interest a viable -- lose -- 18774694322. Mr. -- you're next with how we car and Margaret McClain and author of under fire go ahead mr. acts. You know how do you all of that rhetoric of the local market unsurpassed by gotten a lot SOB so. The like to too quick too quick things -- -- -- of -- paper by a lot of apologists I mean she's not a -- right now you know white is pushing it out. Partial stick of communications between the bulk of missiles because my. -- so I think shall -- -- defensively that if we paid or. You you know you're right about that she said -- and she's not married to a me either so there's none there's none of that other kind of privilege husband wife privilege yeah. The second is people would consider of help also -- what they don't realize -- how much it. The actual result of the business sentiment as well. I'm mr. -- my wife's -- started out working for hazardous waste cleanup company. I don't -- -- but two Nickels to rub together you way to is that his own business and stick it over his former -- all the contracts. The guys losing business. I find out one of its first big contracts motorcycle is would be -- pretty. The -- Edison. And no control that right. Well Conley was the Conley was the director of securities of Connolly. And and -- and that he was succeeded by nick -- Turco who who while Whitey. Affectionately called -- another another bin FBI agent. We'll -- -- -- the current system could be insecure meant. But as I don't know if a white. Knuckle quite questions are used to watch what part of the -- is now. That it's connected. It's all -- out. It's inherited millions of dollars. Apple a lot of what business. It's just because Robin but. Just think that -- gave up his view of the contracts will ultimately -- -- course. -- -- You're right it's funny I was all -- Lawrence O'Donnell last night and MSNBC he told a great story about this woman that he knew that. It's thirty 1965 when he was just out of leavenworth that the she dated him for summaries that. And he pulled out on the beach tinian beach and he pulled out a gun and demanded sex from and she had she jumped out of the car and ran away and she still to this day. Terrified. And Lawrence O'Donnell to good story even though he is a very liberal moon bat on MSNBC and ice I didn't have time to say to a well you know. Really your friend is kinda lucky because three people -- that up. Under the sea has hit in the Italian antennae on tinian beach you know I mean really she got away that tell the story. These I mean this that that was not the Robin -- about these guys -- -- and that Jay from Chelsea I'm sorry to get a chance to read the a barnacle columns. Again today but. Allow me go get to them next week there are there they are they're really telling when what what what rump swab article was for the lead for the Bulger family. Always the little hope that it would open up a web site without our evidently. -- -- the inaugural ball what I -- overbooked by. Okay -- I like that idea thank you I like the scholar. Okay well we'll try to work on that one H I think -- By the way colonel hunt is working on getting a book published from the set by the same publishers that Margaret and I have. 18774694322. Donald your next with PowerPoint -- ahead Donald. Our a couple of quick points. Things happened where it uses that dimension that -- head to cover up as saying that so people wouldn't put it together -- just might. That's broken sometimes dementia is involved -- there is an element of anger to it isn't there. Yeah yeah -- have witnessed it. Yes and I think -- and -- wire one of -- might ship but all -- it meant so could go to court -- good out. And if I could just they want what you can make a white T shirt US marshals want. FBI. That's a good line that's a good win I preferred tee shirt promoting my victory though was Donald union. Did you actually -- it. Big enough -- -- -- thanks Donald jog your next with how we card or and a Margaret -- go ahead John. -- As the is that last. If he's still there so it's that the being. Of Islamic out of well it does say -- since. You know that people so -- all also Murphy if he depicted that's. Summer it'll that's just the beginning the next and a half I haven't. Had a field day. I'm I'm looking forward to right. I already -- next week a column with -- -- why -- enjoying the spread at the Plymouth town county house of correction. Actually it's I should check that I should try to find them about the idea if the PR guy at the apartment house of correction is. Is listening I think he he -- the show sometimes that umi call afterwards after the show like to know what they're serving over the weekend. 18774694322. --